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    I've been in the sign business for 35 years and just got around to make up something for a shop decoration
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    Getting closer. which is good because I'm running out of steam.
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    I helped the gravedigger exhume this last weekend.
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    Son and Snowflake daughter inlaw came over to show me their $200 Nano anti plague masks, Princess snowflake saw what I was doing and nearly puked in her new mask. 1st good event. Village Mayor and new town constable came over and the constable threw up on the mayor shoes. 2nd good event. All I was doing was prepping a dozen pigs for their diner dates. Need OD to smoke some up for me. Ended up with a bit over 400 pounds of meat so far. Here is my bacon and sausage pics. Won't show the pigs hanging around in the cold room being quiet.
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    Finally got compliant with the law and had lettering and d.o.t # done. This guy did my brockway also
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    Tractor based in central Mass last I knew.
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    Finished with cab guard/stack support. Next is fender/cab filler panels.
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    This bright red "R model" started life as a 1964 B model. Now, a 1964 BCR utilizing a factory Mack kit with all the parts needed for conversion.
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    I just read the Airlines are asking for Financial Aid from the Government (us the taxpayer) so they can continue to pay their overpriced union help, if you can not compete you go broke and someone with better business savvy comes along and replaces you, why do I or any taxpayer have to bailout these big companies everytime there is a problem, they have been posting huge profits now they need to tighten their belts or disappear, I have never been offered aid anytime there has been something beyond my control, park the planes, and let the union take care of their members (unions broke from stealing all the money) or they can go on welfare. Trump has nothing to lose the union will back a loser liberal anyway. 3 people a day die on GA highways and there is no concern 15 people die from a virus and we shut down the country ??????
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    Very fine B77 shown at Macungie.
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    This year is going to be one of the earliest years in the past decade we started the new season.
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    Laid out the new roof and drilled 23 holes to mount the clearance lights and dual horns. The roof was off a fire truck and had no clearance lights, just evidence of two different rotating beacons. Every now and then there's a little light that this is going to get done.
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    Picked this up about a month ago. 220 cummins 5x3
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    French's Mack DM885 dump truck at Worcester Sand and Gravel in 2013.
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    One of my favorite Mack adds ever! Back cover of a 1982 Canadian Bulldog magazine. I live in a logging area so I grew up appreciating on/off road trucks more than interstate freight haulers.
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    M series hauler shown 2015.
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    Nice job on it. The woman posing is 5'6" tall for reference. Paul
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    Nice Cummins powered LJ tractor at a show in Johnston, RI about 20 years ago.
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    Shown at Macungie in 2014.
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    My guess is that this is to protect the purchaser from his wife. What she doesn't know won't hurt him!
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    We just picked this up today. What a beauty. It reminded me of how much I liked these old Ford's as I drove it to our yard. Going to get a PTO drive for the water pump, and 4 corner sprayers and a gravity bar on the back and used as a flusher truck. Use it to fill pools also. Getting amber lenses for the red lights that are on it. Has a 3208 V8 Cat turbo, 250 h.p. Allison auto, rubber block rear and 24.5 rubber.
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    Well they did say if you we are hauling supplies needed for the pandemic we can run overloaded with no log book!
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    Great looking tractor! One of 64 built. Power supplied by a Mack E9 450 HP followed by a 9 speed transmission. Took the pics in 2013.
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    Heavy haul tractor powered by a Cummins NTC 335 HP. Chassis 1506. What a beast!
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    Good looking short wheelbase tractor for an equipment trailer at a show in Vermont about 2001. Belonged to Ken Jayne at the time and now is with Matt Pfahl, last I knew.
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    Woohoo! What a great feeling! B-42 was everything one could hope for in a seller... even delivered it a state away! Now I need to practice driving a twin stick. I've warned the neighbors that I will be taking laps and that they might want to keep their children and pets inside. 🤠 A lot of them have already come up and admired the new addition to the neighborhood. I'll be on here frequently with questions about maintenance, repair, operation, etc. Thanks ahead of time for all the help!
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    After that I invited my friend who is a body guy to get the roof closer to its normal shape. Seemed like during the years of service many folks made dancings on that roof so it became more as a pan than a dome. The pics are of the before and after. And also one from the net taken at some time long back at some truck stop by some driver who asked the Mack driver for permission to pose on the hood... In fact that was not the truck I took the cab off but the second one and illustrates really well the actual grade of respect people payed to the rigs they worked for living. To be continued
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    Short clips from YouTube.
