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    Took this a while ago finally figured how to get it off my phone.
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    At the Mack Museum. Just for fun, clicked a picture of the aluminum carrier showing it is running 5.32 gears.
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    The B-81 was produced between 1955-1966. The heavy duty model replaced the Mack LJ and in turn, the B-81 was replaced by the DM series of trucks.
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    Try Watt's Truck Center. wwwWattsTruckCenter.com 1-888-304-6225 1-724-668-2201 .....Hippy
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    Hard working Autocar water truck picture taken on a rainy day.
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    But do they have Moxie ?
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    I have a 76 Mack with a v8 ENDTB865, I blew a head gasket and can’t seem to find a part number, the nearest dealer is no help. Does anyone have a number or an idea? I figured I would also change the thermostat and I’ve been striking out there too, any info would be appreciated, I’m thinking the bad head gasket should solve my coolant system pressure issue
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    Got you all a couple pictures while dropping off a sandblaster I borrowed from a friend. Not sure if they drive, every few years they're parked somewhere else on his property. One or both of them are gassers.
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    Probably had an overdrive transmission.
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    But it was not too bad. In the early 19080's Micky Dee's made 60,000 Mac-Fish burgers from it
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    They want longer trailers in this country. Therefore COE's are a viable option to shorten the overall length and retain maneuverability. Kinda like what is old is new again. Of course once pride in being a driver, and operating profitability is reestablished, the industry will have some clout.
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    We've been using Gliptone polish with good luck. Have coarse-med-fine-ultra fine and good ole fashioned elbow grease and micro fiber rag
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    Cool video. Out of all the Ch styles i think the mid roof with fairings/cab extenders looks the best. They don't look right w/o the visor. Just got got done giving the a good wash and polishing
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    Allow me to assist. These shots were taken at Raceway Park Diesel Drags in 2012 when it had a proper motor and a shot with the long hood closed.
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    Bought this at Hersey a number of years ago, all about how he got the whale and how it basically financed his first race truck. Here is his Great White Shark tour truck.
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    Air cylinder out front for lifting the snow plow.
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    1968 Autocar A64.
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    I love this truck! Stock, not all customized and ready to go to work.
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    I bought a set of white walls for my old Cadillac about 10 years ago. company called Coker Tire was producing them but they make them for hot rods and pickup trucks only. I dont really like them on Big trucks but think it is kinda cool to know someone made them
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