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    Has been upgraded with drive train from early 60's B-61 around 25 years ago 711 diesel with quadruplex power steering maxi brakes pintle hook and 2" receiver hitch with glad hands on rear good box and hoist solid cab, interior and headliner in good condition good set of fenders and many other extra parts included, as well as documentation from the Mack Museum not museum quality but in very good condition (will need tie rod ends to pass inspection) Have owned this truck for nearly 6 years and still enjoy driving it every chance I get but unfortunately I must let it go. $8,000 PM for more info and pics Or Call 434-738-9584 (Landline, no texts)
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    First year for the K5 Blazer in the GM lineup.
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    So work finally slowed down enough to do a little work on my R model. Previous owner had disconnected the heater core at some time and the windshield wipers were not working. I found an actual radiator shop (hard to find these days) that recored the heater core for me. I had bought a new wiper pivot assembly from Watts about a year and half ago so I put it in and found that the pins for the wiper transmission arms were spaced 1/4" further apart than the original ones so that wouldn't work. The original wasn't actually that worn, the wiper motor was a mess though. I called Rome truck parts and they had a rebuild kit for $22 so I figured I didn't have much to lose trying to rebuild it myself. The inside of the motor was well gunked up with rust oil and crap but cleaned up well. After putting the internal cam valve in wrong about 3-4 times I got it working. Put it back on truck and it works like newish. Going to do the heater box over and repaint the interior next. I looked everywhere for a rattle can that would come close to the green interior color, found a paint code on another thread that NAPA mixed up for me yesterday in a spray can ($24!) and it was pretty close. This morning a friend stopped by and said that the original color looked like Detroit Alpine Green. I had a can of can of engine paint in the cabinet and son of a bitch it's a perfect match. I learn something new every day which means I have to forget something else to make room in my limited brain.. Hoping to get a new paint job and new air seat in her by May. The bright green paint on the heater cover was a reject and had to remove it.
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    Take this picture and put it on the visor of the Volvo l drive. Just so l can remember what a real truck's cab looks like. .....Hippy
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    I think I still have my old ones I was keeping them for templates but since I sold the truck I no longer need them. I will get them out of the shed and look them over your can have them if they are still in good shape.
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    A friend at Rural Retreat, VA is reproducing the Mercury sleeper. PM me for his cell number
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    https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/mcall/obituary.aspx?n=sandra-h-yardumian&pid=195034901 For you guys not on the Fazebooks, my mom passed away Saturday 1/11/2020 after a brief illness that was attributed to the dimentia she had been suffering from for the past 4-6 years (maybe longer.) Mom and Dad met on a blind date while in the US Navy. He was aboard the USS Seneca ATF91 and she was a Hospital Corpsman at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital. Dad's ship was a 205' fleet oceangoing tug home ported in Little Creek but they tied up at Pier 3 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard often. A buddy of his hooked them up. Mom grew up in Walnutport Pa and her family didn't have two nickels to scratch together. She knew that enlisting was the only way she could get out of dodge and to obtain an education. She enlisted in Allentown Pa. When she went to see the detailer, he asked her where she wanted to go- she said "Germany, Japan, Italy..Someplace foreign and exotic overseas....." She got orders for foreign exotic South Philadelphia and boy was she PISSED at the Navy and for the rest of her life she cussed them like a sailor....But she did meet Dad so that was good or I guess I wouldn't be writing this. With the help of a friend, a flag was hoisted yesterday over the USNS COMFORT, one of the Navy's two hospital ships. The flag is enroute to me as we speak by fedex and should be delivered tomorrow for her funeral on Saturday. If anyone can ever choose to learn the way a close relative dies, pick the sudden, unexpected phone call advising "So and So had a heart attack and has passed away" because this watching someone die for three weeks sucks....I don't know how people can do it for months or a year or more.
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    Yup I'd be all over that ! its as sweet as I remember!
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    No relation to seller just thought I would share it. They said it does run and truck is in Maine actually. https://www.mylittlesalesman.com/1940-mack-nm-day-cab-truck-rare-9958158
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    Im getting her back in shape for the road this season. Its been about 6 long years sense she left the yard for a walk. She needed new tires and a radiator. The radiator I had replaced 2 years ago but it had 15 year old tires on it so never took her out. a month ago I swap to some new/used tread off my old company truck. installed some new LED headlights as I plan on some night runs to a few shows this year. Found some that look fairly stock when off and then can light up the road great on low beam without blinding traffic. Hi Beam I can see 1/8 mile like the sun is out... You can see the comparison in LED vs Bulb. I decided that seeing at night is better than driving by candle light just to claim its more period correct. (why is the pic sideways?) The paint is shot as its spent all 15 years out side in the Chicago weather but she still can turn some heads.
