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    After quite a few years of trying to figure out what I could build versus what I could afford I ended up purchasing a shop. I am so dang excited. I’ve never even had a garage and now I have a 36’X48’ shop. First of all I know this thread is worthless with out pictures. They will come soon I promise. My old buddy (who I bought my Willy’s pickup from) has had the shop for years. I had told him in the past to let me know if he ever wanted to sell to let me know and would you believe I actually had money at the time he wanted to sell?! Part of the reason I haven’t got pics posted is I’m still waiting for the previous owner to clean his stuff out. He’s a very nice guy and is a bit eccentric and exceptionally intelligent. So he didn’t throw much away and so there isn’t much room other than the trails between stuff. I knew it’d be a process for him to get things sorted out and moved so I’ve been patiently waiting to move my stuff in and helping him along the way. I will admit I’m getting a little antsy to get moved in and start working on my projects like my B75, finish my LS swap in my 73 k20, start my Willy’s wagon project etc. I’m very excited to start working in my shop and will be tapping you guys for your knowledge, tips and tricks. I’m far from being the best at anything but I enjoy working and building stuff.
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    A friend owns a machine shop fabrication business, I have free run on the equipment. He has two sheet metal rollers and when it comes time for the hood I will help him form it. Well for one it's getting a BCII 400 for power so extra room to fire wall is nice. And it is getting outside frame power steering located to the rear, need room for that. But the main reason is {as far as I know} no one has ever built a long hood B 75 or 73. I never follow what everyone else is doing, the whole truck will be custom built and a bunch of one of a kind custom parts and pieces. I want a one of a kind Mack B 75. I get tired of going to shows with the same ole stuff. It's my last build of anything for the rest of my years. Back in the 80's I built a custom CJ3B, took forever to get it licenced. Because I built the frame and bought a new Philippine steel body. After it was all legal the state of Washington sent me a letter that I was to cease and desist all vehicle manufacturing. Well as you can see that went in one ear and out the other.
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    Super clean retired fire truck...nice! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dump-truck/173968867297?hash=item28815a3fe1:g:KhQAAOSw4x5dJpAj
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    This was my Dads 76' R model with a fancy paint job pic was taken in 1980
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    Here is the transformer we moved this week.
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    I realize to most it would look better if it had a Super Liner under the towing unit, and I have to agree. A friend of mine bought this a few months back to expand his towing business. It's a Dewalt 50 Ton puller. Shes a real power house. I just got done rebuilding the 15sp for it, 320" WB with a 425 3ZJ Cat. Rear ends are 461's. The fellow who owns it is just a very young fellow with a big grin and a lot of ambition.
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    Here’s a couple of pic of our old shop,till have it.It was 100x100,1 foot concrete floor. 3FFFDE7A-4350-4CEB-83DD-7052D9A728C0.MOV
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    I watched a couple of your utubes working outside in winter. This will be a Godsend.
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    It's from when it was on rail (we hauled it from rail to substation). Rail yards have what is called "the hump". It is basically a downhill section of track that goes into the rail yard. Normally they will just release cars down the hump and they will freewheel into the yard and through the switches to get the car where they want it. They have retarders built into the track to help slow the cars down, but they still sometimes hit pretty hard when they slam into other cars. They put the "no humping" signs on the transformer so they wouldn't let it free over the hump. The transformer had 2 gps shock recorders on that monitored how rough the transformer was handled. The black box you see beside the sign is one of the shock recorders, and the other one can be seen on the passenger side. The guy that was there from the manufacturer said the transformer could survive a 5g shock without damage. He also said that if transported by truck, you'd have to be in a serious accident to get a 5g shock, but it is not uncommon at all when transported by rail.
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    I have to go look at Other Truck Makes now...
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    Just finished the custom grille, the aluminum rods are solid 1/2" stock cut to size, drilled and tapped 1/4"on both ends of three centered apart and the rest drilled and tapped the same on one end. The other end just fits through a 1/2" hole in frame on one side. Frame is 14 gauge pickled and oiled steel powder coated.
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    Seriously, why should they? They get all the advantages with NAV as a strategic partner and it doesn't cost them any more. Got a good thing going just the way it is now. Besides, I am starting to think VW wants to slim down so they can swallow Ford. I figure VW will sell more of Traton off in coming years, and they are about to sell MAN's large engine unit off as you have reported.
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    That I want to see a picture of.
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    I can't post the photo for some reason but my shop in Va is made up from 14 forty foot hi cube containers with ladder steel trusses. The containers are set up as separate parts and work areas and make all storage and work areas fire proof.
