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    LOL.. Yes!! I Love it.. It is a Family project. I found it on Ebay about a year ago where the guy was selling the hood and going to part it out. I begged, borrowed and stole to get the money and bout her. It is an early factory air conditioned truck too!! Build sheet from Mack says Kysor but it looks to be a RedDot unit. All original and I am the 3rd owner. We have been gathering parts and still need a few things. These Western trucks are very different and parts are weird.. The 1/32 trucks are a LOT cheaper to maintain and repair and I have a lot to catch up on.. LOL.. We have to decide if we should keep the original 290 Cummins in it or swap for an 8V71T Detroit. I am not sure what is involved, available, or needed as far as mounting, brackets etc. to convert it over. I will be looking for advice on here if we do decide.
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    You don't see the Uniroyal airfoils much anymore. .....Hippy
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    thanks for sharing,,,,those fire engines have alway interested me ...bob
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