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    just bought today
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    Bright yellow Superliner brings a Sterling dump truck along to the show.
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    this morning I took the pump to diesel power service out in Williamsport pa. I had a talk with the guy that does the pumps he is old enough to have worked on b 's for stroeman bread company . some one shimmed the high idle spring up so the low idle wouldn't work but I could get 2300 on high idle. I dropped the pump of at 11:30 and it was done by 2:45 I don't know how much but at this point I don't care. I thought the service was very good, pleasant people to deal with the guy explained a lot to me over the phone. I just thought I would give them an attaboy for not trying to over inflate the repairs I needed.
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    Pictures to follow as soon as junior can load them, 2003 RD688 460/13 fuller, brand x 46k rears with lockers on air, 4.30 ratio 18 front on 315s 200" wheel base ,double frame, dual air seats, moto mirrors, 115 gal tanks, all the gauges and now for the best part, 885 hrs. 11665 miles, bought from Dept of Interior, fish and game in the sunny south with no salt. Mack Tech been has working with me on this, and I really appreciate his help, nice to have people here that are willing to help and have the right info, Thank you. Was told never fall in love with iron, so if your wallet is big enough, will consider any offer but it won't be cheap, other wise it will be like the the CH I put on here almost 2 years ago, running everyday for us.
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    I'm still kicking been off the site thanx for asking!
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    OK then, after 28 years there maybe a few modifications to a truck that took place or it may have options factory installed. As for 600 or 700 series, nether came with a Lund visor, stainless rear fenders, aux hyd. tank or 6 inch exhaust and if we are really counting the LED turn signals, but who is counting? It still is a beautiful 28 year old truck standing tall and proud. 👍
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    Thanks for the flowers KSB and others! Since we last spoke my wife passed away and I broke my hip.Her from COPD, related to smoking and me from being a dumbass and falling out of bed! My tablet is wearing out and I can't post a question only answer them, gonna get a new one! Anyone like that new "cornbinder" that looks like it's from mad max? I do!
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    i have a feeling ill never want to see another huck rivet again in my life by the end of this project....lol
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    Not bad for a quick "grab" photo. Looks like St.Louis still has those single axle 28 foot trailers, smallest we had in Minneapolis was 32 foot tandems. In good shape for a '98 model too.
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    Not exactly my cup of tea, but there is quite a bit of engineering and thought in this truck. $40k seems too high. https://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/d/washington-court-house-mack-rat-rod/6974227628.html
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    No surprise, Ford has no clear plans for the future while hundreds of millions are thrown at Rivian, the train depot, electrification, "mobility", etc.. Ford has too many SUVs while commercial truck buyers are being driven away by limited options. Meanwhile, the couple hundred thousand customers who buy Fusions and Fiestas are being told to settle for an SUV or go away. And while Ford brags of having $20B in cash reserves, they've also typically got a million or so unsold vehicles in inventory and who knows how many billions more Ford is financing... So Ford has earned junk bond status.
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    no it was a good price and a good deal not sure of specs has about 2 inches of crud on everything I know for sure it was a Celli truck I worked for them in '96 for several months with my '89 R. I'm going to contact the Mack museum to get info on how it was built so I can return it to it's original glory and it is a runner . It's going to be a long term project for sure
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    Mack option listed as(depending on which coast) a Logger bumper or a Contractor bumper. Also has the optional out side air cleaners too.
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    Pick this baby up from my Nephew for $5. Gitcha one Uncle Dave.... A’course it says “Made in China” on the label. When I asked him about that he said “Who cares, China’s paying the tariff on this one!”.
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    Took first place in my age group only because I was the only one in the age group....I’ll take the glory Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    we ran cab over freightshakers so we could pull rite up to the trailer in front of us to keep the animals out of the trailers. it was a dangerous place for sure. one of the favorite things the thieves did was look for over the road drivers sleeping. they would put 6X6's under the inside tires. then bang on the door waking the driver up . "you are blocking me, can you pull up 10 feet? " the half asleep driver would not notice the pull up on the blocks. ground monkey would say "thats good, thanks" driver would climb back into the bunk and go back to sleep. only to wake up in the morning to unload and find the 8 outside tires and rims gone.
