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    B813sx I picked up this fall. Heavy 65k rears. I will most likely have it painted and build a new replica dump body for it eventually. Otherwise, its a very solid truck. My daughter loves it!
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    Got a call yesterday morning from a customer/friend whom runs mostly Mack hauling aggregate, and demolition for the family concrete plant. Sarcastic by nature, I think he likes to call me because I take his "sass" and give it back plus some. Really good guy to shoot the breeze with and always pays in cash. That being said I'm in the shop yesterday morning cleaning up to get things inside for the winter months and the phone rings. I don't recognize the number but thinking it's another of those "robocalls", I answer with a simple "Speak", to which and to my surprise I hear "What's up numbnuts"? which is in line with a normal greeting. It is obvious he's on a speakerphone and I hear his wife in the background shout out "HI Rob"! in between laughing..... Anyway the crux of his call is one of his CH end dumps has broken the frame behind the left front rear spring hanger at the gravel pit. The truck is empty and setting off to the side on a slab. I grab my portable welder, feeder, a couple 10 ton porta power(s), jacks stands, some cribbing, piece of 1/4" plate, and a few ancillary items and head out the 36 miles distant to see if I can get him back home. Turns out to be a simple job to get the truck back safe to drive and I basically plated over the frame crack after deep grooving it out, welding it up, and plated over the top. With it back at their shop, they'll get the area opened up so I can weld it up solid and permanent. Didn't photo anything other than loading the welder into "Krusty" and checking his broken frame to ascertain whether I should put the welder on the trailer and pull with the Durango or not: Frame is getting bad on old "Krusty": Later in the evening I get another call from him with the same annunciation/greeting. Immediately thinking they can't have that truck tore apart already, I'm instead told I need this old Mack transmission under the bench more that he. It is a TRTXL-1070A that was originally in a 1987 R series I'd pulled out to replace with an 18 speed Fuller several years ago. It wouldn't shift out or into reverse one time for him, (I can't remember which) and given his level of impatience, was replaced along with the clutch. Asking what he had to have for it and of course not wanting to be anything but fair, I tell him I really don't need it but would offer $500.00. His reply was and I quote, " Well shit Robbie, you ain't got to prove to me you got more money than brains, give me a hundred for it"; to which I don't think my arm could have reached for the wallet any faster. Don't think I'll charge him for the temporary plating of his truck frame either as only took about 45 minutes once set up. As stated in another thread, "It's good to have friends".
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    Now that Thanksgiving is over, time to start thinking about Christmas...
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    I'll tack onto this thread about the "good" of having real friends. At my local oil distributor I went to pick up oil for my compressor this afternoon expecting the bill to be just over $592.50 plus tax for the three five gallon pails of ISO32 air compressor oil. To my surprise the total was $297.33 including the tax. I asked the girl at the counter if I was getting the product myself and the salesman spoke of earlier to which she informed me the owner directed to sell it at cost. I've painted over a dozen trucks for them in years gone by and did all service on their personal vehicles till closing up shop and we have since lost touch. I should probably reach out again and keep more current.
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    My dad , myself and my brother after completing the rear peak wall over thanksgiving.
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    I've got a few more than I need.
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    Trans can be lowered out of truck by removing floor; pass pipe through driver/passenger windows, sling rope around pipe, over the roof, around pipe, over roof, pipe again, roof again... Tie it off, now you have a makeshift lift to hang a come-along from to lower trans out. Tricks like this are how many if us get by without the "right" tools.
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    I’ve been fascinated with Mack Trucks since I was a little kid but never felt the need to own one until recently, we have an off road car that we haul around on a car trailer but limit our trips to local events that don’t require overnight camping. My wife and I have been wanting to do more out of state events and I starting looking at car haulers with living quarters and came up with the idea of building a Mack camper hauler. I spent about a year chasing a few different Mack models when the LHSW popped up on one of my searches, at first glance it appeared to check most of my boxes, vintage Mack, currently running and mostly complete. I was told that the truck was mechanically sound, ran & drove great and with just some maintenance items could be made usable or our intended purpose. I don’t believe the seller intentionally misled me but unfortunately I didn’t have the knowledge to ask all the questions that needed to be asked and when I received the truck it was painfully obvious this truck was modified several times with a cutting torch and stick welder, the suspension & frame was dangerous at best and needed a complete redo to feel comfortable driving it more than just a few miles around the block. The Cummins 743 engine ran fantastic and the transmissions shifted great so I set out to find a donor frame and suspension with the hope of keeping the old Mack all Mack, locating something on the west coast that was going to be dimensionally correct was turning into a deal killer if I wanted to keep it all Mack parts. I admittedly know nothing about semi-trucks nor am I setup to work on them so I was struggling to come up with options to save this old truck within my skill set and budget, after asking around to a few of the truckers I know the idea of finding a class B donor truck and updating the Mack body to a modern running gear was the new plan. I found a 1995 Kenworth T-300 with a new 8.3 Cummins engine for sale in CA that looked like it would work dimensionally so after buying that truck I’m back to trying to get the old Mack back on the road. Mack when I had it shipped from Oregon to Idaho.
