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    Do you guys like seat belts,I don't..๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‡
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    On display at the Mack Museum. The truck designation "97" (example R-797 or DM-897) would indicate this Thermodyne V8 ENDT866 engine was under the hood. My recollection is the engine should be a silver color and the gold color was for the Mack Maxidyne engine family. A nice bit of kit anyways.
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    Nice Mack models in the display area of the Mack Museum.
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    As some of you may know, I have one of the 48 RD800 Macks that was used to haul tanks across the desert in Operation Desert Storm. Just by accident, I stumbled across the guy that actually drove my truck during the war on facebook. Sgt Robin Titus was the main driver of my truck. The truck was originally blue from the factory, as evidence of the build sheet I have for the truck, the firewall is still blue, and there is blue paint under the white where it is chipped. Sgt Titus said that truck was the only blue one there and the only one that was all Mack. 471st Transportation Company, truck #104. He sent me some pictures of the truck in country. He said I was lucky that I got the one he drove, because most of the other drivers didn't know how to drive. He already knew how to drive and was tasked with teaching the others how to drive, he said that was the reason he got to pick whichever truck he wanted. The first picture is how the truck looks currently, the other pictures are of the Macks over in the desert, the blue one in a couple of the pics is mine.
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    All in primer now! Finished the cowl belt line patches today and primed the lower cowl panels. Now just a lot of small repairs and the windshield area before the body work starts.
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    Monster truck in the day beautifully restored and shown at Macungie. Better than new and Awesome! Picture of the front drive axle and suspension.
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    It is new and made locally. The original body was much larger and wider. The original picture Matt has of it is rather impressive and the body is silver. I think the reason for the smaller body was for transportability, you would need oversize permits any time it needed to move.
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    Air bags aren't bad either......
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    Loved when this came out. I was a youngin then. Mack announced it internally before it came out so my father warned me it was coming. Glued to the TV set and grinning from ear to ear after i VHS taped it. Im a big fan of 80s Macks, but those CH and CLs were some damn good trucks back then in the 90s.
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    Dunno if you have seen this or not, I haven't noticed it on here before Don't know if it still classifies as modern, stumbled across this on YouTube yesterday Paul
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    I was definitely expecting a different picture when I read your post yardo.
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    Once they finally decide which types of emissions are really doing harm, yeah. If I remember correctly, we filter different things here than Europe because of a different set of guidelines/concerns/whatever. I've also heard that the environmental impact of setting up the network of DEF stations, moving DEF, fuel used on regen cycles, etc. may have negated any benefit that DPFs provide. I do wish we could legislate things based on looking at entire problems/solutions.
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    I've met his therapist.........he has a mobile clinic.............
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    It's easy to be "starry eyed" at the front with an inexpensive entrance fee but the dream quickly subsides when reality sets in. Those in that business or whom have been through the process know where it goes after the initial purchase; especially if subletting the work. Many cannot stand the onslaught hence so many "unfinished" projects available. I have close to 10K in my B-673ST and the sheet metal has not been touched yet, nor will any frame work be needed. Expenses escalate both quickly, and exponentially, (at times) to complete the task and sets reasoning for so many "DuPont Overhauls" out there. Top notch restorations easily exceed $30K if most of the work is "hired" done. Countless hours are spent if done "in house" too so it's expensive either way.
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    I know of someone with a DPF on a GMC Astro 95 with I believe a 6V92T. He hauls into California some times and it's required even on old trucks there, apparently. If they can clean up the output from a Detroit, I'm sure something can be retrofitted to your Mack ๐Ÿ˜›
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    Thank you for the link, some very interesting reading there Paul
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    Been following this thread for a while, excellent work! Projects like this give me hope for my long list of things that need a lot of help.
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    It has been impressive watching that truck come together. The scale of it is impressive, every piece is massive. The quality of the restorations that come out of Matt's shop only get better with each one.
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    ls this something else that l missed at Macungie?! .....Hippy
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    A big Mack (without the "A") "DM" working at a construction site in New Hampshire. bulldogboy
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    How do you get fired from Swift? Come in low on your daily accident quota? Not have an internet worthy wreck? Back up incident free? Just curious.
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    LOL!!! That goes for me too! Some days it would have been better to just stay home.
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    The Garrison air assist has worked pretty well on a Brockway I have. If you could get the gear in decent condition, it would be something to consider. Shifting takes practice, skill and coordination. Sometimes skill and coordination is lacking with me and about then, patience jumps out the window!
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    After living in upstate NY and buying used cars, trucks, and equipment up there, most other states' cars look like zero-rust winners to me
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    I picked up a 2008 F350 duel wheel utility truck from Colorado and had it shipped back to the salt belt of Northeast Pa. I could not believe the difference in the under carriage. I did some work on it and couldn't believe how easy everything would come apart. The truck doesn't have a spot of rust on it with 145,000 miles. Around here, every truck I looked at that was 10 years old needed a new truck! Lol
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    actual glider I believe. there wasn't a single hole drilled in the frame behind the cab. would almost be a shame to build it now. should go into the Mack Museum so Volvo can see ''what use to be done''
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    I recall this event as if it was yesterday. Every member of the Mack family was filled with pride. Given a chance to contribute, this event demonstrated how close-knit the Mack family was. For us, this was personal. Mack Trucks personified the values upon which our country was built. If one can't depend on Mack Trucks to come through for America in time of need.........then what's left? After all, America itself was built on the backs of Mack trucks. No other truckmaker can say that. I can't describe with words how proud we were of our organization. Zenon C.R. Hansen, who had passed on a year earlier, would have been proud too.
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