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    Same as my and the MP8 and M-Drive for my B mixer. Because I was told it can't fit. Paul
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    Congrats! Been looking for a building myself too, finding the right thing is always a challenge. NY winters were bad enough to work in, you'll get half the year back for time to work on projects 😛
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    Hadn't heard of DeWalt Wreckers before. Did a little computer search and looks like a nice product. Wish your friend well with his truck. Hopefully you don't have to call him too often for your fleet!
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    TS, the radiator looks AWESOME!!!
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    Amen--that is a classic truck body style.
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    Not a great picture but this wrecker reminds me of a rig in the town where I grew up.
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    I agree that Macks are preferred, but Pete makes a fine-looking truck.
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    Gee, I'm glad to know it's not only me! My barn on L.I. was 60 x 45 and was pretty full and not too organized. Moved everything to Virginia and organized alot as it was loaded in containers. Now my shop is 100 x 100 and not only dis organized but too small. I've got 5 full containers I brought down from Maine. I'm close to selling every truck, all the parts and tools.
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    I believe thats what causes little capacitors to come into the world . . .
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    Now that's how you get people to look at brand X! :)
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    Come to think of it there was a light blue B-75 tandem at the 2019 ATHA show in Reno. I had to take a double look to see what it was. It had a stretched hood maybe 10-12 inches. There was a highly modified B-61 single axle next to it in the same colors. with air ducking and louvers. I will have to take a look in the ShowTime to see both again. I did not take any photos of it or know what power was under ether hood. Anything is possible producing a vehicle. I do admirer your work and creativity. As long as it is fun and what you want, just make it happen. Rock-On!
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    A friend of mine has extended a 379 pete about ten inches and I say why and he replied because I never had one before and no one else has one.
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    Have you heard every Autocar truck is custom-engineered? True now, true when this one-of-a-kind 1958 DC-105 was built for Gilbane Building Co. in Rhode Island. Now, who can tell us about that badass shovel? #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #Lowboy #AutocarDC Thanks to Mike Lusher. .
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    I suspect the 13 axle doubles with 4 tridems are the practical limit, beyond that you only gain about 6k pounds per axle. That said, the axle loads are so light that the trailer and dolly axles can often be "singled out" for some weight and tire wear savings. But few take advantage of such technology, if fact the 20 axle combinations are pretty crude and none too professionally operated.
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    Well Cat is out of the class 8 market. so the reality is that Cummings is the next mfg that offers a big bore big HP engine. Mack and cummins have had a good history between each other thru the years and I see no reason why the option is not offered for big HP in a Mack. the thought that a company (volvo) is removing the whole big HP option is just a shot in their own foot. I still cant wrap my head around their thought process on this
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    As my dear old Dad always says " you can never have to many sheds " Well done and Im sure you will enjoy it and fill it up plenty quick enough Paul
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    Forced me to go container hunting. these are the only photo of it in the 1980 81 Mack brochure.
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    Rad looks fantastic!! When you do the hood stretch take lots of photos. I'm kicking around doing and MP8 / M-Drive in my mixer since I just acquired a 2015 theft recovery for the drive train..
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    As usual it looks excellent
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    Young fellow with alot of ambition. There's something you don't hear too often
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    According to the local diesel pump rebuilder, the pump needs to be rebuilt. I have not found a mobile mechanic that is willing to work on a Mack engine but the pump shop will do the work. Since I am still waiting for the gaskets and some other parts I have been working on other projects. This is the frame before And this is it after Now for the sad part, Monday I discovered that I needed a part for the Ford FT900. I emailed the old part number and vin to ford at 4 pm and by 10 the next morning I had the parts ordered, it will be here in 5 to 7 days, no shipping charges. Ford still supports these old trucks, to a point, but Volvo has hung Mack out to dry
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    At the tailed tux and top hat store duh! 😁
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    Awesome truck. That 67-72 body style is probably my favorite Chevrolet. Not too rounded, not to chiseled and square. Everything seems to fit and look right to me.
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    Here is a scan for the brake system. Shows where things go but routing them away from heat will be up to you! Grand Rock has exhaust for a Mack DM which as close as they get to a U model. Check page 166. I would get OEM from the turbo down for sure and then make what might be needed whether you have heat to your dump box or not. http://grpipes.com/sites/default/files/catalogs/files/GrandRock2018v2i2.pdf
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    From concern over a member that was last on here just a few short weeks ago.............. to....................... this...............
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    Don't see these little rigs everyday. The boxer style 6 cylinder air cooled engine appeared to be spotless under the hood bed floor. Ralph Nader was nowhere to be seen.
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    Finally got some paint on it. We've got a project to haul a 150,000 lb transformer in the next month or so.
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    Finished the BCII 400 and test fired this afternoon, ran just fine. Removed the stock 42 button and installed a 32 button, has a little cackle to it. Truck Shop
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