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    Two common issues specific to the ETECH RD’s. It’s common for the when the motor mount bushings wear out , the engine ecm will contact the fuel filter mount and if it hits hard enough to put a dent in the engine ecm then it’s shorted out the ecm. Check for a dent on the ecm where it faces the fuel filter. The other issue has to do with the Vechicle Control unit ( VECU) mounted in the kick panel in front on the passenger seat. Pull the kick panel down and the if the VECU is mounted with wire connectors facing up then water drips from the windshield right into the VECU. Unplug the connectors and check for green corroded pins . We always remounted it facing down
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    Took the big bad wolf (oldest grandaugther who loves anything with a steering wheel) to a local Halloween touch a truck. Fire trucks, trash tucks, Bigfoot, a Buffalo fire truck and a 1940s Chevy pickup. Chris Barry brought his RD822sx, 500 horse E9 with 73k original miles. It just got lettered a couple days ago.
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    I have been inflicted with a bug for old IH’s. Small IH’s to exact. The grain truck is a 59’ 6 cylinder 4 sp and the yellow one is a 62’ with a V8 and a 4 sp and 4x4. Yellow had a drill rig on it since new until last weekend. Let’s see and hear what you guys have out there!
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    I found this on the cover of an Italian heavy haul magazine. I tried to contact them but their contact page is broken. Here is part of the cover page featuring two Mack F900's with Planidrive axles. The axles have a capacity of 100-110k! Damn I keep finding more and more incredible F models. I Wish I could see them first hand! Real beasts and working hard pulling that vessel. I wonder what they had for power. Anyone know anything about these units? I checked the Mack model production sheets and only 5 variations of the F900 were built. Since very few of these trucks were probably built I can only guess that they are either F995's (5 made), F997's (3 made) or F9976's (4 made). Possibly these are 997's? Could the Mack museum help me find out who purchased these units?
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    This is on Facebook Marketplace in Jonesville VA...for some stupid reason FB won't let me pull up a link to the ad. They're asking $2,000 for it; looks pretty rusty.
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    An R800 just out of the Champion shop in Queensland -
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    Pretty much the norm with the "older" generation around here too Paul. Younger, not so much. Farmers done with their harvest will help other's with theirs as a single example. I've seen grain trucks run 24hrs a day by different parties during the harvest timeframe. Lost count of how many I've helped out alongside the road or off in a ditch and not charged for it dependent upon their attitude. Many times reciprocation is fast, others months, or years if any return, but it's all good. Best keep up the momentum and hope it "catches on".
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    Im a firm believerof helping not for any other reason than its the right thing to do I find the more I do this the more people help other people and me in return It drives my wife insane at times and I rarely if ever say anything to anyone It was the way it was when I first started farming We just helped each other out and it is surprising how even on bad years what can be achieved with bugger all if people work together for the common good Paul
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    Wow, it's already December- Me and Zina from Florida took another trip down to the Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum Saturday to see what was new. Took my grandson too. Saw a couple of big Mack trucks. I think this is the one Dave was working on the last time we were there.
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    Driving a loaner today while my gets a new Steering Wheel put on at 220000 miles the wheel started coming apart I miss those old steering wheels that last
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    One of the new Satellites. They re-used the monitor. New cab and body. No pump. Photo credit to njfirephotos.com
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    Thank you so much. I gave them a call on the off chance they would still be willing to make one and they had one in stock ready to ship!!
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    Not a great picture but some kids used to ride in style in a Mack E model bus. Was at Kemp's for years and is now in PA with some thoughts of a restoration.
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    You are officially on your own. Lancaster Upholstery used to make a kit for the L model cardboard headliner and back of cab liner but they stopped producing it about 4-5 years ago. If you want to do your own. The cardboard can be purchased from Restoration Specialties as well as the edge welting. Also some folks have had upholstery shops do L interiors with vinyl, cloth or even leather! http://www.restorationspecialties.com/ They call it cowlboard.
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    Never get in the way of a man with a saw in each hand.
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    To everyone on here that provided insight and help on this thread/topic I truly thank you and appreciate all of your wisdom. I’m glad forums like this exist
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    ^^^^^^ We posted this nearly 18 months ago....!!!! & here we are still talking about the Same Thing...
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    Last year my Father, Large and myself had the distinct pleasure and honor of being able to view the complete archives of the SPS at the Mack Musuem. Everything from blueprints to build sheets to DeLaval Pump Manuals to the Napier-Deltic Engine Manuals and specifications. All of it.
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    Here’s an updated photo from this week. Still working on some details.
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    This is the only Set Forward Mack Sleeper truck the company has and it to was a Corporate truck
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    And that's the whole argument they use to keep bringing more in and giving them licenses. This supposed "driver shortage." No, they can hire these people and "use and abuse" them to no end. They will do anything for any kind of pathetic pay. Don't matter if it is low pay or bad working conditions....they do it. And the industry takes advantage of that. They are modern day slaves. It's funny too, how hard they make it for you to renew your license with 4 pages of tests with trick questions, yet most of these people cannot even speak english and they all have licenses. It's almost like they WANT all the old professionals gone....you know the guys with 30 and more accident and conviction free years. You see a lot of these guys failing their tests just because they can't figure out the trick wording in a lot of the questions. Yet they have NEVER had an incident on the roads.
