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    Since Covid19 has killed all the truck shows for most of the year it was time to give the old dog a bath and groom before going to sleep for the summer. As with any old dog she was dirty and dusty from just laying around, just waiting to go to a few shows. So had to take the dog to the detailer, sign on building, and get polished and waxed because things are starting to open up again cause of Covid19. Wanted to give my neighbor some much needed work. It took four days to detail, bugs actually etched into the paint, glass water etched, polish aluminum parts and wheels. Turned out a lot better than in the past and boy she was a mess.
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    I actually started putting my chassis together...this will be interesting. It was tough to get it all leveled up because the right rail is slightly sway-backed.
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    Body and paint guy finally finished the fenders, will spend next week building the fender extensions. Made a center hood support, made completely of stainless with stainless rivets and hinge, with a expansion joint at the radiator mount.
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    I haven't posted on here in a while. I've been fortunate to see a lot of work come through and have stayed busy. After getting the new tie rod ends (required putting the knuckles on a CNC and hogging out the taper about 1/16") the 56 B-42 is running strong! Here are a couple of pictures of it rigged up. It's a bit hard to see but the second picture is a couple of 1800lb white jade foo dogs I transported to a local botanical garden.
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    1987 Working Superliner in Wyoming
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    I traded a B30 for this B81SX last summer, finally got it arranged to get it home and the B30 delivered. Sold a CH recently to a young man in the same area and he volunteered to transport the other trucks for fuel costs.
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    So we have been trapped in the house for the past 45+ days. The kids have been doing home study, and get outside when they can as the weather here in eastern Pennsylvania has been for the birds lately. Half a day of sun and then six days of rain. Wash, rinse, repeat. Large (now 16) and Medium (now 15) are pissed off they can't go hang out with their buddies and are suffering because of it. Large (10th grade) also began Welding at the Votech school this year (one of the hardest programs to get into.....) and he grew to LOVE his classes between September and March when they locked down the schools. He is PISSED he can't go to Votech. So we were bored the other day. I was talking to my dad, and with everything that happened with my mom, the weather and now this bullshit, I found out in casual conversation that the Hahn hadn't been run since Trucktoberfest. So I told my dad that Large and I would go run it. We really needed to get the fook out of the house and it was a pretty nice day. So we headed down to where it is kept in an old fire station about 40 minutes from here. The batteries are always plugged into a trickle charger/conditioner so we weren't worried about that. But we were concerned because that truck always had a history of draining down the fuel system after 2-3 weeks of no running. An electric fuel primer was even installed later in life. So I held down the electric primer switch for about 20 seconds and then hit the starter.....Took 4 times before it finally caught and that loud, smelly obnoxious two stroke Satan finally came to life. Pulled her outside and let her run for 15 minutes and then we took her for a ride for 5-10 miles. When we got back, pulled out back of where she is stored- there is a huge parking lot. Large needed something to smile about. I stopped and set the brake and said "Get over here" as I climbed out. Well, I am sure if that loud POS wasn't running you probably could have heard a pin drop. He sat there for a second with his jaw hanging open and all of a sudden it was elbows and assholes to get his seatbelt off and hop over the Morse tower and into the seat. I climbed in the passenger seat and gave him the quickie basics. (He has never even driven a car yet......) I wish I had taken pictures or video because his smile as he drove that thing around that lot for 10 minutes was enough to erase a lot of the misery for the last 45 days.
