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    For those who don’t remember (it’s been a while), I own Mack B85F1242, a 1957 B85F that spent its entire firefighting career with the Gettysburg, PA fire department. While in college I was a firefighter there. I had the honor of driving and riding the officers seat to this rig’s last actual fire and it’s last alarm (a false alarm nonetheless). This truck stood by for President Eisenhower when his helicopter landed at the family farm in Gettysburg and was nicknamed and dedicated by the President as “General Ike. I bought it with my father-in-laws help six years after it was retired in 1998 (bought in 2004 or so). We restored it and unfortunately it has sat for about 8 years. I replaced the batteries, flushed the fuel system and fired this old boy up for the first time today in 8 years. The 6V53T that it was repowered with in the 1970’s ran like a champ. The Allison auto never missed a beat. Drive it 20 miles home from the storage facility where we keep it during rush hour in Orlando and it got tons of thumbs up. It’s dirty and will be washed at my middle school son’s car wash fund drive on Saturday (I’ll be washing it while the kids wash cars). I’ll post pics and a better video that doesn’t include the stress and shakiness of driving a 60 year old truck in rush hour traffic on Saturday.
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    Yup, I used a Donaldson off a DM for my B75. It has a bit more space to mount the filter compared to a B42 so one a little shorter will have to be on the shopping list.
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    You did not miss ID the truck, my pics that were transferred to another hosting service has /had issues. I made an error and didn't catch it which apparently is a major crime here. I only learned of that other Marmon when my son took that photo of it on Main Road about 2006 when he asked me why my truck was at the run down store . It is the twin of mine less the interior and lettering. It also matches the one that Allie Lizza had at his asphalt plant in Glen Cove so there were 3 close matches on L.I.. Since it seems to be a major issue I had the moderator delete the offending photos and when I return home around Thanksgiving I'll take a few pics of mine with a large dated card on it so there is no question, unless you have a specific way you want proof of it. . you tell me what you need. I posting the wrong photo with the caption. As for you never seeing it on L.I in the past 30 years, a side from being parked on the remains of the farm off Roanoke Rd for years it has been in Virginia mostly since 2013. It has been at the LI Power Association show at Hallock Farm in 2007 and 2008 The ATHS show in 2007 at Brookhaven Airport with Allie Lizza's truck and in Pete Horan's O.B. Sand Touch a Truck event last year.
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    The first picture is how the truck looked when I bought it from Superdog, and the last two are with the axle moved and a new paint job and some chrome.
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    I had to go to Waynesboro, Va. and load a high load on a double drop-deck trailer last week. First time i'd pulled one of them, and knew nothing about it. But don't worry they said, you won't have to break it down. The load was 11 and a half feets tall, then I found out that it had to be tarped- good thing I had some help, took 5 people to get that giant size tarp up there. Looks good there, but it was completely destroyed by the time I got to Augusta, Ky. with it. Then I had to go from Augusta to Dixon, Il. to pick up a lift coming back to Va. for the rigging co. that we moved the equipment to Ky. for. But don't worry they said, you won't have to break the trailer down- they'll set it right on you, just chain it and go. I stopped at a rest area on 39 that night. It was looking like this the next morning. So I get to the lift getting place, and they inform me that I do have to break that trailer down. It was most difficult, because you really need ramps on the truck frame for the rollers on the gooseneck to climb, and I did not. And, you really need for the airline going to the 5th. wheel to be unbroken so you can slide your 5th. wheel, and I did not. So after a titanic struggle in the cold and snow, I finally got it apart. This is the lift, at Maysville, Ky. the next morning. This is how they unloaded it- That's how I thought they would load it. Saw some big Mack trucks in Grayson, Ky. Wow, all that unharvested corn in that snow- And here's a girl with a fish, for no particular reason-
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    It is frightening that the left has lost its grip on reality. If half this country cannot tell truth from falsehood, we have a dark future. The Elite's way of life is under attack by Trump. I can think for myself and can tell the truth from total BS. We have his back, the people on the left better be careful what they wish for.
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    If Trumps son got a job anywhere and the left loons thought it was because he was Trumps son they would start another impeachment on that, but Biden"s son DID get a job only because his father was VP and the left say's nothing to see here, yet somehow if the right looks into it then that's bad, our children struggle every day to make ends meet, Biden's kid gets a $50,000 a month job with no experience and it's all OK, how do you as a left loon justify that ?????
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    dont forget they expect the rest of us to feed the poor and illegals....sorry couldnt hold back this time......they just dont seem to want to share thier wealth..but i guess,thats what you were trying to get across.....bob...
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    When I first joined the work force as an electrical tech doing basic stuff, one shop guy asked me to go to the warehouse and ask for a bucket of ohms. I went and someone told me they didnt have any. When I went back to the electrical shop i told them they didnt have anymore and everyone busted out laughing. Ive come a long way since then lol. But I too have fallen victim to this prank.
