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    For those who don’t remember (it’s been a while), I own Mack B85F1242, a 1957 B85F that spent its entire firefighting career with the Gettysburg, PA fire department. While in college I was a firefighter there. I had the honor of driving and riding the officers seat to this rig’s last actual fire and it’s last alarm (a false alarm nonetheless). This truck stood by for President Eisenhower when his helicopter landed at the family farm in Gettysburg and was nicknamed and dedicated by the President as “General Ike. I bought it with my father-in-laws help six years after it was retired in 1998 (bought in 2004 or so). We restored it and unfortunately it has sat for about 8 years. I replaced the batteries, flushed the fuel system and fired this old boy up for the first time today in 8 years. The 6V53T that it was repowered with in the 1970’s ran like a champ. The Allison auto never missed a beat. Drive it 20 miles home from the storage facility where we keep it during rush hour in Orlando and it got tons of thumbs up. It’s dirty and will be washed at my middle school son’s car wash fund drive on Saturday (I’ll be washing it while the kids wash cars). I’ll post pics and a better video that doesn’t include the stress and shakiness of driving a 60 year old truck in rush hour traffic on Saturday.
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    My .02 worth is the economy is doing pretty well with low unemployment, Trump needs to stay off twitter and people need to enter this country legally.
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    i still say trump uses twitter as a laser pointer, and the demoncrats are his cats.
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    The first picture is how the truck looked when I bought it from Superdog, and the last two are with the axle moved and a new paint job and some chrome.
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    Heading up to Scott's on Friday to roam the chrome with Big Boss. He wants a CV713, Gold Dog, AI460, in Cherry Red, for hauling the wood butcher. Ends up the emissions friendly versions of his logging equipment, along with better creature comforts, is adding a considerable amount of extra weight to his haul and tipping the scale on his weight permits. While scrolling I saw this really nice MH. Anyone interested to the degree you want me to snap some more pics or check anything on it? It's a sharp little unit, looks like someone took really nice care of it and kept it away from anything salty. $27,500. Dave W. will be excited about that......
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    don't forget the health insurance debacle "you need to vote it in effect to see what is in it"
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    yea, but the people believing them also believe in the tooth fairy, easter bunny, bernie sanders, and the clintons are innocent. 😆
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    Which US President hasn't used quid pro quo?
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    To Keith S the IRS did persecute conservatives, guns did go across the border then were used to murder a border agent, Hillary did give away the our uranium for her benefit plus made sure 4 good men died because she had her head up her ass, Obama drew a line in the sand and then moved it ten times, he also paid Iran hostage money then lied about it and under Obama ISIS was born due to his being incompetent, and under Obama the 16 election was hacked by the Russians or someone, that's right, that happened while Obama was watching the store not Trump, OH and the unemployment rate was going to stay high and just get use to it, and those manufacturing jobs were gone and never to come back and we will kill coal to help the environment when it was to kill the price of coal so third world baboon farmers could have cheap electric power and we got stuffed and the environment got screwed, yes sir Obama and his crowd did great things.
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    what concerns ME is the fact you think we are believing anything the news reports.
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    Was out for a stroll with the wife and kids, came across a lady out with her English Bulldog. Asked if I could snap a pic, "Certainly". Too cute not to share the Volvo version of what had been Allentown's red-blooded pit fighter. He must have been able to read my mind because he stuck his tongue out as I took the pic.
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    So Trump kills the number one bad guy in Syria and the left wing loons are mad because they were not told in advance which Trumps responds that they leak everything else so what is to make anyone believe they would not leak this also ? A leak could have possibly got our people killed but that does not matter to a Democrat, they could have hurt Trump and that is more important to them than the live or lives of out military people !!!!! Obama killed his brother Osama, which I still doubt he is dead since the dumped him in the ocean thus not being able to prove he is really dead but anyway it was funny that Obama murdered Osama just before the election, even though we knew where he was for months before but then hey when a Democrat does shady crap it's OK, I use the word murder because when you kill someone for your personal gain and not the good of the US then that's murder, not doing your job, they should have wiped him off the face of the earth the day they found hind not wait for the election. Good job Trump for helping make America safe again.
