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    RW613 and RW713 No duct tape visible!
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    If you can bring one LVX to a show, might as well bring two LVX. Picture from 2017 Granite State Show.
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    You are 100% correct, one can only hope that the sane people come out and vote so we can save our country.
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    Hi y'all, I just picked up an old B61 dump truck. I've been searching for a dump for awhile now and have been waiting for the right one to come up. My Dad and Grandpa ran a R model 300/ 10 speed for along time when I was a kid well into my teens as part of their heavy equipment company. We've still got it but it's been down for the last 5 years or so. I always loved the old bulldog, so I knew what brand I wanted. I usually have a tendency to like messing with older machines, old motorcycles, and old cars. It's kind of my thing and what I'm know by my friends for. As recently as last week my Dad was going through the local and surrounding area on Facebook marketplace looking for trucks and came across an ad for a 1960 Mack B61. He showed me the pictures and I was sold. We went down to Imperial, Mo near St. Louis to look the truck over. It hadn't been started in quite some time and we had fully expected having to do some work on the truck in order to get it running. We pulled in the drive where the truck and to our amazement the owner already had it running! It's got a Mack 300 engine, I think its an EM6, with the Quadruplex 20 Speed trans, and 4.66 rear end gear. Ended up getting what I think is a real good deal on a running driving truck. I'm pretty darn excited to learn how to drive this thing. I've been around heavy equipment my whole life, but this is my first truck, and at 23 I'd like to think I'm lively enough to keep up with shifting that 20 Speed. Any of you vets got any tips for a young guy in an old mack? Particularly on shifting when loaded vs unloaded. I've also figured out why some of you guys carry pry bars in the cab. I've had the shifter hang up in my 56 Chevy before getting stuck in between shift gates, so when the compound lever got jammed up from not squaring off the shift pattern I knew what to look for. Climbed under the truck and got her back in neutral. I've only had it home for a couple of days, but I'll throw some pictures up for you all to enjoy. Bringing it home on the lowboy through St. Louis
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    Built in Morris, NY the crawler is rated at 12 tons.
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    This is my friend Dan's CL Elite. It was bought new in Kennersville, NC in 1994. He retired the truck in Dec. of 2016 with right at 3 Million Miles. The hour clock shows 62,600 hours. We met when he brought his truck to our shop to do work on it and we became good friends. This man takes real pride in his job and family and country. He is a Navy Vet BTW. He put 2.434 Million miles on the transmission before it was rebuilt. That shows the durability of the Mack Trucks when they are well taken care of. But on the other hand I know if I put him in any other truck, the end result would be the same. I think we need more Dans in the world. The picture with the 2 other trucks next to it was in Salem, Oregon at the 2016 ATHS National truck show.
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    new thermostat and fan clutch with a good radiator cleaning runs 190 loaded with ac on high egts are around 700 lesson learned don't believe the seller
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    A Mack EHU on the left and an EFU oil truck for Globe Fuel Oil, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY.
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    And you all thought I was nuts little back ago when i told you all about the Blacks having a problem with Black kittens at the SPCA in cages behind bars, they claimed it was causing distress for those looking for a Cat, not so crazy now am I. See I told you and you all sat back and said to your selves he's whacked, not so funny now. Please support my movement we call it the Fairs Fair Movement, what ever is good for Blacks or whom ever we get the same thing, don't like our statue, tear it down we do the same to theirs, don't like a road named after someone and want it changed, no problem, bye bye MLK BLVD, Fairs Fair, what they want and get we get, fair and simple, tit for tat. let's see what THEY think of that.
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    Big Dog standing tall.
