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    After quite a few years of trying to figure out what I could build versus what I could afford I ended up purchasing a shop. I am so dang excited. I’ve never even had a garage and now I have a 36’X48’ shop. First of all I know this thread is worthless with out pictures. They will come soon I promise. My old buddy (who I bought my Willy’s pickup from) has had the shop for years. I had told him in the past to let me know if he ever wanted to sell to let me know and would you believe I actually had money at the time he wanted to sell?! Part of the reason I haven’t got pics posted is I’m still waiting for the previous owner to clean his stuff out. He’s a very nice guy and is a bit eccentric and exceptionally intelligent. So he didn’t throw much away and so there isn’t much room other than the trails between stuff. I knew it’d be a process for him to get things sorted out and moved so I’ve been patiently waiting to move my stuff in and helping him along the way. I will admit I’m getting a little antsy to get moved in and start working on my projects like my B75, finish my LS swap in my 73 k20, start my Willy’s wagon project etc. I’m very excited to start working in my shop and will be tapping you guys for your knowledge, tips and tricks. I’m far from being the best at anything but I enjoy working and building stuff.
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    We all live in different neighborhoods but it is going to be HOT everywhere this weekend! Amber recommends staying hydrated and hanging out by the pool.
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    Just finished the custom grille, the aluminum rods are solid 1/2" stock cut to size, drilled and tapped 1/4"on both ends of three centered apart and the rest drilled and tapped the same on one end. The other end just fits through a 1/2" hole in frame on one side. Frame is 14 gauge pickled and oiled steel powder coated.
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    Dang! Sort of hoping I made your list of undesirables. It is only Tuesday and it seems I am on everyone else's shit list for the week! Forums have changed with so many going to Facebook. Forum updates, people changing interest and the crap that Volvo is producing with a Mack name have demoralized a few I suspect. Heaven forbid, maybe we have become boring? I have been around for a day or two and have enjoyed OD's Pictures of the Week, all the projects and show photos that have been posted by many folks, FT's racing exploits, Ray delivering nursery stock or moving trucks, folks trying to figure out codes and cups on the modern junk and talking about everything and anything. Appreciate when Glen sets us straight. Ron, HK and Superdog were good for that as well. And what the hell is 41 Chevy doing now? Might need to check our alibi. We obviously have folks that lurk who used to be regular members and it would be nice if they would stop in and say Hi. If they don't want to, that is their right. Can't force them to participate. Hard to please all the folks all the time, I guess. There have been a couple members including yourself that have launched spectacular diatribes on various subjects that were priceless. I printed copies so I would still have them in case of a crash. Some got pretty heated and took a few days to simmer down and sort out! Water over the dam at this point. All for the love of a Dog.
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    So if we aren’t a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Mack trucks we shouldn’t participate since it will make the “original troupe” upset because it annoys them to answer the same questions or the person asking is only taking from the site? Should we not be able to visit about anything on the odds and ends forums with our friends on here? If the answer is yes to either of those questions say bye bye bmt, Mack trucks and the history behind them because if you don’t welcome in the “new troupe” the old troupe is going to die off not having passed any of this along to be carried forward.
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    I'm glad the folks who want to forget US history haven't had any of those monuments removed.
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    A friend owns a machine shop fabrication business, I have free run on the equipment. He has two sheet metal rollers and when it comes time for the hood I will help him form it. Well for one it's getting a BCII 400 for power so extra room to fire wall is nice. And it is getting outside frame power steering located to the rear, need room for that. But the main reason is {as far as I know} no one has ever built a long hood B 75 or 73. I never follow what everyone else is doing, the whole truck will be custom built and a bunch of one of a kind custom parts and pieces. I want a one of a kind Mack B 75. I get tired of going to shows with the same ole stuff. It's my last build of anything for the rest of my years. Back in the 80's I built a custom CJ3B, took forever to get it licenced. Because I built the frame and bought a new Philippine steel body. After it was all legal the state of Washington sent me a letter that I was to cease and desist all vehicle manufacturing. Well as you can see that went in one ear and out the other.