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    I haven't posted any pics. for a long time. I haven't been doing a whole lot either, sitting home today as a matter of fact, so I haven't taken a lot of pictures. I took a load of lumber to Parsons, WV last week and the next time one of those western drivers says something like "y'all don't know what a mountain is, these ain't mountains, you need to go out west if you want to see a mountain!" just tell them to take a trip across rt. 33. They have hills out there that are 10 miles long but only a 3 1/2 % grade, and they think that's a big deal. I stopped at Seneca Rocks on the way back and noticed this old building. Just makes me wanna go look inside it, but I didn't. That Ford Tractor sign is probably worth a small fortune, no telling what's inside. I saw a funny cartoon on the old interwebs- And, in other news- the Schmidt's work boots that I bought from Tractor Supply last fall started coming apart already. Last fall- just a few months ago! So Matt said ''you need to get a pair of them there Carolina Boots, they're made in the U.S.!'' So I ordered a pair of them Carolina Boots, and guess what- I started to send them right back, but I did need boots, so I kept them. So far so good, they are pretty comfortable. But next time i'm going to order the black steel toe engineer boots from Carolina, they are made in the U.S. Here is a girl in a car, from the interweb- I went to sunny Florida a while back, but I had to maintain social distancing. I stayed at a motel one night and picked one of these bananas off the banana tree there. It tasted horrible. Zina from Florida brought me some food over to the truck stop the next day and stayed for an hour or so, six feets away. When she left I started to dig into the hamburger that she brought me and found this- I sent her a picture, then threw it out for the crows. I ain't eating a raw hamburger. When I got home I fried 2 potatoes and an onion, and cooked a huge ribeye on the grill. I put the steak on top of the fried potatoes to let it rest, then I just dumped this onto a plate and I ate every piece of it. Best steak ever! It's not burned or over-cooked, it's just seared on the outside, but still pink in the middle! I saw a squirrel. The next time I went to sunny Florida Zina from Florida came over to the rest area on I-4 to visit for a few minutes. They had a food truck in there with some pretty strange food- well, to me it was anyway, I like a ribeye and fried potatoes- but anyhow, the curry goat looked pretty good. It's over rice, with some noodles and plantains. The oxtail looked even better, but I didn't get a picture of it. If that truck is in there the next time I go to Fl. i'm going to try that oxtail, and maybe a sample of the curry goat.
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    Again it is important to have facts. You are only 50% correct. The republican Trump administration IS in power. However they are the least bureaucratic administration since Reagan or before. Hence the fact that the man is hellbent on the deregulation of businesses. If he were bureaucratic than he would be pressing for the typical oppressive regulation that stifled businesses for the 8 years that Obama was in office. Why is it that during Obama's tenure, that the economy failed to reach 3% GDP growth during any year of his administration? You realize that no President has had that problem dating back to before the great depression, right? I will give you the answer... the over regulation and taxation of businesses that need to succeed in order to provide paying jobs. For anyone else that want to go down the road of... "Why do companies need to make so much money?"... It is simple economics that could have been learned by paying attention to middle school math and history classes. When people complain that a company made $300 million dollars last year and that some of that money should have gone through higher taxes to support others less fortunate people, do you ever take into account that if a company wants to expand into another state and provide hundreds or thousands of new paying jobs that it might cost $1 billion or more dollars to build a new factory in that state. How does the company build new factories and create thousands of jobs if we tax the crap out of it. How does that company borrow money to build a billion dollar factory if it doesn't have the earnings power to qualify for the debt? Oh and what do we all think our pension plans and retirement accounts are invested in? If the companies don't make money how do their stock prices perform? If their stock prices don't perform how do we retire. I guess we could follow Bernie, the left and the new democratic socialist movement and we can all retire like they do in other parts of the world where socialism will provide them with bread and watered down coffee to eat while we sit in our stained white tee shirts in our worn out chair watching an old crappy TV puking crap at us about how the mother land took care of us. NO THANKS!!!!!
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    The look of mid 50's trucking. Trucking in style!
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    Was at the now disbanded Golden Age of Trucking Museum and is currently at the Iowa 80 Truck Museum. It is beautiful! The Diamond T used a variation of the Comfo-Vision cab.
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    Long hood, Long legs and Loooooong Gone!
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    Beautiful R700 on display at the ATCA National Meet about 20 years ago. It is Roger Gerhart's truck and at the moment, I can't recall which engine is under the hood.
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    I said to my wife I had nothing to do,she handed me a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels and said follow me.Down the basement we go she turns and says start dusting.I started with the 2 shelves with the small ones,next will be the case with the Mack trucks,then the case with the Caterpillars,then the cranes they will be a bitch,last will be the rest of the Cats.I think I will keep my big mouth shut next time and just go out in my shop.
