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    This came across a Facebook page in Australia 1 owner 5.5 million km or 3.41 million miles in the old money Not a bad innings I would say What sez you lot Paul
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    Yesterday i pulled the duplex out and this morning me and my buddy slid in the triplex. Boy am i glad i don't have to do this stuff for a living anymore. Time i got to the driveshaft i was looking to knock off for the day.
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    Handsome tractors.
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    That's impressive. Did they say what was rebuilt/ replaced over the years? Truck makers would go outta business if they kept making trucks like that
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    I remember when I used to look forward to my new Mack calendar every year from my dealer. Western Star used to have nice ones too, but the last couple I got they started using cartoon pics instead of real trucks. I don't even bother getting one from my dealer any more.
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    A beautifully restored 1972 Brockway U360TL Detroit Diesel V12 power with Neway air on the rear. It originally had a Hendrickson walking beam suspension.
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    The original posting is not a side marker lamp. Neither was it originally for an R series. While most parking lamps were white on the B series, you could get amber for under the headlamps and that is what this lamp was originally for.
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    It started out as a gas job, gas motor B models didn't have tachs. At least I haven't seen one with a tach.
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    I finally got my hands on the 2020 Mack calendar and I got to say it's very disappointing. Looking at garbage trucks that are totally utilitarian doesn't do anything for me. The vintage month is poorly done as well, talking about a company's B model but not even showing it? So why doesn't someone on here organize something better? Maybe Watt's could sponsor it? Just throwing it out there.
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    I've ran a few 1980's R Model's with E6 350's that grossed 140,000 pounds their whole life and they had the odometers rolled past zero two and three times also. Last one I ran even had the very last E6 motor to come off the assembly line according to Mack. Those were the days. Only thing that ever came close to my old R Model was my 2002 International 9900i C15 Cat. It had 1.3 million on it and was never touched, and it's still working every day with it's new owner. Try that with a new emission motor! LOL
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    Here B a 2020 Calendar I give to customers n operators single A4 sheet front n rear not only but with 14 Months LOL
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    Sounds like you just volunteered to make 2021's calender Should be plenty of people to volunteer photos of their pride and joy or who knows maybe even someone elses pride and joy We could have to nominate a photo that isnt our own and you get to choose 12 or maybe 14 if we include front and back covers Paul
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    Maybe stuck in the manifold?
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    Do your self a favor and find someone that has a clue before you go back to that notary.
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    Where do you live? If you just go to Harrisburg with the title and proof of insurance should be able to get an antique plate on the spot. Don’t mention changing it or anything. You don’t need pictures for antique plates anymore. You do for insurance but that should not matter. I don’t understand why there would be any question as long as you have a good PA title and proof of insurance. Mike.
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    Yup, first time i ever had to report a post. I see it worked well.
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    Tomorrow im pulling back head I think the broken piece hit 4 or 5 and results broke rocker shaft Thanks Guys
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    Big improvements from last year on 2/18/19 to now!
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    The day cab (CA60) has the standard 11-inch (single element) air cleaner assembly applicable to Mack engines. The other truck has the larger optional 16-inch (single element) that was only available with the (CAS62) sleeper cab. Most customers spec'd standard frontal (air) intake, while Ryder preferred the optional snorkel air intake with their Cummins (MH632/633) and Caterpillar-powered (MH652/653) Ultra-Liners which were paired with either a 13-inch air cleaner (CA60) or 16-inch air cleaner (CAS62). An in-line "pre-cleaner", and inside-outside air intake with in-cab control, were also options.
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    I'm not a top notch expert (no matter someone sertified me of know-it-all) but I never saw such turn light on an R-model. I have two R's and DMM and payed attention to the most every R-model I could ever see and I saw them no less than a hundred. All the side fender lights on R's, DM's, DMM's etc were of quite similar style but slightly different. My suggestion that the part showed above was used on early series R's and the most were gone now or swapped with newer version which as I mentioned is very similar. http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=60_78&product_id=187
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    Heavy hauler with a few battle scars.
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    1974 Brockway 359LL log truck. No fake patina here!!!
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