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    Never knew he was a drag racer! The movie mentioned came out in 1968 so that dated the photo at early 1968. 1967 Z-28.
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    The outer covering on the Heat sound suppressor material is a heavy {mylar/foil} covering. There is nothing to short out wires on, non conductive. Now the tape I used to cover the seams is Aluminum foil duct tape. But I'm not to worried about fires or the like. Actually I'm more concerned about a meteor hitting it.😉
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    Paul - This is the nicest I've seen in a long time. Great color, 13k miles, mint interior. Some injectors, big turbo, exhaust and an aftermarket ECU leave the rest the same and you'd have a sleeper that would spank lots of the modern stuff. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1986-ford-mustang-svo-14/
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    K&S injectors installed YTS Turbo in exhaust manifold on New rocker shaft bolts Dual 4” pipes replaced with 5” Grand Rock exhaust and M-132 muffler mounted Doing king pins tomorrow morning Still need a pyro, but for now I’m just going to plug it up. All in all coming along AWESOME! Who’s thread is this again? I’m sending you a beer.
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    Well took these shots today at a bog on Cape Cod (Harwich). The dump is an F-650-by the grill, a 2000-2003, and the tractor is a 1995 LNT 9000, Cummins powered. Given their ages and appearance, both very well cared for.
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    The wiring and lines are looking mighty tidy!
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    Excellent work! I'd be sorely tempted to do engine turning on the dash panel! Paul
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    With the tin foil insulation, which is something I am planning on doing to my old R model very shortly Are you nconcerned about if a wire breaks off and then shorting out thru the tin foil and setting the insulation on fire I was thinking putting some thickish plastic sheet under the terminal strips etc to prevent this Am I been over cautious??? Can see the purple much better in these photos, great stuff and thanks for sharing Paul
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    Rob i believe if you would have used a 673 engine you can put the fire ring liners in it and have the heads scored for the fire ring, you can have an old style engine with the newer style head gasket. terry
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    The first engine with oil cooled pistons was the 673C engine with 250 hp. Terry
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