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    Friend of ours stopped on his way home from Michigan with his new purchase. '88 MH613 - E6 4v 350 w/Jake - Mack 9 spd - 44,000 New Way air ride on 11R 24.5 rubber. .....Hippy
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    It's seems like just yesterday that I was standing between a new "Cool Power" 300-equipped R-model, and F-model. Where did all the years go? I feel no older than that day in 1973. .
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    And equally unfortunate, is the fact that sometimes not going to war enables the "bullies".
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    Revisionist history from the Japanese side might be... Gee, maybe we shouldn't have attacked Hawaii? They started it, we finished it.
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    All fine rigs! I am not a big fan of the modern bumper on the LT but can appreciate the time to keep it polished to look like a mirror!
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    Two Mack RD dump trucks in the Gear Jammer Show with a DM water truck outside the show. The DM was being used during the show to keep dust down in the parking lot and it fills the mud pits when the mud bogger association visits the track.
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    And you think the majority of Americans are not?? I look at the uber rich as the fools who say to the contractor...."when can you get my new pool done?" Not..."how much is it going to cost"?. They typically drive the economy IMO-think they are saving their big bucks? Some do but for most-its conspicuous consumption and that feeds a lot of people. Are some of these salaries justified? No way. But again show me a country with a better standard of living or one that gives anyone the chance to improve themselves if they want to work for it as this country has historically done.
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    I missed it all, but I'm only here for the popcorn.....
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    Communist direction to many progressive agendas being pushed by parts of the democratic party. More and more government control is the "communism". With all the riots, class warfare is already taking place, property rights and individual freedoms may be next.
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    Face the heat?! For trying to make people think outside their norm? You can question something and not be a liberal.
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    I saw this R model when I was out and about. They have tractor pulls there sometimes, looks like they might do some pulling with it. I've seen this beer before but never tried it. Now they sell it over at the local store, and it was only $3.99 for a 6 pack of 16 oz. cans. Not bad, not bad at all. And here's a girl in a car, from the interweb. I have to wear a mask some places, so I made myself one that looked a little different. They won't let me smoke everywhere though, so Zina from Florida sent me this fancy one without a cigarette.
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    Binder COE model that used to be seen everywhere!
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    I'm getting ready to take on my B60T project! We think it might be a 1963, but I'm going to attempt to get more information via the Mack Museum using the serial number. Does anyone know if that is possible right now? Also wondering about recommended sites and sources for parts. We've got a good "shop family" with competent and experienced mechanics and fabricators - but this will be our very first Mack project. The frame is in great shape and the body is surprisingly sound. Fingers crossed that the original Thermodyne engine comes to life with some TLC.
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    I agree capitalism is doing well but I disagree with the idea "maybe too well." For me, after getting booted out of college, I worked my ass off. Managed to get a nice big comfortable house with a swimming pool, two cars, and put my daughters through college. I pay people to mow my lawn, trim my trees, maintain my pool, change my oil, etc. I like to think that my family employing them is helping their families get their piece of the American pie. I apologize to no one for working hard and being successful. And, to help our government with the various expenses to maintain OUR way of life, I pay a s__t load of income tax. God bless our capitalist system and my family ancestors that have fought in every war since 1760. And your ancestors as well for their valor, courage, and sacrifices. So, just sayin," I have benefitted mightily under capitalism and so have millions of others (many of whom seem to be doing OK without ever having done a days hard work.)
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    And this is bad............because........?
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    They didn't surrender after the first bomb so I would say Japan surrendered a second city for no good reason other than the emperor could care less about for further casualties. At this point Japan probably had no idea how many more A bombs were in the pipe line. Lesson to be learned you F with the bull you get the horn.😶
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    Looks like Joe Biden’s memory? Blank page.
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    This video popped up on my YouTube feed this morning. I don’t know much about heavy hauling but watched a few minutes of this before work and saw the outfit in Nebraska uses Mack’s so I figured I’d better post it.
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    Makes me glad I work and live in the middle of wheat fields. About the only noise I hear is the screech of a red tail hawk. The less people in general is better.
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    Jesper Eriksson, Scania General Manager / August 3, 2020 Still working hard ! .
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    Driving from the right This is how we pedal the beast sum have asked how we drive on the correct side of the road from way down under the ol 'R' model Mack is now pensioned off ... soon to B sold (wen we aint in Lockdown)
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    Mack Tech -didn't mean to plagerize your thunder, I guess I didn't catch your earlier comments. I think it was painfully obvious to the pre revisionist history crowd, what the true history of the Second World War was all about. Tyranny and conquest on a world wide scale, versus the reaction to it. Now mind you, the bankers behind the scene may have (probably did) orchestrate this to a certain extent . But once the genie was out of the bottle there was no way to end it , except by total and absolute surrender on the part of Germany, Japan and Italy.. The outcome today is world wide communism NWO , vs the USA. Sadly the USA is being attacked from within by radical left wing communists. The democratic party ties to this communist coup should be obvious to all , but with the dumbing down of society, and the take over of our scholastic institutions it looks like an uphill battle. Hopefully the Patriots will rise to the occasion again with God's help. A good first step would be stop killing babies in the womb!