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    Gateway in New Haven ct has one for off loading billets off rail cars going to the Nucor mill they paid 980.000.00 for it same size.This can pick 12-ton with magnet and reach out pretty far.
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    Going into at the wee hours of the mornig to Hunts Market was through a section of burned out and abandoned building and tons of stripped and burned cars, The local 'opportunists' would put stripped cars i'n the street to stop or slow you down. Stop for the wreck or slow down they would open your trailer and start tossing out your load to their bro's. We ran three truck convoy into the market. We rammed hulks out of the way, no stopping for anything if possible. I carried Easy Off oven cleaner as a jacking protection, hit the face and head with it the last thing they will do is fight. Those cut down NY bumpers weren't for looks my friend. Very close the Escape from NY movie scenes.
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    It’s got a roof finally, shingles go on tomorrow. Not to bad as a solo building crew in the evenings after work. 🧐
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    Well my intro to driving in metro NY was the big strike in 71 when the majors took on the PTEU-the big union that represented most of the petro drivers in the metro area. Anyone in management throughput the country that had ever driven was placed on the "MOCO" team.."method of continuous operation"-The prep for that was we had to take the NYC Fire Dept Certificate of Fitness test that was needed to haul gas/oil-"haz mat" wasn't a term then. Well I spent 51 days driving out of Mt Vernon-at times on 5 axles in Westchester county, other times in a "city spec" 10 wheeler delivering in the Bronx. After a while you learned the shortcuts and I remember one day going through a decent neighborhood (near Gun Hill Rd.?) I pass a group of people standing around a VW bug. I dropped the load and on my way back there is the VW-all the doors and "hood" open sitting on blocks, papers blowing all around it. Stripped clean-and this was a "nice' neighborhood! Welcome to the "Big Apple".
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    I used to to that when I was 9 years old I could do Detroit, Mack and Cummins,☺️
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    Saw this and remember you had some B project with a mixer I believe. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/for/d/stewart-mack-61/6963019709.html
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    And nobody ever bought an R model for creature comforts, you bought them for the job you need done and because they don't quit!
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    1977 Mack Vin Gears 4:17 Wheel base 162" Motor NTC 350 Cummins Motor Assembly number. 3036939 Transmission is a 10 speed Eaton I purchased the truck about 9 years and have used it here and there. Looking to sell to purchase newer R model call or text me for more info or pictures: Eric 484-256-3341
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    25095125 $3.66 I leaned on Manders Diesel. Those guys are the best informed Mack parts men I’ve met. They’re a Mack dealership and a salvage yard so the guys at the counter have all the crossover compatibilities in their heads. There was no picture of it in the system. Bill found it listed though as a “qty 1” item on the diff breakdown.
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    This old rig will bring plenty of eyeballs to your YT channel. Great work!
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    I saw the horn button and the fixed heavy 5th wheel. It's this Devault truck from way back. Somebody got a nice unit!
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    Thanks I am already enjoying it way to much my wife says.
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    There are two bolts inside the gear window which are trying to do the work of 6 bolts. They loosen, leak out to exterior space below the window, cause a stress crack to the rim of the banjo and require a weld repair to banjo mouth. When things really go south the crack will span through the threaded holes for the hold-down bolt and now you can't repair weld it properly. Wouldn't explain your problem, but adds another visible issue to your list. Sounds like you have real head scratcher. Stop welding it, shouldn't need it, plus, sorry dude, your welds are horrible. You welded it to the 1/8" thick output cover? Change all the studs, nuts and the Diff mount bolt. When installing run the four stud nuts up slight snug then torque the carrier bolt to banjo. Loosen the four studs, retorque banjo bolt again, run all 4 stud nuts up tight and torque each to grade 8 spec. Everything has been checked, your running hard. If it keeps doing it after that convert the centers to Neoprene Severe Duty bushings. You have fresh brass on a hogged out center stub, Neoprene will resurrect the center for the span of another service life.
