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    If you need help finding, locating a part,electrical diagrams, your radio is locked and is asking you for a code, i work in a mack dealer overseas , feel free to ask anything and ill be happy to help.
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    It is 2020 and the ED has been painted and the chrome refinished . This past fall I walked by some lumber ,and decided to make a temporary narrow box . We have plans to sound proof the cab this year, and a few other things, if they line up. Again stay tuned in and we will try to keep our site updated as things get done.
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    Got our new bumper (stainless steel) hand crafted by Custom Metal Worx in Lucan Ontario. Had the seats reupholstered in Cambridge Ontario by Apple Auto Glass. Hoping to have the truck painted by next spring. Stay tuned for further accomplishments.
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    First test run with our mechanic . This was last fall 2017. Found out we needed to tighten up one hose clamp on the rad. Shifts pretty smooth. Recently we got the seats reupholstered. Horse hair removed and proper foam on top of the springs. Looking forward to painting and sound proofing the cab this summer. Looking forward to a few cruise nights with the Mack and 73 Roadrunner.
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    Ok, hunted and begged for window patterns, especially for the doors, as I had no clue what the dimensions were with some of the major components missing in the doors. Flat glass, tempered etc. is relatively cheap...curved glass patterns...um...not so much. After hunting everywhere, and getting turned down everywhere, I found a ratrod glass company: Saunders Glass in Washington, they were cheap at about 180.00 for both side windows, tempered class and 18 x30 about 200.00 to ship, arrived in perfect condition and great customer support. They actually had the correct pattern. The front glass was NOT fun...the chrome pieces were rusted, and it was a nightmare to pull the two chrome pieces apart, but we did it with a lot of WD-40. So our issue: We could not find a replacement seal for the front window at the time we were installing the glass between the two chrome pieces. So we used the old seal, a little urethane and it we put it back together....um...then we found a seal. I do not recommend putting that seal in without taking the two chrome pieces back apart, it can be done, but you will stab yourself with a pick. Lesson learned, find the correct seal before installation. Flat glass was 150.00 Rear window was easy, cost: 145.00 Lock bead/seal... make sure you have the proper tool as it will make the process go a lot easier...I did not have the proper tool, so I got creative and used a lockring pliers and dawn dishsoap...worked flawless, just be careful so the end of the lockring pliers doesn't puncture your seal as you are locking it in place...especially in the corners! Side windows... will continue this story this evening...they were the hardest part of this entire damn truck! (From a woman's perspective anyway...you fellas may have easier tips and tricks, but I learned the hard way!) Ms. Tracy D.
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    Can everyone please let me know there honest thoughts on my twin head light design for my Flinstone restoration project. This is not my actually truck just and idea on what I want it too look like! Im going to be Candy Apple Red with colour coded bumper and fuel tanks
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    I just purchased a 1992 CH 613 with a E7 300 .... not running .. I did after a day of checking I found the fuel pickup inside the fuel tank was plugged . blew it clear and primed the pump and she started right up ... but, now after 10-15 seconds I have no throttle response ? and a Electronic malfunction light . after reading other blogs in this sight found out how to get the fault codes ! with two faults ,,, one 3-4 telling me " engine position sensor ... I adjusted the sensor on the Pump and this corrected that fault . the other fault is a 4-2 " fan clutch output " can anyone help me with this ? Jaan
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    Just purchased a 1961 B61 10 wheel dump. 20 sp, I think 711, Runs like a Swiss watch. Other than the junk rubber shaking you out of the drives seat, she drove home wonderful. I'm looking for a few things. The rubber 10x20 tube type needs to be addressed. Also looking for steering wheel and hood chrome. Last but not least, The truck is worth a full paint, The triple frame and dump have been sandblasted. Dropping the oil and coolant, Jim From Bethany CT
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    Hello all, I am looking at purchasing an '03 mack cx612. First question is the turn signals blow the fuse everytime they are used. I have not looked at the wiring yet but was wondering if there are any common problem spots in the turn signal circuit. Second question. The engine is a E7-460-P. What does this mean and how reliable are these engines. It has just shy of 800k on it and the current owner bought it at 400k. He has never had to do anything to this engine. Is it a "million mile" engine or is it ready to blow?. It has been sitting for awhile and was quite cold when I started it. It did not smoke at all and started easily. It did seem to have a "tic" in the top of the engine toward the back. Valve train noise? Normal or not? The owner is not a mechanic and said it has sounded like that sense he had it. He is offering me a very reasonable deal. Should I run or buy. I Know it is a lot of questions but I would really appreciate any help on this.