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    MACK458 I don't know you, don't know your political preference (even based on your post I wouldn't presume to label you), and I don't know your socio-economic station in life. I do know that it is extremely important to have facts when expressing an opinion, otherwise the opinion is baseless. President Trump never stated that Covid-19 was a hoax (more on this in a moment). In fact his actions show that he thought it to be the direct opposite. He banned travel from China very quickly following the discovery that the virus had emanated from there, and that their efforts to contain it were not up to par and their disclosure of information regarding it, was less than forthcoming. He was lambasted by those who don't like him for doing so, vilifying him as a raciest. Just imagine if people kept filtering into the United States for weeks during the incubation of the virus, filling wide body jets with 350 or more passengers at a time. Clearly he didn't take it as a hoax. If you look at the data regarding China's economic dealings for PPE (personal protective equipment), strangely, they went from being a net exporter of PPE last fall, to a net importer of the same equipment by December. Why would this be? A country that typically supplies millions of units of PPE to the rest of the world is now importing the same equipment to their country, weeks before the world is hit with millions of cases of a virus, the genesis of which can be pinpointed back to China. Now the hoax. What the media has selectively declined to cover, is something called context. Yes when people gather in a room for a discussion and no one bothers when they retell the story to add the all important details of what was being implied by the discussion. It is absolutely impossible to ignore, unless you are the media of course, the context in which this was said. If you stand on the words alone, yes he was saying that Covid-19 was fake. If you edit the rest of this post in a particular way you could make it seem like I think it was a fake. When you control the delivery of information you can make the story say anything you want. Now, if you dig, you will see that the context of the conversation, given the historical media circus and impropriety of the previous administration and their proxies, that contextually President Trump was referring to Covid-19 as the next hoax that the Democrats and the media will pin on him in an attempt to disparage him. Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was a hoax (proven by the Muller Report), quid-pro-quo with Ukraine was a hoax as was proven during the impeachment trial, General Flynn's violation of the Logan Act was a hoax which is being proven as we speak with the release of documents showing that there was a concerted effort by Obama proxies Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Struck, Page, McCabe and more. Where did the referral to the Southern District of NY go with regard to Trump and the raid on his personal attorney Michael Cohen's office. No where, other than Cohen going to jail for offenses unrelated to President Trump. The facts surrounding President Trump are that leftover officials, on record in various ways (text, transcripts, testimony etc) from the Obama administration, tried relentlessly to make sure he didn't get elected, and once he was they orchestrated a web of deceit to get him thrown out of offices. Hoaxes if you will. Probably the saddest part of all of it is that General Flynn, a good man who served his country for decades, was bankrupted, forced to sell his house and had his reputation ruined. Honestly other than a book deal, even with his case being thrown out, I doubt he can work again. The lesson learned here is that we don't need to personally like our President. We don't elect them to be our friend. It is akin to teacher, police officers and doctors. They aren't there to treat us with kid-gloves and tell us stories about rainbows and butterflies. They are there to do a thankless job that often includes telling us things we don't want to hear. Even if I had the opportunity to socialize with President Trump, I would not. His personality does not fit mine. I will however vote for him again as of right now. Under his leadership, the past three and a half years have seen jobs returning to the States, our country holding the rest of the world accountable for their share of the world's economic burden when it comes to relief, joint military and humanitarian assistance, record low unemployment across all backgrounds, and standing up for ourselves even when it means ruffling some feathers. If you want to believe that Covid-19 and the economics of the same are his fault, than that is your prerogative. Facts however do not support it.
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    The fender extensions that fit between fender and cab to fender filler panels. All metal is 14 gauge, I hand cut and rolled the extensions over a 1/4 drum. Shouldn't be too long before I'm done with these.
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    Here's another one. 3 years newer, and very similar trailer.
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    I was asked to be in the latest addition of Fulton Hogan’s magazine. Didn’t see this one coming!
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    1989 That I am slowly working on.Painted cab and hood still need to paint bed, and get new bumper and grill graud.
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    Shameless self promotion, LOL
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    Runs a few extra lights.
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    Classic lines of the R model Mack.
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    Shared the road with Mack E model trucks.
