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    98% done with headliner and back cab cover.
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    B813sx I picked up this fall. Heavy 65k rears. I will most likely have it painted and build a new replica dump body for it eventually. Otherwise, its a very solid truck. My daughter loves it!
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    I finished up the air compressor engine tuning and "air end" maintenance yesterday afternoon. It is a big difference as really does run well. As mentioned earlier I installed new plugs, wires, Pertronix electronic distributor which had a new cap, rebuilt the Zenith "63" updraft carburetor and changed the oil along with filter. Both oil bath air cleaners were quite full of dirt/grime. The Continental B-427 engine runs very well meaning smooth and plenty of power. I now need to build a muffler to quiet it down a bit..... I replaced the original hydraulic lines, (after blowing an original) which circulate the compressor lubricating oil and air through the system along with the "stripper" filter cartridge. Don't have a history or log book of maintenance so starting anew prior to placing the unit back into service. The oil filter for the compressor section uses the same filter element as my Detroit Diesel 12V-71T engine and I have a box of six so replaced that also. After dumping 14 full gallons of fresh air compressor oil into the reservoir, the engine was brought to life and does this thing make air! The discharge air pipe is 2" NPT which is necked down to two 1" discharge ports. With one of these opened wide the engine runs about 1150rpm while maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. With both ball valves open fully, the engine runs right at 1900rpm while still maintaining 100psi reservoir pressure. I let it run about 10 minutes with one port open wide and noticed absolutely no oil in the discharge piping or fittings. It appears both the "stripper", and water separator, work well. Now going to bang the sheet metal a bit straighter, depaint, then repaint for appearance, and pull it around behind the B-673 for jobs remote from the shop. Both are 1962 models so should work well together.
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    Just rememberd eye made this animation of photos long time ago WotSezU? cya
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    Here is the same truck as it sat on tony's back lot in August of 2015
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    Here’s an updated photo from this week. Still working on some details.
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    I’ve been fascinated with Mack Trucks since I was a little kid but never felt the need to own one until recently, we have an off road car that we haul around on a car trailer but limit our trips to local events that don’t require overnight camping. My wife and I have been wanting to do more out of state events and I starting looking at car haulers with living quarters and came up with the idea of building a Mack camper hauler. I spent about a year chasing a few different Mack models when the LHSW popped up on one of my searches, at first glance it appeared to check most of my boxes, vintage Mack, currently running and mostly complete. I was told that the truck was mechanically sound, ran & drove great and with just some maintenance items could be made usable or our intended purpose. I don’t believe the seller intentionally misled me but unfortunately I didn’t have the knowledge to ask all the questions that needed to be asked and when I received the truck it was painfully obvious this truck was modified several times with a cutting torch and stick welder, the suspension & frame was dangerous at best and needed a complete redo to feel comfortable driving it more than just a few miles around the block. The Cummins 743 engine ran fantastic and the transmissions shifted great so I set out to find a donor frame and suspension with the hope of keeping the old Mack all Mack, locating something on the west coast that was going to be dimensionally correct was turning into a deal killer if I wanted to keep it all Mack parts. I admittedly know nothing about semi-trucks nor am I setup to work on them so I was struggling to come up with options to save this old truck within my skill set and budget, after asking around to a few of the truckers I know the idea of finding a class B donor truck and updating the Mack body to a modern running gear was the new plan. I found a 1995 Kenworth T-300 with a new 8.3 Cummins engine for sale in CA that looked like it would work dimensionally so after buying that truck I’m back to trying to get the old Mack back on the road. Mack when I had it shipped from Oregon to Idaho.
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    Have you tried Manders diesel ?
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    Yeah--wait till dark and grab a photo of that thing lit up!
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    Sounds like the truck in the Alan Jackson song Drive!
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    1988 u model single axle Mack. 5 speed with 300, nice clean interior, power steering , air conditioning this is a dying breed ready for show or work truck has 640k located in west palm beach florida 561-309-4008
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    Things get out of hand, and Dog takes over, the owner could end up with fuel injection???
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    It’d be nice to see it with all the lights on, seems kinda like the idea me and my dad have for Christmas parades in our green and white firetrucks... only they’ll be able to roll and not held to the ground by wires...
