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    B813sx I picked up this fall. Heavy 65k rears. I will most likely have it painted and build a new replica dump body for it eventually. Otherwise, its a very solid truck. My daughter loves it!
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    1988 u model single axle Mack. 5 speed with 300, nice clean interior, power steering , air conditioning this is a dying breed ready for show or work truck has 640k located in west palm beach florida 561-309-4008
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    A friend of mine sent this photo of a super nice B Model race car hauler. It looks like the owner is Synergy Racing in Danville, VA. The picture was taken at Virginia International Raceway.
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    I have been inflicted with a bug for old IH’s. Small IH’s to exact. The grain truck is a 59’ 6 cylinder 4 sp and the yellow one is a 62’ with a V8 and a 4 sp and 4x4. Yellow had a drill rig on it since new until last weekend. Let’s see and hear what you guys have out there!
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    Here's one of our old ones. Had a 290 Cummins in it.
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    I no longer have any of my old trucks but this one was very special to me. I was the 3rd owner. It was ordered new by a well known & respected business owner in Allen county, Indiana who later in my life became a good friend. I felt honored to be able to put both of my wreckers in his funeral procession. The 1st picture of it was when it was nearly new on May 5, 1970. My Mom took the picture and I have kept it and others from that day in an album. The others are after I bought it in 2011. I later sold it to a fella who has antique IH farm tractors & he put a gooseneck bed on it to haul his tractors to shows. Well. BMT won't let me upload my other photos of it. I try in another post. Update, I was able to find the photo on the left here on the BMT website and use it. The interior was nearly as clean as new and the only body issues was the cab corners.
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    Now that Thanksgiving is over, time to start thinking about Christmas...
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    I’ve been fascinated with Mack Trucks since I was a little kid but never felt the need to own one until recently, we have an off road car that we haul around on a car trailer but limit our trips to local events that don’t require overnight camping. My wife and I have been wanting to do more out of state events and I starting looking at car haulers with living quarters and came up with the idea of building a Mack camper hauler. I spent about a year chasing a few different Mack models when the LHSW popped up on one of my searches, at first glance it appeared to check most of my boxes, vintage Mack, currently running and mostly complete. I was told that the truck was mechanically sound, ran & drove great and with just some maintenance items could be made usable or our intended purpose. I don’t believe the seller intentionally misled me but unfortunately I didn’t have the knowledge to ask all the questions that needed to be asked and when I received the truck it was painfully obvious this truck was modified several times with a cutting torch and stick welder, the suspension & frame was dangerous at best and needed a complete redo to feel comfortable driving it more than just a few miles around the block. The Cummins 743 engine ran fantastic and the transmissions shifted great so I set out to find a donor frame and suspension with the hope of keeping the old Mack all Mack, locating something on the west coast that was going to be dimensionally correct was turning into a deal killer if I wanted to keep it all Mack parts. I admittedly know nothing about semi-trucks nor am I setup to work on them so I was struggling to come up with options to save this old truck within my skill set and budget, after asking around to a few of the truckers I know the idea of finding a class B donor truck and updating the Mack body to a modern running gear was the new plan. I found a 1995 Kenworth T-300 with a new 8.3 Cummins engine for sale in CA that looked like it would work dimensionally so after buying that truck I’m back to trying to get the old Mack back on the road. Mack when I had it shipped from Oregon to Idaho.
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    An R800 just out of the Champion shop in Queensland -
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    Wow, it's already December- Me and Zina from Florida took another trip down to the Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum Saturday to see what was new. Took my grandson too. Saw a couple of big Mack trucks. I think this is the one Dave was working on the last time we were there.
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    And that's the whole argument they use to keep bringing more in and giving them licenses. This supposed "driver shortage." No, they can hire these people and "use and abuse" them to no end. They will do anything for any kind of pathetic pay. Don't matter if it is low pay or bad working conditions....they do it. And the industry takes advantage of that. They are modern day slaves. It's funny too, how hard they make it for you to renew your license with 4 pages of tests with trick questions, yet most of these people cannot even speak english and they all have licenses. It's almost like they WANT all the old professionals gone....you know the guys with 30 and more accident and conviction free years. You see a lot of these guys failing their tests just because they can't figure out the trick wording in a lot of the questions. Yet they have NEVER had an incident on the roads.