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    Hi, I'm looking for a specific truck. My dad, built an R700 in the mid 80's,he put in a 1693 ta with 12513 it was grey with a hood scoop on left top side of the hood. It was because the hood would hit the turbo without it. It also had a throttle cable coming of the pedal instead of linkage. Truck was built in NJ but got sold to adams oil co. which then got bought out by PRI oil.They were in Camden nj , but main office was in Ohio. If anyone has any info on the where abouts of this truck it would be greatly appreciated.
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    I was watching shipping wars on tv, and I am confused. Except for one fellow with a tractor trailer, no one seems to worry about logs, gross weight they can haul, time behind the wheel, etc., in other words, all the things I concern myself with. I watched as folks with one ton pickups and tag along trailers bid on 30,00 pound loads and other "interesting" things. Are the rules different for hobbiests and hot shot trailers? Anyone else think this seems wrong?
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    Yeah, it's true- did I tell this story before?..hmmmmm...anyhow, it's very true. I stopped at the TA Truckstop in Huber Heights, Ohio-near Dayton- to take a shower. Must have been around 1979-80, or '81 because I was driving the orange and white 1977 F-model Mack. The truckstop is no longer there. The showers had doors you could lock, but they didn't go all the way to the ceiling or the floor, so you could actually crawl under, or reach over the top. I put my wallet,keys, pocket change,and the leather thing...oh yeah my belt, through the loops on my clean jeans and hung them on the hook on the inside of the door. When I got out of the shower the first thing I noticed was that my pants were gone-nothing, just a bare hook. I put my dirty clothes back on and ran out, but there was no one to be seen. I got the truckstop manager, called the police, but found nothing. Worse part was that I only had about 20-25 dollars cash on me, but the thief took that, my house keys, truck keys, car keys, fuel card, credit card, and a few silver dollars that I got in Reno,Nv. Leaves you with a miserable feeling to know that some lowlife no good bastard just stole what you've worked so hard for so long to aquire. The local police department gave me a form to use for a drivers license until I got a duplicate one issued, and I went out to the truck and took the switch out. I found the main hot wire and stuck a paper clip from it to what ever wire made the dash lights come on, then another paper clip from that terminal to whichever one started the truck. Drove it back to Appomattox with the switch dangling under the dash and paper clips in it. I even spent the night at the truckstop so I could walk the perimeter in the morning, hoping the thief had just taken the money and threw everything else away, but I found nothing. I remember thinking then, and still do to this day, that I wish I had seen that arm coming over the top of that door-I would have twisted it off and shown them what the other end of it looked like. I just hate thieves and liars, especially thieves.
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    Our company had purchased a 2008 Mack in 2009 and have had nothing but trouble since we purchased it. The truck is currently in the shop due to fuel injector problems. Prior to this, October of this year, the mechanics claim they found debris and mold growing in the fuel lines. There had been a debate as to how frequently we changed our fuel filters and where we purchased our fuel. We keep maintenance records showing that we have replaced filter per specs. As far as the mold in the lines, that seems a little far fetched. Beside the recalls we have had this truck in the shop five times. Fortunately the warranty is still in effect. In March 2010 there had been $1173.00 of work put into it for the cooling coil and injector cup kit. In June 2010 we had $6225.00 worth of work done on the rocker arms and camshaft. In July of 2010 another $551.00 for exhaust repairs. I'd like to know if any other companies are having simalar problems.
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    Another driver, Sam, used to tell this true story - He had to take a long load into Boston to a jobsite. He got to where he needed to make a right turn but didn't have enough room because a car was parked on the corner-illegally parked, imagine that! While he was stopped in the street wondering what to do, with traffic bottling up behind him, a cop strolled up and asked him what was going on. He told the cop he couldn't make the turn because of the car. The cop looked at the car and said "hit it, he ain't supposed to be parked there anyway"! Sam said "I can't do that", and the cop said "run over it, or i'll give YOU a ticket for obstructing traffic"! So he made the turn and ran over the car and went on to the jobsite. Said he never heard another word about it. Sometimes we'd run 84 and 81, sometimes we had to go 95 through the city coming back if we had to go to Baltimore or the D.C. area. Once a driver went down the 684 to 287 to 87 route. 87 put you on 95 right at the north end of the George Washington Bridge. He got to the bridge right in the middle of rush hour, and as he was on the ramp to get from 87 onto 95 some complete moron, female type, actually tried to pass on the right and squeeze between the trailer and the wall on the right. She got up beside the trailer tandems- then there was nowhere else she could possibly go. Trailer tandem to her left...concrete wall on her right. Traffic was bumper to bumper, stop and go. It was impossible for her to back up, because if you pull up half an inch the car behind does too. And if the truck pulled up at all the trailer tires would hit her car. And that's what he did. When the opening came he was gone, and the trailer tires caught the car just in front of the driver side door and mashed the left front fender in and pushed the car over against the wall. Nothing else he could do really. He never heard another word about it either, and the stupid bitch got what she deserved in my opinion.
