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    Been a while since I have been on; the political silliness just got too much for me. But, I have been chasing down these pics for a while and they are a pretty good representation of what a New England style paint job looked like and they are very good looking trucks. Thanks to my former brother-in-law Bill Oke who drove for Wellesley Trucking and shared these pics with me. All of the pictures were taken from 1966 to 1969. He did not list the specific models, but the pics captions state the top pic is a 1949 LJ, the second LJ is a 1952, the B-81's are 1966, and the B-75 is not listed. The fleet was two LJ's, two B-81's, and one B-75. His business was moving construction equipment and as you can see some pretty heavy stuff went behind the single axle tractors. The low boys were all Rogers. The B-75 has a plow frame on, and all of the rigs were so equipped for snow season. The goose neck was detached from the trailer and used as weight when the rigs were used as a plow truck.
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    Shown at Macungie and is absolutely fabulous!!! E9 500 HP Mack power.
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    Scrounging parts, fixing, priming. The finished parts are stacking up, all the frame repairs are complete and it's fully primed. I bought my first gallon of color, to paint all the mating surfaces on the frame. Also bought a ton of nuts, bolts and washers to start assembling the frame. Slow and steady is getting it done.
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    After several years of searching,finally scored a Western hood with radiator access door,fresh from CA via the ATHS relay system.
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    I bought this on fleabay for $75, the only new ones I've seen go for $150. The ad said it "might be NOS" but the pictures were grainy so I couldn't tell but I took a chance. I gave it a little polish and it looks like new. It fits the front wheel of my H67.
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    A link to my album for the 2019 Macungie Show..enjoy..
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    Well, this makes me feel pretty good about the progress on this cab. Everything lines up and it's almost all in one color, instead of the faded paint, primer and rust.
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    https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/34637-mack-people-and-trucks-tackle-the-eye-of-a-‘storm’/ https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/42258-rd822sx/
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    The only H model I saw at the show. I'm sure everyone joined me in saying, "WE WANT TO SEE MORE H MODELS!"
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    May B thiz wot he B look n for? [/img] WotSewzU? cya
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    Nice looking B-71. Need to get that out of the weeds!
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    I have had the Freightliner Powerliner cabover on my list of to do model projects for years but just can't find the information I need. I was wondering if anyone has one or has access to one which they could photograph for me. They seem to be something of a rare beast and I'm pretty sure I won't find one in the UK. I'm particularly interested in front end frame detail such as spring hangars, cab mounts and how the radiator is mounted. It's all a bit complicated in there and I can't figure it out so any help would be appreciated. I would really need someone to get in there with a camera and take a whole load of shots. Alastair
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    And that D8 above was moved by this 56 B71 all it's life.
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    This D8 14A wet clutch cut many a logging road and forest service road years ago, still used to dress the roads on the farm where it sets.
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    I'll let the images speak for themselves.truck is running like it should now
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    She’s all back together and running, and the pump isn’t seized so we’ll be looking at testing that soon. Had to do some fab work for a new copper fuel line, so now there’s only a coolant leak which looks like it can be fixed with some flex tape. The old fuel line we found all kinked up and leaky, not really surprising but unfortunate none the less. We’re hoping to have it out in the road Wednesday. All of this is iffy at best but things are looking up again, until the next problem.
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    As some of you may know, I have one of the 48 RD800 Macks that was used to haul tanks across the desert in Operation Desert Storm. Just by accident, I stumbled across the guy that actually drove my truck during the war on facebook. Sgt Robin Titus was the main driver of my truck. The truck was originally blue from the factory, as evidence of the build sheet I have for the truck, the firewall is still blue, and there is blue paint under the white where it is chipped. Sgt Titus said that truck was the only blue one there and the only one that was all Mack. 471st Transportation Company, truck #104. He sent me some pictures of the truck in country. He said I was lucky that I got the one he drove, because most of the other drivers didn't know how to drive. He already knew how to drive and was tasked with teaching the others how to drive, he said that was the reason he got to pick whichever truck he wanted. The first picture is how the truck looks currently, the other pictures are of the Macks over in the desert, the blue one in a couple of the pics is mine.
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    I finally made it to Macungie for the first time, what a great show! Some really beautiful trucks here. Here's an RD800 glider kit, I'll bet there was a lot of salivating over this one.
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    So easy...a girl could do it....
