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    Here’s another Mack that sits in my Train layout. I Custom built this Mack B81 last year
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    Here's a couple of pics of my DM600 roll-off. It's in 1/25 scale☺️
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    Everything pertaining to the roll off was scratch built.
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    An R800 just out of the Champion shop in Queensland -
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    Dick Kemp's Mack Truck Museum was located in Hillsborough, NH. It was disbanded and auctioned after his passing. I am going to try and put all the photos I took of his trucks in this thread over time. Will start it off with Big Red which now has The Mahan Collection Foundation as its caretaker. The first picture was taken a few days in advance of the auction. The second picture is at the 2012 ATHS national show in Springfield, MA after the Mahan crew had applied some polish.
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    I know some of you have some awesome Mack truck Collectibles. I would like to see them old or new this includes Die-cast trucks, Plastic model trucks, Hats, Shirts, anything that was a Mack Truck collectible or Custom made So let’s see them This is a 1/50 Mack B Tow Truck I Custom Build a couple years ago now it sits on my O Scale Layout
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    Car & Driver / November 30, 2019 The Dale Jarrett UPS truck was built in 2006 by Mike Ryan, a stunt-vehicle builder, in less than three weeks. His team took a 23-foot-long 1990 UPS P-800 Package Car with more than 300,000 miles on the odometer, stripped it down completely, and transformed it with a fabricated roll cage, a TRD race engine, a custom transmission, racing suspension and shocks, a roll cage and racing gauges, and a racing harness, On December 4, that truck is going up for auction online by Iron Horse Auctions, with a minimum bid of $1 and a one-week period of bidding. UPS originally formulated the ad campaign featuring the truck to promote their NASCAR sponsorship, but as it caught on with fans, there was a push for the truck to appear on the track that became a running joke. UPS then shot another commercial of Dale Jarrett agreeing to race the truck to great acclaim, and he drove it around the track at the All-Star race, his final event before retiring in 2008. .
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    Here’s some old Match Covers that I have collected over the years
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    I hav- 1. I haven't seen much lately, so I haven't taken many pictures. I did see this B-model in Fairplain, WV. I took this picture of it from the Go-Mart across the road from it. Still looks nice, the paint's faded a bit since I took this picture of it right after they restored it. And how about this?..i'm wondering, could those be real?..probably not, but then there appears to be water in the vase, and there's no reason to water artificial flowers, so I just don't know. They look nice anyway. and, today is the third anniversary of when I barely avoided a major disaster- smoking a turkey in that oven in the red circle. Almost lost everything. Here's a girl in a car, from the interweb- just because. Ordered a new computer for the Dodge and put it on, already tried everything else I could think of. Already spent about a million dollars on it, so what's $1,000,196.00 right? The ECM was only $121, but I paid the core charge and shipping, so it made the total $196. Here's a Mack mixer in McKees Rocks- Here's a girl in a car, from the interweb. Loader all ready to push snow at the Lowes store in Oakland, Md. Made hot sauce today, like I do every year. I like Texas Pete, Tabasco, and the Louisiana Hot Sauce with the yellow label- but people seem to love what I make too.
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    My new ride. My old 2013 4900 had me hating life. But going to give them another try. So far this truck has far fewer flaws and I see western Star and Detroit have made some changes and improvements. Hopefully it is a good truck this time because I really like it. Went with a smaller engine this time, in hopes it will be better for the DPF. It has a DD13 505 h.p. with 1850 torque at 975 RPM. 18 speed manual, 20,000 front and steering lift axle, 46,000 full locking rears with 4.10 ratio. Even tried a passenger bench seat this time so I can lay down when I'm sitting on site. It came with stainless panels to put on the passenger side of the dash, but not going to put those on. I get sun-blinded enough from the steering wheel. LOL. First pic is beside my buddy's twin steer tri-drive logger. The rest are from today after having the drop visor and tool box installed.
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    John Martin Excavating Macks at work on Brewster MA drainage job
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    Did you scratch build the roll off or did you purchase as a kit?
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    Not sure how I posted this but hopefully more to come
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    For the longest time I could take a picture with my iPhone and post it on here. Now it’s very finicky and gives me errors when I try most of the time so I’ve pretty much given up posting pics on here. I’m not interested in signing up for a 3rd party host just to post on here. Now back to all those wonderful Mack collectibles. Speaking of which I found a Mack tach and speedo in my new to me shop while cleaning it.
