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    Well guys, finally got fuel system cleaned out, new electric fuel pump, new carb and oh yes new air cleaner . F-ing mice had taken up residence in the old one and mouse piss is very corrosive. When it fired up today on old plugs/wires blew all kinds of crap out exhaust-mostly acorns. Mine has a 2" lift. My son's has a 3" lift plus a 1" body lift. Can't believe how good that 289 sounds after all these years.
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    Yes . It is a true tradgeity that a , yes black man, died from an aultrication with a police officer . I have yet to totally hear the "real" complete story. I have heard that the cop was a badge happy sort , there seems to be a few of them on police forces here and there . This incident in Minnesota happened on Monday, Only 2 or 3 days went by and the city was rioting and on fire. The officer has been charged with murder 5 days later.. Protesting is one thing. But rioting and burning cars and buildings is bullshit . I am sure that 90 % of the assholes out there don't have a clue what they are protesting for , or even know who George Floyd was. Whether the " RIOTERS" not protesters are white , black, brown, yellow or what ever , they should be told , Stop , Go home or you will be STOPPED..... But all of these Democratic , Liberial Mayors and Govnerors do not have any balls to take control . A curfue has been put in effect , and the "so called Protesters " are still on the street. Who the f... is in charge ? Burning cars and buildings , throwing bricks and other things and luting is NOT protesting . It's a f...ing crime . All this shit would stop if they got on a loud speaker and said GO home or you will be SHOT …. We kiss ass to any body that has or is doing things against the law. Whats going on is bullshit ! What about the innocent people that own the stores that are destroyed ….. I totally believe in the 1st amendment , 2nd one very much also, but this is way beyond freedom of speech .
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    I went out to the demonstration here in VA. 4 hours ago, lot of rock throwing and some tear gas along with a few rubber bullets, a lot of really misinformed people that do not want to engage in discussion but preferred to spew their thoughts with no intention of any thoughts other than what they think, in the end the group that I and another woman engaged with finally calmed down and some progress was made this was only after she had given up and left, 4 or 5 cops stayed close to me but did not interfere even when one of the demonstrators put his hands on my neck, cops knew that I was calm and everything calmed down, once they figured out (demonstrators) that I wasn't leaving and would stand my ground it went from yelling and screaming and finally more to a really good discussion, overall not a bad night, little tense but still a good night.
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    Well I'm here and Manassas ?? and there has gotta be couple hundred cops out side, normal people are getting out lawn chairs and watching the zoo review, cops are in good cheery mood and joking with the normal people, I think they know this is BS and just out for the show, I'm going back out to watch the show, always like to speak from informed point of view so I'm going out to get informed and yes the blacks watching are just as amazed at the stupidity as the rest of us.
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    Flip side to this one is the guy actually was murdered. There’s been a couple times where they catch a cop shooting someone in the back and planting a taser (as with Walter Scott shot 5 times in the back, 2nd degree murder). This round in Minneapolis is a righteous anger situation. Not like the Micheal Brown shooting where he clearly earned his bullet, that uproar being a media puppet show. Same with Trayvon, AKA- “Obama’s could-have-been-my son”. Heck, maybe it was Obama’s kid? So all of society and the political surround agree early into this.... the cop is most likely going to do time and it’ll end up murder. Regardless, the 10% of blacks that cause 100% of the problems can’t miss the opportunity. Even with a pending guarantee of the cops incarceration. Black lives matters is showing there true colors in Minneapolis, pun intended.....Black TVs Matter, make mine a 72” please. As for the whitey’s out there busting it up? You see them mixed in. Yeah, NOT white nazis. That’s a biggest pile of lame stream media 💩. Those are farm raised, born and bred, leftist liberals gone feral !!! They’re fulfilling their party’s duty by duplicating the solidarity playbook. You read up on terrorist tendency it’s know female hostage holders are the worst case scenario for the negotiator. They’re much more likely to kill women and children in an attempt to disprove any femininity and to be taken as a more seriously than an average “woman”. That’s what your watching, bunch of over zealous white liberals trying to prove their “black solidarity”. Since it is the Corona thread......why isn’t the media going into long diatribes about how much Covid is getting spread in this protest riot. If it was an NRA march they’d be predicting a mass outbreak and shaking their righteous heads “tisk tisk”. Farce indicator revealed, it’s Covid when it’s convenient (conservative).
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    yeah but did you see hordes of white people cleaning out the the liquor store on TV ?? nope or the parts store ?? nope seems funny that one group of people (I speak loosely) have been given so much, free everything and anything they want yet somehow they still don't seem to be able to function in a law abiding society ?? FACT smaller % of population but highest criminal activity ?? why ?? they get more welfare, more job promotions not earned, given space in schools not earned, more loans they don't pay back and yet according to them we the white people are holding them back ?? I think maybe the problem lies with them, maybe they should earn their way like the rest of us and stop moaning about we the whites and start helping themselves and stop waiting for someone to GIVE them a free living.
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    I was able to turn the filter off on my TV and what I see are George Soros funded riots.
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    So I know that I will be called a Racist but that is only because the knee jerk left won't understand what I say because they don't want hear anything other than what they say, I agree 100% that the police sometimes get carried away with the GESTAPO tactics I too deal with their crap, I don't appreciate being told where and when I can do what is protected by the Constitution because some power hungry peanut head decides he/she rewrites the law to their liking, with that said we are a country of laws and we should abide by them, or at least try, I watched CNN and MSNBC and my motel television has a color filter because unlike what I was being told the only thing they kept showing was BLACK people doing the looting but kept telling me it was WHITE SUPREMACISTS doing the looting and letting the BLACKS take the blame, I checked with front desk and asked if they could give me a TV that showed all colors of the criminals and not just the BLACK ones, still have same TV ?? of course the left is promoting this because they need it, the virus hurt the US but it is getting better and that does not help the left agenda so we gin up the BLACKS and cause even more discontent all the while the left is playing to all side as usual, never any answer that helps but just feeds the fire, once again proving Liberal Left thinking is a mental defect.
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    Thank you all. I was very happy with how it looks considering it was just scrap cedar slabs I got for free from a local mill.
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    As seen on youtube. Making it look easy!
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    There are a lot of them that bought up a lot of the farmland around where I am. I don't mind it. They took a lot of good land that was abandoned and starting to grow in and made it all good farm land again. I have seen them put up barns for people I know. They are awesome workers. It takes them no time at all. All the men work and the women prepare the food to keep them fed. They are very efficient. Funniest thing I have seen is their tow truck. One day they had one of their horse and buggies stuck in the ditch, so they brought out the tow truck.....a DONKEY. LOL And it pulled them out. LOL
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    1989 That I am slowly working on.Painted cab and hood still need to paint bed, and get new bumper and grill graud.
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