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    And I will explain my comment I cant see how this has any bearing on Coronavirus news or Coronavirus at all It's just people have a barney about who's more right about a subject that isnt even related Coronavirus at all Now Im going off on a tangent and you can can me all you like As a teenager growing up I like a lot of teenagers struggled to get along with my parents When I was in my early twenties my brother gave me some advice that I still use to this day "you dont have to be right, you dont have to have a argument about every little thing, you can yell and abuse Mum and Dad on the way home in your ute. That way every visit is a good visit" I lost my farther nearly 2 months ago and as we were driving Mum back to her place from the funeral home I reminded my brother of his advice I also thanked him because it meant that the rest of my life with my parents was argument free, it meant my son grew up knowing and loving his grand parents for whom and what they are and not any prejudices that I might have This doesn't mean I just rolled over and was treated like crap, it just meant that my life has been a whole lot richer because of some simple advice I followed and choosing my actions and responses a lot better Maybe there's a lesson in there for some people, maybe not and Im gunna cop a mouthful Paul
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    EEEK 😱 !!!!! I had a creepy chill dance it’s icy fingers up and down my mortal spine tonight. I wandered back through the murky, dark, dank, halls of BMT’s past. The Moderator(s?) have reinstated Teamstergrrl and gearheadgrrl. Ban lifted!!!! Back in business!!! In doing so they’ve created an powerful 🐉 three-headed hydra 🐉 that’s capable of a triple leftist attacks on conservative souls. Historical revisionism has now permeated every aspect of life and not just toppling statues. With a her full steel-umbrella of moderator protection and the power of three functional accounts all I can do is commit myself to the 🔥 flames and gird my loins with an full-asbestos adult diaper. I’m glad I’m a union member, and can beg for quick, painless, death..............rest of ya’ll Republicans are in BIG trouble. Let your dying words be 💀 “Trump 2020!!!!!” ⚰️ .
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    Someone mention duct tape?! .....Hippy
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    Yep. Any way you twist it, what she did was a crime and would have gotten any of us locked up.
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    So the thread is what is wrong, Roger Stone gets convicted of lying to congress in bogus investigation, a investigation pushed and demanded by the left the saviors of the world, well the saviors relied on a phony story written by a dishonest seller of BS, millions were wasted to investigate nothing which produced a paper known as the Mueller Investigation upon which innocent people were to be sent to prison for not telling truth, the catch is how do you tell the truth in a investigation that was truthless to start, in a phony investigation any answer would be a lie because there is no way to answer a question that is a lie in it's self, see what ever answer you give will be wrong because the question was set up to be unanswerable, so we ask what is wrong, once again it goes back to a political party that is corrupt and buried in dishonesty, now we all know that Clinton lied to Congress and we saw nothing done so prosecution of lying to congress is only reserved for conservatives just like the IRS only investigating conservatives, the left took over the school system to reeducate and rewrite history to their liking, the Blacks complain about the lack of being able to be educated which could be a genetic thing or it could be a left agenda driven thing but the end result that instead of lifting the education level of Blacks they lowered the playing field thus producing a new age of real stupid White kids who also at the same time were reeducated to believe the new narrative, the one promoted and pushed by the left, as you see the seeds to what is wrong were planted and the harvest is proceeding, the ugly truth the Democratic party and the loons on the left are worse than Hitler ever was, see he was very open about his plan whereas the left is covert, never the less the end game is the same, truth is and what is wrong is the left is promoting a health cause to further their cause they used a phony investigation to try and destroy a President put innocent people in prison and are behind current protest not for the benefit of anyone but themselves, so we wonder what is wrong ???
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    Where was all this black lives matter sh*t when we had a black president for 8 years?Obama did nothing to help his own race,except put more of them on welfare.Nancy Pelosi has been in politics for close to 40 years where has she been when all this racist talk and act has taken place.Same as that Waters woman from California ,she been in politics for over 40 years.Now that we have a white republican president it’s all his fault.Hell he must of created all this hate towards other people,since he only been in office for 3 years.MyGod what are they going to come up with when he wins again.Here in Philadelphia over the 4th we had I think 35 shootings and like 10 dead,you won’t hear about the 5 year old that got shot and killed in the media.
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    Firefighters employed by the General Services Administration (GSA), who man military base fire stations, work many more hours than most people. They work a 24 hour shift every other day, minus one shift every two weeks, equaling a 72 hour workweek. What does any of your statement have to do with my job?
