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    Delivered to Hazy center at 3:30 this morning awesome site to see them open the the hanger style doors at the end of the building in the middle of night with all the lights on, all those shining planes in there lined up, beautiful site, the building is 150 feet wide and the entire end opens, but think of this the Antonov 225 wing span is 290 feet in width, imagine a airplane that is basically as wide as a football field, Awesome.
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    Well I was thinking along those lines about the class 4,5,6 Chevy/Binders that are built at Sp'field. I may have seen two on the road. I also stop in once a month and drive through an Altech facility that is one town over. Place has always been loaded with F-450/550's awaiting installations. About two months ago when I drove through they had two chevys. Last week none. Reasonable to assume if International is knocking off manpower, as these JV trucks were additions to the plant's regular product mix, they are NOT selling as expected. My guess is with that tilt hood, they are more expensive than Ford or Dodge. How about it Roadway R-? What do you say about pricing as your company has bought some.
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    I wondered about them going old school on the Charge air your likely correct and if they desire to raise the Hp they will have to go air to air to reach that goal in my mind ! I also see they didn't bolt the block together NO BUTRUS bolts or plate to secure the bottom end! BALLSY in my mind!
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    Ford-Otosan Press Release / December 2, 2016 Watch how 13-liter Ford "Ecotorq" engines come to life in at the Ford-Otosan İnönü engine plant. At Ford Trucks, we’re serious about trucking. It's why we designed our Cargo heavy truck range from the ground up to meet your needs and expectations. See your authorized Ford heavy truck dealer today for details, or visit the global Ford heavy truck website at https://www.fordtrucks.com.tr/ .
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    NO pics per Smithsonian but will be on their website, we use double drop stretch trailers with 62 feet in the well when opened, puts me out at 105' to 107' with no rear steer, really need to pay attention when making corners and watch for rises in road or you will grind to a stop for lack of clearance, we finish this and head to Savannah GA. to load oil tanks going to Westwego LA. 15'5" wide 16'6" high at 105 total length, more fun. been using my old 98 CH with 240 wheelbase, just hit 190k miles, might wear out before I die.
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    Who knows with Ford. With some of the money Bill has wasted in the last few years Ford could own the US medium duty market. Just look at the Ranger, they had 3 plants building them here at one time. How many years did it take to fix that huge mistake and how much money lost.
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    I think the Bronco will be a big hit. I wonder what will happen to Ford medium duty (specifically the 650 and 750) after 2023 when the Avon Lake plant changes over to BEV production.
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    That proposed deal caught me by surprise, at the time there was hinting around that GM was going to do something with Isuzu. The GM deal came while NAV was building the F-650 and 750 for Ford through their Blue Diamond subsidiary, and perhaps more significantly while NAV and Ford were having quite a falling out over the VT365/6.0L Powerstroke fiasco and Ford's abrupt cancellation of the 4.5L V-6 Powerstroke for the F-150. I was told NAV was at least a little motivated to screw Ford to an extent by building GM's medium trucks and closing Blue Diamond as quickly as possible. The (first) GM/NAV deal reportedly fell through because GM and NAV couldn't agree on a price for the operation, but I think NAV's financial position was rapidly deteriorating and with the worsening economy NAV got nervous. After the NAV deal fell through, I once again started hearing rumors about GM and Isuzu. Remember that GM was assembling many Isuzu trucks (gasoline powered N's and the F series) at the time. Isuzu had purchased land (Alabama?) for a U.S. plant to take over N/F series production after GM was to sell their medium/heavy truck operation to NAV, and there was supposedly some talk that the new Isuzu plant could build the GM trucks after the GM/NAV deal fell through. However, once again the worsening economy caused Isuzu to reconsider opening a U.S. plant. In late 2009 GM dropped the GMT560 trucks and (temporarily) exited the medium duty truck market. Very soon after that, an insider told me that a GM/NAV deal was not at all dead, but was put on indefinite hold until the economy improved and would be revisited. If you talk to anyone at GM or NAV these days, the official word is the new JV medium trucks are a great success. It seems to have been a slow launch, but reports on the trucks are favorable (my employer had taken delivery of a few, I will let you know....). I am hearing rumors that more GM/NAV JV trucks may be under development.