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    Please don't confuse someone who is good in front of the teleprompter as someone who is an effective leader. Obama is/was one of the best public speakers that our country has ever seen. His domestic policies and foreign policy was awful. Obama care was a bust. Keep your doctor and save $2,000+ per year. More like lose your doctor and see your healthcare costs go through the roof. He handled Putin, Kim Jung and Assad with kid gloves and look where that got us. There was another great speech giver from Germany in the 1930's and 1940's that almost brought the world to its knees and ended the lives of millions of innocent souls. The democrats adding pork to the stimulus bill and then saying that the President wasn't responding to the healthcare crisis is a typical smoke in mirrors tactic that they use. Trump referring to Cvd-19 situation as the "democrats next hoax" was contextually connected to Russia, the Mueller report, the garbage with his former attorney Michael Cohen, as well as the fake dossier, Comey, McCabe, Lisa Page, etc. So the democrats were using Cvd-19 as their next version of what to pin on him. Its not working. His response has been praised by Cuomo himself. Even Ilhan Omar says his response have been terrific. Fact of the matter is that the US has never seen something like this before and to blame anyone directly would be irresponsible. Remember, the left said George W. Bush let down Louisiana after Katrina. Fact of the matter is that he begged for areas to be evacuated and offered to take over law enforcement and government officials were slow to act and declined to let the feds help with law enforcement. Smoke in mirrors pointed the finger at him when the response from local government was anemic at first. Now lets look at welfare reform. The left likes to say that Bill Clinton was its champion. Farthest thing from the truth. The republican controlled house and senate put the welfare reform bill on his desk and they had to twist his arm to get him to sign it. Plenty of good and plenty of bad on both sides of the isle. The left just likes to point fingers and mix up the facts using their bench team, the media, to do their dirty work.
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    I saw a big Mack truck in McKees Rocks. I saw a girl in a car too, but even better than a girl in a car, I went to Florida and saw lots of bikes over at a place called The Cabbage Patch. We went there the last time I was there for bike week. I liked it better than Daytona myself. Daytona is just too crowded, and there's plenty to see and do at the Cabbage Patch. Lots of food, beer, bikes, babes, T shirts, etc. Here's some of the bikes I saw- everybody loves boobage, right? oh, almost forgot one- Big Mack truck for sale in Fredericksburg, Va. New red truck, same as the old red truck. There's more Florida and Bike Week pictures here-
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    1963 10.74 seconds 117 mph. in the 1/4 mile shutting down a 63 SS/A Impala Jack was 36 years old at the time. 2015 137 Mph in 4.73 seconds in the 1/8 mile at 89 years old Still looking to run it In 1973 at OCR in California at the Fuelers Meet he set the top time for the meet at 6:19 seconds 225.19 MPH bested the top fuel dragsters and the top Funnycars .
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    Superliner tractor with the "Mack Attack" wrecker.
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    And outstanding!
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    Great looking tractor shown at Macungie 2015.
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    Inferior is just an opinion I guess. If being able to get parts off the shelf about anywhere, almost twice the hp and torque as my n/a673, being 100 + cubic inches smaller making fit better, and the fact it’s been around for 30 years makes it inferior, then I guess it is. I also have freightliner air ride, power steering from a fl70, and front axle from a fld120. I’m building the truck to use and abuse with parts that are reliable, easily available to me, and have people experienced in working on them. And mostly because I want to.
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    I'm constantly working on original equipment which I get tired of because the original design is so full of flaws. So in building this B I removed as much ill thought out problems as possible. Installing the MV3 valves the way I did-those could be changed in about 15 minutes. Using a clutch pedal from a B61 and making the linkage as simple as possible/plus easy to adjust-the effort to push the clutch down is nothing. The wiring is about as easy as it gets, the exhaust is totally out of the way and no stress on the cab. The wiper motor is a electric that is used in a 52-54 chev pickup with slight modification. Air system is a dual circuit using a E6 valve mated to the original treadle. The rear brakes are anti-compound using QR1C valves very simple. No extra gauges to cause extra headaches and extra wire. Air horn is located in the step on the passenger side, on top those are hard to clean and nothing more than a bug catcher IMO. The steering system-full size power box with Vickers 10-super easy to steer. No extra holes in the frame to cause a spot for cracks to start. Steer axle RW931, uses the same basic king pin kit as the RW961. Three 12 volt batteries, super simple with two 3.0 cables to the starter. Nylon air lines with 98% brass fittings through out with air tanks mounted over rear axles so center of frame is open. I have spent a bunch of time thinking this rig out because I didn't want to build something with tons of built in trouble like the manufactures-manufacture. And that includes every one of them that builds trucks.