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    Happy birth day 41 Chevy hope you have a 100 more
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    Watch Wes Work. I came across his channel one day and it peaked my interest. He has some property owned by family with a bunch of old equipment and junk on it and he was posting videos of himself tinkering with engines to get them running. Old dragline, towmotor and the like. I've watched a few of his shop videos of him working on trucks and he seems like a pretty straight forward kind of guy. This was just posted and thought it was fitting to link here for everyone to enjoy. He makes a comment at the end about wanting a B model, but he's a bit tall and would like to find an R model. Can't be too bad of a guy??
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    Getting cold tonight so going to spend the next few nights in a warm comfy spot:
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    Hope you had a good one. I ceased having them damned things long ago.
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    Here is what the one looks like in my 79.
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    Hope it was a good one Paul.
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    Very sad to hear. To difficult to choose words for such a case. Unfortunately we all are guests in this world and at a sertain moment the time comes to everyone. Good to a person if he or she was honest going over the life and there are people who are thankful for the things the person has done for them. Rest In Peace.
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    Wow! A closed cab, early one! Drool, drool, drool!! Unfortunately I'm not ready to put my dogs in the fight. Already have a complete NM for 7 years now and couldn't get myself to start restoring it. The one in the add has a reasonable price tag on my mind.
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    https://www.heraldstandard.com/multimedia/photos/today_in_history/hoover-dam-construction/image_66bac4e4-dc74-597e-ad69-dffe517f2c4d.html . White truck on the right. Mack AP 150 seat bus.
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    Interesting article. A lot of neat old trucks and buses. If you scroll down to the 4th picture the caption states one of the two Macks used to build the hoover dam. I may have to visit this museum someday. "Bill also points out one of only two remaining AP Mack dump trucks designed to build the Hoover Dam in the 1930s. The other remaining truck has been restored to its former glory, unlike its Motor Transport Museum counterpart." https://roadtrippers.com/magazine/campo-motor-transport-museum/ I also searched further and found a video of the restored AP
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    Happy b-day Paul
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    Happy birthday! Hope it’s a good one!
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    Happy Birthday PT! Here's to a great year!
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    Happy Birthday!!~!
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    You guys in Virginia need to start standing up real soon.
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    Happy birthday Paul. Have a Moxie and a lobsta.
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    About ready to do the same
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    Building 60+ homes in Maine so moving most of my trucks and equipment up there for the duration. Plus all the things on the governors hate list.
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    Do you want the old style (1MR2176A) momentary switch with screw connectors, or the new style (1MR3380) with push-on connectors?
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    Vlad, that NM has your name all over it.
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    PAI still looks to have them Trent. Part number for the screw on spade connectors is: MSW-4395. Part number for the push on spade connectors is: MSW-4378.
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    Those panels on Eastern and Western R's are completely different. Eastern ones are MUCH longer and I"m afraid (not sure) are less of the higth (narrower). Also Western parts were made of alu and had surface stamped by leaned lines which cross each other. Eastern panels were different as I said but what's important (to Eastern R owners) they were at least 3 (known to me) styles. Early ones were alu with four (some with six) holes for screws in the corners. The surface was of horizontal stamped lines combining polished and ground (sand-scratched) areas. Those were installed (as I could figure) on early hoods on non-CMAC trucks. The trucks with aircooler (longer hoods) purchased newer panels which were made of stainless steel. The same general design but as I was told by some owners of early R's those newer panels were less in size and didn't fit early hood opening really good. But that's not the end of the list. Later panels were of two different styles too. If you look at pics of Eastern R's you can notice some trucks had framings over the headlight openings in the hood and some didn't. I can't state those parts were installed from/to a sertain production year, more seem to me as an alternative factory option. Nevermind. The panels were different. Those which were used with no framings had four screw holes in the corners. And those which were supposed to be combined with frames had a sticking end at one side (toward the grill) to be slicked in below the framing and two screws in the corners at the outer side. And that is the style (and probably the only one) which you can currently purchase new. They're made by PAI and could be found on ebay etc. Part ## are FPA-5774 for the LH (with a square hole for pre-heater socket) and FPA-5773 for the RH (looking from driving direction) with no hole and you can use on the both sides if no heater to be installed. There's an issue if you're going to use those panels on a hood with no framings (as I did). First you need to cut off that sticking area. Than you find the two holes in the corners at the outer side don't correspond with ones in the hood. Seems like new holes were designed the screws to get into the framing not straight to the hood. And if you try to just put screws they get into the headlight opening not the fiberglass. So some kind of offset plates are needed to be made. And you sure need two more holes to drill at the grill side too.
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    Fix sensors and see if derate goes away.
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    Thanks Paul. Just had a local radiator shop recore mine Friday. Wasn't too expensive but it also wasn't only 87 bucks either.
