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    Clean and green heavy tractor. Picture is from 20 years ago or so.
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    Yes . It is a true tradgeity that a , yes black man, died from an aultrication with a police officer . I have yet to totally hear the "real" complete story. I have heard that the cop was a badge happy sort , there seems to be a few of them on police forces here and there. This incident in Minnesota happened on Monday, Only 2 or 3 days went by and the city was rioting and on fire. The officer has been charged with murder 5 days later. Protesting is one thing. But rioting and burning cars and buildings is bullshit . I am sure that 90 % of the assholes out there don't have a clue what they are protesting for , or even know who George Floyd was. Whether the " RIOTERS" not protesters are white , black, brown, yellow or what ever , they should be told , Stop , Go home or you will be STOPPED..... But all of these Democratic , Liberal Mayors and Governors do not have any balls to take control . A curfue has been put in effect , and the "so called Protesters " are still on the street. Who the f... is in charge ? Burning cars and buildings , throwing bricks and other things and looting is NOT protesting . It's a f...ing crime . All this shit would stop if they got on a loud speaker and said GO home or you will be SHOT …. We kiss ass to any body that has or is doing things against the law. Whats going on is bullshit ! What about the innocent people that own the stores that are destroyed ….. I totally believe in the 1st amendment , 2nd one very much also, but this is way beyond freedom of speech .
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    Shown at the Green Mountain ATCA Show 2017.
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    Well guys, finally got fuel system cleaned out, new electric fuel pump, new carb and oh yes new air cleaner . F-ing mice had taken up residence in the old one and mouse piss is very corrosive. When it fired up today on old plugs/wires blew all kinds of crap out exhaust-mostly acorns. Mine has a 2" lift. My son's has a 3" lift plus a 1" body lift. Can't believe how good that 289 sounds after all these years.
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    Finally got to take the old dog for a much deserved walk... She barked and screamed all the way through the city streets like a bulldog should! So much fun had by all on Saturday. Excuse the purple ribbons, it was for a group of high school seniors whose colors are purple, figured it be a nice little touch for them since they didn’t have a sign to hang on ours like the other apparatus.
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    I'm in MN and this is just embarrassing. The autopsy came out, he died of drugs, heart issues and a pre existing condition. Not asphyxiation. I'm not a fan of many cops, but these police have to deal with this bullshit day after day. If people wanna be judged differently, then act differently. If I were in charge the first time a protest gets violent, someone would immediately pay.
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    A little closer
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    Shown at Barrington in 1999. Don't see too many B models done in brown paint.
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    Blue truck is what was for sale at OldMacks. Purple hood was offered by a company in the States. I don't recall details excepting that Paul 41Chevy posted the link. As you can see in both cases the look was Ok.
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    If we can ever get to go to any truck shows i just bought a 1931 model a ford coupe i'm going to throw on the trailer and bring along just for the heck of it. pictures tomorrow if i remember how.
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    The dramatization of it all by CNN makes me hate the post Ted Turner news organization even more (if that is at all possible). News should only be a reporting of facts, without opinion. Opinions are reserved for editorials.
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    Been watching the news, cheering for the tear gas.
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    Was this ever tried in the U.S. Apparently Mack Trucks Australia tried the concept From a post on Faceless book in Australia Paul Steve Grennan MTA trialled the concept, but for some reason didn’t proceed.
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    I was reading Bulldog magazines from 1998 -2001 and I get the impression that every thing was looking up for Mack's future at that time. Mack CL and RD dominated construction. The Mack CH had a redesigned interior and was selling well in highway applications. The Vision was off to a good start. The CL had the big power Cummins option and was competitive in heavy haul. Mack had a good presence in class in class 6 & 7 with the MS and CS. Mack MR and LE were dominant in the refuse industry. Then in June of 2001 bam Volvo bought Renault. Mack executives gave no hint of the trouble ahead (Vickner/Gigou) . The years prior to this they painted a rosy picture. Mack was a sitting duck by allowing Renault to have controlling interest. Volvo got a package deal (Mack & Mack dealerships) in buying Renault. Mack died in 2001 as the last of the Mack engineered vehicles (Granite) hit the streets. Under the Volvo tutelage the following Mack products have died, front discharge mixer, marine and industrial engines, Mack engines I6 and V8, manual transmissions, mack chassis , Mack heavy haul product, Mack Titan and many Mack dealerships now dominated by Volvo. Volvo screwed up White , Diamond-T/Reo, GMC and now Mack.