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    Financial Times / January 2, 2020 CNH, the truck and tractor maker backed by Italy’s Agnelli family, hopes that a split of the business into two companies will drive consolidation across its two sectors, the chief executive said. Hubertus Mühlhäuser said the business would be open to deals once it had spun out truckmaker Iveco and its other road-going brands into a new entity in early 2021. “One of the reasons why we create two pure plays, one an off-highway, one an on-highway, is of course to be able to actively contribute to industry consolidation,” he said. “Whether we’re going to be the consolidator or consolidatee remains to be seen. “We have not yet seen a coming together of larger Asian players at large scale with the European or American players . . . I think that’s something to come in the coming years.” The truck markets and the agricultural equipment sectors are facing upheaval, with the need for investments into electric propulsion and autonomy coupled with tough trading conditions as haulage firms and farmers delay orders because of the global trade war. Yet the two businesses have very limited spending overlap. “We looked at that from the synergies and the synergies were not there,” said Mr Mühlhäuser. CNH will spin out Iveco, Iveco Bus and the Heuliez Bus units, as well as its power train business, in an “on highway” division, which has combined revenues of about $13bn. It will keep the tractor, agricultural and construction equipment arm, which has revenues of about $16bn, with the aim of raising the values of the two companies by ending CNH’s status as a mini-conglomerate. The split, which will take place in 2021, is part of a strategy intended to more than double profit margins to 10 per cent by 2024. The move, announced at an investor day in September, follows a tradition set by CNH’s previous owner Fiat Chrysler, which is also backed by the Agnelli family through their Exor holding company. FCA, which was formed by the merger of Fiat and Chrysler, spun out CNH in 2011, and subsequently also listed Ferrari, and sold component business Magneti Marelli. Shorn of non-core businesses, FCA is attempting to merge with France’s PSA to create the world’s fourth-largest carmaker, allowing the two auto groups to pool investments into self-driving technology and electric driving. Analysts expect CNH’s remaining tractor arm to have a higher value once divided from the truck division, because agricultural equipment businesses such as John Deere tend to attract higher valuation multiples than truckmakers. Elliott, the activist hedge fund, has built up a lower than 3 per cent stake in CNH, acquiring the shares before the announcement. Mr Mühlhäuser said they were “very supportive” of the company’s strategy. CNH opted to spin the company out rather than listing the new truck business in an initial public offering, in part because of the experience Volkswagen faced with its own truck division Traton, which houses the Man and Scania brands. The Traton listing was delayed once, and finally launched at a lower value in June. Separating the two CNH companies will allow each side to focus on its challenges, from countering slowing farmer orders because of the trade war, to the need for electric investment into haulage vehicles. Iveco is preparing to launch a hydrogen-powered truck and a battery electric vehicle, having invested in start-up Nikola to help it with both technologies. Its off-highway division will focus on the agricultural market, which is under pressure as farmers delay replacing older fleet.
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    I gets depressing looking at the antique and classic Mack section of the forum and seeing all the dominant heavy haulers Mack once had. Like the DM800's to the CL350ST to the M Series off road trucks. Sure you can say those markets have shrank to the point of being unprofitable. But Western Star and KW seem to be doing OK with it. Especially now that Mack HANDED over all their customers to them. Just look at the Western Star 6900XD line and all their partnerships with body companies to equip them. https://www.westernstartrucks.com/Trucks/6900/ Tell any of the loggers here to buy a Mack and they will laugh you out of the forest. All the heavy float and logging operations around here that had CL700's and Titan's all have Stars now. The Titan could have made it.......IF they gave customers what they wanted at a price that was comparable to Star and KW.
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    So KSC-Euro 6? How close is this to US compliance? And this is old generation FIT that Ford builds under license?? Any similarities between this 13 liter and the two smaller (7.3? and 9L)-these are the two that many of us hope would make there way here to end up in 750.
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