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    Was not a tiller. Was a rear-facing steering station to steer the trailer when the rig was backing up for purposes of picking up the large diameter supply hose. Was removed due to technical and operational issues.
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    Sorry about the double image. I guess the only thing better than a nice B Model is two of them.
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    Anyone know what happened to the tiller on the tender, and subsequently why the tender had a backwards facing tiller while the pumper had none at all? I've been doing some research on the SPS and all the models and some photos show it with a tiller but most of the photos, especially modern photos show it with the tiller removed. Other than that I just wish the pumper would get fixed, even if it took the current owner starting a GoFundMe and a majority of us would donate, and the tender meet up with the pumper so we could see how the system was supposed to operate, instead of just having the pumper sit around useless and the tender having to be pumped by 4 other engines... It's a real shame that the Super Pumper was retired and a successor was never purchased. I can find no footage of the Super Pumper living up to it's name and pumping! If anyone can find and that'd be awesome.
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    I think you are correct with the name RTG. And sale sounds correct to Cordoma and then Lindsay's but if not Cordoma, maybe Bunkers. Also when Billy sold his business it may have been to Bunkers, possible Williams did lot of work for Bunkers or work shared. RTG and Williams earlier carted produce from Adelaide to Sydney and then White Wings product back to Adelaide, when the grape season ended. Back then it was a short season for grapes not like now. I would say that Collins now has the bulk of the produce from Adel to Sydney
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    don't look like it needs a thing!👍 terry
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    Still really good, sent mine there!
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    Trans can be lowered out of truck by removing floor; pass pipe through driver/passenger windows, sling rope around pipe, over the roof, around pipe, over roof, pipe again, roof again... Tie it off, now you have a makeshift lift to hang a come-along from to lower trans out. Tricks like this are how many if us get by without the "right" tools.
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    finally got the mack rear nameplate back from being redone.
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    Thanks guys, I’m getting tools as I need to work on the trucks. Had to buy jacks, jack stands, impact guns and sockets just to remove the wheels & tires that weren’t in the budget. Luckily I have an awesome wife that sees these daily deliveries of tools and parts for this project and so far so good. I’m a one man show working on this in my spare time and I way underestimated the weight of some of these parts like the rear end, as much as I wanted to keep the Cummins 220 not sure how I would have mocked that up in a new frame without an A frame crane of some sort. I’m sure lots of new tools and equipment will find its way to my shop before it’s all said and done, still on my bucket list to restore an old Mack EEU so I don’t mind gearing up on this truck to be more prepared if I find the right EEU.
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    Mack truck was dissembled and all the parts that are going to be reused put up on the shelf. Drove the Kenworth back to Idaho and spent some time measuring everything to confirm it would work. Then got to work shortening the frame and converting it to air suspension
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    Twin lakes Mack Vision at the yard this morning
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    This one is getting closer to the shelf
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    Here are some pics of my first gear trucks that I’ve collected so far
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    Great lineup thanks for posting....don’t get the year thing either.....I could understand that with over the road work with hot freight ...bob
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    A line up of some old school ,real reliable trucks. 👍 terry And good looking too!
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    More pictures of the restoration
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    Yep. Around here the working tax paying Canadian is now the minority.
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    Nice rigs seen at the Spa 2019.
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    Here is an Aussie right hand drive, Old Yella, all original, Cummins motor, think 250, no turbo, cabin body is straight and mainly surface rust, frame straight and surface rust and from memory it is double rail. Running when parked. He is sitting in an outback yard, dry area, with many - many Doggies to howl with in the still country nights. His best mate, a white Doggie, has been sitting proudly near him for a long time, keeping him company, he too is waiting for a good family to adopt him. Old Yella is very keen for a new family to adopt him and will give him lots of TLC.
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    Ford Trucks International Press Release / November 26, 2019 At Ford Trucks, our journey will continue until we're all over the world! 🌍 #FordTrucks #SharingTheLoad .
