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    Mack makes a great truck and this is the site for people who like them, I literally grew up in Mack trucks so I keep going back to them, my first Mack was a B61 with factory sleeper, 673 and triplex, single axle with tag, last new Mack was a Granite with a 460 from the Mack dealer in Montgomery NY, Great truck no power, would have to split a gear just to make it over small rise on the interstate, it did not stay around long, this is a great site for help with problems, also great place to be reminded why you don't want to buy a new truck, I like the pictures and the stories, as much as I like the my Macks I hate the transmissions, great little motors, really well built truck just bad trans, but that comes from our experience and some others do fine with them, that's great for them. Odds and ends is great because on this site the intelligence level might be a little higher than some other places, but if you don't like what you read don't read it, reminds me of the pastor who went and watched a certain porn movie and then went around telling people how bad it was, when you find people who do not speak or debate subjects you tend find people who cannot figure out how their 14 year old daughter got pregnant, those that want to do away with threads that do not match their thoughts are the ones who cannot debate their ideas because they know they are wrong but continue to live in their own dark little closet trying to convince themselves they are right. If positive comments about Trump bother someone they should not read it, fact still remains that Trump has done a great job for this country and Obama was the worst which makes Carter feel great. If you’re a man that's grown a vagina than maybe you should get a vaginaloptomy and grown some man stuff, you might see things in different light. BMT is great, I hope those that are missing are fine, some people have problems and like to keep to themselves, some need support from others. MAPA- Make America Poor Again, Vote Democrat
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    Plus a Mack ED hiding behind three Super's.
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    I found this and the pics on the Fecesbook-inter-web-o-gram where some lucky guy found an original Waylon Jennings Mack. Such an important music icon and part of Western American culture and history that it deserves to be restored, displayed and enjoyed by future generations. AMAZINGLY COOL BADASS FIND!!!
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    Any good articles in them? From what I hear that’s the only reason guys buy them.
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    Put it on the scrap scale, just don’t go home with cash!
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    Well you just offended all the liberals with pic of our flag, but then AOC and her hate squad can leave if it bothers them that bad. I like it.
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    I know,scrapyards weren't even supposed to be allowed to sell parts off them. I saw several of the step vans come in to one yard that had near new tires,and they had to pop them with the loader forks as soon as they hit the yard.,luckily this one escaped getting scrapped
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    AOC and her pack of rabid blankity blanks can leave even if it don't offend them!!!
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    The truck should be ok. Give consideration to the dealership as far as support. Keep us up to date. Good luck.
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    Dealership is the biggest concern.
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    yes its 4WD,biggest damn transfer case I ever saw.,built for UPS to pull doubles and triples in the mountains
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    Primer on the cab, paint going on in an hour. Hood still needs some crack repairs, it'll get done later.
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    Short answer to yes Everyone uses cheap wire it keeps us folks that work on em employed! We have gone from repairing trucks for a living to chasing gremlins for a living! Ghost busters revisited! All thanx to cheap wire and dollar store sensors and half baked computer programming!
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    Educational reading material...
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    Bumper might have helped a little, a lot of them bumpers are aluminum, don't stop much! terry
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    Easy way to check ground . Run the alligator clip end of your test light back to the battery box (or starter) and hook it to positive. Now check your wire with it. Once you have established whether you have ground or not everything will be easier. Also never take wire colors for granted ..check everything. leds only work one way( unlike an incandescent bulb) so make sure they are not hooked up backwards.
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    I worked at Mack STL on Chouteau in 1977, Herb Talley was my Foreman taught me so much in a short time. Wish had pictures of the old Gateway Readymix three drivers dump two axle Joe Dog with the tri axle dump trailer that used to run from Maryland Heights to West Lake Quarry and back. Average gross across Earth City Expressway was 167,000 lbs.
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    Harry m80 RE It could be some sort of male truck ritual to attract females. Why in the hell would U wanna atract a Volvo female? LOL cya
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    I do believe that was Teamstergrrrl.....................
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    Found a picture:
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    Few years back, the shop I use worked on a 427 for a fellow. He just built the motor himself, but had "noises" at start up. They get it apart and find all the rods were loose. No one torqued them? Uh, it was a time bomb. After going through the whole thing, it was good to go. I'm stupid anal about procedures and going step by step. I start over if I think I screwed up. I'm the same way in the wagon. I have a routine I follow. If I get interrupted. I start over no matter. The hardest decision is putting the oil pan on a motor. No easily going back LOL!!
