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    I can’t really fault the guy. He lives on thee coolest Christmas decoration street in our town, constant steam of slow moving cars. That’s a lot of pressure to perform.
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    Well I qualify to post here because for sure I am "Old". While if I had to identify as a truck guy I would say I was a Mack/Ford guy but also when I look at what I drove I would have to add International. After flunking out of college my freshman year I had to take a year off to make up credits at night school. While doing that I got a job with a building contractor and was the primary driver of a 1961 B-182 International. 345 V-8, 5 and 2. There was NOTHING synchronized about this 5 speed but I learned how to drive on an uncles 48 Ford F-5 dump and I have to say I drove this Binder like it truly was a ten speed. The truck had a 24,000 lb GVW plate, a 6/8 yard Galion body, 9:00 x 20 rubber and juice brakes. But I would routinely carry 12 ton of asphalt or graded base-or "process" as it was called in Conn and other than the tires and the brakes ,it could have handled more!. After my year full time, I couldn't wait for June to roll around when I would get back into it during the summer.
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    I finished up the air compressor engine tuning and "air end" maintenance yesterday afternoon. It is a big difference as really does run well. As mentioned earlier I installed new plugs, wires, Pertronix electronic distributor which had a new cap, rebuilt the Zenith "63" updraft carburetor and changed the oil along with filter. Both oil bath air cleaners were quite full of dirt/grime. The Continental B-427 engine runs very well meaning smooth and plenty of power. I now need to build a muffler to quiet it down a bit..... I replaced the original hydraulic lines, (after blowing an original) which circulate the compressor lubricating oil and air through the system along with the "stripper" filter cartridge. Don't have a history or log book of maintenance so starting anew prior to placing the unit back into service. The oil filter for the compressor section uses the same filter element as my Detroit Diesel 12V-71T engine and I have a box of six so replaced that also. After dumping 14 full gallons of fresh air compressor oil into the reservoir, the engine was brought to life and does this thing make air! The discharge air pipe is 2" NPT which is necked down to two 1" discharge ports. With one of these opened wide the engine runs about 1150rpm while maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. With both ball valves open fully, the engine runs right at 1900rpm while still maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. I let it run about 10 minutes with one port open wide and noticed absolutely no oil in the discharge piping or fittings. It appears both the "stripper", and water separator, work well. Now going to bang the sheet metal a bit straighter, depaint, then repaint for appearance, and pull it around behind the B-673 for jobs remote from the shop. Both are 1962 models so should work well together.
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    Ah, the Christmas spirit: Had two rural postal carriers in my family too and in those days you never seen them either during the Christmas season.
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    Quite a jump from old compressor mufflers to obscure local beers
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    Wow, it's already December- Me and Zina from Florida took another trip down to the Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum Saturday to see what was new. Took my grandson too. Saw a couple of big Mack trucks. I think this is the one Dave was working on the last time we were there.
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    A little over-cooked, but we did eat that turkey.😂
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    If you could get the VIN number from any of those previous owners you could contact the Mack museum and they’ll have some records on it.
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    Just got her back from a frame sandblast and paint You can see the color difference in the wheels vs. the frame. The color is a 2019 Chevrolet color called "Red Hot". Shout out to Hawk Frame and Axle in Rochester, NY for their great work!
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    Bet Swift goes to the hospital and hires him.
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    Man I can't believe those marker lamps have gotten that high in price. I remember purchasing mine in the early 1990's from the local NAPA store with the "ECHLIN" name on the box and KD-517 on the chrome bezels for $9.95 each. The same lamp in "Yankee" brand and different stamped number set was given to me by another party as they didn't have anything that "old" any longer. These were complete lamp kits including the rivet nuts to install through the sheet metal roof.
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    You could get a universal vertical tractor muffler from a farm store.
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    That is a Mack W-71 built between 1953-1958.
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    The first picture is how the truck looked when I bought it from Superdog, and the last two are with the axle moved and a new paint job and some chrome.
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    Oh well, opening a can of worms so to speak...2nd. Chronicles, 2nd. Kings. The Lord blessed those who shunned all others... Good for Donald Trump for standing up to those who oppose him, and standing up for biblical principals!
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    I waiting for snow to build my annual Cannibal Snowman scene.
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