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    Mack A model and L model with a EH moving van out back. GMC, Ford N, Mack EE and Mack L Mack EF dump truck
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    FOR SALE – 1985 Mack MAGNUM Super-Liner II RW613 - $70,000 Less than 250,000 miles since engine & transmission overhaul Original Interior, E-9: 650+ To The Ground on Dyno, 18 Speed Mack Transmission, 60” Tall Sleeper, Double Frame, 4 Axle 20,000 lb. Pusher, 5 Core Radiator (2 yrs old), 38 Mack Rears Steel Casings, 386 Gears (1 yr old chunks), 11:R245 Tires, New Water Pump (2019), New Air Compressor (2019), Aluminum Wheels, Aluminum Hubs, 44,000 lb Camelback Suspension, New King Pins–Drag Links–Ball Joints (2019), New Drive Line (2018) Yokes–Joints, A/C Works, New Steering Box (2018), Enclosed ProTech Headache Rack w/Stainless Doors, 2 Line Wet Kit. This is a working truck. I purchased this truck from the original owner and have owned and drove it for 11+ years. This dog is a beast and will LIVE UP to its name: CatKiller!
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    Watched this movie the other day and it has some old mack action in it. https://youtu.be/a9kjG5HnsOM
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    Yes I still have it ,and no its not for sale,my son has promised to dig a big hole and bury me in it when I die.
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    There are plenty of them in Southern California Go to any mall and you will find also the city of LA is making owners prewire all new construction, and remodel, garages for electric charging stations. The few people that I know that have electric, or plug in hybrids, charge them at home and work. I have been toying with the idea of building an electric cobra but it wouldn't sound right. I was also thinking that i could charge it with the diesel generator to really mess with some people's heads
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    Instagram, Snapchat, facetime. W.T.F.? Guess im just old before my time. Havent hit 50 yet. LOL
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    Found this one online, seems like it meets your requirements other than the sleeper... https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/19590675/1987-mack-superliner-rw713
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    If there's no space for parking, you could just park it outback. (sorry, I just couldn't resist)
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    How bout not having any of them here training.
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    How about having Saudi government foot 11 million dollars bond per individual trainee. If the individual commits a felony stateside that money never goes home. It’s a start? If the next idiot shoots/wounds 15 people then the individual bond allotment becomes a flat rate of $15,000,000.00 bond per Idiot.
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    Freightliner of Boston helped me out with this, I didn’t think the dealer would be anxious to help but they did. Also was able to get some odd ball parts I needed ordered, so it was a successful trip. Thanks for the help, Andy
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    It looks very cool, the pace of your progress and quality is remarkable. Andy
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    Yep the cardboard headliners aren't cheap, throw the custom upholstery job on top of that and it will eat up a $1,700.00 dollar bill. All depends on what a person wants. It reminds me of a nice casket.
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    what the heck is instagram and why all of a sudden are these new users pushing it? is it a spammer thing?
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    These boxes have needle brgs so dont use nothing any more than a 50w. 50W non detergent
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    The entire body design is for low cost manufacturing. All the body panels are made with a shear and a brake. no curves so no expensive tooling and presses. But like his hyped Semi that he took tons of deposits on this will quietly go away. I recall his semi was to be in production this past summer. The pick up if produced will be the new thing in Hollywood to be seen in.
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    "Kill" is from the Dutch language, it refers to a body of water such as a creek, tidal basin, or small river. You will see the word used in places where many Dutch settled such as New York and Pennsylvania.
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    I run 50wt motor oil in my spicer 4spd. They typically don't take a thick grease.
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    Kemp's Reo model 31 and a Diamond, White 3000, two Autocar COE's and a Mack LJSWX dump truck
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    So they moved the first move to 12/12/19 and I had to sign off video and film rights to the Smithsonian, seems they have their own TV channel but hopefully they will let me get a pic or two ?? first move is the Douglas World Cruiser from 1924 The Chicago was one of the first planes to fly around the world.
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    I’m sure your son is an angel.....but, boys are boys....Word of advice and experience raising the 3. That knob on the end of jack is a real temptation. Last time I was holding a transaxle up my son walked up, cranked the jack lower knob and dropped it on me. Thankfully I was working with one mount of the three fastened. It didn’t come completely down. He was really proud about having learned how to work the jack on his own.
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    This truck turned out to be really nice to use and live with so I sent it out to have the oilpan changed since it was getting rusty and porous. Got it back, put about 80 miles on it and the 50k original miles engine that ran amazing started rapping, squeaking, misfiring and smoking. Mechanic that did the pan said no possible way they did anything to it. So pulled valve cover, everthing ok there,no water in oil, no pressure in the crankcase, still had good oil pressure but woul barely run. All the noise was from #8 so we changed the injector, no better. Looked on Craigslist and found a 52k original miles truck that the rust termites had wiped out payed 800 for it. Got 225 in scrap for what was left plus 6 very good tires and a rebuilt 4l80e with 1000 miles on it so it wasn't a bad deal. We swapped the new motor in, replaced front body mounts and brackets and put a better set of sheet metal from another parts truck I picked up. Truck runs great now hoping it stays that way. Hopefully will be painting it before Christmas. If I ever need an oilpan again I'll do it myself. Probably do a post mortem on the old motor in a few weeks curious to see what I'll find.
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    98% done with headliner and back cab cover.
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    Some pictures from inside. A lot of trucks there belong to Pat Camputaro who has a wonderful collection and is a member on here (Patbossct)
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    Ohhhh...well that explains it. Shes a "Teamster grrl" huh? Perhaps I can give her a ride in my Billy Big Rigger KW and change her mind, show her the way things work in the real world.
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    Wow!! So im in the wrong with the 6 trucks that are all 1993 or older that we have greatly modified to be better more efficient trucks for us? Not to mention the modified trucks that we have sold. Seems to me that if your paying for it you should have what works best for you. My 1.6 million mile 26 yr old road tractor does a fine job. Its had many mod's done to it. Very rarely does it go a day without at least 1 compliment. If its man made it may fail someday. If its new electronic P.O.S. it WILL fail. And you most likely cant fix it on the side of the road to get ya home. Just my thoughts. One of our 93's had a PEEK 3406C. The other 3406C is mechanical. I converted the PEEC to full mechanical pump. Twice the truck now. My 83 Mack still goes trucking during the summer. The E9 gets @ 6.1 MPG. Each to their own but im with "The King Of Obsolete". Hope im not too opinionated, just wanted to add my 2 cents
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    $10,000 buys it now! 3/4 the way thru cancer treatments, if I still own the truck after the beginning of the year , I will put it back in service!
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