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    New furniture new paint Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After finishing my B 61 I started looking for a new project . Wanted an H model but could not find what I wanted although Superdog had one I thought was priced right but needed more work than I wanted to get into. Raybing posted a F 797 from Craigslist a few months back. Thanks Raybing . The truck was located in Missoula MT. at a Mack dealership. I called with no intent to buy . The salesman asked what I was thinking so I thru out price not expecting to be accepted . A few hours later he called back and accepted my offer . Had the truck delivered to New Mexico. I think I am over my head again as there is lot of things on the truck I am not sure about . I am sure there will be a lot of help here as always .
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    It's been a while but I haven't taken many pictures, and all i've got is corn and wimmens. I did write a caption on a picture I saw in the paper though. Nice looking corn in Indiana. A big Mack truck with a huge oversize load. A girl in a car. And here we have another girl in another car. I was stopped in traffic here, didn't know what was going on. I tried to zoom in with the camera to see if I could see what the issue was, but I got distracted. I saw a girl on her phone while she was getting gas, and i've heard that could be dangerous. I took a load to Nebraska, left on Saturday, got there Monday, and they wouldn't take the load until Tuesday. I took this out there. I believe this is Omaha. And yet another girl in another car.
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    My pictures do not turn out as good as other dogs . Still do not know how to put captions under them. Would like to attend the other dog school of photography but can not afford the tuition. Maybe a student loan.
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    PD came by the station today for a quick impromptu photo shoot with their '59 Biscayne. We're going to try and go down to the beach one of these days to shoot some more with a better background.....perhaps after the restoration of the lettering and gold striping on our Mack....
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    Thank you all. Everything went fairly well. There are plenty of flaws like two painters. One did a great job the other ehh. Anyone familiar with Macks will see exactly what the flaws are. In time it will all pan out. It's time to give it a good cleaning and enjoy it before the snow comes. Most importantly without your help I would not have been able to get to this point. This is a great forum with fantastic and knowledgeable folks.
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    Here is a pic of Riverdale's truck sitting on the ramp, Prince Georges County Md., just outside of Wash., DC
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    Making progress thanks to my brother and dad for help with the heavy lifting. I got a lift rented for this weekend so progress should be a little faster.
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    We are outa town still, only now in north central Montana. All the big OD loads will be happy when we get it done in another few months. Then it will be a bit wider and be pavement instead of gravel. Pretty much all oil field stuff going north and going south.
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    This beautiful BB handled the 160 mile round trip to the show with ease.
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    Hey , this is my truck @ my house ! New Trap Rock Industries , then Hillman Concrete, next M&N Associates , me for 17 years . This was posted in 2013 , it’s 2019 still in the yard ready to go !
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    at the autocross last weekend same run from a different angle some pictures that were taken of same said incident....lol
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    Since OtherDog has been lacking lately, I offer the following: Some members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter of the ATCA were invited to attend "Club Day" (sunday) at Das Awkscht Fescht held annually at Macungie Memorial Park (yes same park.....) I saw a Mack heavy haul tractor, a mini-mack, an FWD Firetruck and a Super Mack. I saw some kind of import car, a Fiat or a Porsche or something, I don't know those cars too well. I saw some other kind of an import. It was silver in color. I saw a Super Mack, too. And some guy's head. It may be 39babymack, I am not too sure. Another import of some kind. It was baby shit yellow. I saw all of these winfall wimmin at some other event, they wanted me to give them a ride, but I didn't have time, I had to go meet OtherDog for supper. I made them pay me to be able to pose with me in this picture.
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    My wife says that if I ever leave her, it will probably be for a truck...not for another woman.
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    Well, you will see the flaws but most of us, myself included will just walk around it drooling on our selves. Paul
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    New fuel filters, pops was goosing it to clear any air in the system. And for fun. Managed to get a picture of the smoke.
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    Here's a pic that was taken in 1942, my grandfather bought Edwards a few years after this was taken. I don't know what model Autocar this is.
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    Beautifully restored with a bit of extra candy!