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    Most are from Angola and Somali "refugees" who came up through Mexico. Virginia is now American Somalia. Slave payments...I also wonder if only the whites who came here before 1865 have to pay and do the whites who came after 1865 get compensated for the money they lost by arriving too late to profit from the free labor?
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    If it’s all there and the body works, depending on running gear, it may be worth it. A lot of other things to consider as well, but if it’s within you capabilities and means, not a bad price. I built a roll back for my purposes over 20 years ago and tell everyone it’s the best thing I ever built, useful in so many ways. Just evaluate it honestly and bring someone with you who can give you their honest opinion. That always helps.
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    I would also recommend whichever engine oil you go with to be sure it has ZDDP additive. There are a lot of brands that have it included in the oil.
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    Thats what the title is on the Australian truck forum Plenty of AC Macks, FWD's and a Holt crawler or two and lots of other jiggers I have no idea of, maybe Sterling or Federal but no idea at all Paul
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    Well that is a hardcore leftie move. Ban them for and I quote “... douche baggery...”, continually starting fights with everyone in here by personal attacks and name calling and yet get back on here after we were told in this thread we can have spirited debates as long as it doesn’t dummy down to plain name calling which is what teamstergrrrl gearheadgrrrl and now maxidyne have done. What gives? I’m absolutely for hearing the other side and having an honest conversation but she dummies it down to calling me and many others every buzz word name in the book, talks sh!t about The US and our vets, HATES, butts in and gets mouthy about old Mack’s and all other vehicles other than a gti, bmw airheads, and jd lawn tractors. I’m calling you out Barry and KS. This is wrong and you know it. She is a professional troll who hates everything and nearly everyone on here. How can you ever ban or have anyone take you seriously?!
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    You can't have concise debate with hardcore libs.
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    I kinda like it when they are on here, same reason I watch fake news, nice to know what the enemy is thinking and god are they stupid
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    Some of my reading has indicated that Eisenhower was also impressed by the design and system of the Autobahn in Germany during/after WWII.
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    I’ve read this entire thread it’s all who’s right and who’s wrong. Does anybody posting hear know any person that has died from covid 19. I do 3 three in total. So far 2 healthy adults and 1 elderly . Any body else. Be it politics or what ever you believe is behind it there are some people not surviving it and some do. why? I have no idea.
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    The democrat play the black and all other minorities like a fiddle.If anyone would do a little history class you would find that back in 1964 the democrats held up for 75 days the longest fillabuster in history.You will ask for what that would be the passing of the civil rights act.We just had a black president for the past 8 years,and the only thing he did was to put 5 times as many people on welfare.When will all this bs stop?
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    what hillery , obama, or any other politician did that would get any of us peons locked up in Leavenworth is standard operating procedure. politicians are above the law and can do anything they want, because they write the laws. this is why we need term limits, and make them regular peons just like the rest of us once out of office.
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    Hillary should have been sent to Leavenworth for what she did with all of the classified material when she was Secretary of State
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    So the first post was to the court case in the UK where Mr. Steele was sued for slander claiming certain people said or did something and the court found that not true and a judgement has been entered against him and one more guy is awaiting his day in court against Mr Steele also therefore the spying on a US citizen which relied on info from Mr. Steele info that has been deemed 100% false, all convictions involving the lying to Congress that were related to Mr. Steele and the information he provided should be vacated. Once again the Left was behind this proving that the Left is corrupt and should be labeled a terrorist organization for it's crimes against America and Obama did commit Treason and when Trump gets reelected you will see I am 100% correct which I said right here before that any first year law student could convict Obama, once again you want to know whats wrong ? the Left is wrong, Hitler was wrong, Pelosi, Nadler and Schumer are wrong.
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    So by now we all know that Mr Stone will not be going to prison, Trump said it right how can you send a man to prison for a crime committed during a fake investigation ??? 2 men in the UK sued Mr. Steele who wrote the fake story of Trump and the Russians they both won proving that the whole thing was fake and now a man in Russia is also going to court, but the left wasted millions and they need to pay back the taxpayer the used in their 100% BS fake accusation of wrong doing and they stop spewing off about the MUTT report, MUTT is what I call it cause it was a MUTT, mixed bastard of nothing that was true.