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    Ohhhh...well that explains it. Shes a "Teamster grrl" huh? Perhaps I can give her a ride in my Billy Big Rigger KW and change her mind, show her the way things work in the real world.
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    yes,,,,and no the stuff,,is only sitting there for now...because i havent completely buttoned up all the side panels and the roof panels....that will be included in the finishing touches....i spoke of....plus we have a storage shed,,,we bought,,,rubbermaid plastic,,,its still in the box,,,,that will be going up outside...for lawn and garden supplys....lol....but yes i know what you mean....about growing roots...and me and the wife are both on the same page with the clutter situation....im fixing on putting 2 big work benches on one side,,,but hopefully i wont be filling both of them with temporary shit....you know what happens most of the time...people wind up stuffing thier work benches to the point where theres no place to work on anything.lol.bob
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    The walls are still going on but I couldn't resist backing the trailer and F-model inside just to see how it fits. 😁 About 6" to spare on the length of the trailer and more than enough height . Now to finish up the sides and hang the overhead doors.
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    It’s got a roof finally, shingles go on tomorrow. Not to bad as a solo building crew in the evenings after work. 🧐
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    It’s getting there one board at a time
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    Making progress thanks to my brother and dad for help with the heavy lifting. I got a lift rented for this weekend so progress should be a little faster.
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    Where our farm is in Riverhead Long Island the local code enforcement now uses drones to find violations. I have none. . . yet, but a few years ago my neighbor rototilled a design for the drones, apparently it will never go away til they plow and replant a large section.
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    I’m glad I live where I do, when we were putting the L on a trailer to take it to the shop all our neighbors came by disappointed asking if we were selling it, luckily all turned to smiles when we explained were taking her to put some more life into that old 707 she’s got. Only time anyone’s ever complained was the neighbors who told people to park in our lawn to visit their yard sale and tore down a sign saying no parking... long story short there was soon a Ford fire engine screaming down the road spewing black smoke as it passed their house and the next day their garbage cans were full and smelled strongly of burnt diesel... we haven’t had any issues since! The neighborhood kids still drop their jaws whenever they hear the exhaust whistle screaming and a loud rumble come their way... It’s a shame not everyone can see these things the way these kids and old folk do... I’ve never seen a smile brighter than when we pulled up beside an old man in his 50s model convertible Corvette in a 1953 Mack Firetruck! Those moments right there make everything worth it...
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    Today, well actually tomorrow for you lot in the US as you are a day behind us, was the day Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japs. Don't know if the US does anything for this or not, but I will and already have taken a moment to think about all the men that died that day and how that day changed the world for ever. I often wonder in today's fast paced world have we really missed what it is all truly about these young men will never know and I'm afraid people of today have forgotten how quick our lives can be turned upside down. As a Boy Scout says "you should always be prepared". I think we are all slowly forgetting this. Paul
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    This is a United States congresswoman? The folks in Minnesota intentionally and overwhelmingly voted for.....her? The state of the union is dire.
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    Mike The Reasoner W miodel is in the big Mack collection in Australia now. I got a call from the PA guy last week about parts. That was his grandfather's truck if I remember right. I have a day cab no frame, and a few odds and ends. other than the front axle and spring hangers, a few front engine mmounts and cross member, tranny mounts, the frame is the same as an LTL 1/4" thick. The NM one you are referring to also has the big add on sleeper and ran through the 80's with big Cummins power. it was for sell. There was one as a wrecker years ago on the N Cal coast and one down in San Diego but i have not seen them in years. what happened to the one in New England that the museum had? Here is mine as it is now. I just put a fifth wheel on it this past summer. it had a long truck frame and i was hoping to find either a nice drom and trailer or period correct boxes with a pull trailer. But the years were going by and I like to drive it.
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    Mike Don't sell that H613. I want to see it all fixed up and on the road again. I think that is a very very cool truck. Superdog. You own the truck and you set the price. If the market does not see it that way, then it stays with you. Only 10 of these left. That is really something
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    That blue Superliner is no longer for sale.I bought it last Sunday.
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