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    I am rather good friends with one of the larger contributors to Hanks. My friend pulled all his images down after he started finding them all over social media virtually destroyed from their original shot. When Hanks was created, there wasnt Facebook or Instagram. Now when you follow some of the Facebook pages, the images that were marked with photographer credit were chopped out, pictures of screenshots of pictures, hell you couldnt even make out the logos on a few I've seen. I am one of the VERY fortunate ones to be able to still view the collections of a few of the contributors to Hanks on private Facevook pages. It seems with technology advances, most have forgotten how it used to be. The investment of film, cameras, getting negatives developed, and really all the contributors were asking for was to respect their work, and give credit where credit was due, but that hasnt been the case. So the pics are safe with their people, but may never be seen again but by a select few. ~Rick
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    maybe it means the truck is possessed by the spirit of harry potter.
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    Wow, the fastest car I ever had, the 70 Chevelle SS, only ran a little bit faster than that in a quarter mile. I had two cars that I took to the track, both street cars. I got 99 mph out of the small block 72 Nova, and ran 101 with the Chevelle.
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    I'm sorry that you feel like the dealer and mack didnt take you seriously on your project. I'm in sales in Nashville and have given your project alot of thought and would love to work on a project like this with you. I've worked out alot of the specs in my head and think that ultimately we could build something on a Mack that would look more like the original Rubber Duck. I'll be upfront about what we can and cant do so i'm not misleading you. The external air cleaner and glider engine are not possible (anything is possible, but cost prohibitive in the least). But the painted air, fuel tanks, and wheels along with the roof fairing are no problem. Also the single side mount exhaust should be possible. We could do either a factory flat top "48 sleeper for lower cost and ease of build, or go with a custom bunk from a couple suppliers i know if you wish to more closely mimic the original trucks look. The interior is all a matter of taste i suppose, i may be biased but with the chrome trim and extra gauges and leather heated seats, i prefer the Mack interior. Not knocking yours at all, its a very nice truck. We can do a traditional 13 speed manual with a Mack or Fuller trans and Mack rears, it would get a gold bulldog but that will get replaced with a duck anyway!!! I know you want a non emissions engine, but the 505HP/1860lb/ft engine is GHG17 compliant and our customers have been very happy with them. I have good corporate resources who are happy to help me. Anyway, this may be too little too late but i wanted you to know that there are people at Mack who care and want to help. If anyone wants to talk more please call me at Mack of Nashville (Nick) at 330-606-4568. Thanks!
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