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    I finally got a load to Florida, so I could see my fiancee. I loaded it on Wednesday, July 3rd. and it didn't deliver in Davenport until Monday the 8th, but I left Wednesday afternoon with it. I was going to go to Best Buy or somewhere to look at cameras before I left, but she said she knew of a great camera shop near where she lives and we'd go there. I've sent 2 Nikons in a row back to Amazon, and it's nice to be able to look at a camera, try it out, see how it feels, instead of just ordering it. The guy at the camera shop was real nice and very knowledgeable about the products too. I really liked a little Sony he showed me, but it was just too small, way smaller than the little Nikon I dropped. So I was down to a Nikon B500 and a Lummox camera. I went with the lummox, it seemed right for me... Just kidding, it's a Lumix, made by Panasonic. It's a bit bigger than I wanted, it's as big as my D3300 but it's a "point and shoot", and easy to grip. Seems to take good pictures too, even "drive-bys" came out pretty good. And, it was cheaper than the Nikon I sent back. It looks like this- I took these pictures with it- this is a plane. These are reptiles. We went to the Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive, or something like that. It was great, you drive this trail, it's one way, you can stop anywhere and take pictures, that's where we saw the large reptiles, and even saw one with a huge turtle in it's mouth. And it's free. I've got more pictures here- I tried the camera out on a girl in a car too. Not the best, but...the picture was actually better than this, but it was too dark. I tried to lighten it up but it made it worse, not as sharp as it was at first I saw a bird when I got home too. And, Dodge pickup update- new distributor installed, no change. A local mechanic who's a Mopar guy, has a couple of them he drag races, told me it was probably the computer. He told me to unplug it and put some of that electrical plug grease, can't remember the name of it, in the plug and see if that helps. So i'm going to try that next, the thing has about driven me crazy.
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    OK. I will take the bait. Who are the "undesirables" that need to be dismissed? We have personal politics AND political correctness? How can we have both at the same time? "Coupled with incessant blabbering about nothing, or the same thing over and over really gets annoying and dispatches participation." Boy, I am in deep because I keep talking about Mack Trucks. I better do some thinking on this...
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    So if we aren’t a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Mack trucks we shouldn’t participate since it will make the “original troupe” upset because it annoys them to answer the same questions or the person asking is only taking from the site? Should we not be able to visit about anything on the odds and ends forums with our friends on here? If the answer is yes to either of those questions say bye bye bmt, Mack trucks and the history behind them because if you don’t welcome in the “new troupe” the old troupe is going to die off not having passed any of this along to be carried forward.
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    Dang! Sort of hoping I made your list of undesirables. It is only Tuesday and it seems I am on everyone else's shit list for the week! Forums have changed with so many going to Facebook. Forum updates, people changing interest and the crap that Volvo is producing with a Mack name have demoralized a few I suspect. Heaven forbid, maybe we have become boring? I have been around for a day or two and have enjoyed OD's Pictures of the Week, all the projects and show photos that have been posted by many folks, FT's racing exploits, Ray delivering nursery stock or moving trucks, folks trying to figure out codes and cups on the modern junk and talking about everything and anything. Appreciate when Glen sets us straight. Ron, HK and Superdog were good for that as well. And what the hell is 41 Chevy doing now? Might need to check our alibi. We obviously have folks that lurk who used to be regular members and it would be nice if they would stop in and say Hi. If they don't want to, that is their right. Can't force them to participate. Hard to please all the folks all the time, I guess. There have been a couple members including yourself that have launched spectacular diatribes on various subjects that were priceless. I printed copies so I would still have them in case of a crash. Some got pretty heated and took a few days to simmer down and sort out! Water over the dam at this point. All for the love of a Dog.
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    Thanks. The hood is on. It needs some adjusting. Hitting the home stretch.
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    Still have to repair a few minor cracks in the hood, sand down the air filter housing, then wipe it all down before it's time for primer! Good bye H&K Green hello Hartzel's White!
