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    I do like to add a cheap mechanical boost gauge on turbocharged vehicles to get an idea of how healthy the turbo and plumbing is. Just because it whistles doesn't. mean the boost pressure goes where it needs to! You can usually pick up something adequate from Summit Racing or your choice of parts shops. If you don't want to tap a fitting into a casting or hard pipe, you can usually find a place in a flex coupling to bolt in a hose barb. Like TJC Transport said though, if the turbo is really sick there will be a ton of smoke.
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    Here's just a few of about 400 pics. I took at Macungie, the rest are on the camera so I'll have to wait until I get home to put them on the PC. I took these with the phone, never tried posting pics. from the phone before either.This is the lovely Tami Elise- Bacon wrapped meatloaf- I think this was the best yet.
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    agreed. i got a complaint yesterday that my garage was too big for the area and was blocking the view of the waterfront. by the asterisk that built a massive 3 story mcmansion down the street. not my fault you built a $750,000 moneypit in an area full of $130,000 propertys.
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    Won't change. I got home this morning took my 55 chevy off the trailer, did a few dry hops and put it in my barn, had a code enforcement officer pull up and tell me driving by he heard a lot of noise. Told him my barn is in the middle of 1160 acres and I have no neighbors with in 5 miles and who the hell said you could drive the 3/4 mile up my gated and posted driveway?
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    This truck is so cool on so many levels. Super deep radiator with "V12 Bumper", dual Farr breathers (1 for each blower), extended hood AND extended cowl.
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    Still on the camera, 399 pics. Time for a drank...
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    Finally got some paint on it. We've got a project to haul a 150,000 lb transformer in the next month or so.
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    It was great to visit with you and the Redhead again this year. I only too about 80 pictures. This one gives you an idea of the size of just one field.
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    Thanks for the photos.. Was there from Thurs noon to Sat PM.. Walked all my old legs could take and then you show me pictures of trucks I did not see.. Thanks again for all your efforts..
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    It's debatable if you should waste your typing on a new user with no content. 4 out of 5 never open there account again after an initial question as is the case with our man Speedy.....
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    That kind of money should buy a flexible engine line that can build V8s too...
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    I assume for a version of the upcoming Scania 13L?
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    I always run I-81 down to I-70 to I-68 to I-79 to Rt 50 to Parkersburg. That's the shortest route with a tall speed limit.
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    I finally made it to Macungie for the first time, what a great show! Some really beautiful trucks here. Here's an RD800 glider kit, I'll bet there was a lot of salivating over this one.
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    I bet even less people have ever been to a Volvo museum
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    it appears to have the dark gray interior that would make it at least an 85, Mack on hood is definitely 80's. older style vertical louvers on radiator would rule out late 80's or 90's unless it was swapped. It is really tough to say for sure because really any of it could have been swapped. my guess is 80's though
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    I write the caption first- let me back up, I do this at home on the computer, not the phone, which I'm on now- let me back up some more, I'm on vacation this week and adult beverages are flowing freely- I select all the pictures that I'm going to use first, they are saved on my computer. So I write my caption, hit "enter" on the keyboard- that puts whatever you put next on the next lower line. Then I just click on whatever picture I want, and it's under the caption. Hit "enter" again, next caption is under the picture. If you want the caption under the pic, just post the picture,hit"enter", then write your caption.
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    Yes slow season is usually around December I've been keeping a eye on it since I had it welded and plan to continue until it pays for itself May just order the unit and have it ready and waiting till bad weather days shop says 2 days top but 1 most the time
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    Guess Ford didn't learn anything from the Kearns case. Funny thing about the Ecoboost engines is that I remember hearing all the engineering on those was contracted out to a Bosch subsidiary in India. Wonder where the idea really came from?
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    On my 8lolo Eaton trans you can't use the Lolo switch in high range. I would not use them in high range, use it with the intended shift pattern. Typically lo lo ranges are not designed for the amount of torque applied under full acceleration on the road.
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    I’ve worked union and non-union, it’s the same job. Whatever nets you the best sustainable living and the best work environment is the way to go. The people at that plant are happy, kudos to the management, they must be doing something right. Andy
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    The real issue is that the plant is running at nowhere near full capacity and still injuring too many workers. Demand for the Passat has cratered and was never enough to keep the line busy on even one shift. Then VW made a billion dollar expansion to build their 3 row SUV, which isn't selling that well either- If they ran at Detroit's car a minute line rates they could fill the whole demand with one line working one shift. And now VW's planning another billion dollar expansion to build electric cars that won't sell either? It gets worse- The NA Passat has become an oddball on the old Passat platform that shares little with the Euro Passat, and the SUV has a Skoda version but that's probably not a high volume product either. Then there's the worker's comp liability- besides the millions in long term claims, every worker lost from the workplace in today's tight labor market is a loss for both VW and the Chattanooga area. With worker recruitment and retention becoming a major part of corporate strategy, this trend does not bode well for VW.
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    I used this fellow, eh? https://dcsupershinestore.com/products/http-dcsupershinestore-com-collections-dc-super-shine-kits-products-copy-of-dc-super-shine-deluxe-kit-with-menzerna-rouge-bars Watched a few videos and gave it a try. I bought a 6hp Dewalt grinder(big ol bastard). Ya, it bites hard if you don't do it right. Though now I'd like to get a smaller, slow speed grinder for touch ups. Did the new tanks for my B.
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    This is the best B model pickup I've ever seen, the proportions are just right. I've seen some goofy looking conversions before; this one is top-notch.
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    There were 2 crew cab Superdogs at the show; this one was very well done.
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    This is one of my favorite trucks at the show...everything on it was immaculate. The orange and black paint is a great combination.
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    I have talked with several employees of that VW plant and they are happy with the working conditions, pay and benefits that VW is providing. They do not want the union! The UAW has been trying to force their way in since right after the plant opened.
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    That's because his trailer is already jammed under a low bridge somewhere.
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    Yep, I can picture that as a dump truck!
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    For DIY use just go to harbor freight they have two models of polishers I bought the $75.00 buck one that has like four speed settings, 1000 to 3500 rpm. And I found 3500 works best. I bought a 3 pack of one 10" and two 8" buffer wheels with three two lb bars of polish for $92.00 bucks off ebay. All of it worked real well, as you can see below.
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    A guy started with a 1940 Chevy pickup cab, modified the cab, and hand built the hood and sleeper. It's sitting on a motor home chassis with a 5.9 Cummins engine. The craftsmanship is beautiful.
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    The only H model I saw at the show. I'm sure everyone joined me in saying, "WE WANT TO SEE MORE H MODELS!"
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    A beautiful Brockway.
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    Here's a cold 12V-71 doing its part to make the skies a little bluer.
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    Well, did an internet and you tube search. Seems all the professional detailer's use a specific model of Dewalt. But I couldn't find one cheaper than $285 around here and I'm cheap. I only have one truck to do the odd time so I don't need anything that fancy. So I went to Canada's go-to store for cheap junk...Canadian Tire. LOL. Got this on sale for $71. It is variable speed from 600 to 3800 RPM.
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    The pics are over 50 years old. The owner has long since passed on and I have no idea where the trucks ended up. But, I would not be surprised to find out that they are in someone's collection; probably with another paint scheme. I also assume the weight laws are a little stricter than they were back in the day. I don't think anyone is loading D-8 sized dozers on a single axle tractor these days like they did regularly when these were taken.
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    Probably my favorite pickup of all time. I always wanted to put a 12 valve Cummins in one. Beautiful truck.
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