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    You did not miss ID the truck, my pics that were transferred to another hosting service has /had issues. I made an error and didn't catch it which apparently is a major crime here. I only learned of that other Marmon when my son took that photo of it on Main Road about 2006 when he asked me why my truck was at the run down store . It is the twin of mine less the interior and lettering. It also matches the one that Allie Lizza had at his asphalt plant in Glen Cove so there were 3 close matches on L.I.. Since it seems to be a major issue I had the moderator delete the offending photos and when I return home around Thanksgiving I'll take a few pics of mine with a large dated card on it so there is no question, unless you have a specific way you want proof of it. . you tell me what you need. I posting the wrong photo with the caption. As for you never seeing it on L.I in the past 30 years, a side from being parked on the remains of the farm off Roanoke Rd for years it has been in Virginia mostly since 2013. It has been at the LI Power Association show at Hallock Farm in 2007 and 2008 The ATHS show in 2007 at Brookhaven Airport with Allie Lizza's truck and in Pete Horan's O.B. Sand Touch a Truck event last year.
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    Equipped with a pintle hitch on the heavy steel front bumper, extra large air cleaner housing and an Allison transmission. Seen at the Spa 2019.
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    Here it is. Its shaky from my cell but when I pull it back out on Saturday to clean it up, I'll get a buddy to ride the officer's seat and post some better stuff.
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    When I first joined the work force as an electrical tech doing basic stuff, one shop guy asked me to go to the warehouse and ask for a bucket of ohms. I went and someone told me they didnt have any. When I went back to the electrical shop i told them they didnt have anymore and everyone busted out laughing. Ive come a long way since then lol. But I too have fallen victim to this prank.
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    These cab overs have been at Winchester at our show. The one with D. P. Miller on the door now belongs to the Keystone Museum.
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    I’m sorry I even mentioned it. I’m surprised I don’t recall the Marmon in the plant as my dads shop was on Morris avenue, spent a lot of time down by the Glen cove incinerator/transfer station. Do you have pictures of the Lizza truck I’d love to see that 1, Glen cove was a sweet spot for old trucks when I was a kid. Can’t beleive I don’t remember the Marmon. Wish I carried a camera around more when I was a kid.
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    For those who don’t remember (it’s been a while), I own Mack B85F1242, a 1957 B85F that spent its entire firefighting career with the Gettysburg, PA fire department. While in college I was a firefighter there. I had the honor of driving and riding the officers seat to this rig’s last actual fire and it’s last alarm (a false alarm nonetheless). This truck stood by for President Eisenhower when his helicopter landed at the family farm in Gettysburg and was nicknamed and dedicated by the President as “General Ike. I bought it with my father-in-laws help six years after it was retired in 1998 (bought in 2004 or so). We restored it and unfortunately it has sat for about 8 years. I replaced the batteries, flushed the fuel system and fired this old boy up for the first time today in 8 years. The 6V53T that it was repowered with in the 1970’s ran like a champ. The Allison auto never missed a beat. Drive it 20 miles home from the storage facility where we keep it during rush hour in Orlando and it got tons of thumbs up. It’s dirty and will be washed at my middle school son’s car wash fund drive on Saturday (I’ll be washing it while the kids wash cars). I’ll post pics and a better video that doesn’t include the stress and shakiness of driving a 60 year old truck in rush hour traffic on Saturday.
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    I acquired this truck from a friend, Russel Turner. He found the truck years ago and then started the restoration which got as far as the frame and rebuild of the engine. (not crazy about the red engine and intend to paint it to what I believe is the factory color......a gray?) This is a unique BM as it was delivered in San Francisco in 1937 with factory upgrades such as the larger gas motor (BX) air brakes, aux transmission, larger wheels/tires, to name a few. And it was a C cab as well. Hope to have it done for the 2020 truck shows. I like it as it has the early F model look to it.
