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    1968 R-685 237 5 speed going to put her to work ! Pretty decent ole dawg !
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    Great looking tractor!
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    Mack posted this picture today on their Twitter. This old girl ran for the Lang Company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Really makes me wish more of these survived... I love the look of the things and wish I had a hope in hell of ever owning one...
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    Retired B80 series dump and Sterling.
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    I wouldn't mind having a set of high lift wheel picker uppers! Going to need a bigger shop....
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    Strapped, clamped, bolted and pinned together. Gaps and panels all lined up and now all welded together in one big piece. Just the roof to attach and a whole bunch of fine tuning before bodywork. Big progress in the last few weeks and can't wait to have this part behind me.
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    Rush Limbaugh nailed it with his Undeniable Truth of Life #24: Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.
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    Nothing like new. Scored this early N.O.S. LJX (3 hinge, no vent window) door while buying up a bunch of B model parts up in Massachusetts a few years ago. Just needed to remove the forward window channel to make it work. Sanded off the 70+ year old primer to etch prime it. I found one minor ding on the door, but its perfect and will save a lot of time trying to fix the original.
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    Should be running real soon... And I will say, it looks even better in person!
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    I wouldn't now how to work like that...................At least on the creeper you can tie your arms up to sleep ?
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    Pictures to complete the set. Fuzzy, as the author of the second post, you can go to "Bus 2" and delete it to clean things up if you would like.
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    And it came out quite good!!
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    never heard of any of them,,,,they must be awfully desperate for men,if thier on here.hahahahahahahahahahahaha...if any of you are,,best wishes,and have a swingin time.....bob
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    Steering column out for painting and the new wheel. New seats came in, roll of embossed vinyl for the firewall door panels and can back came in. I've had a couple of truck speaker boxes under a bench for at least 15 years finally will have home for them. I plan on connectiing them together spaced apart to install a stereo and cb in between and use as a center console between the seats. Anybody know how to get the headliner down without cracking it? I'd like to dynamat the roof and change the air horn but it doesn't want to pop out. I really don't want to break it. Also found a dash panel on Craigslist that had a mack speedo and tach, my existing speedo doesn't have a bulldog and the tach is for a later truck. Dash came with a bulldog hood ornament and a really nice DM800 nameplate for 50 bucks,
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    I guess that's why folks out there just go in the street...can't figure out which restroom they're supposed to use, and when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
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    So I gather they were mostly Nigerian Kings flush with their inheritance of 5 billion naira? ( value of .0027 of 1 USD)
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    AND MOXIE colored fire trucks. Lisbons new Pirsche was order in Orange that matched the Moxie cans.
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    Those trucks were still in production when i started to work at a mack dealer.So they are dear to me.
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    In addition to the Kenworth and Peterbilt, two more of the same style - International and Sterling Joe Wanchura photo
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    There's two fish in this picture. Mack's the little one who has very little to say about what direction they're heading. Sad, sad state of affairs.
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    Nice. 6 speed low hole would be nice, then again we ran many 237/5 speeds grossing 80,000! Too bad you can't buy such a bullet proof truck today
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    Look in u're Funk And Wagnalls under P.O.S. ................... n there it iz LOL cya
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    no other place surpasses el paso during rodeo 2 weeks
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    PC gone over the cliff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 What do we use for male and female threads now?
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    Same here. Steeler, your have a real humility that let’s you expose even your worst slip up. That’s huge. I’m still working on it. Someday I’ll tell you what happens if you forget to remove a camshaft installation shoe, but I’m currently still in denial.
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    Fuzzy Buzzard as long as you wear your sweat pants tank top flip flops and fanny pack you might be able to pass of as a professional truck driver
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    I think you dodged a big bullet there Paul. Sounds like you would have had an empty wallet and an empty garage
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    Power supplied by a 3406 CAT. Mack built eight RD854 trucks.
