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    Getting cold tonight so going to spend the next few nights in a warm comfy spot:
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    I just picked up this one a couple days ago. I figured I would post some pictures, as from doing my homework, there weren't many built. Shes a 1974 RS755LST with a factory installed Caterpillar 1693ta. The transmission is a 13 speed, and its riding on camelback. The truck originated in Michigan where it and its sister truck were bought by a small paving company to be used as lowboy tractors. I was told the sister truck caught fire and burned up. It needs some work to be roadworthy, and eventually I'll source a replacement cab as the one that's on it is toast.
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    Have fun with your new purchase!
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    What else are you going to do if you don’t get your way and sell them, hold your breath? No need for the dramatic “if I don’t get what I want by this day I’ll scrap them”. It just makes you look silly and turns off any buyers in my opinion. Good luck.
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    Fine looking farm truck!
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    A 1923 Mack AC with a 1949 Mack FW and a 1947 Sterling HC 175 on damp spring morning in 2005.
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    With the price of scrap being close to zero, after the cost of cutting them up and trucking to the scrap yard, you will have pretty much no money for the effort. Good thinking! Have a nice day.
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    I like seeing the ways guys overcome issues with these old trucks as much as the truck itself
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    In the weeds and not available.
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    Probably still better than working a horse and wagon all day!
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    will do... they are fairly rare these days but they pop up once a year on ebay or Facebook market place
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    Nice job! How about to drill a hole and add a grease nippel to its end?
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    Like them or hate them EVs are coming to all forms of transportation. If you don't get on board as an auto maker you will get left behind. They will not be the solution to every transportation need.
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    A first year 1939 Pete and a extremely rare bird a 1944 KW built during the war in Yakima, Wa. KW's built during WWII are very rare, the Seattle factory was used by Boeing to build air craft so the truck factory was moved to Yakima. Very limited production during the war years, this is the only war bird I have ever seen. The federal is a X13 model.
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    This pusher may be sitting a spell due to the warm temps and rain this weekend. Not much snow in the forecast around here.
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    Gotta realize most of what you hear coming out of war torn countries run by dictators is propaganda. Though Islam tends to promote fanaticism, the middle east is fractured and run by local warlord and religious fanatics. Yes they hate America but they're often too busy oppressing their own people and fighting each other to be a major threat to America. Killing major terrorists is necessary to protect the world.
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    After having served my country as a Marine I see no WWIII coming. He was a terrorist period. Mainstream media will cloud your judgement while Internet warriors and Facebook global security experts opine their ridiculousness. For a different view read https://arab.news/b6udh
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    Our facility head delivered a speech this morning at OSHA training and was quoting Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” as instruction for how he’s running this business... “If you know your enemy and yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. If you know yourself and not your enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” It applies. We know Iran. They've been shouting “Death to America” for 41 years, nothing new. Iran doesn’t know Trump or what he’ll do, neither do we.
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    NY Times........end the article by declaring Soleimanis death insignificant when compared to global warming. 😂
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    Clearly a black and white situation.
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    Get your cans of fuel and head for the underground school bus bunker. Trump blew up a terrorist and CNN has us entering WWIII. You didn’t hear as much Media fuss when Obama targeted and blew up a 16 yr old American born citizen, and the restaurant he was sitting in, with a drone. Don’s blowing up real, active, terrorists and not the teenage American son of an already-dead terrorist. I again admire how much DT hates perps who’ve killed Americans.
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    And I agree, 100%.
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    no, I can't do that- they might actually fix it, then I wouldn't need to call her to come look at it!
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    She must be using the newer style cordless scan tools? My thoughts..... try an ugly mechanic.
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    Don't worry guys! I figured it out. Gonna give you all the specs incase you guys didn't know. This is the compression ratio of each crown. 240GC596 15.3:1 240GC597 15.7:1 240GC598 16.5:1 240GC591 16.9:1
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    1. None of the 3 democrats pictured were president or in the administration when Volvo bought Mack and they couldn't have stopped the deal. 2. Volvo having bought Mack long before he became president, Trump can't do anything about it either.
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    It would be great if you could keep pictures of that guy in the odds and ends section. This is the section for old Mack trucks. He might be old but he is not a Mack. I know I am not the only person on this forum who does not support the president. Please keep this section about trucks and keep him out of this. Thank you Michael Yarnall.