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    Gosh guys, how can you take a thread asking about Billy's well being (he's an older gentleman) and end up with hatred? We have the best truck website in the world.......I can tell you that. Now with so many wonderful members worldwide, the website can't meet everyone's vision of perfect every day all-the-time. If we all had exactly the same views.......the world would be an awfully dull place. BMT is not only a place for discussing old Mack trucks. It's also a place for discussing new Mack trucks, other brand trucks both new and old, and non-truck topics as well. You have the ability to choose what you want to view..........and what you don't want to view. For example, if you only choose to view posts about old Mack trucks, you can head straight to the "Antique and Classic Mack Trucks General Discussion" thread. You're in the driver's seat....you only need read what you want to read.
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    I dont read to much into who posts and who doesn't For me life seems to be busier than ever as Im getting older Theres three topics that in the past were never spoken about in Australia politics, religion and money politics because you are free to have your own thoughts and not justify them to anyone or have anyone force theres upon you religion because you are free to believe what ever you want and no other joker should say who or what you should believe in And money, we should never speak about money as your either bragging or lumbering someone else with your problems Either way your putting someone else on the spot and thats bad manners What does all this have to do with Billy T Not much as he maybe just busy but it is food for thought Paul
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    In reality the site is not what it used to be. Personal politics and political correctness has taken it's toll on this and many other dedicated forums. Coupled with incessant blabbering about nothing, or the same thing over and over really gets annoying and dispatches participation. Pretty much gone are the crowd whom formerly looked forward to the BMT site as a knowledge base and source of entertainment. This has been replaced by people whom only partipate when they have a problem with no desire to share in the comraderie fostered in the early days. Personal politics and political correctness dealt this and many other dedicated forums a death blow being allowed to fester like an open and untreated wound. All this is easily verfied just looking back at the membership roster for names and dates of last participation. Still a lot of nice people here whom try to add but far more solely on the take. It can be better but it needs driven that way and this includes ridding the site of undesirables. Site moderation with a set of balls hanging on em would be a great first step.
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    My late friend Wayne's 1976 Autocar
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    Good looking rig that is part of the Mack Museum Collection.
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    From concern over a member that was last on here just a few short weeks ago.............. to....................... this...............
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    As seen at the Mack Trucks Historical Museum.
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    Just my pictures that I took at the event... I’ve also got a video of the parade coming through but it’s over 20 minutes long and I’m pretty sure I can’t put any video on here...
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    Actually going to get a good degreasing douche tomorrow, (cleaned from the inside out with caustic soda) before it gets hot so I can yank the cab. This is my 74 RL797LST. The engine is the original ENDT(B)-866, and runs well. The trans is the original TRDL-107 and it's on Rockwell rears having 4.11 gears and Reyco 4 spring suspension. Believe it or not the truck has wedge brakes and they will plant you in the glass if the pedal is mashed hard. I was rebuilding this cab roof area when I ran across the 1974 R model firetruck I'd grabbed the cab from when it was being parted out so going to replace it and keep this one for parts. The floor area is really nice but the salt air of the Long Beach Naval Shipyard really ate the roof off this truck. The trans will slip under the engine on it's stand so they will stay together. After cleanup and stripping down further, I'm going to roll the chassis around back as needing room in the shop for more pressing projects. If you look close you can see the bent mirror arm on the passenger door: Just to the left of my old crane truck is my 1958 B-61ST. Started it this morning too and it runs well. Didn't shoot any video of that though. Hate to put these outside but too crowded in the shop to get anything done. Going to assemble my forklift engine this next week and get use of it back which will be a great asset. The skid steer just doesn't have the needed capacity around the shop. Think I'm going to let the sod hauling job go. I have far too many hobbies to be bothered by such trivial little things like a job.
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    Big Dawg with an E9! The RD822 was produced between 1982-1990 with 233 units built.
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    No snow in the forecast here with 84 degrees and sunny. More than likely served the town of Perry, NY. Currently located in western Mass.