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    The Eagle Express Lines Mack was a 1988 R685ST that was purchased new by Eagle in Chicago. It was the 100th truck the company bought (they were all Mack then). It was red with a silver frame and came with EVERY interior option available at the time, including full gauge package with an air actuated oil level gauge. It had an E6-350, 12 speed Mack and 3.70 rests on Camelback tapered leaf with all aluminums. Truck drove like new, rode smooth as silk on the road and had a whole lot of throttle left at 70 mph. The truck was assigned to the senior driver and was the truck used for public relations functions. There is a picture of it posed with the World Trade Center in the background. When the company changed its name to Eagle Express Lines, it received the new company red white and blue paint scheme and a blue frame. The driver passed away and the truck was put into Eagle’s garage in Chicago and maintained by two brothers who are the lead mechanics at Eagle. When the original owner of Eagle passed away around 2014, the sons took over. As part of cleaning house, they put the truck up for auction on eBay where I found it. when I went to pick up the truck, the mechanics had no idea it was being sold and were quite emotional about it. I drove it back to St. Louis and changed the “Eagle” to “M.O.T.” As a nod to the Museum of Transportation where it was on display. By late 2015, I decided to thin my collection including it, the Rubber Duck truck and several others. I sold the truck on eBay in November 2015 to a guy in Chicago that ran all R models in his dump operation. I got quite a bit more than I paid for it and was very pleased at the time. He repainted it all white with a blue frame and added a sun visor. He had several others very similar to it and as far as I know, he still has this one but sold one similar. About 2 weeks after I sold it, I received a call from a young man who asked if I was the guy that bought the Eagle Express Mack. I said yes and he went on to say he would buy it no matter what. He told me he was the son of the man that exclusively drove the truck for Eagle and had rode with his dad quite a lot in that truck. I was heartbroken to tell him I had just sold it. I have him the buyer’s contact information but was pretty sure it wasn’t for sale. That still bothers me to this day. I would have sold it to him for what I had in it. It absolutely broke my heart to hear that kid’s disappointment.
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    I have gotten 1 picture so far. Will try posting. It is 2.5 m file size - I wish me luck!
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    Dynamatting well under way. Ordered 2 new airseats and made up new floor brackets for them. Got some pleated black vinyl material coming for back of cab, door panels and firewall. Going to get a new floormat too, might as well at this point.. Amazing how this stuff can snowball, I really just wanted to get the windshield wipers working again.
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    Had to get a little creative with my “coach work”. The lower cab frame I had fabricated was made out of three pieces and welded together. The issue with it was it lacked the bow the original had. The upper two frames have it. The bows help keep the sheet metal taught when assembled. Made a template off the upper bows and then made a tapered shim out of mahogany and bonded it to the lower frame. Issue solved!
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    Well they need somewhere to put all those 16 litre MP10 motors since they took them away from us, LOL
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    Neither can I. Never thought I'd go this far into it. I always liked this cab on the B. I think what saved it and allowed me to go this route was the shoddy repair that was done after the original owner crashed into his trailer after missing the fifth wheel. It was literally pop riveted back together and the two replacement panels were falling off. They did a lot of damage too, as they chiseled the spot welds apart instead of using a cutter. Like i said, I can't wait to get this part done.
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    I had to special order them. needed them to reach the hard spots. 24" reach!!
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    It is a step up. His original title was fries packaging specialist at Micky D's
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    Upps... I was learned only about used sail boat fuel so far.
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    Posterity salutes you!!!
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    Lol!! Hey I'm confident enough in my abilities that I can admit when I screw up. It happens to all of us. I try not to let it happen often, but occasionally it will. The trick is getting the best outcome and not costing the company too much money lol. I have a pretty good idea in my head of what that cam tool looked like afterwards!
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    Hi, just joined BMT and seen this post, i have one of these pierce trucks that im planning on restoring, its a 26 xa 2 ton model, i am missing some correct parts and sure would like to know where this one in the picture and the other one mentioned for sale in pa are and how to contact the owners, appreciate any leads thanks mike
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    Gray engines with Bendix compressor. All 3 I've seen have had a hole from where they had ingested something. The first one got me good, I had tried everything to fix it, was a high mileage engine so I inframed it before I found the issue lol. That was a little tricky trying to explain to the customer why he needed a new compressor. Edit...I should add that the hole I found in the piston was on the first one. I didn't bother with pulling the compressor head on the other 2 because I knew what was going on after my first experience
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    I wish I had that level of ambition and attention to detail... so much more would get done around here... But dear lord that cab looks factory new! I can't wait to see how amazing this truck looks once it's finished! Looks good already...
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    Paul, Go & have another Look at it in Person. Sight the VIN & run It through Here https://www.ppsr.gov.au/how-motor-vehicle-search It'll cost you a couple of Bucks But will be money well spent ..
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    Last 3 pics coming. Can anybody get all 7 pics together in this thread? Well crap, looks like I have exceeded my upload limit and still got 2 more to go. Anybody know how to get around this?
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    Here's a F Model, That Did a Good job for me, back in the day....
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