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    Photo and truck courtesy of Stephen Proctor. It looks even better in person! Procter's Cartage, Toronto, ON. 1986 Ford LTL 9000
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    Nice truck and picture! The truck is a 1937 Studebaker J series.
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    Having all the parts in place I drilled holes for pull rivets from the outside to attach the wall sheet to.
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    Great looking tractor. Pic from 2014.
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    Seen at Macungie in 2013. A few upgrades and changes but still has the look of late 60's trucking. Includes a small bunk and round nose trailer.
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    Possibly doing some wishful thinking but hopeful that Covid doesn't mess up truck show season too badly. Our daily routines and business are already in the hopper. I think we will all be anxious to get out and look around. Stay safe folks!
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    I am always full disclosure with folks I meet about how I grew up. Stay with me here. I live in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood (Winter Park Florida) surrounded by doctors, lawyers, and money managers. I grew up the same way in Chappaqua, NY. I was however, and continue to be a complete and total contradiction of life to my childhood and current friends. I have my parents to thank for that. Mom and dad were raised in the Bronx by my off-the-boat Irish grandparents. Dad cleaned toilets at the A&P bakery after school and mom took the subway to St. Vincent's in lower Manhattan and worked as a nurse's assistant. Dad was an Eagle Scout and graduated top of his class after putting himself through Manhattan College. Served our country as a Marine. He worked good jobs as a CFO but never lost sight of his humble upbringing. Never let myself or my older brother get full of our selves or the yuppy lifestyle that surrounded us. Taught us how to fish, hunt, do carpentry, plumbing and electrical repairs. He had a diesel Mercedes. When the glow plugs needed to be replaced or the valves needed to be adjusted it didn't go to the dealer, we did it in the garage. New tires? You bet they got put on in the driveway using a rubber mallet, soapy water and a few really big flat head screw drivers. So when I got older (teens) I started serving as a volunteer and eventually working part time as a firefighter. It was tough. Had to work twice as hard to gain everyone's trust in my skill just because of my address in town. I don't regret it for a moment though, and I eventually had the pleasure of serving them as a senior line officer. My friends never really got it. They simply couldn't understand why I knew or why I bothered to fix things or perform tasks that they had grown up seeing their parents pay for. The other day, my 12 year old shot a lacrosse ball at his goal in the front yard and it hit off one of the posts and ricocheted 50 feet into the neighbor's garage window. Guy wasn't pissed, just said that he'd get a glass company out on monday to fix it and he would send me the bill. I said no. Went to the hardware store, they cut me a $4 piece of glass and I had the broken one removed and the new one installed caulked and ready for paint within the hour. He couldn't believe it. Thought I wasted my time and that I could have been playing golf instead. Unbelievable the way people think. My story or rant above is not to judge a book by its cover. Most of the time people are judged because they are homely, uneducated, poor or for some other negative reason. Most people judge me because I pull out of the driveway in a nice car wearing a suit and tie each day so they think I'm a complete idiot when they walk past the house on the weekend and find me on a 28 foot extension ladder repairing trim around an attic window that was damaged by a falling tree limb. Now back to the outhouse portion of this discussion. Until a few years ago my family and dad's best friend's had a hunting and fishing camp on a lake in the back bush of Quebec. We sold it when dad's buddy died three years ago, as dad had passed in 1998 and we just weren't getting enough use out of it. It had an outhouse. Took several friends there over the years and it took getting used to for them to offload in a wooden box with a bucket full of stove ash sitting next to them. I however miss being outside with the door open as the sun comes up, on a brisk morning in the fall, cup of coffee to the left, bucket of ash to the right, roll of toilet paper on the floor looking across the lake at the trout, bass, and pike jumping, knowing that as soon as my hangover subsided that I would be catching dinner.
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    An International with a truck mounted backhoe loading a rock in southwestern New Hampshire during 1964. Hopto, Ware....not sure of the brand of backhoe?
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    Why not cancel all flights (for the public) during this lockdown quarantine period? Seems ridiculous to have cities shut down yet still have jet setters spreading this around. The whole point of lock down is to slow this spread down so our health facilities don’t get overwhelmed.
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    Pool water delivered in style. Based in the Ocean State.
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    Need shades when looking at this rig! Updated engine running the tip turbine system (CMCAC). Took the picture around 2000 or so.
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    Parents of kids twice his age were carrying their kids up there & sliding down with them...said their kids were scared & wouldn't do it alone. I think it was the parents scared to let the kids be kids & get a few bumps & bruises along the way. He must've climbed up there & slid down 100 times today...all by himself...and he's 2.
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    1963 B75 L cab for sale. Really solid truck. Asking $9000
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