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    Oh my God send me some of your ambition.... Nice work...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Look's "Rooted" to Me.........LOL Edit: You'll have to be an Aussie to appreciate my Humour (I Think)...
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    Finally got some paint on it. We've got a project to haul a 150,000 lb transformer in the next month or so.
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    Well, That's one way of keeping it hidden from the neighbors! .....Hippy
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    May B Not WotSezU? cya
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    WTF!!?? LOL Kinda looks like every Peterbilt I see at every large car show. Hahahahaha.
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    The Australian ones were built on an r model chassis. Depending how detailed your model will be, you might find that info useful.
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    Yeah , We got 'em.. Can't remember them being real Plentiful though..
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    Been a while since I was on the forum, but the old Midliner is still on the road! I ordered new tank drain valves, a new pressure relief valve, new west coast and round mirrors, and some other odds and ends from AnythingTruck/Mutual Wheel. About time for another inspection, and then up to Michigan for a medium size load of old typesetting equipment!
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    Ok last update.....it always amazes me how you never seem to get the WHOLE story from the customer. Anyway, now I'm told the engine (other than the injection pump) is from a different truck. Engine is a 1994, truck is a 1997. So I'm told they took an engine from a vmac1 truck and just swapped the injection pump. This might not be an issue, I'm not sure if there are any major differences there. Either way it doesn't matter, customer picked the truck up and is going to run it till fall, then pull the transmission and check the flywheel. Thanks for everyone's help!
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    I haven't had time to get real scientific data. And of coarse this one has no miles or hours on it yet either. But as far as trip average I could have got as high as 6.4 MPG on this trip and this time I got 5.4. And it is using 2.5 gallons of DEF per day. The DD15 would light up quicker after a shift with that compound turbo it had, whereas this one has a bit of turbo lag, but it will pull from 900 RPM and pull harder than the 15 once it spools up. And it shows a little over 5 PSI more peak boost on the gauges. I'm usually right in the 5.3 MPG average range. Except when I am pulling the pony. Then it's 2.4 in the winter, LOL. Like I said....I don't track it dead on. For the work I do, it is what it is. Lots of on/off road, lots of low speed work, lots of PTO time. Hard to get good fuel mileage.
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    Had to get her dirty. First week of work, so far so good. The first week with the blue 2013 I could fill a whole book with the issues it had. I do find this DD13 505 louder in the cab and harder on fuel than the DD15 505 and the ISX600 we had. But it will easily outpull the DD15 505 because it has more torque. And the kind of scenery that makes you kinda like trucking. I just wish the Mack Granite 505/M-Drive would have loaded closer behind me so we could have seen how they compared on the 10% grades.
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    Autocar's New Conventional Truck to Get Bodies on Assembly Line Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) / June 11, 2019 Autocar announced it is mounting directly on its new conventional Autocar DC truck production line. The company said this is an “unprecedented” change to the model of refuse truck production, bringing together the two main components – the chassis and the body -- and treating the truck as one complete tool. Autocar calls this process the Ultimate Power of One and said refuse truck operators will experience several significant benefits from this innovation. “We’ve always known that improving the integration of our refuse truck chassis and refuse bodies is essential to reducing our customers’ downtime,” explained James Johnston, president of Autocar. “So flawless integration is a key aspect of our Always Up mission. We decided to take responsibility for building the truck as one compete tool. When we engineer the truck as a complete tool and mount body components right on the Autocar production line, we call that ‘Power of One’.” Autocar introduced Power of One integration on the ACX cabover truck recently, and data reported by truck operators for the first 90 days in service shows a substantial improvement in uptime and reliability, the company said. The Power of One integrated trucks also demonstrated cost savings not only from avoided repairs but also from other downtime-related costs such as lost driver hours and towing that were eliminated, Autocar said. As a result, the company said it will offer Power of One integration with all refuse body manufacturers. Enhanced safety is another benefit of Autocar’s Power of One integration, according to the company. Since the whole system – chassis plus body – is pre-engineered and then assembled as one complete tool, Autocar’s finished trucks comply with all FMVSS and EPA regulations when they roll off the assembly line. This is one more aspect of the Always Up model that Autocar said differentiates it from other truck brands which typically are modified with specialty bodies after they are built, increasing the risk of noncompliance with safety standards and other government regulations. According to Autocar, the Ultimate Power of One process starts with engineering each truck based on that specific customer’s needs and working closely with the selected body company’s engineers. All the body components are then installed during Autocar’s production process. So all the electrical harnesses are installed together, eliminating the risk of splices, loose connectors, or drilled access holes. Body components are huck-bolted onto the frame rails in the precisely correct locations, not welded, avoiding misplacement and damage to the rails. Autocar will also fully mount tarp systems and lighting kits, so when the truck rolls out of the Autocar factory it can go to work immediately. “Building trucks with the Power of One process is a game-changer for our customers," said Eric Schwartz, managing director of Autocar Trucks. "They tell us they have experienced a significant improvement in uptime for the Power of One trucks already in service. There’s another benefit that the Ultimate Power of One takes ever further: We are able to deliver ready-to-work truck months faster than ever before. In fact, for trucks ordered now, we are committing to deliver completed trucks in calendar [year] 2019.” Autocar offers the DC-64R with a wide range of Ultimate Power of One specifications. Roll-off hoists are available with 60,000- and 75,000-lb. capacities for 22- and 24-foot-long dumpsters. Telescopic, single-forward, and single-rearward-mounted cylinder configurations are also available. The DC-64R can be engineered with a rear-cab guard and with or without pusher axles, as the customer’s needs require. All are installed on Autocar’s production line. .