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    Well here's where I let the cat out of the bag because several of you wish that you had my time. I'm salaried at work and run the shop, when the work is done, parts ordered and the shop cleaned I work on the 75 til the next job shows up. The boss doesn't care, I work seven days a week so something gets done on the 75 everyday.
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    I believe thats what causes little capacitors to come into the world . . .
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    These cab overs have been at Winchester at our show. The one with D. P. Miller on the door now belongs to the Keystone Museum.
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    Here are some photos that would make great wallpaper background images for your desktops! Everybody is welcome to post your own desktop wallpaper images, also! Just make sure they are high quality photos. Instructions for grabbing a wallpaper: Click on the image below you want. Make it full size (Hover your mouse around the lower right hand corner and an expand box will appear...click it to make the photo full size). Right click on the largest size. Select "Set as Background" That's it...your done! You can change it as often as you want!
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    I bought myself a 2015 cxu highway tractor day cab then I took the 5th wheel off and converted the truck to a gravel truck with a dump box, I used the 5th wheel air line to operate the tailgate everything went as planned, the only problem I have that when I need to spread a load of gravel I raise the box half way up and I start rolling the truck before I open the tailgate but the 5th wheel switch on the dash won’t operate the tailgate in moving mode it’s the way it’s designed for the 5th wheel. My question is there anyway the make it operate In moving mode, although when the truck is stopped it opens but soon I start moving it closes automatically any help is much appreciated.
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    Liked the airbrush wood on this modified Willys. Think I would have picked a different style of wheel. A little more chrome work on the bumpers will help finish it off.
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    I was wondering were that fish smell was coming from Paul
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    I believe this to be true.
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    And now for a civil discourse.....ahem...here’s my retort and the list system we now have to use........? point 1 Keith, they wouldn't allow you to be hall monitor in school (for a reason) any more than we need conversation police on Odds and Ends. Please go back to bossing around your wife. Point 2 Trumps antics can’t be defended, don’t ask people to try. Point 3 Politicians are suppose to manually raise money for a campaign then secure an office. After that it’s time to go to work. They’re not doing it. They get money for the campaign, win, then steal our tax dollars fighting in office to screw over rivals while they are suppose to be working. They literally have millions of tax dollars, they didn’t acquire through campaigning, to work out their campaign on “company time”. It’s BS. It’s happening on both sides. Right now the Dems are perfecting the technique of screwing away my money to campaign for 2020 while in office. Any guesses how much work won’t get done and how much money they’ll blow on the next impeachment debacle?
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    WesternStar96, what do you know about this truck, a GMC General? First all wheel drive General I have ever seen. I came across it on Google Images. That is awesome. I never used to think much of GMC trucks but these Generals were tough trucks. Our local steel mill used to supply GMC Truck and Bus Division with steel, so they bought a bunch of steel fender 5 Star's. They were used as both tandem dump trucks and flat beds. They had 6V92TTA 350's and Allison auto trans. They took all kinds of punishment and severe overloading and they lived forever.
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    Don’t forget this nugget. https://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2014/11/10/aca-architect-the-stupidity-of-the-american-voter-led-us-to-hide-obamacares-tax-hikes-and-subsidies-from-the-public/#d4de5297c05d I also like Keith’s comment about “rich right wing millionaires”, so pelosi, sanders, Hillary and the rest of them aren’t rich as well? Love how hypocritical democrats are. They yell buzz phrases like equal wages, wealth redistribution while having a death grip on their wallets as they fly on their private jets to one of their many mansions.
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    Got 1 row of 9. 1500 lumen can lights wired up. I think when the other three are wired in I should have more then enough light .
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    OK I'll take your bait, since I work a lot in Mexico because we have freight going to and coming from there which includes us going into Mexico because of the size and our knowledge at running the trailers, not every joker can run a dollie system, ask Emmert, I think that Mexico is helping to pay for part of the wall, we never saw the Mexican Military in force like we do now, which in effect is slowing the illegal border crossings which is saving us money which is allowing us to pay for the wall and not chase illegals ? (thinking like Government person) Twitter ? who cares ? really that's a problem ? golf ? yep when the Democrats spend more time working with Trump to help Americans he won't have time for golf till then since they are only concerned with their witch hunt he has time so why not play golf, and for anybody that has worked with vets and the disabled there are those who wear their disability like a beacon of feel bad for me, but MOST do not, nor ask for sympathy, they ask for respect and to be treated as the equals they are, MOST do not see them selves as disabled, they know they are but they ignore it / deal with it and press on, it's only a select few that go on the feel bad for me tour. Now maybe you should also read the truth behind your bringing up the reporter with the disability which was a birth defect in this case, Trump flails around and the person in question does not, most what you saw on TV was as usual not the truth, so check your facts before putting it out there like it's the gospel, and as tjc transport noted I also suspect that Trump uses Twitter to infuriate the left wing loons, he probably laughs so hard he falls off the couch when he writes his lines of wit, i know I do. And yes maybe Trump was not up to speed on how bad Obama screwed up our health care system, since Obama and crew lied about it from day one how could Trump know how screwed we had gotten, Remember if you like your plan keep it, like you doctor no problem and best of all your rates won't go up, mine went from $560 per month for me and my wife to over $2000 per month and neither of us have health issues WTF, go smoke another joint and try again.
