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    Step back TGrrl, let me handle this... Ok, once again!.... Auctions set the value of ALL used trucks....in the same way....houses sold on the courthouse steps set the value of ALL local real estate.
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    The ESI kit from Mack comes with all the filters, why would obtain filters from parts shop looking to hose you, we get ours from the Mack dealer and the local parts house cannot meet Macks price, maybe I have good Mack dealer but you can also look at Amazon.
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    One other thing I used was Bostik 1100 urethane/adhesive to hold the weather striping in the register tracks and the two vertical seals in the vent windows. Those were originally riveted but using the 1100 and letting it set 24 hrs you can't tear them out. We use the 1100 to patch the inside of our refer trailer walls. When it drys it's stuck for good.
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    You must think every company and every segment of the trucking industry is the same. For a large over the road company that only has steering wheel holders this may be true. Between the cheap/ light spec and poor drivers the truck is lucky to last 10 years. Auction prices are not a function of truck worth. I have looked at a lot of auction trucks that have serious issues or need major repairs. Even the complete ones have issues due to lack of maintenance. The only reason there are so many newer trucks on the road in California is CARB
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    you know you can't make money with a 30 year old truck like that. Lol. i couldn't resist
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    Who is the dump bed manufacturer on that 97 international? Figure this thread has already gone off the rails.
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    Thanks I love it ain't fast just steady lol
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    our 22 year old kenworth W900 gets 7-8 mpg regularly puling the paver and rollers around. unless of course it has the 70,000 milling machine on the deck. i have yet to see anyone with a truck made in the past 10 years that can match the fuel mileage of the W900 with the C-15 cat and 18 speed. and that W900 is just as comfortable as any Mack i ever drove. actually it is a better ride, since it has air ride suspension.
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    Ok SO My bid is 35.99 plus applicable taxes! You Need It THEY Got it ! The Sky is the limit!
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    $27. I just paid $12.97 each for a pair of brass screws in J.D. carb.
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    they must be pricing the whole filter assy, don't know which you have but if it the one with the drain hose from the filter to the bottom of block you un screw the housing and replace the filter inside, up to 97or 98 the part # of the filter inside is 57GC2134A new #85136709, the price should be around 18.00. The oil filters are 485gb3191C /21939324 on the E7, The Etech engine oil filter 185GB3236 / 21939298 but it will work on E7 engine too, just filters better, the are around 12.00 a piece, should be around 42.00. and cheaper it you go with the old oil filters.
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    What engine? And the combo looks great, the refurb came out nice!
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    Just today this picture was taken, after this rocket landed on that barge in the middle of the Atlantic it came back to port and now will be brought back tot he launch pad to gain a payload and fly again, maybe even later this month! The finer details are equally as cool like using this behemoth of a crane, which will also be rigged with winches to fold up the landing legs. Just something cool I figured I’d share!
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    Looks like an old pete buy the dash late 60s early 70s can’t remember when they stopped putting the breakers on the dash. After a longer look maybe late 70 early 80
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    Not much help but the only time I had a won’t communicate with Ecu I checked harness and grounds pulled a load through the harness with a head light both pos and ground had nothing coming out of ecu It was a bad ecu. That’s all I have for you
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    I’ve seen radiator hoses collapse inside that will drive you crazy also. With no external signs at all. Have you check the hoses inside top and bottom
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    I also saw an engine that seemed to miss also, it got way worse with rpm's. Turned out to be a missing fan blade
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