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    Large, Medium and myself are all Civil War buffs, and we try to get to Gettysburg every few years. We make a long weekend out of it and camp out at Artillery Ridge Campground, which is only within a 1/2 mile of Union line and the 20th Maine's position on Little Round Top. It's a religious experience for all three of us, you really can't understand unless you are there. You can feel the spirit of those who fought and died there. If anyone ever wants to go, I highly recommend the book "The Maps of Gettysburg" which contains carefully researched time lines, maps and analysis of every skirmish of every day of the three campaign. It is an incredible asset to have with you while driving the National Park Service's self-guided tour. Day 1: Buford's Cavalry and Reynold's 1st and 11th Corps tangle with Heth, Rodes and Ewell north of town near the Lutheran Seminary The 11th Mississippi's Monument on Seminary Ridge The two sides of the Tennessee monument on Seminary Ridge The North Carolina Monument and Statue along Seminary Ridge
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    Truth be told I dont think I have been busier since I was a young man Got told to give a bloke a call 18 months ago and landed a job almost immediately on a solar farm as a electrician I did my apprenticeship as a young man as a sparky but never really liked it so left I became a tradesman in recession we had to have in the 80's This solar farm building keeps flat out like a lizard drinking, start 4am get back at 6.30 pm These to me are long days, but the pay is good and I'm not you anymore I also do share farming when the season permits with my best friend, basically we call it farming but have lots of fun loosing money trying to grow crops in bad season's lol This solar farm is going to be built in stages Stage 1 is 250 mega watts, covers 1250 acres, it has 750,000 panels to wire, 640 km of 400 mm DC cables, 30 odd km of 800 mm HV cables and 3100 km of of string cable This is the 4th farm I have been involved with since I stopped cane farming Very un truck relate, however I still do find time to follow my passion for trucks I have manged to do at a guess 10,000 km in the last 18 months in Mrs Mack, bought some beauties home on the low loader for good friends and dragged road trains from one end of this wide brown land to other and back again in Mrs Mack in my none solar farming days I have made lots of videos but the windows 7 on the computer wont allow me ro make youtube films so ir appears a new lap top is in order Not a lot of truck related stuff on the solar farm apart from the 250 ton load two pictures above Paul
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    Gosh guys, how can you take a thread asking about Billy's well being (he's an older gentleman) and end up with hatred? We have the best truck website in the world.......I can tell you that. Now with so many wonderful members worldwide, the website can't meet everyone's vision of perfect every day all-the-time. If we all had exactly the same views.......the world would be an awfully dull place. BMT is not only a place for discussing old Mack trucks. It's also a place for discussing new Mack trucks, other brand trucks both new and old, and non-truck topics as well. You have the ability to choose what you want to view..........and what you don't want to view. For example, if you only choose to view posts about old Mack trucks, you can head straight to the "Antique and Classic Mack Trucks General Discussion" thread. You're in the driver's seat....you only need read what you want to read.
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    From concern over a member that was last on here just a few short weeks ago.............. to....................... this...............
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    OK. I will take the bait. Who are the "undesirables" that need to be dismissed? We have personal politics AND political correctness? How can we have both at the same time? "Coupled with incessant blabbering about nothing, or the same thing over and over really gets annoying and dispatches participation." Boy, I am in deep because I keep talking about Mack Trucks. I better do some thinking on this...
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    Finished with installing the Mack logo on the radiator tank using the emblem from the side of the hood. I never liked the standard logo-the letter stamping was uneven. Plus the cost of a new one was more than I wanted to spend. Cost for this was .34 cents for two stainless screws.
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    Here is the transformer we moved this week.
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    Young fellow with alot of ambition. There's something you don't hear too often
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    No spit and polish but this Bulldog stood tall and proud on the show field.
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    Still have to repair a few minor cracks in the hood, sand down the air filter housing, then wipe it all down before it's time for primer! Good bye H&K Green hello Hartzel's White!
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    I dont read to much into who posts and who doesn't For me life seems to be busier than ever as Im getting older Theres three topics that in the past were never spoken about in Australia politics, religion and money politics because you are free to have your own thoughts and not justify them to anyone or have anyone force theres upon you religion because you are free to believe what ever you want and no other joker should say who or what you should believe in And money, we should never speak about money as your either bragging or lumbering someone else with your problems Either way your putting someone else on the spot and thats bad manners What does all this have to do with Billy T Not much as he maybe just busy but it is food for thought Paul
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    I realize to most it would look better if it had a Super Liner under the towing unit, and I have to agree. A friend of mine bought this a few months back to expand his towing business. It's a Dewalt 50 Ton puller. Shes a real power house. I just got done rebuilding the 15sp for it, 320" WB with a 425 3ZJ Cat. Rear ends are 461's. The fellow who owns it is just a very young fellow with a big grin and a lot of ambition.
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    Not a great picture but this wrecker reminds me of a rig in the town where I grew up.
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    Be ironic if this thread became the explanation to Billy’s lack of interest? ~Blabberer esq.
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    With all of their money, why can't Saudi Arabia lead the Arab League in taking care of their own neighborhood? I vote against the US being the Middle East's policeman. We can no longer afford it, and we have our own problems.
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    Here’s a couple of pic of our old shop,till have it.It was 100x100,1 foot concrete floor. 3FFFDE7A-4350-4CEB-83DD-7052D9A728C0.MOV
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    Super clean retired fire truck...nice! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dump-truck/173968867297?hash=item28815a3fe1:g:KhQAAOSw4x5dJpAj
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    I believe thats what causes little capacitors to come into the world . . .
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    This was my Dads 76' R model with a fancy paint job pic was taken in 1980
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    I have to go look at Other Truck Makes now...
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    good luck and congratulations!. it sounds big now, but once you get everything in it it will be way too small.
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    Paul is a great example. His life has had some changes down in Oz and he doesn't have as much free time as he did for a period. So yes, we hear from Paul less than before (I miss his great videos), but it's not because he's upset with anything at BMT.