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    Finally got outta my work late tonight and on my way home I have the biggest heart attack when I’m greeted with this thing that turned out to be stopped there so the harvester off in the distance could unload into something, and then figured you all would get a kick out of it... sorry for the crappy quality but I didn’t exactly have time to expect and prepare for this...
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    I took the B over to DW42 last Friday for a "Smoke and Speed" event. It was pretty brutal cold, low 40's and windy, but I thought what the hell. It was a three day event, but I only went on Friday for the drag racing portion. I took 1/2 day vacation and drove over from work. They had it live streaming on MotormaniaTV on youtube. If you go to about 1:46:00 mark the first round of TT for big trucks. Then right after we go again. If you then go to about 5:27:00 mark there is a short interview with me(ya, don't ask me why but while in tech line a fellow was walking along and stopped to talk). This fellow is from MotormaniaTV I guess. There is a couple interviews thrown in the mix throughout the live stream. Unfortunately, due to the program being really screwed up, I left long before they had their eliminations. I got there at noon, it was suppose to start at 1pm. It got bumped to 2pm "due to temperature". Ya, it was only just in the low 40's and windy. So we got two TT about 3pm. At 6:30 we were still just sitting around. A driver came to talk to me, it turned out he was a main sponsor of the big rig part, he was pissed from the lack of action and the messing around they did with us. I agreed. He told me they were going to finish all the pickup racing, wait til dark and then let us run. WTF? It was going to be in the 30's!!! I said F it and left. I hope they spend my $50 wisely. It will be the last money they get from me. It was suppose to be $1000 payout!!! I questioned the sponsor about it and he said he had no clue what they were going to do. They had a diesel drags at Quakercity dragway in 2004 and I did pretty good, as I still have the time slips in the glovebox. I hoped to have some fun, but it faded quickly.
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    Good points. And while I generally stay out of politics here, if folks wanna talk about politicians, please quit obsessing over candidates who haven't run in years and hold no public office.
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    That's the problem here. It was all the "Citiots" that got enough votes for Trudeau. You know, the ones that are brainwashed that farming is destroying the environment, meat will kill you and should be banned, and that think the government has magical powers to change the world's climate just by collecting a carbon tax????????? And the financial analysts even said that. These idiots voted because for him because they will get a $200 rebate come tax time for the carbon tax. Too stupid to realize how much extra tax they now will have to actually pay through the year. Short sighted brain dead idiots. All they want is Trudeau's legal pot, so they can be even stupider and lazier than they already are.
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    Now that I think about it ,the lever moves a air cylinder which opens or closes the door. The air cylinder itself could of fell off.
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    I have a 93 MH with vmac 1 it has cruise control
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    Agreed. In our case your dealing with outdated software/hardware that even Volvo would rather not have to maintain support for.
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    What concerns me is not what you're saying, it's that you believe it. "I saw this morning where the demoncrats want to impeach trump for assassinating the leader of isis" Come on... you're smarter than that. "Trump could cure cancer tomorrow and the Dems would blast him for putting millions in the healthcare industry out of work" Just like L. Ron Hubbard, cult leaders depend on blind followers "Same money-spoiled children of privilege blew $25,000,000.00 taxpayer dollars on that unfounded Mueller investigation to play politics" It would be interesting to hear your view about the Mueller report if you replaced every reference to the word, "Trump", with "Obama". Just an idea "Like I said we need to impeach the impeachers" Again, replace the word, "Trump", with, "Obama".
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    One more addition. Found this award while cleaning and sorting out our literature room. He never mentioned it
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    A photo of this 1918 Mack "AC" appears in John B. Montville's book, "Mack". It is an aircraft searchlight truck with dual radiators, generator, and light projection equipment.
