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    When will there be a honest discussion of the epidemic of black on black violence? Guess it doesn't sell as well on CNN or the NY Times.
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    There never should be boob discrimination.
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    when? easy. that will happen when you get rid of democrats and welfare.
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    Agreed, football games, baseball games, soccer games, hockey games and election games. You only have one choice of uniform colors. Winner takes all, loser goes home. Politics has become a zero sum game in America. I’ll vote for any independent thinker, so far it’s the Trump 2020. He parasite’d the Republican Party, very crafty. He held them hostage by threatening to run independent. They had a 15% approval during Obama, they hated him coming into 2016 and yet had no foot to stand on. They would never have beaten Hillary, Cruz would have lost. It remains.......Dems cannot produce that scenario of a hostile takeover. Dems are, and always will be, narrow party line, tribal group thinkers, till the day of liquidation.
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    Should be none How often are you greasing them? i had one that grease was not getting to one section. Thing fell apart when I was taking out
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    Sounds like a bomb waiting to go off that did.
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    How is Biden's dementia progressing? Less than stellar candidates...
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