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    Tried to make sense of it.... Top definition. BIUunknown This is the abbreviation meaning beat it up. Neil: What did you do last night, BIU? Paden: yeah i took that girl home and BIU like a nigga. #b.i.u#intercourse#mip#bap#masterbastion#omd
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    Pretty much the norm with the "older" generation around here too Paul. Younger, not so much. Farmers done with their harvest will help other's with theirs as a single example. I've seen grain trucks run 24hrs a day by different parties during the harvest timeframe. Lost count of how many I've helped out alongside the road or off in a ditch and not charged for it dependent upon their attitude. Many times reciprocation is fast, others months, or years if any return, but it's all good. Best keep up the momentum and hope it "catches on".
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    Im a firm believerof helping not for any other reason than its the right thing to do I find the more I do this the more people help other people and me in return It drives my wife insane at times and I rarely if ever say anything to anyone It was the way it was when I first started farming We just helped each other out and it is surprising how even on bad years what can be achieved with bugger all if people work together for the common good Paul
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    The F Model was purchased and restored by Harry Muschlegel (the founder of Jevic and New Century Transportation) Back when I worked in Jevic's Willingboro Shop, he used to pay a few of us to stay after our shifts and work on his some of his trucks. I have some sandblasting time on the frame of that F-Model which is painted in Jevic's original paint scheme. And despite popular interwebz folklore, it was never part of the Jevic Fleet. There were three F-Models but that was not one of them.
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    That'll buff right out.
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    Not a great picture but some kids used to ride in style in a Mack E model bus. Was at Kemp's for years and is now in PA with some thoughts of a restoration.
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    You are officially on your own. Lancaster Upholstery used to make a kit for the L model cardboard headliner and back of cab liner but they stopped producing it about 4-5 years ago. If you want to do your own. The cardboard can be purchased from Restoration Specialties as well as the edge welting. Also some folks have had upholstery shops do L interiors with vinyl, cloth or even leather! http://www.restorationspecialties.com/ They call it cowlboard.
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    With the mirrors being on a sliding bracket, the H may have been a mobile home toter before it was parked.
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    All I know is that is all factory original. I can't even remember what year that truck was. 76 or 78? There were a few around here that looked just like that.
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    My first truck was a '72 1210 2wd pickup. Learned a lot working on it. It was a ex township road truck(ya, beat to pieces and safety yellow). 345 would not pass a gas station. Still like the utilitarian look of a IH pickup. They sure did rust to pieces(like most vehicles of the day). Mine came with no inner fenders(or hood hinges), floors were vaguely there, though the bed was welded up pretty solid. I need to dig up the picture I have from 1982? My buddy from jr high grew up with Travelalls. First was a '66, then a '72. I have a picture of the '72(green with woodgrain). He also had a '72 1210 4wd stepside for a short time. It got burnt up in a garage fire while doing some patch work on it. It had a 392 with Holley 4bbl. Sure glad gas was only like $.50/gal back then.
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    The building I'm sitting in at this moment was an IH dealer from 1927 to 1959. I don't have any photos except this one...I wish I had some pics of the trucks that were here.
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    Stark colors in an International stripe scheme, what’s not to love about it?
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    We owned this for 12 years, had planned to restore it, but sadly we sold it. It was a full import from USA to Australia, delivered new with RHDrive. 1965 R200, full air brakes, Cummins 180 turbo, R/Ranger 10 spd overdrive, single 2 spd diff and Page and Page pusher, original condition except for the paint colour. It was a Mobil tanker prime mover from new. We bought it from KTI, around 1999, the name on the doors, it was a local Adelaide prime mover, that they used for pulling trailers around Adelaide up to when we bought it. After we bought it, our Inter remained in a dry secure shed for 12 years never worked. Sold to a guy up country Victoria who was going to restore it. We have information since. I learned to drive trucks in these Inters when I was 11 years old, they were my dad's trucks - picture following next if it will allow me
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    Here's one of our old ones. Had a 290 Cummins in it.
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    don't look like it needs a thing!👍 terry
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