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    Brought home my new to me DM 88 300 6-SPEED 55-K LBS REARS
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    Some R models I've picked up recently,'75 R685,'85 RS688,"66 R609,and '89 R690
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    We've had drivers that complain they could be making more money if they had their own truck vs driving for us (I pay them 35% of whatever we get paid, which I think is very good), most drivers do not understand running an older cheaper truck to get into the business requires a solid maintenance plan for equipment uptime, and i don't mean just making repairs, I mean have a solid maintenance plan with forecasting and having critical spare parts on hand and unit exchange items like a spare transmission. When you have these systems in place it becomes easier, drivers just drive, owners dispatch, mechanics repair. Its a system that one cant function properly and smoothly without the other. If you try all three you will exhaust yourself most likely unless you're really making great money above the average guy and can afford the downtime to pay someone to make repairs. My goal is to have our drivers make as close to what they would make if they were an o/o without the headaches of repairs and downtime. Scaling the operation in the backend with maintenance I think everyone can be one big happy family and make a good living.
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    What I mean is pretty simple Most times there is a logical explanation for everything I would just wait and see what Pauls response I have been on this forum and another Australian forum for many years and I have noticed we can all get a bit tightly wound at times Some of your comments could be perceived as been a tad abrupt, doesn't mean you cant ask questions or question what people say I reckon all things sort then selves out given time Paul
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    Update on the truck. I took it to my Mack shop it turned out to be the guy that rebuilt the motor put a junkyard jakebrake housing on the high side. So it had not had the update spring kit installed. So the high side was hung open slightly and that’s why the motor was doing what is was doing. Now it’s all fixed it runs like a top and pull’s like no other. Just wanted to update everyone for the knowledge also thanks for you guys and your advice and knowledge it’s what makes this place so helpful.
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    Here’s my 1989 I regretfully sold, 3406B 15 over was a solid truck. Originally Fromm Lancaster county PA then I ended up getting it from a Farmer in MD.
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    Ufff!... No, that's not my truck and none of the 5 went to Russia. But configurated the same. The exceptions are aerodyne top instead of a plane shield my truck has and there are additional fuel tanks which were specified in the factory order list but by some reason were never installed. The most interesting matter along these trucks is the style of that sleeper. I saw multiple ones but they were all installed on SGT R-models. And I never saw anything like that elsewhere.
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    I think that’s the first I’ve heard that you didn’t remember a part #. I almost thought you where some kinda robot. Lol! Just busting on you. Don’t take any offense to it.
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    Hendrickson HAS will be the most popular for parts and availability. Good a ride as any. Check pads for axle cracks if off a quad.
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    My folks added trucks to their business for a few years. Paid the drivers 1/3 of what the truck grossed and driver after driver would work a year or so then quit and go buy their own truck to make the big bucks only to go broke because of the reasons you listed above. They couldn’t see that my folks had a 30+ year profitable company that they added trucks to which made it a lot easier to absorb maintenance and repair costs.
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    If a fleet can justify a refueling station, CNG makes a lot of sense. Our ISL-G powered M2 112's are a big hit with drivers and mechanics alike.
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    Hey everyone not been on in a while the up date is going to get dads truck back it's a 1957 b61 intergal sleeper 205hp turbo single axle thank everyone scott
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    about the same I'd guess,gotten rid of several,and done alot of trading
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    Hahahaha...old fart?😂 Teamster! Don’t hide behind humble pretension. Your a she lion ultra liberal who demands to be fed the flesh of good’ol boys and your getting hungrier every day. Eventually your unfettered antagonism will creep back and drive the BMT patriarchy insane. You’ll be “educating” the Vietnam vets about the war, correcting peoples grammar, injecting ultra left liberalism into clearly conservative conversations, creating overlap monikers like “Teamsters Rule”, telling Barry he can’t kick you off due to Volvo corporate rules....... stop me if I’m being unfair.
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    A beauty for sure-and it doesn't need a 14" deep chrome visor😎
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    Associated Truck in gilbertsville, PA has relined strange brakes for us in the past, I'd expect them to be able to do it. They do brakes, driveshafts, clutches, etc.
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    We moved another transformer with the big Mack at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Grossing around 270,000 lbs.
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    December 18/19 2019 we will be in Washington DC at the Smithsonian to move the Douglas World Cruiser (Chicago) to it's new home in Chantilly VA. the new Air Museum by Dulles, this is just the first on a list we have which also has the Rutan Voyager, first plane to fly around the world non stop. and yep I'm using a Mack. (got the X15 too)
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    Whats that behind me?
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    Do you mean those "buttons" were installed inside cavits in axle housings? Strange to me since my military Mack made in 1945 already had rubber pads for both the top and the bottom of the springs. Maybe the reason was my Camelback is 44000 and yours looks lighter, I'd say 34000. I'm not ready to give 100% bulletproof advice but if I were you I'd look for Mack rubber pads of different sizes and try to use suitable ones in place of the buttons. Should admitt in most cases Camelback rubber pad destroy occures lower pads. And upper ones are found worn quite seldom.
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    Wow!! So im in the wrong with the 6 trucks that are all 1993 or older that we have greatly modified to be better more efficient trucks for us? Not to mention the modified trucks that we have sold. Seems to me that if your paying for it you should have what works best for you. My 1.6 million mile 26 yr old road tractor does a fine job. Its had many mod's done to it. Very rarely does it go a day without at least 1 compliment. If its man made it may fail someday. If its new electronic P.O.S. it WILL fail. And you most likely cant fix it on the side of the road to get ya home. Just my thoughts. One of our 93's had a PEEK 3406C. The other 3406C is mechanical. I converted the PEEC to full mechanical pump. Twice the truck now. My 83 Mack still goes trucking during the summer. The E9 gets @ 6.1 MPG. Each to their own but im with "The King Of Obsolete". Hope im not too opinionated, just wanted to add my 2 cents
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    for them old gals that have to make two trips to haul ass that one gets it all in one load
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    I think this may have come from our Wiki or a BMT poster... BC Mack sb136012 air suspension[1].pdf
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    That is something I haven’t seen in a very long time. But I don’t recall the part numbers.
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