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    One night, about 36 or 37 years ago, we get toned out for a structure fire. On arrival, we find a one-story house with an attached two-car garage on one side. There is a gaping hole through the garage door and something inside is burning like crazy. We knock it down in short order and, once the smoke clears, we discover that it was a set of duals off a big rig! We later found out that the driver was stopped about 25 miles away after being spotted by a toll taker who alerted the Troopers!
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    You can lock yourself in your safe space forever, snowflake! I couldn't care less, but STOP telling others what they must do. HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of US Citizens have been put in lockdown. The death toll has been, at the most, about 1/10th of ONE of those millions! My State has been open for over 4 weeks now. No spike in cases, no massive death toll. If you're scared, say your scared, but leave the rest of us alone! Our liberty has been infringed long enough!
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    Once proud warrior now in the brush. The B-63 was available between 1954-1958 with 2,028 unit produced.
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    The r models I have seen that have air ride cabs all have the same front mounts as those without air ride.
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    Covid is falling into its predicted role. It’s a great little tool to stop open voting, but not really useful as a tool to suppress the lawless young liberal out on the street raising hell. It’s a switch leadership can now turn on and off according to need and works best against the law abiding than the lawless. Same with Dems pressure applied against lawful gun owners. Suppress people who respond/react to control methods and follow laws......don’t properly enforce the existing laws against known felons. Lets put the hairdresser in a jail cell and let the other prisoners go because we don’t want the LAWLESS to get Covid. The conservative outspoken hairdresser can get Covid in jail and die, she’s spoke up against us.
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    It seems to me there is no way that all of these protests, happening nationwide simultaneously, couldn't have been organized within four days of the event in grassroots fashion. I suspect the protests were organized.
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    Friday Night cruise in the 1963 B-81 Start Up
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    Great looking example of a truck brand from days gone by. Pic from 2010.
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    Confiscate the truble makers phones thro the phones in a drum if they want the phones back flash sum i.d. .... 2 B recorded n let m look thru a drum of phones to find there very own phone ....... good luk with th@ LOL
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    I went out to the demonstration here in VA. 4 hours ago, lot of rock throwing and some tear gas along with a few rubber bullets, a lot of really misinformed people that do not want to engage in discussion but preferred to spew their thoughts with no intention of any thoughts other than what they think, in the end the group that I and another woman engaged with finally calmed down and some progress was made this was only after she had given up and left, 4 or 5 cops stayed close to me but did not interfere even when one of the demonstrators put his hands on my neck, cops knew that I was calm and everything calmed down, once they figured out (demonstrators) that I wasn't leaving and would stand my ground it went from yelling and screaming and finally more to a really good discussion, overall not a bad night, little tense but still a good night.
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    We had riots in LA in the past. What I remember is one ethnic group burned and looted the stores in there neighborhoods and then could not understand why the corporate owners demolished the burned out hulk but did not rebuild for over a decade!
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    When will there be a honest discussion of the epidemic of black on black violence? Guess it doesn't sell as well on CNN or the NY Times.
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    There never should be boob discrimination.
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    Hello All, I am Scott from the Northwoods, Wisconsin. Just bought a 1951 A40, which is about 5 miles from my house. It is a running, driving project, air brakes work. I will leave it for a week or so, but thinking I will go get it soon. Previous owner brought it back (along with a B20 Dump and a few tractors) from Montana, so no real rot. Once I get it home I will send the numbers to the Mack museum and get it on the A series registry. Plan is to fix the gas tank (running on a temporary plastic bottle), clean it up, replace the little missing parts along the way, then see what happens this winter on restoration/configuration.
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    I brought the RS home last week.
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    As seen on youtube. Making it look easy!
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    I’m looking for any info on the original owners of an AC I’m restoring. It was originally purchased by a J.H.Robinson of LA Ca. in December 1922. It was then sold to the Ross Bros. in Long Beach in 1924. Multiple Internet searches over several years, haven’t discovered any leads, and now that I’m finally getting close to completing the restoration, thought about trying a forum APB request. If anyone would have history or leads on these two owners, I would appreciate your assistance. It would be nice to acquire some original photos and history of the truck.
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    Unbelievable the actions occurring. The girl should have been squirted with her own water gun, so as to grasp the reality of her cruel act.