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    Drive the truck around in a circle without the torsion arm.if the wheels walk off while turning then ur trunnion or bushing might be extremely worn.therefore while turning loaded that single bracket is taking all the stress of keeping the bogie straight which causes the bolts to break.
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    Recent problem? How long have you had the truck? Give us some history so we know if this is a new to you problem truck. Miles? Are your axle stops ALL in place? All 4 of them? Are the bolts being overtorqued on install? If so that stretches the bolt, which makes it thinner, thus weaker. How long are you getting out of the bolt before it breaks?
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    The ad says they're NOS, although they do have some light scratches and imperfections. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174012261419?ul_noapp=true
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    Keep your eyes on the truck for a minute - we're throwing back to 1980 for a bitchin' Autocar A64HD, with its super-groovy paint job. Also gracing the photo is Suzy, who was actually a manager at the Autocar plant before becoming a top dealer salesperson. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    It’s hard to say an EUP could never develop plunger leak. Look at how many years some cores could be moving in and out of chassis’s. The originals weren’t designed pre low sulfur(dry) fuel. The engineering is fascinating, you’d never think fuel film could seal so perfectly. On the flip side I’ve never seen one leaking from the stem and have been surrounded by them for 21 years. Currently, at work, we have 28 EUPs pounding fuel into cylinders daily. None of them have developed the leak your describing.
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    Knees on the wheel at 4 and 8
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    I'm not seeing 6" longer hood or 4" rise on the cab, not saying it isn't I'm just not seeing it I guess. It should have longer fender extension between cab and fender I would think. I know I will have to add at-least 12" to mine to make up for the distance I moved the cab back. And I raised the radiator plus cab mounts 2" which will set bottom of cab about a 1/2" above frame rail. Look at the fender extensions on the one below, mine will extend past the inside radius of the bottom rear of fender if visualized on this truck. I see it but it is hard to make out.
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    Looking really good but I’m starting to feel like a slouch when it comes to my projects. 👍
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    Cab painted, same color inside. A fine sanding and buff on the clear coat and I should pick it up next week.
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    I found this at the York toy show today. I am familiar with the history behind it, what do you think?
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    thanks for posting I enjoyed it
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    Thanks for taking the time to post another great history lesson.
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    Me being a rail fan as well as a mack nut I found this article to be extra interesting!!! Thanks for p posting about this and macks other little known products
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    Very interesting articles. Thanks for posting this bit of history. It only makes me wonder if my father saw any of these Mack locomotives when he worked on the railroad. mike
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    I think a lot of us on here suffer from a misspent youth! (truckwise) here's a fitting picture that reminds me of my friends on BMT!........................................Mark
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    That is AWESOME! Thank you for that article
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    Excellent posting. This material is worthy of a magazine article. I suppose the rail guys have a periodical don't they? Anyway, good stuff and thank you for taking the time to put it in here for us to read. Greg
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    Both of these Mack locomotives need better homes than they have now and certainly could be restored to running condition. One is a 1935 12-ton Mack locomotive (serial no. 171008), now located at the Black River and Western Railroad in Ringoes, New Jersey. It was previously owned by the Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company, the Harrison Warehousing Company and the Crucible Steel Company. The second unit is a 1930 12-ton "special construction" Mack locomotive (serial no. 171010) that was first operated by Perth Amboy Garage and later the Edgar Brothers Kaolin Company in McIntyre, Georgia. The locomotive is presently in Georgia at the City of Gordon's 1885 Depot and Railroad Museum. Both deserve a better fate than what they have now, resting outside at the mercy of the elements. They should be restored and operational, and stored indoors. .
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