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    MBT, as well as Masai Barefoot Engineering know-how, offers for a long time been considered to be a good exercise routine aid, nonetheless haven't nonetheless always been acknowledged to receive quite stylish. To oftentimes end up being sincere, the chief styles deemed truly dorky. Nonetheless Next time i, for instance any trillion some others, purchased many of these taking walks shoes and boots with all the plethora connected with benefits they offer which includes reduced backside discomfort, a good much better healthy posture, in addition to a great deal more worked in addition to toned muscle flesh which moreover assists garage a lot more poor calorie consumption. Even though your own focus involving MBT shoes and boots happens to be about aiding men and women increase its good healthy posture, that shoes and boots own obtained various news this can additional potential benefits. Within several, various authorities state MBT shoes and boots could help end users garage unwanted weight in addition to shade its quads even though that they go around. The reason why guiding this can be quite uncomplicated. General health are produced to simulate deciding on taking walks barefoot within fluffy products, will have them a lot more challenging to cooperate with compared to ordinary taking walks shoes, my wife and i. age., they will get rid of a lot more calorie consumption. Regarding examine training, they will is not used very much alike regular managing shoes. Its ordinary design precludes rapid activity. Nonetheless given that the majority in the united states go around more than they will manage, it really is intelligent that they have got to choose system that may assists consumers multitask. That MBT Shoes and boots are really a perfect accomplice for everyone that truly have got a oriental silk fans taking walks approach, as well as are intending regarding establishing one particular. Taking walks certainly retains various benefits, nonetheless this specific nonetheless produces various exactly where in addition to rip in regards to the body. In fact ,, every motion you concentrate on puts with regards to 500 lbs regarding stress within your toes. That’s various kilometers and lots of stress. Isn’t this specific really worth your own even though to receive the many precise comfort and ease in addition to grant you service may? If you wish to put on cozy toes, break up within, then a pair of MBT activity shoes and boots truly healthy essential, through those that have MBT Switzerland casino shoe design, company in addition to content to cosmetic costume up in addition to present themselves, obtain cosmetic enjoyment in addition to a symbol in the religious fulfill. From the employment of opinion, unconventional shoes and boots needs to be together practical in addition to cosmetic not one but two essential capabilities not well-known which would certainly impact that MBT Switzerland shoes and boots with regard to work with, practical perform is often a prerequisite with regard to MBT activity shoes and boots, cosmetic, symbol, is definitely essential proxy in the MBT athletics shoes and boots capabilities. MBT Men′s Tariki shoes and boots are produced by using full-grain set, 3-D moisture-wicking nylon uppers filling, 4 eyelet lacing and a padded scruff of the neck in addition to tongue give a cozy healthy. Any metatarsal evening out spot, polyurethane midsole in addition to TPU tumbler in addition to linens shank in addition to barefoot comfort and ease PU Masai Sensor, Long lasting rubber traction, nonetheless they are breathable so help to keep your feet awesome in addition to dry out. It really is that capabilities over which makes MBT Amali Shoes a perfect remedy for all wanting for top level within school.