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    Disscussing the subject, Id imagine was the point of KS posting the article. Attacking him for posting it was childish at best. Not every subject needs to be a Right vs Left fight to the death. I read the article, and at the end I wasn’t even a little convinced that the US was bullying Japan.
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    No vinyl stripes or lettering here.
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    Like I said in the beginning of the post I was in the mountains helping my 92 year old grandfather get his firewood sawed, split and hauled. He is a wwII and Korea vet, who went in to wwII at the ripe ol’ age of 15 in 1943 and stayed in until he was 27. So he gave up a lot of his younger years fighting for this country and to have some revisionist article say the US were basically bully’s strikes a chord with many of us.
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    It was only inflammatory to snowflakes, the article is an OP-ED. It’s a big world, if you get offended by everything you read you should put on blinders. Editorial journalism is meant to express an opinion, but mostly it’s an attempt to make a reader get a perspective that differs from what they already know about a subject. It’s not a revision of history, and KS didn’t write it. It was an interesting article about something that doesn’t get talked about a lot, no more, no less. What is the big fuss about? Andy
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    Sometimes best to let sleeping dogs lay, Just like in the old cop movies of the 30's- Just move along folks there's nothing to see.
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    You are unable to reach that thread because I deleted it. You have not been banned.
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    Part 2 in a 5 part series. I'm sending this pic as a suggestion to Dr.Fettuccini. Once that Covidiot has goggles implimented we may as well upgrade all masks to a NAPA filter #550281. I used my young understudy as the example of a complacent, responsible, model sheep-citizen.
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    That’s the high performance duel feed snorkel unit that also guards against alien invasions Wow that’s top shelf right there
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    Found it enjoyable. Hope you all do as well.
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    Brian's B-81is nearly flawless. It is a testament to his skills as a craftsman that he brought that truck to that level (including paint) in the garage at his house.
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    Here is one that was a mixer in St. Louis.
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    Got me a Mexican runs all day on a Burrito.
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    God I hate them things as much as I hate Obama, LOUD, HOT or Really COLD when up in northen Maine in the winter, more of a human torture chamber, made a 66 R model look like a Limo.
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    I have been a Diesel guy for a lot of years and know from first hand experience that the low sulfur fuel does reduce the life of an engine. I don’t claim to know it all but it does have less lubrication quality causing Premature fuel pump and injector wear and causes your exhaust temps to skyrocket in some cases thus killing your turbo life. Everyone is correct with putting an additive with your fuel and a cheep transmission fluid does do the job fine. Not only will it add the lubricant back to the fuel the detergents in it will keep your injectors clean. I don’t recommend much in an Emissions engine as it can cause a little more soot build up and can create earlier than normal EGR and Exhaust problems. Thank our wonderful EPA !!!
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    I was at the same point of 70+ years old and no shop big enough to work on them.. Sold my DT 921 to a man in the Atlanta area who has it back roadworthy.. My two Brockways went to an avid Brockway restorer in North Carolina.. It took about 2 years to find a good home for them!!
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    I took the old dog for a walk today and this stray followed us home
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    You’d think he would sell, but he might not have another place to store his batteries
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    The way most Americans gain wealth is by hard work. The way Democrats gain wealth is by stealing from hard working Americans. And by the way I am still waiting to read on BMT why and who un-banned T-Girl.
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    That’s quality of life not standard of living. They are different! The US is lower on the quality of life because we tend to work more. Also if you look at the countries that have a better quality of life they tend to be small countries and some have some pretty significant issues.
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    Forget about "aliens"-by now I'm sure they have moved on in their search for "intelligent life". My bet is they were monitoring CHAZ or CHOPS on left coast.
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    Update! Or should I say "Lack of Progress Report". Had a friend over who is a recently retired very experienced HD mechanic-both on and off highway. He is going to help me-or should I sayI am going to help him. I got the trolly brake etc off steering column and the column free from dash. Then started getting floor pans loose. Finally decided only way that was going to happen was to get fender off. Figured in the long run it would be time well spent. Once I got floor mat/insulation up discovered a few "add on" plates that were done in transition from gas/quad to 711/ duplex, 237/duplex Stay tuned and as always welcome any and all suggestions.
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    So we went to move the little crane this week from ATL to SAV. just a little guy 350 ton self erector anyway that means that we got to eat out every night which means I got to go out in public (they try to keep me out of public places) so I engaged with some diners and I could not find one person to disagree that the VIRUS will be GONE as soon as the election is over, so another words most people think this whole BS is a political move by the left, ain't that something, and when I mean I engage I'm like Capt Kirk to Mr. Zulu we engage, I get the whole Texas Roadhouse engaged and yet either the limp spineless leftys have no balls or they know this whole thing is a joke too. and if I had Mr. Spock been there I could got with logic too.
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