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    Today is Vietnam Veterans Day and today we remember. The day was originally known as Long Tan Day, chosen to commemorate the men of D Company, 6RAR who fought in the battle of Long Tan in 1966. On that day, 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against over 2,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops in a rubber plantation not far from the small village of Long Tan. The Australians prevailed, but only after fighting in torrential rain for four hours. They were nearly overrun, but were saved by a timely ammunition resupply, accurate artillery fire from the nearby Australian base, and the arrival of reinforcements by armoured personnel carrier. Eighteen Australians lost their lives and 24 were wounded, the largest number of casualties in one operation since the Australian task force had arrived a few months earlier. After the battle the bodies of 245 enemy soldiers were found, but there was evidence that many more bodies had been carried away. On the third anniversary of Long Tan, 18 August 1969, a cross was raised on the site of the battle by the men of 6RAR. Veterans from the battle gathered at the cross to commemorate the fallen, and the day was commemorated by them as Long Tan Day from then on. Over time, all Vietnam veterans adopted the day as one to commemorate those who served and died in Vietnam. In 1987, following the very successful Welcome Home parade for Vietnam veterans in Sydney, Prime Minister Bob Hawke announced that Long Tan Day would be known as Vietnam Veterans Day. Since then, it has been commemorated every year as the day on which the service of all those men and women who served in Vietnam is remembered. The Vietnam War was Australia’s longest military engagement of the 20th century. Almost 60,000 Australians fought in the war and more than 500 lost their lives. Vietnam Veterans Day is commemorated on 18 August every year. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan which would become one of the most extraordinary chapters in Australia’s military history. I have copied and pasted this as quicker than me typing a mess up here and making a hash of it to all the blokes who fought in that war and all the wars that Australia gets involved in thank you Paul
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    New furniture new paint Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This beautiful BB handled the 160 mile round trip to the show with ease.
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    Hey guys it’s been a awhile since I’ve posted anything but I’m finally a proud Mack owner again. I just bought this ‘78 RWS786LST Superliner. It’s a long term restoration project that runs well. I’m trying to figure out how many ‘78s were built and what is the HP rating on the engine which I believe to be original. It is a Gold Dog truck and the VIN plate says Mack Western which I have never seen before. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks
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    Love it when a plan comes together ! I have always wanted to try that however being in the Mack business have never been able to try We are always expected to do it Properly and to sell the right parts to do the job correctly! Even new the clutch slot has lots of room for movement So building it up likley won't hurt anything other than the possibility of creating a hard area on the fork that could eventually break How ever as Teck Said What do You have to loose! However you may still have to do the reaction discs sooner or later! But your up and going and thats the name of the game!😎
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    I’ll never doubt you again.....
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    Awesome save RED! The ring that receives the fork is definitely worn. I realize it’s back in, but for anyone else, don’t be afraid to add metal to fork, past original thickness dimension, to compensate for both (fork and slider) worn surfaces. You have nothing to lose.
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    Check it out ...Bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It may be an aluminum frame. I didn’t put a magnet on it and was painted kinda dark brown. I’m going to be on the hunt for a decent grill shell very soon. It’s hard working days are over. Shows and maybe toy hauling duties. Yes somewhat, that and I was a locomotive mechanic for 20+ years.
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    B-Doubles are the safest high productivity trucks on the road, bur we won't see them in the U.S. because the poorly trained "steering wheel holders" can't even handle one trailer...
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    this mixer may look common where it's from but around the Chicago area it looks naked without a booster axle nice pic
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    Still not gonna find a lot of twin sticks and even air shift auxiliaries in Autocars since the late 60s- Once Eaton Fuller's 13 and 15 speeds offered the deep reduction and close splits formerly only available with twin transmissions, most Autocars were built with Eaton and later increasingly Allison transmissions.
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    I used a caliper micrometer to measure the ring and it was about 15mm .I built up the material in the fork and then ground it down to around 14.8 mm to give it some breathing room. The fork originally had a thickness of around 10.5 mm , those extra 4.5 was the needed push to make the low range clutch engage.
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    Fine looking highway hauler.
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    It's been a while but I haven't taken many pictures, and all i've got is corn and wimmens. I did write a caption on a picture I saw in the paper though. Nice looking corn in Indiana. A big Mack truck with a huge oversize load. A girl in a car. And here we have another girl in another car. I was stopped in traffic here, didn't know what was going on. I tried to zoom in with the camera to see if I could see what the issue was, but I got distracted. I saw a girl on her phone while she was getting gas, and i've heard that could be dangerous. I took a load to Nebraska, left on Saturday, got there Monday, and they wouldn't take the load until Tuesday. I took this out there. I believe this is Omaha. And yet another girl in another car.
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    Since OtherDog has been lacking lately, I offer the following: Some members of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chapter of the ATCA were invited to attend "Club Day" (sunday) at Das Awkscht Fescht held annually at Macungie Memorial Park (yes same park.....) I saw a Mack heavy haul tractor, a mini-mack, an FWD Firetruck and a Super Mack. I saw some kind of import car, a Fiat or a Porsche or something, I don't know those cars too well. I saw some other kind of an import. It was silver in color. I saw a Super Mack, too. And some guy's head. It may be 39babymack, I am not too sure. Another import of some kind. It was baby shit yellow. I saw all of these winfall wimmin at some other event, they wanted me to give them a ride, but I didn't have time, I had to go meet OtherDog for supper. I made them pay me to be able to pose with me in this picture.
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    Looks nice bob, do you turn the dm’s park lights on for ambience?
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    New fuel filters, pops was goosing it to clear any air in the system. And for fun. Managed to get a picture of the smoke.
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    Rolling a little coal through the intersection.
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