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    You're retired you should become the moderator with balls and clean up the site and return it to how you want it to be. Doing beats wishing for it. Maybe for starters eliminate Odds and Ends and Other Trucks which seem to be problems.
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    I'm sure the entire BMT family hopes that Billy is simply preoccupied, and not away because of illness. Billy is "good people".
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    Well, I had mentioned several times what an excellent wife she would be, and how anybody would be lucky to call her his wife, and she agreed that yes, she would be "a good catch", so then I thought "maybe it could be me". I ordered a ring from Steven Singer and gave it to her when I was in Florida. She's having it sized now because I had no idea what size to get and it was way too big. I told her it was all pending your approval, so she hasn't made an official statement yet.
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    I was thinking the EXACT same thing as I was reading Yardo's post. Then I scrolled down and saw this. Perfect. Mack Tech, agree. Seems the wacko's aren't everywhere(yet). We don't have issues in my town for the most part. People mind their P's/Q's and go on with life. I have not seen anything on local news about protesting. Save the day when it happens!
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    Hi. I am selling my late husband's 1968 Mack DM800. Until 7/15 it was running and being used. I have a 1985 Witco challenger 40t trailer with it. However, it no longer starts. My husband had totally redone the back end of it to fit the trailer. All rails were replaced. Does anybody have an opinion on what I should ask for both? The good looking photo is from 2008, just after redoing it. The second is current. It has a Cat engine, and 13 speed. Thank you.
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    Hmm. When I think of U.S. Army 7-1/2 ton 6x6 chassis of that era, I think of White-owned Indiana, Biederman, Corbitt, Federal and Mack. To me, the Federal Model 606 (aka. C-2) and this Reo Model 29XS (aka. F-1) look almost identical, right down to the louvered hood. This truck's spec was an 855 cubic inch Hercules 180 horsepower model HXD L-head six-cylinder engine, Spicer model 7851 5-speed transmission, 2-speed Wisconsin model T-77-3 transfer case, Timken axles with a 10.22 ratio and 196 inch wheelbase. I believe it was also fitted with Cleveland Pneumatic Model YMB air shock absorbers.
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    Actually it will be the other way around, he will probably end up calling me to help with assist. I installed a 45,000 lb winch on our company tow truck I built two years ago. I used the winch nine times this last winter.
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    Same as my and the MP8 and M-Drive for my B mixer. Because I was told it can't fit. Paul
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    I watched a couple of your utubes working outside in winter. This will be a Godsend.
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    It's from when it was on rail (we hauled it from rail to substation). Rail yards have what is called "the hump". It is basically a downhill section of track that goes into the rail yard. Normally they will just release cars down the hump and they will freewheel into the yard and through the switches to get the car where they want it. They have retarders built into the track to help slow the cars down, but they still sometimes hit pretty hard when they slam into other cars. They put the "no humping" signs on the transformer so they wouldn't let it free over the hump. The transformer had 2 gps shock recorders on that monitored how rough the transformer was handled. The black box you see beside the sign is one of the shock recorders, and the other one can be seen on the passenger side. The guy that was there from the manufacturer said the transformer could survive a 5g shock without damage. He also said that if transported by truck, you'd have to be in a serious accident to get a 5g shock, but it is not uncommon at all when transported by rail.
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    Its not hard to relate. I eat more when I’m forced onto a diet too.
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    Very clean truck. Wouldn't mind having it.
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    Looks Like this now Would have looked like this new
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    I do hope Billy T is fit and healthy These threads (think thats what you call them) can certainly take on a life of there own 😄 Yes the forum has changed and in lots of ways it only has got better I dont posy as much as I used to and once I was on 4 forums regularly now just 2 Life gets so busy and my eye lidsare faulty and shut of their own accord when I sit down at the end of the day Keep the dream alive people and I hope Billy is fine Paul
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    This one? Not a great picture angle...
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    This is what I just started in my other bay. Gotta finish it for snow season! It's getting new fenders, rockers, doors, cab corners, bed skins and I'll be sandblasting/painting the frame and axles too. It's treated me very well since I got it, now I'm just replacing rot so I can get another few years out of it. (It's a 12v)
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    In reality the site is not what it used to be. Personal politics and political correctness has taken it's toll on this and many other dedicated forums. Coupled with incessant blabbering about nothing, or the same thing over and over really gets annoying and dispatches participation. Pretty much gone are the crowd whom formerly looked forward to the BMT site as a knowledge base and source of entertainment. This has been replaced by people whom only partipate when they have a problem with no desire to share in the comraderie fostered in the early days. Personal politics and political correctness dealt this and many other dedicated forums a death blow being allowed to fester like an open and untreated wound. All this is easily verfied just looking back at the membership roster for names and dates of last participation. Still a lot of nice people here whom try to add but far more solely on the take. It can be better but it needs driven that way and this includes ridding the site of undesirables. Site moderation with a set of balls hanging on em would be a great first step.
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