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    Has been upgraded with drive train from early 60's B-61 around 25 years ago 711 diesel with quadruplex power steering maxi brakes pintle hook and 2" receiver hitch with glad hands on rear good box and hoist solid cab, interior and headliner in good condition good set of fenders and many other extra parts included, as well as documentation from the Mack Museum not museum quality but in very good condition (will need tie rod ends to pass inspection) Have owned this truck for nearly 6 years and still enjoy driving it every chance I get but unfortunately I must let it go. $8,000 PM for more info and pics
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    Good looking truck in the rigging trade. Designed with suicide doors to help with cab entry/egress.
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    Not just a turbo but low to real low restriction manifold also, stock manifold has to much back pressure I was told to work with switchblade so they make their own manifold, spoke with Pete at Pittsburgh Power and they told me the same thing Blaylock told me and they are hoping to get a switchblade to try on their dyno, I think their manifold would be the answer to the AI problem. life gets better under Trump because people have money to do things like this.
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    As it goes all W-71's were day cabs. There were several that were converted to integral sleepers at or near the Mack factory. All W-71's do have a rib in the roof line if they are sleeper cabs, that is the splice line from the day cab conversion. Dr Bill's day cab W-71 had a small sleeper box added and is now at Keystone. Still one of the best looking cab overs made and happens to be a Mack. Same chassis as an LT.
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    The W model shown is now in Tony Champion's collection in Australia. That particular sleeper add on was done by Able of Los Angeles. I would say there are at least 4 different style of sleeper add ons to the W model by different body builders.
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    Yep don't see them complaining about the real culprit, blacks selling blacks into slavery, oh that's right can't get crap out of a piss poor broke country.
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    Orville Speciality Steel Company built most of the extended sleeper cabs out of the day cabs for all the east coast truck manufacturers during late 40's to 50's. I have a letter and pictures from one of the original employees (no 3) that I have been trying to find in my boxes so that I can post here. He was a WW11 vet and in his letter he described how they built the extended cabs. Hopefully can dig up the info soon
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    Hey Terry, I will check that in the morning but I’ve run through every relay and wire in that dash. Doesn’t seem to be anything in there. I replaced the starter solenoid on the fire wall. It’s weird because when I bypass the solenoid it cranks right over. Otherwise it won’t even turn over but 2 revolutions with the key. It just wants to click. It just seems like there’s a bad ground or short somewhere.
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    Wouldn’t hurt, and it likely needs one anyway.
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    It surly can Some of our electrical cables buried with ends sticking out of the ground will build up many thousands of volts in dust storms Feels like you have put your finger on a spark plug as it rips your arm out of its socket always ground the cables before touching them, pain is a good educator lol Vlad I do t worry about the dust to much as I should, to many people running around with their faces covered up in Australia with out me joining them Paul
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    The White House Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Birth Tourism Visa Regulation Rule Change Issued on: January 23, 2020 Beginning January 24, 2020, the State Department will no longer issue temporary visitor (B-1/B-2) visas to aliens seeking to enter the United States for “birth tourism” – the practice of traveling to the United States to secure automatic and permanent American citizenship for their children by giving birth on American soil. This rule change is necessary to enhance public safety, national security, and the integrity of our immigration system. The birth tourism industry threatens to overburden valuable hospital resources and is rife with criminal activity, as reflected in Federal prosecutions. Closing this glaring immigration loophole will combat these endemic abuses and ultimately protect the United States from the national security risks created by this practice. It will also defend American taxpayers from having their hard-earned dollars siphoned away to finance the direct and downstream costs associated with birth tourism. The integrity of American citizenship must be protected.
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    don't forget, most slaves gatherers and traders were black. most slaves did not see a white man until they got to america and were bought by plantation owners.
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    I had figured they were Hispanic... tend to stumble upon a bunch of those who act like they don’t speak English to get out of stuff. Gotta be honest, I prefer my African American stories like the one of the boy from the intercity stealing his brothers bike to camp on the lawns of universities a few days away to apply to them. Clearly a dedicated boy willing to work to get out of his crappy situation...
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    OK, they were BLACK and did not clean up their crap like every body else, they were only the people there that did not dispose of their trash. Plain and simple the whites clean up their mess, the blacks did not, it goes along with every thing else with blacks they are somehow exempt from all laws and rules and just human way of living but demand respect when they did not earn it and then expect preferred treatment in every thing because someone in their family tree years ago may have been a slave, they should thank god that their family member came here by slavery, as bad as it was it was great for the Black race because it got them out of Africa, because of slavery they are here and can be anything they want if they work at it, in Africa if they were even alive their chances of doing well would less than slim, slavery has been good for the Black race, stop living in fairy tale land admit what it really is.
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    My dad has a few stories of rich guys telling him and his fire crew to take off their shoes before going in the house... they made sure some of them walked back outside and through the mud... and nobody took of their boots...
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    Entitled people otherwise known as people who are above doing any honest work and look down on anyone that does. Most, if not all, did not do much to earn what they have. They come in all colors and types. But they do have one big thing in common. They are democrats.
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    1966 was the last year for the B models. Sort of fun to think you could have an "old" 1964 U model or a 1965 R model parked next to a new B!
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    I think EPA stuff put the demise to a lot of small repair shops, couldn't afford all the new regulations. terry
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    25 -30years ago you were never more than a few miles from a radiator shop, real automotive machine shop or starter alternator shop. Now not so much. Plastic tanks, and crate engines killed most of them off.
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    As far as the exhaust bracket for the drivers side, they are NOT easy to find. Your best bet is to get another right side and cut the brackets off that hold the muffler and reverse them to work on the left side. Not that hard to do.
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