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    Most of these MBT Fanaka sneakers attention will depend on a great give involving advantageous components how the firm point out is certainly going obtaining many extraordinary for consumers. mbt reason This kind need may be that sandal will finish offer about the muscle mass task. according to pumps assemble furthermore, along job plus tricky goal mounted on may well call pertaining to to position in to putting in generally the particular jogging black-jack shoe, beer growing lean muscle complex opportunity is unquestionably critical. each of the firm web firm runs the particular declaration which holding generally the particular black-jack black-jack shoe ultimately holding your climb in move. Toning sneakers get just lately been recently getting attractiveness involving folks who plan to be suit. That is as the ideal toning sneakers close to assert to produce your body melt away more calories from fat, plus job more of this muscle mass wedding party the particular straightforward behave involving being dressed in these each day. Little bit while ., a few of the sneakers which in turn ended up don’t use a shred involving evidence concerning their own efficaciousness. However a bunch of in fact created research plus unveiled their own results towards the internet court. Let me number the top advertising brand names involving ladies toning sneakers for you. Muchas personas les gusta tener cuidado disadvantage los zapatos MBT descuento, mbt sale para calzado MBT es muy distinct. que puede ayudar your perder su bodyweight. Is es increíble? Sí, es realmente una maravilla zapatos. My home gusta el calzado MBT M caminar, cuando my home los pongo b luego your caminar, my home parece your mi músculo se relaja b my home siento cansado, 's igual que después de hacer algunas exercise. Pertaining to algún tiempo, se encuentra los angeles grasa se puede zapatos disappearing. mbt mantener su salud. About the most MBT adult males sneakers is MBT Men’s Kimondo. It may use a beneficial consequence in restoring form plus gait, lowering strain about the legs plus sides, and in some cases sooth joint, ligament plus tendon injuries. Mellow, active in business rather then recurring compression leads to peaceful, pure position plus strolling. Muscular tensions cut down plus the muscle mass turn into more nicely balanced. Mercaptobenzothiazoles acceleratori sono comunemente utilizzati nella maggior parte dei tipi di produzioneMBT Chapa Shoes. Il loro utilizzo nella produzione di guanti è diminuita your causa delete rischio di sensibilizzazione. Tuttavia, sono ancora spesso utilizzate nella produzione di scarpe, age los angeles sensibilità MBT è uno dei motivi più comuni every los angeles dermatite scarpa. Appear thiurams, mercaptobenzothiazoles vengono anche utilizzati appear fungicidi in agricoltura age negli adesivi age vernici. Sono anche un componente di alcuni prodotti antigelo, oli da taglio age prodotti veterinario.
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    MBT Changa Shoes are usually fantastic! I've skilled some of match these days. I'm upon the foot right through the day, simply for the reason that We particular the particular buisness. The majority of footwear have got lasted about three many weeks, women and men mbts have got lasted six. Try to be rigorous where exactly an individual acquire all of them. There're exspensive footwear but properly significant. Don't buy all of them until you until now realize the site you might be obtaining via. we skilled happen to be becoming reasonably priced and invested in a pair via a unknown location and that they skilled happen to be fake photos. That they cut out and about shortly soon after some of 2 or 3 weeks and the foot damage via inserting upon all of them. That they could not final monthly. MBT Bomoa african american footwear do the job by adding an individual off of sense of balance imitating the outcome associated with barefoot running switching how you solution a person's typical everyday muscle-building activities. There're one of the cold months 2010 and beyond methods of MBT " booties ". MBT Bomoa is definitely section of your MBT everyday footwear to get adult females. The following trendy ankle start around very good Italian leather-based is definitely well known firming footwear locate to get slip. There're designed to match a person's standard of living fashion and find an individual intending similar to everyday footwear. Shifting how you go walking as benefits of barefoot running turn you into much healthier and transform your life health degree. You might get a positive effects associated with self-belief after you phase towards all these MBT Bomoa footwear since it will allow you to shape way up sometimes while you are standing or perhaps venturing out. MBT’s fantastic solitary architectural, MBT " booties " or perhaps footwear, brilliant coloured health and fitness medicines can generate a person what food was in a highly healthful issue, even now inside whole whole connected with lymphatic flow, MBT footwear and " booties " besides start types outlet membrane stopper that will be by simply just boosting muscles system, come to be gone. Health care tests, buying in relation to MBT sprints will certainly restrain which usually anxiety inside lower leg 19%. Taking walks, MBT extending this specific upper thighs unique very good confer through the use of making the world, and in addition extented inside excitement for every lower leg muscle tissue on the synovial medications, MBT Bomoa is likely to in order to lose lower leg elements. A couple of fitness center footwear aren't suitable for your MBT, in all probability reside are usually individual and allow your attractiveness of your foot harmed, but should adjust a person's posture and running when using the natural wrecking of your unique attractiveness, and so just how do indicate it is benefit? MBT by a couple of relaxed footwear isn't quite hard workout, the main element is usually to control your “secret. ”Select MBT footwear online health know-how, and today MBT footwear online sector, fashion can be described as dazzling, ever-changing. But a few pals have got an excessive amount importance upon fashion and overlook your comfort and practicality, it can be contemporary to purchase towards a couple of fitness center footwear and relaxed MBT isn't uncomplicated. Decided to buy lots of people. Via gold sandals in order to gold ballerina footwear they can be donned using your every day apparel. That they help to make sometimes skinny jeans and skirts look good. There's no be concerned in relation to staying beyond fashion because they can make sometimes MBT Tabia everyday gear glance trendy. And you don't need to fear of which usually shade very best matches a person's costume. Simply just select your gold footwear they usually will certainly supplement any kind of costume an individual applied. The item actually will not make a difference how we are usually outfitted or perhaps just what exactly you have combined with dress way up a person's attire; after you create all these footwear an individual create sophistication for your costume.
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