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    Some pictures from inside. A lot of trucks there belong to Pat Camputaro who has a wonderful collection and is a member on here (Patbossct)
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    finally got the mack rear nameplate back from being redone.
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    Thanks guys, I’m getting tools as I need to work on the trucks. Had to buy jacks, jack stands, impact guns and sockets just to remove the wheels & tires that weren’t in the budget. Luckily I have an awesome wife that sees these daily deliveries of tools and parts for this project and so far so good. I’m a one man show working on this in my spare time and I way underestimated the weight of some of these parts like the rear end, as much as I wanted to keep the Cummins 220 not sure how I would have mocked that up in a new frame without an A frame crane of some sort. I’m sure lots of new tools and equipment will find its way to my shop before it’s all said and done, still on my bucket list to restore an old Mack EEU so I don’t mind gearing up on this truck to be more prepared if I find the right EEU.
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    More pictures of the restoration
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    Here is an Aussie right hand drive, Old Yella, all original, Cummins motor, think 250, no turbo, cabin body is straight and mainly surface rust, frame straight and surface rust and from memory it is double rail. Running when parked. He is sitting in an outback yard, dry area, with many - many Doggies to howl with in the still country nights. His best mate, a white Doggie, has been sitting proudly near him for a long time, keeping him company, he too is waiting for a good family to adopt him. Old Yella is very keen for a new family to adopt him and will give him lots of TLC.
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    Ford Trucks International Press Release / November 26, 2019 At Ford Trucks, our journey will continue until we're all over the world! 🌍 #FordTrucks #SharingTheLoad .
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    Ohhhh...well that explains it. Shes a "Teamster grrl" huh? Perhaps I can give her a ride in my Billy Big Rigger KW and change her mind, show her the way things work in the real world.
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    Wow!! So im in the wrong with the 6 trucks that are all 1993 or older that we have greatly modified to be better more efficient trucks for us? Not to mention the modified trucks that we have sold. Seems to me that if your paying for it you should have what works best for you. My 1.6 million mile 26 yr old road tractor does a fine job. Its had many mod's done to it. Very rarely does it go a day without at least 1 compliment. If its man made it may fail someday. If its new electronic P.O.S. it WILL fail. And you most likely cant fix it on the side of the road to get ya home. Just my thoughts. One of our 93's had a PEEK 3406C. The other 3406C is mechanical. I converted the PEEC to full mechanical pump. Twice the truck now. My 83 Mack still goes trucking during the summer. The E9 gets @ 6.1 MPG. Each to their own but im with "The King Of Obsolete". Hope im not too opinionated, just wanted to add my 2 cents
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    $10,000 buys it now! 3/4 the way thru cancer treatments, if I still own the truck after the beginning of the year , I will put it back in service!
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    Roy Wolfmeier Truck Service
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    Today, well actually tomorrow for you lot in the US as you are a day behind us, was the day Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japs. Don't know if the US does anything for this or not, but I will and already have taken a moment to think about all the men that died that day and how that day changed the world for ever. I often wonder in today's fast paced world have we really missed what it is all truly about these young men will never know and I'm afraid people of today have forgotten how quick our lives can be turned upside down. As a Boy Scout says "you should always be prepared". I think we are all slowly forgetting this. Paul
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    This is a United States congresswoman? The folks in Minnesota intentionally and overwhelmingly voted for.....her? The state of the union is dire.
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    Bob, your concrete hasn't set enough yet for
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    Hi there, thats me, Ralf Koch from Germany. No, such trucks was never in operation in Italy. I was several times in Iran and I know the machines and the heavy hauling business very well. The shown Macks are in use at Unitrans, Iran Dena, are two F 997SX, built in 1975 for military operations. The Iranian engineer told me that this two units was part of a series of propably four units, built for the military application at first. Only this two tractors are known in civilian use now. Both 6x4 trucks are powered by the E9 V8-engine and 500 hp, manual gear boxes and planetary axles. Iran Dena is one of the major companies in the Persian heavy hauling business. More information about this tractors and many other impressive Mack trucks, stories and background information you can find in my book about this business: It is a book about all heavy transport companies in Iran and about the equipment of each company About 650 pictures in color, starting from the history with Mack B87SX up to the oversize RD800SX or DM800SX on planetry axles. Different units was deliverd as customized prototypes, so many models you have never seen before, for sure!! Check the preview picture to get a feeling about the working condition. Up to 7 tractors, 500hp each, pulling a heavy load! Other transports have to cross rivers of 5 feet water! ... and most of the tractors are 30 years old! Heavy Hauling Iran www.truckbook.de Best regards Ralf
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    That blue Superliner is no longer for sale.I bought it last Sunday.
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