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    This photo has just come across a Australian truck forum, no details but different for sure Paul
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    Blueprint for the R 700?
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    The brake valve iself is a common type threadle valve. The part you need is a kind of spicer. Same general design as say R-model but longer to suit MH cab. The plunger which is actually a tappet is longer also. If no options to purchase a good part I would try alu welding and than grind the edges into the shape and drill 3 holes. Vlad
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    Seaweed from lake cleanup?
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    you guys never hauled rocks ??? real rock bodies don't have gates, well maybe for a day or two.
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    Took another look at body-looks like it has latches to secure load cover. Silage of some sort- for sure some sort of lightweight material. Oh -Casino? Cash?😎
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    Limits flow to a certain maximum no matter what rpm(flow) the pump turns. Yes, in a way it limits the pressure so it feels the same no matter what speed you run the engine.
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    That MH has been listed for quite a while. Being as cabover dump trucks are rare, I've always wondered if it was originally built for some other application and later turned into a dump. The 9 speed Eaton trans is odd for a dump truck too... What's it got for an engine?
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    KS: Not to be nosy but are you at Autocar now and back in the USA?
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    Well here's where I let the cat out of the bag because several of you wish that you had my time. I'm salaried at work and run the shop, when the work is done, parts ordered and the shop cleaned I work on the 75 til the next job shows up. The boss doesn't care, I work seven days a week so something gets done on the 75 everyday.
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    This was probably my favorite truck at the Tri State ATHS Show in Winchester last weekend. I've always liked the D-860 GMC's, ever since I was a wee lad, probably because one used to pass by my house several times a week when I was a kid. You could hear that 6-71 coming long before it ever got there, so we always had time to run to the front yard to watch it go by. I really think that truck was the reason I always wanted to drive a truck. Now, after 41 years, the thrill is gone, but... I was thinking that this truck might have been the one Fred Craig had, but I do not know. This was Fred Craig's at Winchester in 2005 or 2006.
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    My uncle was on that plane as well. Never found his remains. Lots of unanswered questions. He left six children behind
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    Since someone mentioned Bulldog Airlines and Zenon Hansen in my post over the Mack-Bernards, I’d like to share my knowledge on Mack's corporate aircraft. Flying in the Lear 24 was a thrill, like a fighter enlarged for passengers. I regret not having more color photographs of the helicopters, jet and turboprop aircraft. ______________________________________________ Mack Trucks’ corporate aircraft department was established shortly after Zenon C.R. Hansen took the company's helm in January 1965. Mr. Hansen, a proponent of corporate aviation to enhance company efficiency, hired White Motor Company’s chief pilot (Bill Sapp) to become the head pilot at “Bulldog Airlines”, the two having met while Mr. Hansen was executive vice president of White (1958-1965). In the years to come, Mack's corporate flight department grew to become one of the largest fleets of its kind in the nation. The aircraft of Bulldog Airlines (This list is indeed incomplete, but to the best of my knowledge) Mack I Beechcraft H-18 (original N1021B) This aircraft, which started life as a G-18S, was the company’s first and appropriately given the company call sign "Mack I." The FAA registration number N1021B would later be transferred to the company's first Lear jet, a Model 23 ("Mack IV"). Mack II (1966-1968) Beechcraft H-18 (original N1031B) Built as E-18S which had 6 inches of additional headroom, and later modified to H-18 standard with the tri-cycle landing gear developed by Volpar. Mack II (1968-1974) Volpar Turboliner II (second N1031B) The second “Mack II” began life as a Beech E-18S, but was ordered as a conversion