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    I said it is a Koehring 1066 and to bring the BIG trailer....
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    Found this at my buddies scrap yard today. I’d like to save it but have no need or knowledge on it or anyway to handle it. My 8.3 Cummins was almost to heavy for my engine hoist
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    Well, buy it take the copper off and sell that. Then take that old engine and find the right truck to stick it in. That’s a win win right?
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    After about 3 plus years pulled the truck out of the shop for some insurance pictures . Truck was built March 1961 third of an order of twenty four for Genesee Valley Transportation Inc. Buffalo, NY. Painted to U.S. Post Office Specifications . Used by Genesee Valley Trans to haul mail. I could have finished the truck about a year sooner if I did not spend some much time looking for the last tool I was using .
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    Come on guys Im serious here. They did make em and I want 2. Besides never had one over 110 and that one was iffy. except she had a cute face.
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    Gee how did my tow hitch get bent and my springs come up through the bed and all of my tires are flat?
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    i think it may be an old "H" cummins of the 180-220 hp variety.
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