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    No oil viewing through that front hub cap eyeglass anymore. It's the "White Out" edition.....because DOT inspectors can't flag what they can't see. Neither can you unfortunately.....
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    C’mon, who doesn’t love that fade paint job? Kinda reminds me of the Mako shark corvette paint job.
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    I watched Tucker Carlson when I got home this evening. You talk about getting pissed off ! I can not believe this shit. Setting fire to a 200 year old church in DC . But what really pisses me off is the desicration and distruction of the war memorials . I have Uncles , Grandfathers and friends that served and some died. Those memorials are theirs. The small country of Syngapore ( excuse my spelling ), cained a little asshole from Ohio for spray painting something. The bullshit that is going on here now would never happen in that small country . They would have had things under control 6 nights ago.
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    280" WB and the hood will be 71" long like I said at the start. Because of the small B cab it makes it look even longer but put a 60" sleeper behind the cab and it would change quickly. As far as practical every truck is practical it just depends on what it's used for that could make it impractical.
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    I and many mechanics have did it for years.Two ways to do it and one is to use a jack and jack up the weight of the crank but i always remove front and rear main cap and double up some paper and put on the lower brg and then tighten up the main cap.I was in involved in a deal just like this one but it was a 8.3 cummins in a bus.The mechanic that did the over haul put standard main brgs on a .010 010 crank and got the right rod brgs in but std mains in it.Same deal it had low oil pressure.The lead man at a truck dealer made the call to pull engine and send crank out for more measurements.I was asked that evening for my 2 cents worth.I showed him how to plastic gauge the crank and found the mains were standard after checking it.Come to find out he had check the new rod brgs for size but did not check mains.Some one there sure did like me for a few days.
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    Definitely wouldn’t hurt to have oil analysis done
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    Flip side to this one is the guy actually was murdered. There’s been a couple times where they catch a cop shooting someone in the back and planting a taser (as with Walter Scott shot 5 times in the back, 2nd degree murder). This round in Minneapolis is a righteous anger situation. Not like the Micheal Brown shooting where he clearly earned his bullet, that uproar being a media puppet show. Same with Trayvon, AKA- “Obama’s could-have-been-my son”. Heck, maybe it was Obama’s kid? So all of society and the political surround agree early into this.... the cop is most likely going to do time and it’ll end up murder. Regardless, the 10% of blacks that cause 100% of the problems can’t miss the opportunity. Even with a pending guarantee of the cops incarceration. Black lives matters is showing there true colors in Minneapolis, pun intended.....Black TVs Matter, make mine a 72” please. As for the whitey’s out there busting it up? You see them mixed in. Yeah, NOT white nazis. That’s a biggest pile of lame stream media 💩. Those are farm raised, born and bred, leftist liberals gone feral !!! They’re fulfilling their party’s duty by duplicating the solidarity playbook. You read up on terrorist tendency it’s know female hostage holders are the worst case scenario for the negotiator. They’re much more likely to kill women and children in an attempt to disprove any femininity and to be taken as a more seriously than an average “woman”. That’s what your watching, bunch of over zealous white liberals trying to prove their “black solidarity”. Since it is the Corona thread......why isn’t the media going into long diatribes about how much Covid is getting spread in this protest riot. If it was an NRA march they’d be predicting a mass outbreak and shaking their righteous heads “tisk tisk”. Farce indicator revealed, it’s Covid when it’s convenient (conservative).
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    There are a lot of them that bought up a lot of the farmland around where I am. I don't mind it. They took a lot of good land that was abandoned and starting to grow in and made it all good farm land again. I have seen them put up barns for people I know. They are awesome workers. It takes them no time at all. All the men work and the women prepare the food to keep them fed. They are very efficient. Funniest thing I have seen is their tow truck. One day they had one of their horse and buggies stuck in the ditch, so they brought out the tow truck.....a DONKEY. LOL And it pulled them out. LOL
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    Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Washington Engine. Tanker 10 Retired. Mack C-Model
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    Wrapping up in Banksville, NY. Both in service as of my last trip to NY a year ago. This rigs often cross the border into Fairfield, CT and Banksville is considered Greenwich Station 8 if I remember correctly. 2011 Granite. Tanker 7 1989 R-Model. Tanker 17
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    How is Biden's dementia progressing? Less than stellar candidates...
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