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    Here are some photos that would make great wallpaper background images for your desktops! Everybody is welcome to post your own desktop wallpaper images, also! Just make sure they are high quality photos. Instructions for grabbing a wallpaper: Click on the image below you want. Make it full size (Hover your mouse around the lower right hand corner and an expand box will appear...click it to make the photo full size). Right click on the largest size. Select "Set as Background" That's it...your done! You can change it as often as you want!
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    I’ve used this one on my desktop for years it reminds me of my dad and the stories he used to tell me about trucking in the 1950-60s
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    Happy Thanksgiving from the #Autocar family to yours! We are thankful for our amazing customers & our dedicated team members who are committed to delivering the safest, most reliable severe-duty trucks w/ the highest ROI. Always Up - Autocar Trucks
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    Thanks guys Alex the way I post pics from my phone I go to choose files then to my pics on my phone and your done hope you get this figured out like to see your signs DJC. That is one clean build very nice old DM600 you should be proud of this build.
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    Wow that thing almost looks real I started putting together a DM 800 while back still not finished...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kemp's Baby Mack. A Mack model ED that had spent some of its life at the Abbott Machine Shop in Wilton, NH.
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    Had a Canadian grain hauler refer to the mass influx of middle eastern and Indian drivers as the New Canadians.
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    Picking up a empty Container In North St.Louis earlier this week
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all! And to my fellow Truckers, Happy Turkey Day and THANK YOU, From the turkey on my plate to the fork we eat it with, and everything in between, over, and under. This is one household that KNOWS how it got to us. THANK YOU for the long days, cold nights, days away from home, and the unending miles. Thank YOU driver for a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. Stay SAFE and Keep On Truckin, (America needs you to , whether they know it or not.)
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    i think this perfectly explains what is going to happen Bob:
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    Nice rigs seen at the Spa 2019.
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    Only reason I bring it up is all the work they’re doing to impeach The president and real issues they simply ignore like wow man..bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Might as well feed the hand that feed you I am the same way don’t really need a whole lot but I usually order everything from Watts even though 3000 miles shipping don’t care I’ll pay it token of appreciation...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On Topic WotSezU? cya
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    If you have not already, you could also reach out to Erv Bickford’s restoration shop in Maine. Erv had every model of early B and probably a hundred unrestored early B’s sitting around at the time of his death. Most were sold to the late Daryl Gushee, but there were probably 20 or more at his shop when I was there a few years ago. They would probably have the answer and maybe the parts. Mike.
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    I'll email you a guys number,he has several of the old B's and may be able to help you out,He ended up with the 3 I had.
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    Cripees U dun get many of them to the pound WotSezU? cya
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    Geez Ollie, it always works in the movies.
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    I’d service the dryer before winter and monitor how long it goes till the oil starts showing again. Oil coating beads in the dryer neg affects their ability to saturate water. If you want a measurement take the compressor air line off the dryer and shoot it at a white piece of paper while running. See how much oil is actually coming through. Also can check fresh air supply to compressor to make sure there isn’t negative pressure causing oil to pull past the rings of the compressor.
