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    Worst part is we had a driver do that but not that bad, then he thought seems heavy so went to cat scale weighed and took it back, I was like you really didn't think something was wrong before you loaded it, it was to pickup a Cat 215 and it was a 235, which he put on a 35 ton trailer with 29' of deck, thankfully we don't have to work with him anymore, he went to Bennett where he claims he was driver of the year ?????
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    This Brute got a ride to the show. Offset cab LM with modified fenders and a supercharged Cummins in the engine room. Model LMSWL 6 X 4 Chassis No. LM 2 DL 2454 D
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    Sounds good! A candidate for some preservation repairs. Glad it didn't go under the torch. When the price of scrap was high, LOTS of stuff came out of the woods and back pastures.
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    It maybe a governor issue buy more than likely it is not. I drove a few trucks that were really touchy just bobtailing around. Get a trailer behind them with a little load and they smooth right out. Some engines just like a load on to run right at any speed. The old v-pumps V8's do act like that more than a 6 cylinder. The only engine that is worse is my old supercharged 320 cummins that has a slightly turned up PT pump and I only run around bobtail. Got to slip the clutch when it starts bucking or lunging at part throttle to get it to settle down and keep in the throttle a little after that. Keeping the RPM's up seems to help the lunging as it is bumping on the high idle governor limit. Planting your boot heel helps steady your foot to. Another thought, I don't think your year engine has a puff limiter but that would certainly help dampen the throttle response and lunging.
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    Just thought I'd cover that base; every time I've had someone ride along to train they leave their heel up in the air. Doesn't work with an air ride seat constantly moving over every bump!
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    While Ford holds out for $30-40k prices for Rangers, the plant that builds them is running at no where near capacity. Given that that plant has a bunch of fixed costs whether it builds 50,000 or 200,000 Rangers a year, Ford should quit trying to tell the customer what they want and offer more options and trim levels to build volume.
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    Jim, Part of the Gargolinski Construction fleet that operated here in Worcester County. That truck was in care of grandson Matt when I took those shots in 2010. There was a ton of other stuff then too, twin engine Euc scraper, Letourneau scrapers, shovels, dozers etc. According to Matt, the truck may have a future as Matt has been working with Jandris Mason Supply who also has some beauties that have been restored. Hopefully between the two of them we have not seen the last of this old dog. Matt by the way is in the heavy truck business-frame replacement his specialty. More 2010 shots -all went under the torch
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    H67ST , Thank you. Williamsport is just an hour ride for me across rt.80. I'll give them a call. JoeH, Thank you for your reply. I'll get a picture of what the pump looks like. Although I believe the only pump used on that engine was the AMBAC APE mini V8 design. I've been driving mostly Macks for 32 years now. I've never had a truck do this in the past this bad. If you're not completely on the fuel or totally off the fuel it bucks like a bronco.
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    Careful! Could be a bad place to park.
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    And Jim, here is a shot of that beast in its "natural habitat" taken 9 years ago!
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    DW clutch in Maryland. Super nice people. Really fast turn around.
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