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    Cab is finished fenders,deck plate, driveshaft all on. Next the hood and bumper.
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    Finally got this bought was a few miles from my house been parked for 8 years Guy said he parked it because the crank was broke!! He said give me 500 bucks and get it outta here! So I loaded it up and hauled it home!! New fuel filters new batteries fired it up the next day had a bad miss sound found a bent push rod threw another 1 in and away we went never spent another dime on it Cab is 95% rust free double frame very nice shape for a 1978 bed is near perfect tires like new, even the windshield washer works!!! Bed was half full of rock too that was a bonus
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    Actually Kamp from Mokena which is down the street a bit.
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    Shown at Macungie and is absolutely fabulous!!! E9 500 HP Mack power.
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    On my way back to my home sweet camper home the other week, I went off the main highway to see if there was any interesting stuff in the fields. Yes there was.... A couple heel boom log loaders and a B with an L cab. A B 70 something , judging by the long hood, hanging out in the tall grass. And 2 Autocar log trucks.
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    Nice Mack models in the display area of the Mack Museum.
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    I finally got a load to Florida, so I could see my fiancee. I loaded it on Wednesday, July 3rd. and it didn't deliver in Davenport until Monday the 8th, but I left Wednesday afternoon with it. I was going to go to Best Buy or somewhere to look at cameras before I left, but she said she knew of a great camera shop near where she lives and we'd go there. I've sent 2 Nikons in a row back to Amazon, and it's nice to be able to look at a camera, try it out, see how it feels, instead of just ordering it. The guy at the camera shop was real nice and very knowledgeable about the products too. I really liked a little Sony he showed me, but it was just too small, way smaller than the little Nikon I dropped. So I was down to a Nikon B500 and a Lummox camera. I went with the lummox, it seemed right for me... Just kidding, it's a Lumix, made by Panasonic. It's a bit bigger than I wanted, it's as big as my D3300 but it's a "point and shoot", and easy to grip. Seems to take good pictures too, even "drive-bys" came out pretty good. And, it was cheaper than the Nikon I sent back. It looks like this- I took these pictures with it- this is a plane. These are reptiles. We went to the Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive, or something like that. It was great, you drive this trail, it's one way, you can stop anywhere and take pictures, that's where we saw the large reptiles, and even saw one with a huge turtle in it's mouth. And it's free. I've got more pictures here- I tried the camera out on a girl in a car too. Not the best, but...the picture was actually better than this, but it was too dark. I tried to lighten it up but it made it worse, not as sharp as it was at first I saw a bird when I got home too. And, Dodge pickup update- new distributor installed, no change. A local mechanic who's a Mopar guy, has a couple of them he drag races, told me it was probably the computer. He told me to unplug it and put some of that electrical plug grease, can't remember the name of it, in the plug and see if that helps. So i'm going to try that next, the thing has about driven me crazy.
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    I am not going to ever buy a thing that has the NIKE logo on it. They had a good idea for a product, to honor America on the 4th of July, and they caved in because that un-American P O S bitched about a colonial flag on the shoe...
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    As some of you may know, I have one of the 48 RD800 Macks that was used to haul tanks across the desert in Operation Desert Storm. Just by accident, I stumbled across the guy that actually drove my truck during the war on facebook. Sgt Robin Titus was the main driver of my truck. The truck was originally blue from the factory, as evidence of the build sheet I have for the truck, the firewall is still blue, and there is blue paint under the white where it is chipped. Sgt Titus said that truck was the only blue one there and the only one that was all Mack. 471st Transportation Company, truck #104. He sent me some pictures of the truck in country. He said I was lucky that I got the one he drove, because most of the other drivers didn't know how to drive. He already knew how to drive and was tasked with teaching the others how to drive, he said that was the reason he got to pick whichever truck he wanted. The first picture is how the truck looks currently, the other pictures are of the Macks over in the desert, the blue one in a couple of the pics is mine.
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    They had the Outville (Ohio) Power Show today, several very nice trucks there. Very nice LJT (I think it's an LJT). Classic looking Superliner R model, the paint on this is beautiful. Very nice B, I like the stack rack and train horns. A particularly nice GMC 9500, it also has a cool stack setup on it. A really nice IH.
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    After quite a while since I first started with this project where other priorities got in the way, I have now picked up the pace on my AC restoration and thought that others might be interested if I posted a picture or two along the way. I have loads of pictures of progress so far hosted on a site called "photobucket": a link to the first album of pictures of my AC is here http://s484.photobucket.com/user/RustyTrucks/library/Mack as advertised but you should be able to navigate around my particular bit of Photobucket for lots and lots more. Just nearing completion is the restoration of the radiator which had suffered greatly from electrolytic corrosion of the aluminium top tank. after a little investigation my son Dan decided to get radical and designed, 3d printed the patterns and cast 2 new sections that he then welded into place to restore the strength and integrity of the tank. All the pictures can be seen here http://s484.photobucket.com/user/RustyTrucks/library/Mack AC Restoration 2019 but I have added a "before" "during" and "after" to this post just to give a flavour. Next job is to machine down the flywheel a bit, fit a starter ring and convert the engine to electric start - more to follow!
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    The B-81 was produced between 1955-1966. The heavy duty model replaced the Mack LJ and in turn, the B-81 was replaced by the DM series of trucks.
