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    Good looking hauler powered by Cummins.
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    Heavy tractor from the Sterling Motor Truck, Co. of Milwaukee, WI.
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    Is this a pic of your truck? Saw it on Facebook and thought it resembled yours.
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    Equipped with a pintle hitch on the heavy steel front bumper, extra large air cleaner housing and an Allison transmission. Seen at the Spa 2019.
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    You did not miss ID the truck, my pics that were transferred to another hosting service has /had issues. I made an error and didn't catch it which apparently is a major crime here. I only learned of that other Marmon when my son took that photo of it on Main Road about 2006 when he asked me why my truck was at the run down store . It is the twin of mine less the interior and lettering. It also matches the one that Allie Lizza had at his asphalt plant in Glen Cove so there were 3 close matches on L.I.. Since it seems to be a major issue I had the moderator delete the offending photos and when I return home around Thanksgiving I'll take a few pics of mine with a large dated card on it so there is no question, unless you have a specific way you want proof of it. . you tell me what you need. I posting the wrong photo with the caption. As for you never seeing it on L.I in the past 30 years, a side from being parked on the remains of the farm off Roanoke Rd for years it has been in Virginia mostly since 2013. It has been at the LI Power Association show at Hallock Farm in 2007 and 2008 The ATHS show in 2007 at Brookhaven Airport with Allie Lizza's truck and in Pete Horan's O.B. Sand Touch a Truck event last year.
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    I think for $1 million TS7 Defense could update a 1951 Dodge M-37 and it would do a better job for less than any of these things.
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    Autocar Trucks is excited to bring back the awesome Autocar A64B Tractor model by AMT. This is the original kit from the 1970s, with over 250 detailed parts scaled from the original Autocar blueprints. Now molded in white with an expanded decal sheet, vinyl truck tires, Cummins NHC-250 6-cylinder diesel engine, optional fog and driving lights, and much more. http://www.autocar-gear.com/Details.aspx?itemNo=S-AC-031 .
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    Here it is. Its shaky from my cell but when I pull it back out on Saturday to clean it up, I'll get a buddy to ride the officer's seat and post some better stuff.
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    When I first joined the work force as an electrical tech doing basic stuff, one shop guy asked me to go to the warehouse and ask for a bucket of ohms. I went and someone told me they didnt have any. When I went back to the electrical shop i told them they didnt have anymore and everyone busted out laughing. Ive come a long way since then lol. But I too have fallen victim to this prank.
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    These cab overs have been at Winchester at our show. The one with D. P. Miller on the door now belongs to the Keystone Museum.
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    I found this on the cover of an Italian heavy haul magazine. I tried to contact them but their contact page is broken. Here is part of the cover page featuring two Mack F900's with Planidrive axles. The axles have a capacity of 100-110k! Damn I keep finding more and more incredible F models. I Wish I could see them first hand! Real beasts and working hard pulling that vessel. I wonder what they had for power. Anyone know anything about these units? I checked the Mack model production sheets and only 5 variations of the F900 were built. Since very few of these trucks were probably built I can only guess that they are either F995's (5 made), F997's (3 made) or F9976's (4 made). Possibly these are 997's? Could the Mack museum help me find out who purchased these units?
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    Here are some photos that would make great wallpaper background images for your desktops! Everybody is welcome to post your own desktop wallpaper images, also! Just make sure they are high quality photos. Instructions for grabbing a wallpaper: Click on the image below you want. Make it full size (Hover your mouse around the lower right hand corner and an expand box will appear...click it to make the photo full size). Right click on the largest size. Select "Set as Background" That's it...your done! You can change it as often as you want!
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    took these in 2009 when I visited my girlfriend in Hillsboro, NH. a local guy had collected a bunch of old mack trucks and a few others, as well as some construction equipment. I really regret not taking more pictures, because they were all auctioned off the next week.
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    I’m sorry I even mentioned it. I’m surprised I don’t recall the Marmon in the plant as my dads shop was on Morris avenue, spent a lot of time down by the Glen cove incinerator/transfer station. Do you have pictures of the Lizza truck I’d love to see that 1, Glen cove was a sweet spot for old trucks when I was a kid. Can’t beleive I don’t remember the Marmon. Wish I carried a camera around more when I was a kid.
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    I bought myself a 2015 cxu highway tractor day cab then I took the 5th wheel off and converted the truck to a gravel truck with a dump box, I used the 5th wheel air line to operate the tailgate everything went as planned, the only problem I have that when I need to spread a load of gravel I raise the box half way up and I start rolling the truck before I open the tailgate but the 5th wheel switch on the dash won’t operate the tailgate in moving mode it’s the way it’s designed for the 5th wheel. My question is there anyway the make it operate In moving mode, although when the truck is stopped it opens but soon I start moving it closes automatically any help is much appreciated.
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    On the early FRO's the shift fork in the rear section was held in place with a snap ring, those are known to break. You will have to remove the transmission and remove the top cover/shift bar housing. You will be able to see the shift fork and shift bar. Snap ring goes on end of shift bar. It's a simple fix. I have repaired several for that problem.
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    Just in time for the holidays: Fire Replicas launches Autocar DC-100T museum quality models. "There are certain trucks in our nation's history that just have to be preserved as a replica. Autocars are at the top of the list." Click here: https://www.firereplicas.com/search.php?search_query=autocar&section=product .
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    TS7 Defense update on the M-37 will come with doors, but for extra $250,000.00 will do one without.
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    Beautiful!! Got to ask what’s going in empty hole left of steering column?
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    H67ST I bought the insulation off Ebay, it was the best price I could find. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Heat-Proof-Insulation-Killer-Sound-Deadener-Mat-Classic-Cars-Truck-Automobiles-/174087580510
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    The other US market truckmakers could all learn something about sales marketing from.......Autocar.
