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    We all live in different neighborhoods but it is going to be HOT everywhere this weekend! Amber recommends staying hydrated and hanging out by the pool.
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    Finished with installing the Mack logo on the radiator tank using the emblem from the side of the hood. I never liked the standard logo-the letter stamping was uneven. Plus the cost of a new one was more than I wanted to spend. Cost for this was .34 cents for two stainless screws.
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    Here is my Mack Magirus. There were only four B85F’s made with the L cab. There rest had some form of the B cab and the soft nose. The serial numbers were in with the other 600 some B85F’s. I’m told this is the only one that survives. Mike.
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    A friend owns a machine shop fabrication business, I have free run on the equipment. He has two sheet metal rollers and when it comes time for the hood I will help him form it. Well for one it's getting a BCII 400 for power so extra room to fire wall is nice. And it is getting outside frame power steering located to the rear, need room for that. But the main reason is {as far as I know} no one has ever built a long hood B 75 or 73. I never follow what everyone else is doing, the whole truck will be custom built and a bunch of one of a kind custom parts and pieces. I want a one of a kind Mack B 75. I get tired of going to shows with the same ole stuff. It's my last build of anything for the rest of my years. Back in the 80's I built a custom CJ3B, took forever to get it licenced. Because I built the frame and bought a new Philippine steel body. After it was all legal the state of Washington sent me a letter that I was to cease and desist all vehicle manufacturing. Well as you can see that went in one ear and out the other.
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    What ever happened to U model nut Vinney ? Did the U ever get done?
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    After quite a few years of trying to figure out what I could build versus what I could afford I ended up purchasing a shop. I am so dang excited. I’ve never even had a garage and now I have a 36’X48’ shop. First of all I know this thread is worthless with out pictures. They will come soon I promise. My old buddy (who I bought my Willy’s pickup from) has had the shop for years. I had told him in the past to let me know if he ever wanted to sell to let me know and would you believe I actually had money at the time he wanted to sell?! Part of the reason I haven’t got pics posted is I’m still waiting for the previous owner to clean his stuff out. He’s a very nice guy and is a bit eccentric and exceptionally intelligent. So he didn’t throw much away and so there isn’t much room other than the trails between stuff. I knew it’d be a process for him to get things sorted out and moved so I’ve been patiently waiting to move my stuff in and helping him along the way. I will admit I’m getting a little antsy to get moved in and start working on my projects like my B75, finish my LS swap in my 73 k20, start my Willy’s wagon project etc. I’m very excited to start working in my shop and will be tapping you guys for your knowledge, tips and tricks. I’m far from being the best at anything but I enjoy working and building stuff.
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    Finally got this bought was a few miles from my house been parked for 8 years Guy said he parked it because the crank was broke!! He said give me 500 bucks and get it outta here! So I loaded it up and hauled it home!! New fuel filters new batteries fired it up the next day had a bad miss sound found a bent push rod threw another 1 in and away we went never spent another dime on it Cab is 95% rust free double frame very nice shape for a 1978 bed is near perfect tires like new, even the windshield washer works!!! Bed was half full of rock too that was a bonus
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    Been doing some work for Pinewood Studios. Watch the movies and you'll see it in action.
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    Much of it is childish. Mature adults should be able to sort out their differences better.
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    Jakes are good for shifting up hill in lower gears.On a E6 your as well off to roll up both windows and hold the doors open.
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    That 4th photo looks like it has solid tires on the back...I'll bet that rides nice. Must be yard/short distance hauler.
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    They never caught on here on the Canadian side, but I used to see them all the time on the Michigan side.
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    https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/29540-hendricksons/ https://www.overdriveonline.com/david-hosteters-1988-hendrickson-vt100/
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    Active trucks plus their own used parts department!
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    This handsome green AB coal truck plus a couple more green trucks are owned by Mr. Greene.
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    Nice! I had forgot about that build. The picture from behind the truck should be captioned "All Business".
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    With all of their money, why can't Saudi Arabia lead the Arab League in taking care of their own neighborhood? I vote against the US being the Middle East's policeman. We can no longer afford it, and we have our own problems.
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    We're not exactly sure how old this Autocar ACL64B CASA Redimix Concrete Corp. #concrete #mixer truck is, but it's about 20 years since we built the last ACL model trucks. Now, who wants to see a new #AutocarDC mixer truck on the road? #ThowbackThursday #TBT. .
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    Actually it will be the other way around, he will probably end up calling me to help with assist. I installed a 45,000 lb winch on our company tow truck I built two years ago. I used the winch nine times this last winter.
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    Here’s a couple of pic of our old shop,till have it.It was 100x100,1 foot concrete floor. 3FFFDE7A-4350-4CEB-83DD-7052D9A728C0.MOV
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    I keep trying to get my parents to build an equipment shed/shop out of containers for the farm. I guess as long as I'm the one working under the machinery in snow and mud, it won't get done
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    Here is the transformer we moved this week.
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    It's not meant for tight spaces with the wheel base that long Makes me think of the song about needing 1000 acres to turn the truck around Paul
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    Just finished the custom grille, the aluminum rods are solid 1/2" stock cut to size, drilled and tapped 1/4"on both ends of three centered apart and the rest drilled and tapped the same on one end. The other end just fits through a 1/2" hole in frame on one side. Frame is 14 gauge pickled and oiled steel powder coated.
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    sounds like some one had liner or head gasket issues before
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