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    Took this a while ago finally figured how to get it off my phone.
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    Stopped by on to see some of my friends and family when I was passing through and these pics were shared with me. The owner of the truck thought some thieves were hanging around his place because things were getting moved and messed with it at night. So he set up a game camera to see what was happening and he caught the perp. Then I saw these weird bunker things. At first I thought they were those potato cellars but seeing that they went on for miles and having a 6 foot fence and later seeing a sign that said it was an army depot I’d have to guess they were used for storing munitions?
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    A link to my album for the 2019 Macungie Show..enjoy..
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    Finally got some paint on it. We've got a project to haul a 150,000 lb transformer in the next month or so.
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    Was hoping I'd see an old Mack in the parade this year, glad my hometown has one!
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    Do you guys like seat belts,I don't..🤔😇
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    Got you all a couple pictures while dropping off a sandblaster I borrowed from a friend. Not sure if they drive, every few years they're parked somewhere else on his property. One or both of them are gassers.
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    Just sharing for the love of the game.... Finding a "New Old Stock" piece that fits your rig is always a treat. They certainly don't package them like this any more. -Pete
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    Shown at Macungie.
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    Thanks. The hood is on. It needs some adjusting. Hitting the home stretch.
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    Here's some of the equipment that was shown and worked at the show yesterday. This is a LeTourneau TournaTractor; I've never been up close and personal with one. I believe it had a 6-71 DD in it. Here's a beautiful Euclid, again with a 6-71...really sounded sweet when he hooked the blade in the dirt. An old Allis with a Garwood dozer blade on it. 6-71 with a straight stack, you could hear it a long ways off! A beautiful 660 IH, looked like a new tractor!
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    Power Wagons of course and one is a bus!
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    I say this awesome autocar
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    Started as a R-795 with a Mack Maxidyne V8 under the hood. Well, it still is a V8... A very neat and tidy swap.
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    A connection of mine at Mack just sent me these pictures of the Zach Brown Band’s brand new Mack Anthem... it’s a beauty!
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    That's a whole lot of ugly jammed in one spot😊
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    Monster truck in the day beautifully restored and shown at Macungie. Better than new and Awesome! Picture of the front drive axle and suspension.
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    actual glider I believe. there wasn't a single hole drilled in the frame behind the cab. would almost be a shame to build it now. should go into the Mack Museum so Volvo can see ''what use to be done''
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    A beautiful Brockway.
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    Working on a highway construction job , you get to see some interesting things, But unlike Other Dog, I am never lucky to have the camera handy when those "girls in the car" go by. But we have had a lot of big loads go thru . And there was this hippy van with flowers , rockets and half dogs on the little mud flaps. The old half dogs.
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    My late friend Wayne's 1976 Autocar
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    Celebrate independence and the birth of a nation! Stay safe everybody!
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    Well howdy folks, came by this site in a roundabout fashion. Firstly, yup...I'm from 'Downunder', or is it 'up over'? Dunno, but anyhoo, currently working in the mining industry as a heavy diesel fitter, mainly on shovels/diggers & drills. As i work in an industry that 'fly in/fly out' with 1 weeks R&R I needed a project to keep me busy while 'she who must be obeyed' was at work. I know, I'll do up a Dodge D5N 700 series that I remember from my meloncoly youth (a long time ago), complete with a Detroit '2 banger', Jake brakes, Roadranger gearbox, and Rockwell diff. Not a bad combo for a daily drive whilst home, subject to a no less long build. I was describing this to a work mate who happens to have a couple of Mack trucks, and is very much into the onhighway old school truck scene. So we got chatting and reminiscing about the trucks of our yoof. I then went onto search engine and came up with the Mack trucks that were in Alaska, and ones as suuport to crane operations...forget the models. I guess if I have as an option now is a B series, as my dad drove 'em while carting asbestos out of Witnoom mine to Point Sampson. Anyway, enough of my ramblings, that's pretty much how i came by, and will be staying. Who knows, might just get me a B model instead of the Dodge. Cheers & beers.
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    All of them. Now maybe I can input some positive contributions again.....
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    That Autocar was nice. It looked like even the front axle was chromed. The B model is mine. I drove it to Macungie from Long Island. Pretty bouncy ride, especially over the Cross Bronx Expressway and the GW Bridge. It's something I always wanted to do though. It ran like a top!
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    Here's most of them, I have a few more to upload, and i'll put them in an album later, but here's what i've got so far- https://www.flickr.com/photos/28526133@N04
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    On display at the Mack Museum. The truck designation "97" (example R-797 or DM-897) would indicate this Thermodyne V8 ENDT866 engine was under the hood. My recollection is the engine should be a silver color and the gold color was for the Mack Maxidyne engine family. A nice bit of kit anyways.
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    I finally made it to Macungie for the first time, what a great show! Some really beautiful trucks here. Here's an RD800 glider kit, I'll bet there was a lot of salivating over this one.
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    Still on the camera, 399 pics. Time for a drank...
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    Well, this makes me feel pretty good about the progress on this cab. Everything lines up and it's almost all in one color, instead of the faded paint, primer and rust.
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    The only H model I saw at the show. I'm sure everyone joined me in saying, "WE WANT TO SEE MORE H MODELS!"
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