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    Did you know it is 70 years 25 of June 2020 for Australia and 27 of June 2020 for the US since their respective involvements in the Korean war began Dont know if our respective countries are doing anything to remember this ? It's known as the forgotten war in Australia Paul From the Australian war memorial In the lead-up to the 70th anniversary of the commencement of the Korean War on 25 June 1950, we will be sharing stories, images and collection relating to Australian service personnel in Korea. Please share your own stories and photos with #KoreanWar70Years. Image: Private Alan Candlish, late of the Grenadier Guards, found this magpie with a broken leg on a Korean hillside. Now the magpie, whose leg has healed, refuses to leave Candlish and is happy to travel on his shoulder or radio set as he carries out his duties with 1RAR. Candlish was born in Manchester and migrated to Australia after the Second World War to join the Australian Army. (HOBJ3115).
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    I thought the MR was a low entry cabover, where's the steel hood ? unless it's the 4 to 6 inches in front of the windshield where the dog sits.
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    not much room left in that b cab when he`s in it either
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    No plumber's crack for him.
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    As for the pants at least he doesn't have them pulled down around his butt hole
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