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    Paul is a great example. His life has had some changes down in Oz and he doesn't have as much free time as he did for a period. So yes, we hear from Paul less than before (I miss his great videos), but it's not because he's upset with anything at BMT.
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    No spit and polish but this Bulldog stood tall and proud on the show field.
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    You're retired you should become the moderator with balls and clean up the site and return it to how you want it to be. Doing beats wishing for it. Maybe for starters eliminate Odds and Ends and Other Trucks which seem to be problems.
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    I'm sure the entire BMT family hopes that Billy is simply preoccupied, and not away because of illness. Billy is "good people".
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    Some Australian ones that were working in the Kimberley region (north western Western Australia) notice the bunk on the back, "Star Light Motel" East Kimberley Transport trucks They sure tough old jiggers that worked hard back in the day Paul
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    "Little shops" for anything are going away at an alarming rate. Dad's retire and kids don't want anything to do with the business.
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    "T" is turbocharged. An ET673 is a 260 HP built between 1975-1978 with no charge air cooling. The "ENDT" a lot of us are used to was being replaced with ET, ETAZ, EC, EM, E6 and so on.
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    Let's go play in the mud - be sure to bring your Autocar. 😎 JW Shaffer sent in this shot of his 1987 Autocar DK gettin' it done and bankin' some coin too. Have fun, JW. #AlwaysUp #AutocarTrucks .
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    Wayne Jansson from Oz says " Come on guys, this is an Autocar".
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    We have a 1974 CF Mack pirsch 100 ft ladder truck for sale we got the truck about 3 months ago and can not use it in our area because it is too big she is 37 feet long. the truck orig was owned by river forest il. she seems to be a good solid old truck with the last ladder cert in 2017. she has a 1,000 gpm waterious pump. the dept we got it from retired her in 2018 when they got a newer ladder. if anyone is interested we are asking $3,500
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    Very clean truck. Wouldn't mind having it.
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    I do hope Billy T is fit and healthy These threads (think thats what you call them) can certainly take on a life of there own 😄 Yes the forum has changed and in lots of ways it only has got better I dont posy as much as I used to and once I was on 4 forums regularly now just 2 Life gets so busy and my eye lidsare faulty and shut of their own accord when I sit down at the end of the day Keep the dream alive people and I hope Billy is fine Paul
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    Well, I had mentioned several times what an excellent wife she would be, and how anybody would be lucky to call her his wife, and she agreed that yes, she would be "a good catch", so then I thought "maybe it could be me". I ordered a ring from Steven Singer and gave it to her when I was in Florida. She's having it sized now because I had no idea what size to get and it was way too big. I told her it was all pending your approval, so she hasn't made an official statement yet.
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    Something like this maybe
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    I got that truck in a trade for hauling a piece of lumber machinery outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul back in '07. I tracked down the original owner and it worked cleaning up the shipyards during it's working career on the west coast. Was a transfer dump. Photos are from the original owner: And after being freshly repainted in 1977. And as I got it:
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    Do you mean the etaz? Or any engine with that block like the endt676? My dad bought his 1979 Mack with an endt676 with 350k miles as a tractor. It's now pushing 580k as a concrete truck running a 15 mile radius since 1986. He did an in-chassis major when he bought it. Since then it's gotten a camshaft, and a piston/sleeve and head. (Dropped a valve seat into the piston). We plastigauged the crank when we did that piston 10 years ago, and they were still factory perfect so we buttoned her up and did the 2 hour road break in and then head retorque procedure. Haven't had it open since except to delete the Jake brake. Our use that truck would have about 2 million miles is bet. A lot of time sitting on the job cranked at 1200 R's mixing concrete. And you're not supposed to change the air filters that often!! Only when the gauge starts giving you a reading!! A dirty filter filters more out than a clean filter! My dad was told decades ago by a factory engineer or tech or something that once 1 pound of material makes it through the engine the engine is done.