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    I remember a few months ago Port Canaveral got this one to help lift rockets off of the ships they land on after they've come back from space...
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    1987 mack e7 350hp new rebuild 9sp wet line $9500 call 540=309=4973 troutville va
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    Got 1 row of 9. 1500 lumen can lights wired up. I think when the other three are wired in I should have more then enough light .
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    $10,000 buys it now! 3/4 the way thru cancer treatments, if I still own the truck after the beginning of the year , I will put it back in service!
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    What would you have expected with a Mack out front.We had a fellow back east here that had some Pete’s that had more then there share of chrome had a move like yours.His load came in by rail and it was a press for a machine shop,thing was huge.He asked me if I thought my 82 dm800 would pull the load,said he was afraid of breaking his Pete’s.I told him when and where he wanted the Mack.Pulled it no problem weighed in around 250000.Chrome won’t get you home.
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    YOU WANT ANSWERS?? YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Alive and well indeed here in St. Louis. Never stopped playing with trucks, just pulled back quite a bit from the public eye. So, to answer the question, I started with Mack a couple of years ago. Had some discussions at both a dealer and corporate level about what I wanted to do. Dealer seemed completely disinterested. Mack corporate was too enamored about chasing an NFL player that had the last name of Mack but had nothing to do with the industry. We pitched a pretty cool limited edition concept but just heard crickets in return. In the end, we were certainly welcome to buy a new truck and modify it, but we were stuck with a cheap, crappy grey interior with seats that look like they belong in an AMC Gremlin, an emissions motor, no single cab side exhaust and no cab mounted deflector. Aftermarket sleeper on a daycab Pinnacle or Granite was indeed an option but really wasn't thrilling given the stark lack of enthusiasm, the complete junk grey Gremlin interior and the shop queen emissions engine. In the end, the choice to look elsewhere stemmed from it being apparent that Mack corporate had ZERO interest in this project and continued to completely ignore and disregard any ties to what is arguably the single most globally recognized Mack truck ever made. Their silence was heard and noted. As indicated in the video description, I shed no tears and looked at other options with other dealers and manufacturers. I'm extremely happy with the direction we went. Right out of the gate, our salesman Greg understood exactly what we were trying to do and he pulled his local and corporate resources and contacts in to make it happen. We are putting on the finishing touches and modifications now. We will have a lot more to follow, including roll-out of a new website about the film and the trucks. Lots of good new information for the Convoy groupies.
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    wheres the part where the greedy lazy grandson of the company owner (who went in the hospital) didn't wanna work and wanted to sell off assets and not work a day in his life??
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    I’m not a big fan of orange trucks but that one just fits. I like it👍
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    Yup, crank the glass to the bottom. It needs to be BELOW the top of the channel at the top of the door panel. Then, with some wiggling you should be able to persuade it out of the door. My drivers door panel falls out easily. My passenger door takes lots of very carefully said cuss words! I'll let you use the words I use....just can't type them on the forums LOL!!! Start with George Carlins 7 words you can't say on TV...that's a good start.... I see you are using tape on the door to help with not destroying the paint. I finally had to do this with my new doors. Ugh, the old doors were much easier to work on!!
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    This is a United States congresswoman? The folks in Minnesota intentionally and overwhelmingly voted for.....her? The state of the union is dire.
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    motor and transmission rebuild....
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    Bob, your concrete hasn't set enough yet for
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    Mine is almost seven years old. Still love driving it!
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    I think this may have come from our Wiki or a BMT poster... BC Mack sb136012 air suspension[1].pdf
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    I also saw an engine that seemed to miss also, it got way worse with rpm's. Turned out to be a missing fan blade
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    the grey one is mine. It's not quite done yet but she's on the road. It's a blast to bomb around in!
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    Crocks Custom Trucks is owned by Brandon Crock, 17990 SR 78 CALDWELL,OH 43724 Brandon, Ed and Ryan Crock. These were at York too. click pics
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    This 361 is for sale near me. It has an 8V71 and a 13 speed(I think). It hasn't been run in 4 years but had not problems when it was last run. It has been off the road for 10 years. It has some rust. Worst in the fenders. He is asking $3500 for it. It is in boyertown pa. I am tempted but have spent my money on other junk. Mike
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    I posted pics earlier of this Brockway that recently sold. Here is the same truck working a job for me. I owned a crane service here in Mid TN for 40 yrs, just sold all my cranes 9-04-13. McCord is selling out now. Elliott Cranes has sold as well. Time marches on..!!
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    Some more of the V12 and then a 318 and then the 290 cummins
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    think i saw this truck at a show,,in fontana,,california...bob
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    Mike The Reasoner W miodel is in the big Mack collection in Australia now. I got a call from the PA guy last week about parts. That was his grandfather's truck if I remember right. I have a day cab no frame, and a few odds and ends. other than the front axle and spring hangers, a few front engine mmounts and cross member, tranny mounts, the frame is the same as an LTL 1/4" thick. The NM one you are referring to also has the big add on sleeper and ran through the 80's with big Cummins power. it was for sell. There was one as a wrecker years ago on the N Cal coast and one down in San Diego but i have not seen them in years. what happened to the one in New England that the museum had? Here is mine as it is now. I just put a fifth wheel on it this past summer. it had a long truck frame and i was hoping to find either a nice drom and trailer or period correct boxes with a pull trailer. But the years were going by and I like to drive it.
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    yep thats a mh and good luck thats the worts thing about the trucks
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    Hello, my name is Larry Pruitt and I live just west of St.Louis MO.I have a 1959 Mack B-81SX and a 1982 Mack R-686ST. From what I've seen so far, I like the new format. Thanks Barry for the new medium to share info about our passions. Thanks again: Larry aka Fireman
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