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    No it's not. I run an older (1999) Kenworth, Cat powered. I can literally overhaul it for a fraction of what the truck is worth at current market value. 6.5 mph consistently, simple to work on and I can gets parts at nearly any Caterpillar dealership nation wide. Truck has over 2.1 million going strong and will outlast most any new truck many times over. Figure a 20 year old truck has paid for itself several times over in 2.1 million miles. Sorry my friend, but your assessment of simple economics is off by a longshot in my particular scenario.
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    To pay off a new truck just on 1mpg fuel savings, he would have to log almost 3 million miles. (Assuming $7k savings per 100k miles, and 200k truck purchase price, which I picked roughly guessing price + interest) (and assuming fuel prices stay constant over the 3million mile period) To my thinking, he's in the right truck, especially factoring in how many rebuilds during the 3 million miles to pay off the truck?
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    A 20k rebuild is a lot cheaper than a 180k truck. And at 2.1 million miles, he's doing something right on maintenance. The headache of a lemon after a truck that reliable isn't fun. If snowman is still making good money on his '99 and his stress levels are low and pride is high in an "older" truck (we just bought an '88 to add to our fleet) then let him be. Per 100k miles, going from a 6.5mpg truck to a 7.5 mpg truck will save you 2,000 gallons of fuel. (15,380g to 13,330g per 100k miles) Savings are what? $6-7k per 100k miles? Certainly worth considering, that'd be $60-70k per million miles. If you bought the truck new, you're running about 100k miles per year. If you spend your "fuel savings" on a new truck you won't be saving money, you'll just be giving the savings to the bank. And a new truck is gonna cost more than $7k per year. And by the time you get it paid off, Maxidyne will be yelling at you that your truck is old, and you need a new one that gets even better fuel mileage!! The reality is, a well maintained/cared for paid off truck makes the most sense. Metal does fatigue, the truck won't last forever, but forever hasn't come calling yet on this truck.
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    Send a PM to "fifth wheel" through the BMT site. He had replacement gaskets last I knew.
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    really? we sold a 14 year old Granite last year for $73,000 and a 15 year old kenworth this spring for $89,000 independents that have to struggle to stay in business by working every day of the week to make ends meet do not want the garbage made these days, they want the old reliable trucks that do not break every other day. the only people that want new trucks are large corporations that write the trucks off, and union drivers that refuse to drive old trucks.
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    LMAO, now is that an opinion piece or an actual fact that has so much proof it can be backed up? You're gonna have to have LOTS AND LOTS of proof to get most of us to agree or believe that statement you made.
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    Brought home my new to me DM 88 300 6-SPEED 55-K LBS REARS
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    We've had drivers that complain they could be making more money if they had their own truck vs driving for us (I pay them 35% of whatever we get paid, which I think is very good), most drivers do not understand running an older cheaper truck to get into the business requires a solid maintenance plan for equipment uptime, and i don't mean just making repairs, I mean have a solid maintenance plan with forecasting and having critical spare parts on hand and unit exchange items like a spare transmission. When you have these systems in place it becomes easier, drivers just drive, owners dispatch, mechanics repair. Its a system that one cant function properly and smoothly without the other. If you try all three you will exhaust yourself most likely unless you're really making great money above the average guy and can afford the downtime to pay someone to make repairs. My goal is to have our drivers make as close to what they would make if they were an o/o without the headaches of repairs and downtime. Scaling the operation in the backend with maintenance I think everyone can be one big happy family and make a good living.
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