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    All that sniffing he has to have contracted it by now? Gotta admit.... not going to be popular for saying it.... I’m starting to warm up to Biden a bit. He makes me 😂 laugh to tears and I like it. Funny bone love affair. The ridiculous stuff he says is hilarious. His reactions and bizarre mannerisms. Sniffing people like they’re scratch stickers. Corn puff story is awesome. You catch last weeks spoof? He was trying to yell, “hey man I don’t need a mental competency examine my ....... AND THE WHOLE THING WENT STAMMER! He couldn’t finish the sentence defending his mental/physical ability. I keep thinking “this isn’t real, this can’t be real, that has to be a staged joke reaction to make a little self-deprecating humor?”.......... but it’s not!
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    Hey there, I'm SJ from Vermont. My husband and I have been adventuring, building, fabricating, and bringing new dreams and old junk to life for - a lifetime really. He's a welder/fabricator/mechanic/operator/driver/land speed racer/air show pilot. I'm a visionary and designer who has learned a lot along the way! Along with a talented crew of friends, we've combined our creativity and talents to bring some cool projects together. From a land speed streamliner, to a custom jet car, old motorcycles, to airplanes - we love our projects! Our recent truck projects include a 1974 Peterbilt and a 1977 International Transtar. I fell in love with a Mack B60T project and sealed the deal today. Glad to be part of this community! Cheers, SJ
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    Looks like Joe Biden’s memory? Blank page.
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    well i hate to rain on his imaginary wet dream,,,,but frankly,i wouldnt hire him to rake my leaves.....bob
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    Ok Ok it didn't work. lt should be Linus with a sign that says "Some of yall never backed up a trailer with your dad yelling at you and it shows". There l fixed it! ha .....Hippy
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