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    Blue truck is what was for sale at OldMacks. Purple hood was offered by a company in the States. I don't recall details excepting that Paul 41Chevy posted the link. As you can see in both cases the look was Ok.
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    That one I saw in MO is 15k. It is a running/driving/dumping truck. Ready to go to work.
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    We are still in the red? Every one i know is had it with the nonsense the local small store i go to yesterday the lady's threw their masks and said enough is enough. I was up near the n.y. border and i got to eat in a restaurant for the first time in a long time. That wolf governor is a real panda to the whiny the sky is falling set about ruined the state.
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    Amen. All eight of my wife's immediate family aren't working right now. In middle ages they'd be constructing a guillotine for the royal family and serving spiced cider to a cheering crowd. Make mine an Old Milwaukee Mademoiselle Bouvier. Now take the 1/22nd of people (against the predicted 2.2 million) who "died" and reduce by...… 1. People who simply died of natural causes with virus present 2. People who died within the last 5% of their natural average lifespan 3. Falsely reported deaths to get federal money subsidies and we're probably down to 1/80th of predicted deaths. Now that the numbers are in and anyone still acknowledging & pushing this agenda can identify as a painfully slow learner. The governing body HAS to keep it going, they invested too much in this mistake to suddenly divest themselves, it'd be self incriminating. Reality, we have a big mess to clean up and egg on our face.
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    There were a lot of mechanics back in the day that really wished for tilt-nose B models. I'm glad I didn't have to work on them! Tilt nose is the way to go.
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    Don't have to be new to get the job done!!👍 terry
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    Maybe he should have not broke the law then he would not have to interact with police and might lived longer, lets go back to where it starts just like slavery, why don't the blacks take out their anger on those who sold blacks into slavery, yep that's right blacks sold blacks they just seem to forget that little tidbit of info.
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    I watched Tucker Carlson when I got home this evening. You talk about getting pissed off ! I can not believe this shit. Setting fire to a 200 year old church in DC . But what really pisses me off is the desicration and distruction of the war memorials . I have Uncles , Grandfathers and friends that served and some died. Those memorials are theirs. The small country of Syngapore ( excuse my spelling ), cained a little asshole from Ohio for spray painting something. The bullshit that is going on here now would never happen in that small country . They would have had things under control 6 nights ago.
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    It seems to me there is no way that all of these protests, happening nationwide simultaneously, could have been organized within four days in grassroots fashion. I suspect the protests were organized.
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    I and many mechanics have did it for years.Two ways to do it and one is to use a jack and jack up the weight of the crank but i always remove front and rear main cap and double up some paper and put on the lower brg and then tighten up the main cap.I was in involved in a deal just like this one but it was a 8.3 cummins in a bus.The mechanic that did the over haul put standard main brgs on a .010 010 crank and got the right rod brgs in but std mains in it.Same deal it had low oil pressure.The lead man at a truck dealer made the call to pull engine and send crank out for more measurements.I was asked that evening for my 2 cents worth.I showed him how to plastic gauge the crank and found the mains were standard after checking it.Come to find out he had check the new rod brgs for size but did not check mains.Some one there sure did like me for a few days.
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    Definitely wouldn’t hurt to have oil analysis done
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    Before I’d go to the trouble & expenses of cam bearings, I’d probably try to shim up regulator & relief valves to try to get more psi. If (I) was going to do cam bearings, I’d pull engine & polish crank & have tolerance checked.
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    I'll just pile these in one thread to save time. Some pics I snapped while waiting to load throughout the day. Western Star, Kenworth and International pretty much own the forest up here now ever since Volvo abandoned Mack from the heavy market. I love the Lonestar logger. Some can say they are plastic junk but they can survive the bush road with a 5 axle trailer.
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    Shameless self promotion, LOL
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    It looks like the fly window is open wonder how many times he banged his knuckles off that or the old push button directional I know I did quite a few times and I’m not as big as he is
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