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    Good points. And while I generally stay out of politics here, if folks wanna talk about politicians, please quit obsessing over candidates who haven't run in years and hold no public office.
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    yes. I'm trying to eliminate the negative things in my life these days and it was to light for a boat anchor.
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    KS: Not to be nosy but are you at Autocar now and back in the USA?
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    My shop is 100 x 100 . . . I have to work wth only the nose in the door because of lack of free space.. :(
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    yes,,,,and no the stuff,,is only sitting there for now...because i havent completely buttoned up all the side panels and the roof panels....that will be included in the finishing touches....i spoke of....plus we have a storage shed,,,we bought,,,rubbermaid plastic,,,its still in the box,,,,that will be going up outside...for lawn and garden supplys....lol....but yes i know what you mean....about growing roots...and me and the wife are both on the same page with the clutter situation....im fixing on putting 2 big work benches on one side,,,but hopefully i wont be filling both of them with temporary shit....you know what happens most of the time...people wind up stuffing thier work benches to the point where theres no place to work on anything.lol.bob
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    My father was one of the men killed in the November 6, 1969 crash of the Mack Learjet. This year will mark the 50th anniversary of that tragic event. Anyone out there remember any of them? I would love to hear any stories you may have.
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    My father drove a crackerbox when I was a kid and hated it. I’ve always wanted one though. I wish this one was closer.
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    I know an old bedbug hauler that paid for a 540 acre farm 2 houses and 3 or 4 new cars using a cracker box single axle just about like that one
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    Looks like an old pete buy the dash late 60s early 70s can’t remember when they stopped putting the breakers on the dash. After a longer look maybe late 70 early 80
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    A sharp looking Mack "RB" taking a coffee break.
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    Not much help but the only time I had a won’t communicate with Ecu I checked harness and grounds pulled a load through the harness with a head light both pos and ground had nothing coming out of ecu It was a bad ecu. That’s all I have for you
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    Making progress thanks to my brother and dad for help with the heavy lifting. I got a lift rented for this weekend so progress should be a little faster.
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    Where our farm is in Riverhead Long Island the local code enforcement now uses drones to find violations. I have none. . . yet, but a few years ago my neighbor rototilled a design for the drones, apparently it will never go away til they plow and replant a large section.
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    Replumb the gate air directly to your air tank with a separate old style air switch. No electronics, no nothing. Works when you want it to work.
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    took these in 2009 when I visited my girlfriend in Hillsboro, NH. a local guy had collected a bunch of old mack trucks and a few others, as well as some construction equipment. I really regret not taking more pictures, because they were all auctioned off the next week.
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    Mine is almost seven years old. Still love driving it!
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    the grey one is mine. It's not quite done yet but she's on the road. It's a blast to bomb around in!
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    I know I posted this B on another thread way back some where, but here it is again. It was at the 2011 ATHS show in South Bend IN. I think the truck was out of KY.
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    think i saw this truck at a show,,in fontana,,california...bob
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    We had a used 361 for a short time, the one in the middle,350 Cummins,10 speed (it had been Huskydrive originally),pretty good truck,allthough I only ever drove it a few times traded it in on an F-Model because we needed something with a sleeper on it. The wheelbase on this one was just too short.IIRC, they allowed 2500.00 trade against the F-Model?...wish I still had it now!.............Mark
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    Here's the pic it didn't attach the first time
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    Mike Don't sell that H613. I want to see it all fixed up and on the road again. I think that is a very very cool truck. Superdog. You own the truck and you set the price. If the market does not see it that way, then it stays with you. Only 10 of these left. That is really something
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    yep thats a mh and good luck thats the worts thing about the trucks
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    Added a few more to the lineup! Anyone wanna contribute...email me a high res pic and I'll add it to the post!
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    Hello, my name is Larry Pruitt and I live just west of St.Louis MO.I have a 1959 Mack B-81SX and a 1982 Mack R-686ST. From what I've seen so far, I like the new format. Thanks Barry for the new medium to share info about our passions. Thanks again: Larry aka Fireman
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