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    Very similar to the U model paint.
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    I can't imagine how much uncertainty there is in trying to get this going. Doing small control systems enclosures (stuff smaller than a mini fridge) is hard enough in QTY 5 or less. Prototypes are basically still all hand-built, too expensive to have a chassis company run just one. Hopefully they find success and can offer something folks like!
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    Exactly. Paul told us in May 2018: "Things have been very crazy of late and very unsure of what the future will bring We sold our sugar cane farm in north Queensland after many years of trying and the wife and I decided we would take some time off and travel around a bit on a working holiday till we decide what we want to do" With such a huge change in Paul's life, it's no wonder he became less active. But he still loves us and we all love him. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/53404-mrsmackpaul/?tab=comments#comment-399268 I am hoping that Billy is well. Never a kinder fellow.
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    I thought the same; never heard him complain about anything; I just read a post & it backed me up where he had been in it; realized I hadn’t heard 1 of his stories in a while. Alaways liked his stories about trucking; This site really helped me out a bunch, when I had my trucks. I didn’t introduce myself proper but at the time I was trying to get a volvomack to run! I thanked everyone that helped me, if I didn’t I am now! Best information hands down!!!
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    Very clean truck. Wouldn't mind having it.
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    Paul is a great example. His life has had some changes down in Oz and he doesn't have as much free time as he did for a period. So yes, we hear from Paul less than before (I miss his great videos), but it's not because he's upset with anything at BMT.
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    I do hope Billy T is fit and healthy These threads (think thats what you call them) can certainly take on a life of there own 😄 Yes the forum has changed and in lots of ways it only has got better I dont posy as much as I used to and once I was on 4 forums regularly now just 2 Life gets so busy and my eye lidsare faulty and shut of their own accord when I sit down at the end of the day Keep the dream alive people and I hope Billy is fine Paul
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    Gosh guys, how can you take a thread asking about Billy's well being (he's an older gentleman) and end up with hatred? We have the best truck website in the world.......I can tell you that. Now with so many wonderful members worldwide, the website can't meet everyone's vision of perfect every day all-the-time. If we all had exactly the same views.......the world would be an awfully dull place. BMT is not only a place for discussing old Mack trucks. It's also a place for discussing new Mack trucks, other brand trucks both new and old, and non-truck topics as well. You have the ability to choose what you want to view..........and what you don't want to view. For example, if you only choose to view posts about old Mack trucks, you can head straight to the "Antique and Classic Mack Trucks General Discussion" thread. You're in the driver's seat....you only need read what you want to read.
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    This one? Not a great picture angle...
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    From concern over a member that was last on here just a few short weeks ago.............. to....................... this...............
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    I'm new to this forum and I came here seeking info. My guess about some people is maybe they don't have anything to offer so that's why they don't. There has been a handful of folks posting pics trying to help myself and I certainly appreciate it. Although I have been wrenching for 40 years I've been unfamiliar with Mack and away from Mack for 25 years since I sold my trucks and focused on wrenching so I find this site helpful. As far as politics and political correctness, (THERE IS A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING) BMT is the place to discuss old Mack trucks, old trucks and related interests. There are forums available for political views as well as many other interests if one has the desire to express themselves in those areas. MACK The Greatest name in trucks!!!!!!!!!
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    "Diamond-T Line Model T9800B long nose conventional in process. Set-Back front axle vocational model capable of handling up to 600HP diesels. Glider Kits or Full Trucks. Accepting Orders Now." Joe Whitman
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    Well, I had mentioned several times what an excellent wife she would be, and how anybody would be lucky to call her his wife, and she agreed that yes, she would be "a good catch", so then I thought "maybe it could be me". I ordered a ring from Steven Singer and gave it to her when I was in Florida. She's having it sized now because I had no idea what size to get and it was way too big. I told her it was all pending your approval, so she hasn't made an official statement yet.
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    Somewhere that truck has a man standing next to it in an advertisement too.
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    Put 400 miles on the truck, US-501 to US-29 down to Winston-Salem to pick up a robot arm for a friend. Truck did fine! Got around 12 MPG apparently, better than the little Isuzu box truck I had, and the empty weight of the Midliner is about equivalent to the GVW of the Isuzu! Headlight dimmer switch is apparently backwards, or the plugs in the headlight sockets are. No gauge lights work. Had to buy a can of WD-40 and spray down the pivot points on the driver's seat...it started squeaking something awful. Truck will apparently do 70 MPH no problem, but it's up around 2300 RPM so probably not great for fuel consumption. We were around 60 MPH most of the time, on the open highway. Anyone who has come up US-501 knows you're not going the speed limit there 😛 Amy took a couple pictures of it at the fuel depot north of Danville on US-29, pretending to be a real truck:
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