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    AutoBlog / November 17, 2019 AM General just bandied its Jeep Gladiator Military-Grade Truck (MXT) at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army a few days ago. Now, General Motors Defense presents its entry based on the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 at the same gathering, while overseas, Ricardo worked a martial transformation on the Ford Ranger for the British Army. The GM Defense Infantry Squad Vehicle is competing to win an Army contract for 651 ISVs slated for production over the next five years. The contract specs call for a vehicle capable of carrying nine solders and gear at highway speeds in extreme conditions on and off-road, light enough to sling-load under a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, and with a footprint small enough to fit in a CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Starting with the Colorado ZR2 helps keep costs down, another cost-efficient measure being that 70 percent of the Colorado ISV's components come from the GM parts bin. Looking like a scaled-up side-by-side, engineers turned the Colorado into a giant roll cage with skid plates, powered by the 2.8-liter diesel four-cylinder with 186 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, shifting through a six-speed automatic. Underbody plating shields everything from the engine to the front and rear mounts for the long-travel Multimatic DSSV dampers. Proving out dynamic prowess off-road partly explains Chevrolet Performance having run more than 10,000 racing miles in the Best in the Desert series. Nine troops grab two seats in front, three in the second row, two-rear facing seats in a third row, and two more outward-facing seats in a fourth row at the back, behind the rear axle. Their gear gets stowed in the space between the third and fourth rows, strapped to webbing that forms the roof over the ostensible cabin, or slung from the numerous gusset apertures through the roll cage structure. The Colorado prototype will compete with similar looking entries from Oshkosh/Flyer Defense and SAIC/Polaris on the contract expected to be decided next March. And for any who wonder, the SAIC in question is an American company, Science Applications International Corporation, headquarted in Reston, Va. The Army has already awarded all three entries $1 million prototyping contracts to develop their ISVs ahead of the contract deadline, with testing to begin next month at the branch's Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Meanwhile, over the pond, Ricardo took Europe's bestselling pickup, the Ford Ranger, and turned it into a prototype "general purpose utility vehicle for defense, policing, security and rescue services roles." The English engineering firm already makes the Land Rover Defender 110-based Weapons Mount Installation Kit (WMIK) and builds the General Dynamics Foxhound in use by the British Army. The same Polaris Government and Defense that's working with SAIC on the U.S. Army ISV provided assistance on development work. For the Ranger, Ricardo started with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost diesel Ranger putting out 210 hp and 368 lb-ft. shifting through a 10-speed automatic. From top to bottom there's a ring-mounted weapon system in a roll cage over the bed, similar to that on the WMIK, armored glass, four-point harnesses for all occupants, lightweight yet heavy-duty bumpers, rock sliders, NATO infrared reflecting (IRR) paint, ballistic underbody armor for the radiator, engine, and fuel tank. The 24-volt electrical system's been upgraded to provide reliable power and electromagnetic compatibility for operational theaters. The bed holds at least seven jerry cans, and options include rollover protection and beefier suspension, brakes and wheels. .
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    Wasn't able to verify what was under the hood. The door tag said 773 which is for a DD 8V71N, but it appeared the tag had been moved around. Either way , it looked like a fine puppy to visit the Spa.
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    I was only speaking to my mother about this very thing a week or so ago We dont do enough for veterans and their families We ask them to put it all on the line for a cause they might not even agree with but we are to lousy to put out our hands to help after the fighting is over I only learnt my Grandfather who was in the RAAF although he was ground crew , he was a air frame fitter I asked what that was as a child "when they come in like a colander I send em out like a bowl" I never new until only days ago he was a fire fighter in the airforce as well, the memories of the burnt and mangled air crews haunted him to the day he died apparently As I said I only learnt this days ago Most of us only think of the front line troops and the trauma they must suffer I do wonder how far reaching this trama can be Paul
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    Good looking hauler powered by Cummins.
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    Dash finished, go to work on the doors. the headliner is being covered with gray diamond tuck.
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    1987 mack e7 350hp new rebuild 9sp wet line $9500 call 540=309=4973 troutville va
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    I sent out a newbe a few years ago for a bucket of steam. Smart A came back with a bucket with dry ice.
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    yes. I'm trying to eliminate the negative things in my life these days and it was to light for a boat anchor.
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    What would you have expected with a Mack out front.We had a fellow back east here that had some Pete’s that had more then there share of chrome had a move like yours.His load came in by rail and it was a press for a machine shop,thing was huge.He asked me if I thought my 82 dm800 would pull the load,said he was afraid of breaking his Pete’s.I told him when and where he wanted the Mack.Pulled it no problem weighed in around 250000.Chrome won’t get you home.
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    What’s he smoking there ? Must be good stuff
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    wheres the part where the greedy lazy grandson of the company owner (who went in the hospital) didn't wanna work and wanted to sell off assets and not work a day in his life??
