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    Stopped by on to see some of my friends and family when I was passing through and these pics were shared with me. The owner of the truck thought some thieves were hanging around his place because things were getting moved and messed with it at night. So he set up a game camera to see what was happening and he caught the perp. Then I saw these weird bunker things. At first I thought they were those potato cellars but seeing that they went on for miles and having a 6 foot fence and later seeing a sign that said it was an army depot I’d have to guess they were used for storing munitions?
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    Something like if you rob a gas station and they have you on camera,that’s illegal.Since you have a non intelligent person on a roll,these undocumented kids that are coming here with their so called parents or family members what proof do they bring with them to prove that these kids are really their own.
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    someone who is not here legally. ya know, no citizenship, no green card, no work papers.
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    I've met his therapist.........he has a mobile clinic.............
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    I saw a big crane saw a big cable operated lift bridge
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    I don't see many bears where I live but I'd say that's a large one
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    I went ahead and took it to my mechanic. I didn't have the time to pull the covers but I'm leaning toward a bent valve or something to do with the Jake. The drive is about 45 min and the warmer the engine got the worse it ran. The cold start was good. Made me think might of had a stuck valve that unstuck but the further I got down the road the worse it got. I did not use soapy water on the intake side. It was more of a visual, touch and feel, and not to mention the old dollar bill for vacuum leaks. I'll post what he finds when I hear something. As always I appreciate everyone's help.
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    I saw the placard in your windshield that said "Netherlands"...I wondered if it meant THE Netherlands!!
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    The 59 year will use the 18 9/16 bolts.The engine you thinking of Rob with the 3/4 corner bolts was the 711
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    They must have more than they can do!
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    i see you found my cruiseliner. hope you enjoyed it. it`s coming to my place soon. leon.
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    There is a reporting like carfax for big trucks called Rigdig
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    Nope. Monitor/drain your tanks and you will be fine.
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    This rig served as a yard dog for A. Duie Pyle. Has a lift fifth wheel for getting the job done. Duie Pyle then sold it to a trailer manufacturer. The present owner says it has around 58,000 miles on the clock. Low miles but plenty of hours. Then again, the 237 Maxidyne is probably just broke in.
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    Now the government has gone from calling them "undocumented immigrants" to describing them as "unlawfully present immigrants". However, most still call them illegal aliens or illegal immigrants.....i.e. what they are. Ms. Lightfoot should be arrested for breaking the law.
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    If illegals are stopped at the border, then any human trafficking is also stopped at the border......end of story. It's all about enforcing our already existing laws......and sending a strong message. Then, 95 percent of this will end.
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