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    Working on a highway construction job , you get to see some interesting things, But unlike Other Dog, I am never lucky to have the camera handy when those "girls in the car" go by. But we have had a lot of big loads go thru . And there was this hippy van with flowers , rockets and half dogs on the little mud flaps. The old half dogs.
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    From where I sit your retirement looks like a dream. Tinker on old Mack's til the sun sets.
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    The second "E" means Europe, as in confirming to European emissions instead of US emissions. For example, all the Mack-powered Renault trucks had EE engines. Australia received EA engines.
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    Imagine those things landing and taking off from your roof!!! On my first "cruise", I could touch the underside of the flight deck at the #3 wire. You could watch the PLAT camera feed, (which was live) and feel the tailhook slam down onto the steel deck and "SCREECH" very loudly dragging the aircraft to a stop. That impact along with the drag brakes for the arresting cables were damned hard to get any sleep through during flight ops..... Of course full stage afterburning TF-30, J-79, and F-404 engines on the catapults weren't none to quiet either..... Some of the memories I'll never forget.
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    Your granddaddy was rolling on low profiles before low profiles were hip.
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    You guy's are on target with my thoughts also for used parts except I really don't need the bulldog mirrors. All my trucks are older than that style so really of no use to me. They however are used and not purchased new with the arm kits. I'll be yakking more with him but he's a driver so on the road a lot. I usually wind up sending a gift certificate to my friends whom don't like to take monies. Kinda hard to turn down it seems according to my law of averages. Thanks,
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    Replumb the gate air directly to your air tank with a separate old style air switch. No electronics, no nothing. Works when you want it to work.
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    Newbie to the site. Proud owner of a 1977 RD 600 dump. Which was (and is) my baby for 25 years at which point I got out of the trucking business and sold it to my Cousin. Now he got out of the trucking business and gave it back to me, sadly in much poorer shape than it was when he took possession of it approximately 17 years ago or so. I was anal about the work done to it the condition it was kept in and it broke my heart when I saw the shape it was in. But that said I have it back for the rest of my life anyway. Now I'm just older, broker and in no physical condition to ever work the truck again. My plans are to fix it up as much like it was when I first purchased it in 1977 as my limited finances will allow (wife says only $5.00 at a time LOL.) I have seen that parts are hard to come by now for the older models and are really expensive when you do find them so I'm hoping that maybe I can find some info from some of you fellow Dog lovers out there as to where some deals might be found. Looking forward to talk to some of you and share the love of Mack trucks.
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    "MACK America Great Again" Watt's logo T-Shirts now available!! Any size shipped to your door for $25!! Order yours now! http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=537&search=trump This shirt has it all...Mack Anthem with President Trump behind the wheel, F16, A10, M1A1 Tank, US Flag, Explosions and fire...it even has a bad eagle carrying an AR15! This is HUGE and your gonna love it!!
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    Needed to mow out back of the shop so fired up old "Yella Dog" from a long nap. A bit cantankerous citing oxidized battery cables but got it done.
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    Most of all the kids before 1965 were taught the respect of authority and themselves!!! With today's lack of discipline at the basic family level, I doubt if anybody will uphold this level of success???
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    If I remember I think the 1 at the end means steel case a 2 would be aluminum.
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    It's been a while since I've been exposed to anything with 2 sticks, but I believe you're correct about the auxiliary transmission being a 3 speed. But look closer at the tag, because it may say 8031C instead of E.
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    Finally got this bought was a few miles from my house been parked for 8 years Guy said he parked it because the crank was broke!! He said give me 500 bucks and get it outta here! So I loaded it up and hauled it home!! New fuel filters new batteries fired it up the next day had a bad miss sound found a bent push rod threw another 1 in and away we went never spent another dime on it Cab is 95% rust free double frame very nice shape for a 1978 bed is near perfect tires like new, even the windshield washer works!!! Bed was half full of rock too that was a bonus
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