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    If the true numbers were put forth I would have no problem and would not challenge your post but they are not, a person dying from lung cancer but aggravated is listed as a virus death and that is wrong, remember AIDS and how it was going to wipe out people from all groups but today AIDS is not very much of a concern, seems like you hear that some person has it takes meds and moves on, I have no problem with any one talking about the virus but at least admit that if Biden was President it would be a minor news story and real fair reporting of deaths from just the virus and you would see the numbers cut in half, I just want honest conversation not hyped up hysteria.
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    It was a crappy camera after I dropped it.
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    I just bought that orange B Model dump that's shown on page 4! She's a runner, 300 with a Quadruplex!!
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    You're saying it badly! Who made any statement about anyone "killing themselves on a massively difficult gov job"? As a retired government worker, I defended my 28 year career and you go off on some tangent about Firefighters on military bases. I was never a Firefighter on a military base. I was also never in a union. I accepted a job offer that included a salary and benefit package, including a pension, in exchange for specified duties and expectations. I fulfilled those duties and exceeded those expectations on every evaluation I was ever given. I was instrumental in improving our tactical operations and the reliability of our apparatus. To this day, numerous officers there credit me for them getting to where they are. I am treated with honor and respect whenever I visit. Your opinions are not worth the bandwidth you wasted posting them. Go pound sand!
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    Way more people will die from tobacco than the phony virus this year Dave. I think that most Americans are sick of this fake virus and the BS death figures. They are sick of the fake hype from the fake media. The people here on this thread that are scared of the phony virus just stay in your basement and wear your mask 24-7, you can come out after Trump is re-elected by a landslide, if you want. If any one thinks that most real Americans are not fed up with all this total BS that is going on, just wait. There is a lot of anger out there in real America and they are going to push back.
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    Yes but I guess when you dont know the history its different and to be considered If it had for example a 300 Maxidyne and had pulled a lot of heavy loads in the past it could be a different story None of these things are deal breakers to me but rather just things to consider thats all Paul
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    And I still reply how many people will die from tobacco this year and yet we still sell it, the only 2 reasons the phony virus is still here it's Trump ammo for the left and they have not figured out how to tax it.
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    I try and stay realistic in my head when buying treasures I look at things that hopefully look crap and I almost always buy things that most others would pass on Everything will wear out and I prefer to rebuild it myself as I then know what short cuts I have taken It is a truck and a old truck and I would be more concerned with buying it if it all looked Micky Mouse as I would have no idea what secrets its hiding If it is a Maxidyne and Duplex you have a box that isnt really strong enough for the torque that motor will make As I said before, just a quick glance underneath will show if its a tripple counter shaft transmission or not Three caps laid out in a tri angle pattern and a triangle shaped box
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    Both fine trucks. I'm going to have to go with Georgia Dave on this one, it has the horizontal square grill on the Ford. Even found one the same color. 10 coming. Likely had an Allison and T-bar throttle for the cat, but don't over think it?
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    I already drive the car I want!
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    Can't seem to find my notes with the info for this rig but it is a great looking single axle rack body R with a little extra wheelbase.
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    Unfortunately this means that Georgia is no longer immune to fiddle wielding devils. So sad to hear he’s gone.
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    You choose to smoke or not You chose to drive or not You choose to drink Alcohol Beverages or not You choose to get annual flu shot or not However people did not choose to get this virus
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    A review about 2 weeks ago of the public profile for GG and TG indicated "Banned". Both accounts have since been changed.
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    well my friend,,,,i am definately on the wrong side of 30,,,,,ya hear me??????????????.lol.bob
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    Nice-have fun with it. rears 38's??? And the visor? ugh-but I'm an old guy😎
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    Even tougher Bob...……..I didn't know we were this old either?
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    Saying if the Traton deal falls through, what would be next for NAV? I agree that the stock would take a huge hit, and that could make them a good acquisition target.
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    Could not have said better myself, we need more John Waynes and Clint Eastwoods
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