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    Prime Mover Magazine / July 26, 2019 Logistics and commercial carrier, Linfox, has unveiled a new Lin-double configured tri-axle tipper coupled with a six-axle dog trailer for its coal run in Illawarra. The combination, pulled by a Volvo tri-drive prime mover, moves coal related products from the South32 facility on behalf of Illawarra Metallurgical Coal operations to Port Kembla for Bluscope Steel. Linfox, which has invested $20 million recently in a fleet of custom-designed trucks, engaged a team of Australian and international engineers on the unique vehicle combination. “The vehicles were designed to address the particular challenges of hauling coal in the Illawarra, especially the steep descent down Mount Ousley,” said David Keane Linfox General Manager Business Development, Resources and Industrial. “We’ve essentially combined the most powerful Volvo prime mover available with additional braking and descent control technology and higher capacity trailing equipment,” he said. Illawarra currently outpaces Sydney in population growth and with the transit route between Westcliff and Appin Colliery involving steep grades down Mt Ousley and through heavy traffic, South32 required a supply chain partner with a transport solution that minimised its impact on the community and environment. In a company statement, Linfox said it was focused on the wellbeing and capability of its drivers as it planned to reduce the number of vehicle movements on local roads by 25 per cent. The vehicle, as the company strives to increase the tonnage of coal it moves on each trip while honouring its commitment to chain of responsibility, features radar adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation technology. Linfox also confirmed it had commenced construction on a new site in Port Kembla where South32 ships coal to international markets. The project will reportedly employ 130 local workers. This will include drivers, contract managers, operational supervisors, safety officers and administrators. Global demand is increasing right now for high quality coking coal which Illawarra has an abundance of for the production of steel. .
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    Made the kamp show today great food beautiful iron met the stark boys today didn't see Brian from jolerher saw his truck nice turn out
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    The dyed fuel enforcement program was launched in 1994 by the government of the United States. It is run by IRS. Whether it is Washington, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, or other states, the fine for illegal use of dyed diesel is $10/gallon or $1,000 per violation (a tank with red diesel), whichever is greater. For instance, if 20 gallons of such fuel are revealed in your tank, the fine will be $1,000. Two such tanks will make it double. After the first violation, each repeated one will increase a penalty by $1,000 compared to previous violation, so the total amount of penalty is very flexible. Add to that the State tax fines per gallon which is from 30 to 80 cents per gallon depending on state. here ie a link to a tax fine chart. http://offroadguides.com/what-is-the-fine-for-running-off-road-diesel.html
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    He's restoring that truck for Waylon Jennings family. Last I heard it's coming along well. Trucks here in Ontario Canada
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    I’m still around but too busy to really be involved.
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    Unfortunately there are a few special tools to do this job in the truck and the parts will not be cheap these parts are usually available thru PAI at a bit better pricing how ever it will still be pricey! Just saying!
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    I'd take her advice any day.
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    the 3208 was a factory option in the R400 series,model R492,same hood length,just lower GVW
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    Difference between Adults and Kids? The size of their toys. Thanks to Wallace Brothers Disposal & Recycling. Always Up - Autocar Trucks .
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    First things first - are you trying to save the adapter? Methods vary based on the desired results.
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    Solid chassis, Good engine (relative to maintained condition). E-Tech can make 350 horses with one piston tied behind its back. Easy day, low horsepower expectation= long life.
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    Heard of ATF being used in fuel back in the day. Wouldn't risk it now because of the color! I have also heard of some shops getting rid of their waste crankcase oil by putting it in the fuel tank to be burned. Who knows what ratio of fuel to waste oil might be? 50/1 maybe? I have being using Power Service Diesel Kleen for lubrication and as a fuel stabilizer.
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    you don't all you can hope for is they believe you. which i really don't think they will, since ULSD has more lubrication than the old high sulfur ever did.
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    Trailered her home, not running yet, attending to some details. hopefully going to attempt to fire up in next couple weeks. this was a unplanned new project, could not pass her up!
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    Unless I had a spare engine at home, and got a greatly reduced price, I'd work out a deal to hear all 6 cylinders working before purchase.
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    Are you positive you need more rpm? It maybe be the puff limiter has a hole in the diaphragm! remove the hose from the manifold to the puff limiter and suck on it if it will not hold vacuum you have a compromised diaphram!
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    I’d venture to say our fleet gets about the same as you are on disc brakes. Have you had problems with them seizing up and dragging? Seems to be very common occurrence in our fleet. The other problem we’ve had is at night when we do our post trips most guys including myself give the brakes 1 to 3 pumps when the truck is off so 1 we can hear if there’s any service side leaks and 2 to give enough pressure so the auto adjusters to work. The thing I love about disc brakes is I have yet to have once freeze in the winter. I try to always back up so my tire is 90 degrees from where it was when I did my post trip and that helps a lot. Nothing worse than getting to work in the wee hours of the morning in negative temps beating breaks loose.
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    Autocar introduced their first U series in 1935, so I guess A Car should have been upset with Mack.
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    Here is Greco #255. In storage since almost new! Mileage is in the low 1,000's!
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    Long live the steel dash Mack!
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    Built OEM with a Mack 864 Thermodyne V8 under the hood.
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