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    I snapped this pic a few years back at the H&K open house in PA. I thought it was so cool! To be #2 on this list is a heck of an achievement.
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    Saw this old B sitting out in the grass.
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    Same reason we give all types of money and aid to illegals who come here? After all it is not like the politicians really give a crap about who bank rolls the funds or who bears the burden of the debt. Remember AOC's statement about spending money "if we don't have enough, just print more because it is not adding to the deficit if it comes from inside the U.S. borders"
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    Enjoy them while you can. pretty soon they will be bundled up
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    Anyone need vinyl interior for a Mack RD688S? I have access to several kits...brand new, genuine Mack!! Color is Silver/Gray (Sussex Gray) Kit includes: LH Door Panel RH Door Panel 2X Arm Rests Cab Back Trim Panel Overhead Console Headliner $1907.08 plus shipping! Kit was spec'd on a 1994 RD688S but may fit other R-Model cabs with the +4" cab back. Call me for details or to place your order! These wont be around long!! 724-668-2201 Watt's Truck Center
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    Strasburg railroad is holding an event and are inviting all land vehicles from 1960 or earlier to help celebrate the arrival of Norfolk and Western #611 to the railroad on October 12-14. Here’s a link to the invitation with more information and have pictures of the locomotives that you’ll be parked next to! https://www.strasburgrailroad.com/rail-road-invitation-letter/
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    What the Mack V8 could have become: https://www.scania.com/global/en/home/products-and-services/trucks/our-range/v8.html
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    From Rockler. Hosted on Fotki
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    The bottom end of a E6 is the weak link
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    That old tanker looks awesome behind that b.
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    I'm in the hater category when it comes to compounding turbos. They are engine killers. We lost a Liehberr at 4,800 hours because the secondary turbo blew and the operator ran right through it till the engine literally exploded. The sister turbo will make up for the second while its failing so it robs the operator of sensing the catastrophe onset. If you have a DPF your really in trouble, it will not even smoke before it explodes. In your case you would see some smoke. When/If your secondary turbo goes it may start to ingest engine oil and your first turbo will give her lots of extra air so if it blows it may be quite an impressive show. Crowd pleaser at a truck pull.
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    I bet all that road the Mack are now wear a hearing aid
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    Rolling a little coal through the intersection.
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    I visited with the farmer who's letting us stage our stuff on his property, and he showed me around at some of his "stuff". Does any one know the year of these Ford and Chevy cab overs ?
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    That’s a good looking pair.
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    Think I sent this in before this couple have been working on this a while now local Reno people truck is coming right along recently painted it ... mike and Debbie,,,,real nice people ....truck sits on all Chevy frame and drive line duromax....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It’s my personal opinion that HOAs are unconstitutional because they’re designed specifically to regulate OTHER people’s personal property, and don’t even get me started on how I can’t fathom the legality of forcing someone to be a part of an HOA if YOU own the property... but that’s just my two sense...
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    Hope she funds a nice new home e9 308000for Miless 35,000
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    I just went to see why my clutch brake wasn't working on my 8LL a couple weeks ago, I had adjusted it a few months before. Stuck my head in and it wasn't there! Somehow the clutch brake broke off and fell out! It gets sandwhiched between the transmission and the throw out bearing on the input shaft.
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    Would look good with an airstream camper on back. Hard to find these rust free. Good capture.
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    Ed, That's a nice solid looking truck. I had the same experience with a B-68 C&C some years back. I made the mistake of calling a towing company that was selling the truck to cover towing and storage. Not far into the conversation they asked that same question "what do you have in mind" as to price. I threw out a number to include delivery (about 20 miles) thinking they would never accept. Low and behold it was mine.
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    Where our farm is in Riverhead Long Island the local code enforcement now uses drones to find violations. I have none. . . yet, but a few years ago my neighbor rototilled a design for the drones, apparently it will never go away til they plow and replant a large section.
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    Old motor coming out: New parts.... Roughing the bores to size: Hope to see what the heads look soon. They went to Fox Lake for a CNC program. They were around 300 cfm on the intake with just some hand work back in '98 when I bought them. They say it should be in the 360 cfm range now.
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