from Volpar Aircraft Corp. in Van Nuys, California with 705hp Garrett TPE331 turboprop engines in the late summer of 1968. This aircraft replaced the original N1031B, a Model H-18 ("Mack II"). Mack operated the aircraft until 1974. The paint scheme is typical of the Mack fleet in 1969, colors matching Zenon Hansen's personal Cadillac. Mack IV Learjet 23 (second N1021B) (*1969 crash) Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter Mack VIII Learjet 24B Mack X Dassault Falcon 20F (N10MT) Mack XI Piper PA-24-260 Comanche (N11MT) Mack XII Bell 212 Twin Huey helicopter (N12MT) Mack XV Beechcraft E-55 Baron (N15MT) Mack XVI Piper Navajo PA-31-350 Chieftain (N16MT) Swearingen Merlin Metro (N111MT) Swearingen SA226-AT Merlin IVC (N3114Y) Registered 9/84. Leased from Teterboro Aircraft Service ________________________________________________________ '69 Crash Claimed Mack Executives October 27, 1999 | by FRANK WHELAN, The Morning Call At 8:07 a.m. on November 6, 1969, “Mack IV”, a 1968 Learjet 23 (registration N1021B) owned by Mack Trucks Inc. took off from what was then Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport. Three hours later, it soared into dense fog and plunged into chilly Lake Michigan, killing all seven aboard. The cause of the crash has never been determined. Along with pilot James S. Simmons and co-pilot George K. Strunk were some of the leading engineering talents at Mack: John Lehoczky, 45, vice president-engineering; Chatwin A. Sharfenberg, 57, chief-engineer highway trucks; John "Jack" Richards, 43, manager-vehicle design; David W. Steltz, 37, manager-vehicle design; Luther Haus, 58, senior project engineer. They were on their way to meet with representatives of the Modine Manufacturing Co., which produced radiators for Mack, based in Allentown. "They were headed out to Michigan as part of a special project the company was working on," says historian John Montville. The first part of the flight was apparently uneventful. But when the jet got to Lake Michigan, there were problems. An attempt was made to fly across the lake and land at the Horlick Racine Airport in Racine, Wis. But a thick, cold fog had wrapped the huge body of water in a cloud bank. What should have been a 15-minute hop across the lake proved impossible. After one try, the pilots decided to return to Ross Field in Benton Harbor, Mich. For two hours, the plane sat on the ground. The Mack executives went off to eat lunch. The pilot and co-pilot stayed with the plane as 468 gallons of fuel was pumped aboard. Les Meiners, a Benton Harbor airport employee, later told The Morning Call that conditions on the ground were considered "good." A little before 11 a.m. the plane rose over Lake Michigan and disappeared from view. It was headed for Racine, but it never got there. At 11:08 a.m., it dropped into the lake two miles offshore. It was noon of the next day before the fog had lifted enough for rescue efforts to begin. They went on for six days. The nose of the plane and a yoke were discovered floating in oily water. The first body, Sharfenberg's, was found in the lake in June 1970 by the Kenosha, Wis., Sheriff's Department. Later that summer the remains of Lehoczky, Simmons and Strunk were recovered. The others were apparently never found. Mack's chief executive officer, Zenon Hansen, who had created the Mack air fleet in 1965, was shaken. "A multiple tragedy such as occurred in our Mack family requires the utmost in resolute strength, courage and prayer for help to the Almighty," he said. The reason for the crash remains unclear. Both Simmons and Strunk were highly experienced pilots. They knew how to handle an instrument landing. The plane had been cleared for landing, and visibility was said to be about 3 miles. Almost a year after the crash, on Oct. 21, 1970, the National Transportation Safety Board ended its inquiry, reporting it was unable to determine the cause. The craft "continued descent below the prescribed approach path profile for reasons unknown," the investigators wrote. ________________________________________________________
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    Took first place in my age group only because I was the only one in the age group....I’ll take the glory Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Like any racing career, pick a class you can excel in!!!! Nice job Bob!
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    My father was one of the men killed in the November 6, 1969 crash of the Mack Learjet. This year will mark the 50th anniversary of that tragic event. Anyone out there remember any of them? I would love to hear any stories you may have.
