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    Seen a lot of "well off" people with little respect or any manners. The general attitude for clearing their trash is "that's what the help is paid for" or as my "entitled liberal daughter in law" stated "I don't do manual labor like clearing the table off". So last time they came over when Gail was alive she insisted that we don't give her any dishes or utensils. . . just a few wet naps. Wife had a bit of a sarcastic streak worse than mine.
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    First year for the K5 Blazer in the GM lineup.
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    Mercedes Benz LPK1319 M/B OM360 engine. 6 cyl., 210 HP. ZF 5 speed manual trans. fully synchronized. 2 speed rear.
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    So this week we take some phony Russian tracked things to Yuma AZ, got our pictures taken about thousand times, people love armored tanks, anyway when we go west we get to stop at Rudy's, anybody that lives in TX or travels that way knows what a Rudy's is, for you that don't they are a meat smokehouse and have great Brisket, love Brisket, they do not serve but do have tables and such so you can sit and enjoy your meal, when finished you are expected to clean up your mess, there are even signs on the walls telling you that mother is not there and clean up after your done which everyone does because you enjoy going there so much, really good Brisket, so we hit Rudy's like twice going out and then pick up some helicopters in Tuscon out by Pima, anyway off to the east we go, of course back to Rudy's in El Paso then to Arlington, so when we enter the building there is a group of tanned dark pigmented life forms, we pay them no mind because we all enjoy good Brisket, we order our food, spend about 100 bucks to feed 3 guys and head for the tables, we like sitting on the patio, that is where the life forms were but now are gone except that they left all their trash on the tables, I'm not a racist but there are signs and everyone knows the rules, how come the tanned dark pigmented life forms just cannot seem to understand that is it THEIR actions that cause the problems, by the way the Brisket was really good, the life forms not so much.
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    I primarily work on industrial projects. It’s amazing that a tractor and trailer can fit through the space I left open but the new fancy car can’t. For residential projects I hate working in rich areas because of the people’s entitled attitude. I prefer working in middle class areas
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    got a assembly on Ebay tonight. need to source one more.. i also got set up on pai... great to see so many aftermarket parts available since Volvo is of little help these days
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    There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned electric block heater but when finding an outlet becomes an issue and or extreme cold is in the forecast and you know you have to run in it nothing beats a diesel fired heater that has your engine at 150 degrees for you when you jump in the truck
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    Transport Engineer / January 21, 2020 Norwegian food wholesaler ASKO is trialling four electric trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells in a pilot venture with Scania. Scania’s modular approach sees the internal combustion engine replaced by an electric unit, powered by electricity from fuel cells fed with hydrogen and from rechargeable batteries. The electric powertrain delivers 290kW/210kW continuous output, with up to 2,200Nm of torque through a two-speed transmission. The rest of the powertrain contains the same standard components used in the manufacturer’s hybrid trucks and buses already available on the market. The 26-tonners on trial with ASKO have a 6×2*4 configuration and installed lithium-ion battery capacity of 56kWh. The 22kW AC on-board charger has a CCS charging interface. Hydrogen storage capacity is 33kg at 350bar, and the vehicles have an estimated range of between 400km and 500km. Scania says this pilot will be the basis for further learning and development for both companies. “Hydrogen gas is an interesting option for long haulage electrified transport and early tests show that the technology also works well in colder climate,” says Karin Rådström, the truck maker’s head of sales and marketing. .
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    I know if my mom was there she would’ve said something to them and when they continued to do nothing about cleaning up their mess she would’ve thrown their tray at them. I know this because she’s done it before. Not a lot of things she gets to angry about, but people just blatantly being lazy and trying to make someone else do everything for them gets her pretty mad pretty quick... and there’s nothing racist about showing a complete lack of respect for staff and other customers of an eating establishment. Besides, by all known measures they're white themselves, just a little tanner... On another note, Rudy’s is great! My family went on a road trip around the country one time, and when we got to Texas my dad got in touch with a guy he used to sail with who told us about it. Had lunch with the guy and all I can say is it’s pretty hard to catch up when you’re stuffing your face full of BBQ...
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    because the world owes them everything and they do not have to worry about their actions. someone will clean up the mess they make.
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    Not everyone can read. Not everyone gives a shit even if they can read. I've grown men at my shop that think their mom works there and pick up after them. Pisses me off to no end.
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    Well, I ended up pulling the cups, didn't see anything so went on and pulled the head, sent it out to be checked. It all checked ok. Put it back together, same problem! Turns out you can't eliminate the air compressor the way I've always done with older (real) macks. I removed the main air line from the compressor and problem goes away. Shoot air into the compressor at main air line and have bubbles in the coolant tank Air compressor replacement time, yay!
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