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    Nice photos Ken, thanks for sharing. Political silliness killed off about 3/4 of the participation with the site as the basis went far askew from many's core interest. It too forced my departure, but I seen it coming on much earlier than the masses.
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    When I was a kid, I never missed Emergency...one of my very favorite shows. If I had a dime for every time I heard Dr. Brackett tell the boys to start an IV with Ringer's Lactate...
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    Air cylinder out front for lifting the snow plow.
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    Kinda off topic here but we do quite a bit of work on paccar engines. You wanna talk about an SCR nightmare, wow. I had one with a def quality fault that just would not clear. I threw everything under the sun at it, nox sensors, def doser, new def fluid, dpf filter, catalyst, 7th injector, countless hours of troubleshooting and test driving all to no avail. Ended up opening a case with paccar engineers and after several regens and 2 40 mile test drives that had to be recorded and send to them, they simply gave me 24 hour special access to a feature in the software that allowed me to clear the code out. I mean really? After all that, it was that easy? I wish they'd give me that special button permanently! The truck worked fine after that for about a year, then the same crap started again. The customer said screw it and had it deleted, and I don't blame em.
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    sorry for the loss of your ridin' partner
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    I'm thinking if I have to jump through hoops just to try and get what I want than what will be the act to get warranty and general support? Brand loyalty be damned I'll be talking to Autocar tomorrow.
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    Cam sold his several years ago. Gulley has one like it but I do not know if it is the one Cam had.
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    Same business with the "Vision Programmable Dash". Mack made the claim you would be able to position your gauge cluster in any configuration and program the cluster accordingly. So any same size gauge could be placed in any like-sized hole on the panel. They never followed through...…….or maybe...… it's the stuff of urban legends dreamed up by factory trainers (who told me) and/or the sales staff.
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    Wife was reading the bio of writer E.B. White to the kids today and a nugget jumped out. Favorite place was summers in Maine at Belgrade Lakes....with....you guessed it....
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    Neither Do I , But What a Great Idea . I Was thinking along the lines that involves a pair of custom made 30' #2 Booster cables, An 8D Truck Battery & certain body parts . Make him think about what he done . I Hate people like this It makes my blood boil to say the least . I've said that before also. But I added to it . Take them to the river bottom in the summer time , close to the woods but still out in the field. That way the Sun Bakes them, but the Mosquitoes eat them alive in the evening , Take a track hoe or back hoe dig a hole, bury them up to their head, Pour their mouth full of Salt or Sand Preferably Salt , That way the mouth drys out , Gag the mouth , Pour Black Strap Molasses on top of their head , If the ants & fire ants eat em up , The rest of mother natures clean up crew will. I.E. the buzzards . & If The River Rises During a flash flood even better .
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    A pair of "standard" Dozers pulled a steel ball between them on a cable. The ball was 8 feet in diameter, weighed in at 8000 pounds. The cable was 4 feet above the ground and the ball helped the cable clear the stumps. The Siamese Cats used the Holt Funnel Blade in the photo to clear stumps and brush the calbe passed over. The cats also used a standard 24 foot wide blade also.
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