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    yes,,,,and no the stuff,,is only sitting there for now...because i havent completely buttoned up all the side panels and the roof panels....that will be included in the finishing touches....i spoke of....plus we have a storage shed,,,we bought,,,rubbermaid plastic,,,its still in the box,,,,that will be going up outside...for lawn and garden supplys....lol....but yes i know what you mean....about growing roots...and me and the wife are both on the same page with the clutter situation....im fixing on putting 2 big work benches on one side,,,but hopefully i wont be filling both of them with temporary shit....you know what happens most of the time...people wind up stuffing thier work benches to the point where theres no place to work on anything.lol.bob
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    YOU WANT ANSWERS?? YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Alive and well indeed here in St. Louis. Never stopped playing with trucks, just pulled back quite a bit from the public eye. So, to answer the question, I started with Mack a couple of years ago. Had some discussions at both a dealer and corporate level about what I wanted to do. Dealer seemed completely disinterested. Mack corporate was too enamored about chasing an NFL player that had the last name of Mack but had nothing to do with the industry. We pitched a pretty cool limited edition concept but just heard crickets in return. In the end, we were certainly welcome to buy a new truck and modify it, but we were stuck with a cheap, crappy grey interior with seats that look like they belong in an AMC Gremlin, an emissions motor, no single cab side exhaust and no cab mounted deflector. Aftermarket sleeper on a daycab Pinnacle or Granite was indeed an option but really wasn't thrilling given the stark lack of enthusiasm, the complete junk grey Gremlin interior and the shop queen emissions engine. In the end, the choice to look elsewhere stemmed from it being apparent that Mack corporate had ZERO interest in this project and continued to completely ignore and disregard any ties to what is arguably the single most globally recognized Mack truck ever made. Their silence was heard and noted. As indicated in the video description, I shed no tears and looked at other options with other dealers and manufacturers. I'm extremely happy with the direction we went. Right out of the gate, our salesman Greg understood exactly what we were trying to do and he pulled his local and corporate resources and contacts in to make it happen. We are putting on the finishing touches and modifications now. We will have a lot more to follow, including roll-out of a new website about the film and the trucks. Lots of good new information for the Convoy groupies.
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    The walls are still going on but I couldn't resist backing the trailer and F-model inside just to see how it fits. 😁 About 6" to spare on the length of the trailer and more than enough height . Now to finish up the sides and hang the overhead doors.
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    It’s got a roof finally, shingles go on tomorrow. Not to bad as a solo building crew in the evenings after work. 🧐
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    It’s getting there one board at a time
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    A sharp looking Mack "RB" taking a coffee break.
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    Making progress thanks to my brother and dad for help with the heavy lifting. I got a lift rented for this weekend so progress should be a little faster.
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    Where our farm is in Riverhead Long Island the local code enforcement now uses drones to find violations. I have none. . . yet, but a few years ago my neighbor rototilled a design for the drones, apparently it will never go away til they plow and replant a large section.
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    I’m glad I live where I do, when we were putting the L on a trailer to take it to the shop all our neighbors came by disappointed asking if we were selling it, luckily all turned to smiles when we explained were taking her to put some more life into that old 707 she’s got. Only time anyone’s ever complained was the neighbors who told people to park in our lawn to visit their yard sale and tore down a sign saying no parking... long story short there was soon a Ford fire engine screaming down the road spewing black smoke as it passed their house and the next day their garbage cans were full and smelled strongly of burnt diesel... we haven’t had any issues since! The neighborhood kids still drop their jaws whenever they hear the exhaust whistle screaming and a loud rumble come their way... It’s a shame not everyone can see these things the way these kids and old folk do... I’ve never seen a smile brighter than when we pulled up beside an old man in his 50s model convertible Corvette in a 1953 Mack Firetruck! Those moments right there make everything worth it...
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    Replumb the gate air directly to your air tank with a separate old style air switch. No electronics, no nothing. Works when you want it to work.
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    motor and transmission rebuild....
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    Mike The Reasoner W miodel is in the big Mack collection in Australia now. I got a call from the PA guy last week about parts. That was his grandfather's truck if I remember right. I have a day cab no frame, and a few odds and ends. other than the front axle and spring hangers, a few front engine mmounts and cross member, tranny mounts, the frame is the same as an LTL 1/4" thick. The NM one you are referring to also has the big add on sleeper and ran through the 80's with big Cummins power. it was for sell. There was one as a wrecker years ago on the N Cal coast and one down in San Diego but i have not seen them in years. what happened to the one in New England that the museum had? Here is mine as it is now. I just put a fifth wheel on it this past summer. it had a long truck frame and i was hoping to find either a nice drom and trailer or period correct boxes with a pull trailer. But the years were going by and I like to drive it.
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    Here's the pic it didn't attach the first time
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    Sorry about that- here are pix
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    Mike Don't sell that H613. I want to see it all fixed up and on the road again. I think that is a very very cool truck. Superdog. You own the truck and you set the price. If the market does not see it that way, then it stays with you. Only 10 of these left. That is really something
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    Added a few more to the lineup! Anyone wanna contribute...email me a high res pic and I'll add it to the post!
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