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    I shall now bestow upon you my answer, when the man I supported ran for President I was called a DEPLORABLE by the former First Lady, I was called a RACIST (might be true) and many more terrible things but never did the parents of some still wet behind ears young solider thank me for making sure I got their child home to them in one piece, nor did the globalist left liberals care that my crew went to third world nations and brought them the gift of electric power something liberals take for granted in view of the way they treat electric power producers, I have spent my entire life creating jobs that paid well and provided security for those worked for me to best of my ability and then TRUMP comes along and has a vision for America that matches mine but then I find out that I am a xenophobe, racist and a NAZI, my family fought the Nazi war machine, my father went to Korea and Vietnam and I went to Iraq yet I am now a deplorable person who should be shunned because I want my country first and because I believe in freedom and being self reliant and not believing that I need to take care of every deadbeat who decides they want to be a welfare abuser, yes welfare is needed but most on it are just milking the system, you complain TRUMP filed BANKRUPTCY yet when GM did it you thought it was great because your union liberals had their pension saved ?? you complained that TRUMP inherited his money but never remember so didn't JFK and Kennedy money was made off illegal activity, no wonder you support legalizing drugs, when TRUMP shut down travel from CHINA your party and left media called him RACIST, XENOPHOBE and other not nice things which inhind sight shutting travel from CHINA was correct but now your party wants to investigate that too, think of the good things that could have been done with all the MONEY your party WASTED on investigating TRUMP on something they knew he never did ??? and lets not forget that it's your party that is doing it's best to rewrite history, the KKK was the Democrat Party you own it stop trying to change history. So yeah I call you names and I hurt your feelings but you hurt our country with your anti AMERICA BS and don't even go there with your Patriotism, you cannot vote liberal left and be a Patriot, in my view your liberal left agenda is disgusting and anti AMERICAN and if any one is a NAZI it is the left.
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    Modified and upgraded over the years. Pic from 2014. Still was looking good at Macungie last year. 1977 Brockway 760.
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    I'll double post my pic from my other thread about this working Superliner I see every day up here pulling a set of B-Train possum bellies. And got a pic of my friend's Superliner truck and pup that lives up here where i am working. He is going to get it painted again, has a few battle scars now. It originally had an E6 350 but it got to the point it needed engine work and he wanted a bit more power so he put an N14 Cummins in it.
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    1958 or 59 Ford C model in a picture from 1964. The other truck is an IH with a chassis mounted backhoe.
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    Nice Super on spokes.
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    Thank you all for the comments, they actually help keep me motivated. Two Winter seasons to get it done. I’m not going to say years because there was a lot of pauses during that time. The end result was a nearly brand new cab which should serve me a long time. A few photos to show some perspective on how it went. Now, back to work or play.
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    I'll just pile these in one thread to save time. Some pics I snapped while waiting to load throughout the day. Western Star, Kenworth and International pretty much own the forest up here now ever since Volvo abandoned Mack from the heavy market. I love the Lonestar logger. Some can say they are plastic junk but they can survive the bush road with a 5 axle trailer.
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    Handsome little rig powered by a Mack script Continental gasoline engine.
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    It has worked in the oil and natural gas fields for 3 generations in the Rocky Mountain Region, and the third generation still owns and operates it today. It's name is BIG DOG Has worked when oil was $150 a barrel and its last job was when oil was -$38 a barrel. It weighs around 57,000 pounds as you see it. Steer axle tires are 385-95R24. It's known as a bed truck. These people are my neighbors and they have worked and cared for this truck like it was a member of their family. And hopefully things will get better and we will see it working again.
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    Thinking of all veterans and there family’s. Thank you! Thank all military personnel who served!
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    Did you know it is 70 years 25 of June 2020 for Australia and 27 of June 2020 for the US since their respective involvements in the Korean war began Dont know if our respective countries are doing anything to remember this ? It's known as the forgotten war in Australia Paul From the Australian war memorial In the lead-up to the 70th anniversary of the commencement of the Korean War on 25 June 1950, we will be sharing stories, images and collection relating to Australian service personnel in Korea. Please share your own stories and photos with #KoreanWar70Years. Image: Private Alan Candlish, late of the Grenadier Guards, found this magpie with a broken leg on a Korean hillside. Now the magpie, whose leg has healed, refuses to leave Candlish and is happy to travel on his shoulder or radio set as he carries out his duties with 1RAR. Candlish was born in Manchester and migrated to Australia after the Second World War to join the Australian Army. (HOBJ3115).
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    Last weekend when I was off, my son and I built a little lean-to display area for the Allis. Now it can be seen sitting on the deck and not hid inside with the new Kubota. And still protected from the elements. Had an old Ariens Rocket roto tiller I stuck in there too. And hung an old scythe from my grandfather on the wall too.