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    had one long ago e7-350 manual pump all mack pulled like a freight train felt closer to 450hp than 350. trouble free grossed 130k it was a tank of a truck for a single rail
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    It seems that now they import Australian built Macks but am I right in thinking that Mack New Zealand used to make their own trucks because it looks like they used to have products like the RB unique to the NZ market? Also, the second generation 1980's Superliner in New Zealand just looked like a mark 1 with rectangular headlights whilst the Superliner 2 in Australia was a taller truck with more space under the cab for airflow in hot conditions.
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    Soleimani had a lot of American blood on his hands. Good riddance. Thank you Mr. Trump for taking the trash out.
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    Gorgeous Western Star, "tipper" eh?
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    Sure we do. It's measured in tons of yield with the reaction starting between 3K, and 6K above ground level for dispersion.
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    The designer of the Brockway "Superliner" is Bob Eckard. He is still alive and kicking in the Cortland, NY and recently donated some of his original concept drawings to the Brockway Museum. Mr. Eckard has an opinion on where Mack came up with the inspiration for the Superliner and to cut a sad story short it ain't from Allentown.
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    Understand Dave. I've never had one of these apart myself or should say that I remember. I built a lot of wood splitters in the early 1980's when that was popular and several times used second hand pumps. Most however were gear pumps and were easy to reverse rotation and that's what I remember most. This is a pump from one of my old splitters I used with a gasoline engine but mother in law preferred an electric version. I built the mount(s), installed an electric drive coupled with a chain coupling after reversing the rotation of this pump during rebuild which consisted of a new gearset, and end plate. Motor is a 5hp single phase unit easily powered by an extension cord, or portable generator. Not shown is the use of an electric tandem center valve and pressure compensation to ensure equal travel speed on extension and retraction of the cylinder which was an 8" bore, 3" rod, and 30" stroke on this unit. I liked to limit operating pressure to 2000psi so everything lasted a good long time and 50 tons of force will split any log. It worked well for a lot of years till becoming disused so I tore it apart for another project repurposing the steel and cylinders in a hydraulic press I've not yet finished. Here is one of the two pumps I have:
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    I’ve used this one on my desktop for years it reminds me of my dad and the stories he used to tell me about trucking in the 1950-60s
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    Two super Superliners from 2019 Metro-Jersey show in Augusta, NJ.
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    Here is the transformer we moved this week.
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    All in primer now! Finished the cowl belt line patches today and primed the lower cowl panels. Now just a lot of small repairs and the windshield area before the body work starts.
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    Well, this makes me feel pretty good about the progress on this cab. Everything lines up and it's almost all in one color, instead of the faded paint, primer and rust.
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    Ready for work!, diesel!.. more pics in the ad. I don't usually comment on these, but just want to point out that it is unusual that the guy is willing to lie in an ad with only four words. One has to wonder if it's a gas engine too...
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    This is a photo from my collection. It shows the set-back MH chassis with RH drive at the ED&TC.
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    First Brockway made both the 761 set back front axle and the 760 set forward axle so the new "Super Liner" truck could have been built either or both ways. By 1975-6 you could get a Brockway with a glass tilt hood. There are some around.. Second Sheller Globe made these cabs as well as the R model, even though it looks like a R model cab there were some differences, especially in the cowl area and they are not totally interchangeable.. By the time of Paul's pictures the long square hood was already built and Brockway was playing mostly with headlights,grilles and bumpers. Look at that straight on picture the headlights are different sided to side. Third one of the main reasons Mack closed Brockway was labor problems. The wheels at the union put the workers out on strike even though the workers were willing to work without a contract til things could be settled.
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    It is really a big challenge in this part of the world to get a trained or certified mack technician. This has made it too frustrating that many people are dumping their mack trucks because the challenge of keeping mack truck running here is much. I like venturing where others has backed out cos I know it is a matter of knowledge. I do hope bigmacktrucks will be a wonderful resource. I don't intend to quit mack.
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    Manifold press ga for F&R models- 7MT232, oil temp ga neg ground 140-230-320 degree-3MT237P8,temp sender 64MT146.
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