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    I'm glad the folks who want to forget US history haven't had any of those monuments removed.
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    Large, Medium and myself are all Civil War buffs, and we try to get to Gettysburg every few years. We make a long weekend out of it and camp out at Artillery Ridge Campground, which is only within a 1/2 mile of Union line and the 20th Maine's position on Little Round Top. It's a religious experience for all three of us, you really can't understand unless you are there. You can feel the spirit of those who fought and died there. If anyone ever wants to go, I highly recommend the book "The Maps of Gettysburg" which contains carefully researched time lines, maps and analysis of every skirmish of every day of the three campaign. It is an incredible asset to have with you while driving the National Park Service's self-guided tour. Day 1: Buford's Cavalry and Reynold's 1st and 11th Corps tangle with Heth, Rodes and Ewell north of town near the Lutheran Seminary The 11th Mississippi's Monument on Seminary Ridge The two sides of the Tennessee monument on Seminary Ridge The North Carolina Monument and Statue along Seminary Ridge
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    I was thinking the EXACT same thing as I was reading Yardo's post. Then I scrolled down and saw this. Perfect. Mack Tech, agree. Seems the wacko's aren't everywhere(yet). We don't have issues in my town for the most part. People mind their P's/Q's and go on with life. I have not seen anything on local news about protesting. Save the day when it happens!
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    Hi. I am selling my late husband's 1968 Mack DM800. Until 7/15 it was running and being used. I have a 1985 Witco challenger 40t trailer with it. However, it no longer starts. My husband had totally redone the back end of it to fit the trailer. All rails were replaced. Does anybody have an opinion on what I should ask for both? The good looking photo is from 2008, just after redoing it. The second is current. It has a Cat engine, and 13 speed. Thank you.
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    Doesn't look too bad. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Mack-R-700-Heavy-Haul-Truck-Pull/293160411860?hash=item4441b8e2d4:g:aJsAAOSwzfNdNQk6
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    Mirrors arrived in the Mack supplied box straight from the manufacturer: The "Outback Steakhouse" gift certificate was well received. The mirror kits were all inclusive including bolts, nuts, insulators, and internal stiffeners for the doors. Really a nice set and have never been installed.
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    Hmm. When I think of U.S. Army 7-1/2 ton 6x6 chassis of that era, I think of White-owned Indiana, Biederman, Corbitt, Federal and Mack. To me, the Federal Model 606 (aka. C-2) and this Reo Model 29XS (aka. F-1) look almost identical, right down to the louvered hood. This truck's spec was an 855 cubic inch Hercules 180 horsepower model HXD L-head six-cylinder engine, Spicer model 7851 5-speed transmission, 2-speed Wisconsin model T-77-3 transfer case, Timken axles with a 10.22 ratio and 196 inch wheelbase. I believe it was also fitted with Cleveland Pneumatic Model YMB air shock absorbers.
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    Been doing some work for Pinewood Studios. Watch the movies and you'll see it in action.
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    What a bummer. If there’s B parts to be had you’ll likely find them on here. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH Large did the same exact pinewood derby car years ago, I will have to see if I can dig up a pic.....HAH!!!!
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    The main reason that we care so much about the Middle East is the oil they supply us. The funny thing is I have heard multiple non tree hugging reports that there is more oil under North America than in the Middle East. The oil in the Middle East is only suitable to refine into fuel The oil under North American makes excellent lubricants and is more difficult to refine into fuel To add to the problem we have not built a new refinery in over 25 years So my thoughts are if this is even remotely true we should start a massive effort to develop oil production here in North America. This will cause the price of oil to drop because they want us to stop and once everything is online and we have pumped sufficient reserves we can just let the Middle East fight it out because they will have lost the strangle hold on our economy The president needs to declare this a national emergency and get America working on solving the problem here and to get the tree huggers on board it should be labeled as energy independence with an attached research projects on the size of the moon missions to develop alternative energy
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    Little progress. Paint coating readily peels with 5gpm, 2000psi pressure water and temperature is barely over 200 degrees, (F). Once the base frame assembly warms, the coatings just roll off. The cathodic coating does take a few seconds longer but it does remove easily. Once the cab is removed and as much of the brown coating is stripped I can get, baking soda will remove the rest. Less expensive if I can remove most lessening the time the blaster needs with it. Don't know if I'll go to bare rails or just a rolling chassis, but everything is pretty clean so far. And the cute little bulldogs before and after the truck serial number:
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    Right now I’m in the middle of scraping and painting this big barbecue porch also had to replace a bunch of 2/4s this guy is helping me I’m paying him handsomely haha actually I work with him And he’s always looking for extra money also replacing a door inside house and repairing another door lol no end....bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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