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    Looking to see where this truck has ended up at? It’s a 1947 Mack LJ (gas). My grandfather owned it and we restored it. Took about 5 summers to finish. Done everything front start to finish ourselves except for the chrome work. Sold in Hamlet, NC. This is the only picture I have of it, but who ever purchased it probably got a book with several pictures of the restoration with me in them as a child/early teen. Any helps appreciated! Thanks
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    The Superliner has smoked on demand since the pump was turned up along with some other stuff, bad habit but I live with it. I like to smoke a good cigar every now and then in and out of the cab, can't leave a friend smoke alone. Just found a pristine big gold dog ashtray to keep me company when I can't smoke with the RW. Had the chrome one for a while and a great companion but needed a friend to carry the ash load in a different location. Thought getting my smoking buddies together would make a good photo.
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    A There was an abundance of ignorance in that post, but let me address this one. When the top1% of earners pay 39% of the income tax revenue collected, and the top 10% of earners pay 70%, common sense dictates that the groups that pay in the most will receive the biggest benefit from any taxcut. The bottom 50% paid in only 3% of the tax revenues collected. A "cut" doesn't really amount to much if you don't pay anything to begin with. As for your $3K, you could've had that withheld from your checks throughout the year. Comparing the interest-free loan you gave to the government (refund) last year vs having to write a check this year doesn't mean jack squat other than you and your employer miscalculated how much to withhold each check. Look on the actual tax forms...AGI vs Tax Due based upon that AGI. Did the tax due increase or decrease, and in what relation was that to the increase or decrease in your AGI? If your AGI went up but your tax due remained the same or declined, you got a tax cut...even if you had to write a check this year when you got a refund last year. The refund vs write a check is a question of tax due vs tax already paid, NOT an indicator of whether or not you received a tax cut. https://www.ntu.org/foundation/tax-page/who-pays-income-taxes
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    Gasoline powered tractor painted to replicate the look of a local shipper from a few years back. Shared the road with the newly introduce 1953 Mack B model.
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    Still not great pics, but I will keep trying. I clicked phone for the closer pic but only got the trailers again. Interesting to note it still has spokes on the steers, but aluminum budds on the drives. I still can't tell what it had for an engine. It was putting out some coal like my E6 350 used to when he was pulling away from a stop and when he went by me at highway speed it was pretty quiet and din't sound like a V8. This setup would be legal for 140,000 pounds here. It's got a logger headache rack on, so it must pull log trailer too. I would take that over my new truck any day!
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    POTUS departs Lehigh Valley International Airport to a destination in Allentown Pa. on 5/14/2020. Not my pic, just thought it was really cool. Credit to the photographer.
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    The Lake Superior Railroad Museum's Mack switcher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJOEDx57oNo
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    The ball joints on the torque rods were in pretty tough shape but thankfully one of my cutoff rears had really nice joints on them. The torque rods were different so I took all the ball joint pieces and put them in my rods.
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    Amazingly clean original cement mixer shown at the Western Mass show about 10 years ago.
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    Since I am bored beyond belief I have gone over some of our old company records of the trucks we brought.These trucks were all brought new,unless noted. 9/58. Mack B873sx1033. Tractor. $28,000. 5/63. MackB61sx43509. Truck/dump bed. $17960. Brought 8 5/64. MackB873sx1117. Tractor. 27,300 10/70 MackR611st6430 Truck chassis $22,000 7/69 MackDM811SX1993 Truck w dumpbed $27471.22 brought 3 8/75 Mack Dm897sx1165 Tractor $44,192.00 5/82 MackDM854sx1004 Tractor $72,453.00 8/65 Mack B47ss1140 Truck w/194.5wb $18207.00 4/75 Mack dm685s17566 Truck $47,388.00 10/79 Mac kdm686st6185 Truck w/15.5 dumpbed $63,396.00 10/79 Mack r686st33165 Tractor $44904.00 Brought 20 5/98 Mack cl700 Tractor $125,000.00 12/79 Mack u868st4801 Tractor $45,500 brought 10
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    Da cut,we had over 150 trucks running on that job every day.Had to buy those trucks cause the jersey independent truckers tried to hold dad hostage for more money,after we started the job and they agreed on the price per ton going into the job.You can stop in any time and see my trucks,I have them in our old shop,it in Philadelphia.Here a few pictures of them.
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    back in the day before we length the frame and air ride it
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