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    Back at it after a busy season with the new job and a friend's project the consumed a lot of time. But, I haven't quit and jumped back in this week getting organized again. This doesn't look like much , but it's the first repaired panel permanently re-attached. The cab needs to go over on it's back one more time for a bunch small things to be completed and undercoating. I'm very optimistic for having the cab ready for paint come this spring and my motivation is increasing about it>
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    SWIFT actually has an instruction label on the landing gear . . . . course it is only visible when the trailer is on it's side.
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    I can remember Gene Tracy giving the "Hennis" drivers hell. He would have a field day with the "Swift" drivers.
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    And before them is was the Pumpkin trucks of Schneider. Used to see cabover IH's in the ditch, woods, lakes, rivers, etc. just about everyplace they weren't designed to go.
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    finished with mirror brackets, sanded them down and shipped them off to the plating shop.
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    since he posted this over two years ago, i am going to say he went and came back.
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    As far as the exhaust bracket for the drivers side, they are NOT easy to find. Your best bet is to get another right side and cut the brackets off that hold the muffler and reverse them to work on the left side. Not that hard to do.
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    I would like to see a Granite with a steel hood and fenders like a B-81.
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    Rebuilt 671 Detroit Diesel, runs great! Fuller RT910, very solid truck overall. Needs a cosmetic restoration...Have a rare exterior cab visor and a Jake setup available at extra cost. $3500-, sold with GA bill of sale due to the year. Located in Northeast GA.
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    id take those battery boxes off and throw them in the scrap aluminum pile and put the eastern ones on with the X on the front. only thing those are good for is fallin on your ass when the cover slips off. otherwise that truck is such a honey. bias ply tires and all.
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    In this picture? M746 (aka. XM746, HET-70) Designed by Chrysler in cooperation with West Germany's Faun Werke, but Ward La France was low bidder. . .
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    Ok here we go installing a windshield for a Mack B61. This project costs approximately $425 I had one side of the windshield that was still intact so when I removed everything this past spring I set the glass aside. Went to the local glass shop and had two new pieces cut and a side door glass total $159 with tax. New gasket from Watts $268 with shipping ( used my BMT discount) Stopped back by the glass shop after got the gasket to match up locking strip I bought 12 feet for $7 old one looks smaller just dried out. Old center strip as you can see not much left to it. Had new one made cost $10, Mike put the bend in it same as the old one. Stopped by Orileys and spent $15 on the tool and $23 on 3m Strips Getting started- I applied the butyl strips along the pinch welds, this stuff is really sticky so watch out. Put the gasket on starting in the top center working your way around both the left and right sides. Don't get carried away take you time, as you need the center bar to be centered and with the 3M strips it is hard to move the gasket once it is pushed on. I think a person would catch heck trying to remove and reset. Also with the stick strips you need to be careful as the gasket has a tendency to stick closed. I used a flat tip screw driver that is bent like a J to assist with keeping it open. After setting the gasket make sure the center strip and the cap/cover strip is in place. I loosely screwed it together to help with moving for when I slide in the glass. TIP --You can install and remove the center strip that goes in the gasket before the glass is installed and it actually makes it easier to set the perimeter gasket. I used bubble juice as the lubricant in a spray bottle, it sprays and works well, best of all it is cheap we buy it by the gallon at the dollar store for the kids maybe a $1gallon. It works way better than trying to mix dish soap and water like I have done in the past. I used about half a spray bottle. Wet the gasket on which ever side you want to start on, my fenders are still off so it was easy access. Carefully climb up and orientate the glass to match the opening push the glass into the center strip. Using a wide dull screwdriver or similar tool start near the center and push the gasket out from the inside. The gasket will catch on the edge of the glass and hold it. I installed both sides of the windshield by myself. I held the glass at the lower corner and pushed into the center and flat to the gasket. Make sure to keep the gasket lube during this process. Once the gasket is around the piece of glass you can apply slight pressure to adjust the glass and push into the opening. Repeat the same process on the other side. Once the glass is installed tighten up the center strip screws. Start at the top center using your tool or screw driver, lube the gasket and start the install of the locking strip. As you move all the way around gasket it will go smoothly if you keep it well lubed and rotating or twisting the tool back and forth while maintaining about a 40 degree angle pushing forward. Once at the end or start point again trim, I used my razor knife and cut at an angle and but it up to the other end. Move to the center strip now and with a square end start at the top just below were the other ends are and using the same technique work the locking strip down. The gasket has a pocket at the bottom end and once there cut off at an angle and push the end in the the pocket. That's it other than clean up and wiping the windows. By now my son was home so he gave it a shot and helped me with the rest of the install. I used the Lisle tool model 47000. I picked that tool because it came with additional tips. A single tip tool can cost the same as this one or more. I have done it both ways with a modified screw driver and the tool and by far the tool is worth the expense.
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