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    This ones closer, not sure if it’s for sale, but been sitting for quite awhile. Sorry for the sideways pics, iPhones are dumb
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    My father drove a crackerbox when I was a kid and hated it. I’ve always wanted one though. I wish this one was closer.
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    I know an old bedbug hauler that paid for a 540 acre farm 2 houses and 3 or 4 new cars using a cracker box single axle just about like that one
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    That's the LAST thing you want to do, (IMHO) Do that & "Snowflake's" won....
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    I and my wife when she was alive were armed at all times.I carried since I was in the service and when we moved to Israel in 1972 you open carried at all times. In 48 years I only had to pull out once about a year ago when a man jumped up to my cab and reached in to take my keys, he was met with the muzzle of my pistol. Now what would have occurred if I wasn't armed? People do not like weapons or feel the need to have one, that's their prerogative, me personally will always be a citizen never be a subject The concept of the rule of law is the bedrock of the U.S. Constitution. The founders agreed that for an orderly society to survive, we had to agree to a set of rules by which we would organize around, limit government power and create laws that would be evenly enforced and fairly applied. For the nearly 240 years our Republic has existed, these principles have stood the test of time. However, it is now eroding in ways previously thought unimaginable. James Madison, who wrote the model that framed the U.S. Constitution, said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.” We are witnessing systematic chipping away at the adherence to written laws instead of working through the legislative process, courts of law or elections to challenge grievances. Former President Barack Obama issued his infamous statement to form laws more to his liking with his “pen and his phone.” The Department of Justice—namely the FBI—decided that the process and rules for investigating Americans did not apply to them. They operated lawlessly rationalizing that they self-righteously needed to save the country from a duly elected president they did not like. We saw it when Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, the nation’s top law enforcement officer at the time, publicly resisted the authority of the president when she said she would not instruct the Justice Department officials to carry out President Trump’s lawful order on Muslim refugees traveling to the United States. We saw it when several states, cities, and counties defied the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution and federal laws concerning illegal aliens and declared themselves sanctuary cities. Some county sheriffs have done the same saying they will not enforce state laws relative to firearms without doing it through the state legislature or the courts. The Weld County sheriff has even vowed to go to prison rather than administer a duly passed state law. Remember when after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld gay marriage in Obergefell v Hodges, Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples citing personal religious objections to same-sex marriage? She chose incarceration for refusing the Court’s decision. A Supreme Court decision has the effect of law. Whether one agrees with it or not is irrelevant. These gun control laws, including red flag laws are a thinly veiled anti-gun scheme and seem to be unconstitutional but refusing to enforce them is not how we should go about it. We have history to rely on where government officials tasked with enforcement authority decided that they were the law. In 1963 Birmingham Alabama Police Commissioner Bull Connor adamantly refused to carry out civil rights laws while defending segregation. Democrat Governor George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama and defied the Supreme Court order to desegregate public schools in his state. This is the slippery slope of men and women deciding that the duly passed laws of the state or federal government mean nothing to them. Now we have state prosecutors in Georgia's five most populous counties saying they will not enforce the state’s legislatively enacted heartbeat law that prohibits abortion after a heartbeat is detected. it is all outside of our agreement to be a nation of laws and not a nation of men and women. When government officials both elected and appointed fail to live up to their sworn oath to administer the law and instead decide they are the law, the laws are thereby not consistently applied and this create an ethics gap. What they swear to in their oath doesn’t reflect the way they behave. These people are substituting their judgment for what the duly passed law says. Folks, this puts us on a road to a very dark place—anarchy. If certain people do not like duly passed laws, then they need to work through the legislative process and the political process to build a critical mass of people to change it through elections or petitioning the Court for relief. I hesitate to encourage appealing to courts; however because it invites a temptation for judges to engage in political high jinx and activism or act like a super-legislature. Think Justice John Roberts and Obamacare. We then become ruled by people in black robes instead of leaving to the elected legislatures that lawmaking authority, which is reserved for them. This attitude of deciding which laws we will follow or evenly enforce is problematic. Once we get used to it, it will become a habit, once it becomes a habit the government loses its legitimacy. When that happens, we are no longer a constitutional republic. We cease to be a government of laws and return to the type of governance under King George. We become subject to the whims of particular people or groups who are known to intimidate and bully to get their way.