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    Looks like an old pete buy the dash late 60s early 70s can’t remember when they stopped putting the breakers on the dash. After a longer look maybe late 70 early 80
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    The fuse box that goes bad is the EPDM. The fuse box behind clutch pedal. Pull some relays out and check for corrosion. Replace EPDM (fusebox) if any corrosion found. The windshield leaks and water gets in EPDM and causes corrosion.
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    Sorry for the confusion we all ways called 5 x4 a quad and 5x3 a Tri no matter what it was in most the ones I drove were 5x4. Didn’t get drive one with Eaton very often. I always drove heavy one usually in a dump or mixer or low bed tractor
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    That picture has an automatic in that can’t be an autocar. Real auto cars have quads Tri's and road rangers. How things have changed
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    He put a phone number to call Give it a shot
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    Not much help but the only time I had a won’t communicate with Ecu I checked harness and grounds pulled a load through the harness with a head light both pos and ground had nothing coming out of ecu It was a bad ecu. That’s all I have for you
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    Are you losing as much engine oil as you are taking out of power steering pump. Is the pump bolted to the accessory drive
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    I’ve seen radiator hoses collapse inside that will drive you crazy also. With no external signs at all. Have you check the hoses inside top and bottom
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    I’m not a big fan of orange trucks but that one just fits. I like it👍
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    I've seen enough mechanical failures to know I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing, LOL.
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    I believe thats what causes little capacitors to come into the world . . .
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    Yup, crank the glass to the bottom. It needs to be BELOW the top of the channel at the top of the door panel. Then, with some wiggling you should be able to persuade it out of the door. My drivers door panel falls out easily. My passenger door takes lots of very carefully said cuss words! I'll let you use the words I use....just can't type them on the forums LOL!!! Start with George Carlins 7 words you can't say on TV...that's a good start.... I see you are using tape on the door to help with not destroying the paint. I finally had to do this with my new doors. Ugh, the old doors were much easier to work on!!
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    12V71, KTA, or 3408. OH YEAAA!!
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    I think this may have come from our Wiki or a BMT poster... BC Mack sb136012 air suspension[1].pdf
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    I also saw an engine that seemed to miss also, it got way worse with rpm's. Turned out to be a missing fan blade
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    the grey one is mine. It's not quite done yet but she's on the road. It's a blast to bomb around in!
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    Crocks Custom Trucks is owned by Brandon Crock, 17990 SR 78 CALDWELL,OH 43724 Brandon, Ed and Ryan Crock. These were at York too. click pics
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    I know I posted this B on another thread way back some where, but here it is again. It was at the 2011 ATHS show in South Bend IN. I think the truck was out of KY.
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    This 361 is for sale near me. It has an 8V71 and a 13 speed(I think). It hasn't been run in 4 years but had not problems when it was last run. It has been off the road for 10 years. It has some rust. Worst in the fenders. He is asking $3500 for it. It is in boyertown pa. I am tempted but have spent my money on other junk. Mike
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    I posted pics earlier of this Brockway that recently sold. Here is the same truck working a job for me. I owned a crane service here in Mid TN for 40 yrs, just sold all my cranes 9-04-13. McCord is selling out now. Elliott Cranes has sold as well. Time marches on..!!
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    Some more of the V12 and then a 318 and then the 290 cummins
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    This was my cousins '72 361.....6-71,5 speed Fuller,Eaton 3 speed rears on Neway Air Ride. Bill Bedell took a picture of it when it was brand new while sitting at August Schmidt,Inc. in Milwaukee.
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    We had a used 361 for a short time, the one in the middle,350 Cummins,10 speed (it had been Huskydrive originally),pretty good truck,allthough I only ever drove it a few times traded it in on an F-Model because we needed something with a sleeper on it. The wheelbase on this one was just too short.IIRC, they allowed 2500.00 trade against the F-Model?...wish I still had it now!.............Mark
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    Just an update to complete the thread for future reference. The dealer flashed the ECM with the latest software update applicable. It retains is original 71 series turbo. We have had it back and been running it without any further issues other than a persistent burp on decel. The truck still throws an 8-3 EUP code and an occasional 1-8 code which I believe is a fan speed code. A few pictures are attached for fun.
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    yep thats a mh and good luck thats the worts thing about the trucks
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    o btw the service manger at mack wanted to cut the wires and put a switch WTF. I spend 200000 on a new truck and he wants to start chopping up the harness.
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