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    So every person should carry a gun at all times in all places? I myself am not going to. If things are so bad that the need to carry a gun is mandatory, then I will live elsewhere. Life is too short. If I was king of USA Inc for a time, every "indisputable" murderer apprehended alive would die within 24 hours by the exact same means he/she used on their victims. In these cases with indisputable evidence (cameras, ect.), there would be no trial (a trial for what purpose?). That, I feel, would send shock waves to those who have murderous thinking. I couldn't change them.....but I would put the fear of god into them.
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    One more thing, you will not find anouther truck that is as easy to drive. I have driven trucks 6 years newer than my ole Mack and couldn't believe how much easier it is to drive. The overall ergonomics is better and it's just less demanding to drive it. I drove an older CH a few years ago and the vision is light years ahead of it. Last year I drove aan 07 freightliner columbia around the block and was wore out by the time I got back to the starting point. The MACK's don't fall apart inside like some of the other brands either. Give it a shot.
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    Irishflyer I have a 2001 Mack vision with an E-tech E7 engine. It is set up with the Econodyne setting meaning the lowest power/torque profile and it's rated at 427Hp. I currently have 912,500 miles on it and have had o problems with the unit pump injectors. However at 600,000 or so I had to have a cam installed, the dealer recommended that I have the overhead run every 75,000 miles to prevent any further problems with the cam. So far after over 400,000 miles I have had to replace the oil cooler, the fan clutch, and at 800,000 the clutch (original). Almost forgot somewhere around 700,000 I had to get a new starter and alternator and 4 new batteries. It loses about a gallon of coolant a week due to an improperly designed filler neck where the cap doesn't seal properly. That is about it though...except the Eaton rear ends..keep an eye on the end play I have nearly lost 2 wheels when the inner nuts backed off. If you get a wheel seal leak you better stop and get it looked at pronto. That can destroy the axle tube and if they come off get your but sued. Overall I would buy anouther Mack any day of the week. It has been a great truck and has never let me down. If you have work done on it at a Mack dealer and something is screwed up they will fix it free of charge. When I had the cam replaced the dealer over torqued the harmonique balancer bolts and a week later it came off...NOT GOOD. I called the dealer and they paid for the tow to the nearest dealer and for ALL the repaires. I was told the bill would have been about $1,400.00 if It had come off for any other reason.The one year parts and labor warranty on ANY repair done at an authorized dealer isn't bull it's true. So I for one can and will say that it doesn't get much better. By the way if you can find the E-7 in the Maxicruise power profile it will pull better than the Econodyne and if you drive it to save fuel you can get 7mpg I do. Good luck.
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    If you want to have a real discussion, that's great. If you simply want to puke out the opinions of Right-wing millionaires, I'm not interested. So, if you want to have a discussion, I suggest we: Use a list A numbered list makes it easy to reply to a specific item A list requires organizing a person's thoughts Short lists are easier focus on specific views - a rifle vs. a shotgun. Limit your list to a few items - four is probably the most. It seems like more than that take a lot of time Use more than words - "A picture is worth a thousand words". Words are okay if you want to quote facts: Example: "Mexico will pay for the wall" "I won't have time for twitter" "I won't have time for golf" "Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated. Who knew healthcare would be complicated?" While pictures can be edited, some are too real to be fake: "I never did that" These are my thoughts on a discussion. I'm not interested in a pissing contest.
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