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    Finally, on to the roof and gutters!! Some fabricating and repair to it and the gutters before they get re-attached. But man, it's starting to look good!! Door gaps seem to be no better or worse than the factory. Some of the stuff Mack did putting these cabs together...leaves a lot to be desired. My door jambs came out good, it's tough working with used metal. So nice to work with the fresh stuff I've had fabricated.
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    ever sense i got a new computer quite a while back i havent been able to sign into the site, id stop by every now and then and read some posts could still log in from my phone as my username and pasword were saved there but couldn't log in to post from my computer. well today i decided i should really try to reset/recover my password so i could log in here from my computer again, well after a few failed attempts there i realized i had been trying to use the wrong user name :doh: lol haven't had a whole lot of free time for a while between working and working....lol for those that don't follow my youtube page been making lots of progress on the peterbilt though working on it in pretty much every spare moment i can get. its come a long ways still got a ways to go
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    I had the idea, at one time, to fix the mechanicals and put it on the road as is. I think the cab would have fallen apart quickly and I would've had nothing to work with. Plus everything was coming apart. This was really the only way to do it.
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    Wish my shop was that big. I get weak in the knees just thinking about all the junk I could pile in there.
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    Like Rob I got somewhat bored. With the F model in New Mexico I thought I needed a project here in Ohio to keep me busy. This 1977 F 100 has set in the barn for years. This was her " Favorite Truck ". She had payed someone to restore it but he had serious health issues.so the truck was partly stripped and set this way for years. Not getting anyone in their right mind to take on this project I stepped up to the plate.
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    Ditto, valve covers pretty easy. Jake spacers just sit on there. I think I used rubber when I put mine together. Put some RTV on one side of each gasket to hold in position. Still dry after a couple years.
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    Looking good, thought you were hibernating
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    From the album: mack B model manual / other

    '49 EE plowing snow. my daughter running shotgun
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    Mack introduced their first own diesel together with other Thermodyne engines - 519 c.i. ED Lanova in November of 1938. Interesting fact they offered gasser in 3 displacements of 510, 673 and 707 but the only Diesel was in the smallest block. In fact those gassers and the diesel were very similar in design having the most of the block as the same casting, same crankshaft, oil pan etc. But seemed Mack tried to go a safer track with diesel offering it of relatively low HP and with thicker cylinder walls. In fact the next generation was END-672 which also used Lanova combustion chamber but was made in 673 c.i. block. Not ready to say the year of beginning of the production, probably 1945 or 46. The fact of LT with Mack gasser existance seems as one really interesting matter no doubt. Might worth bothering Mack museum if no other facts show up.
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    OK, I was kinda lost there for a minute, LOL. I wasn't sure what you meant. What the EPA has done to diesel engines is a complete disgrace.
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    Hello all...been on here a while, but starting a new project and I know how you all love to see pictures of the project as it goes along (as do I). Bought this 10 wheel dump in NJ in August...spec'd out the way I like them...2001 Mack RD688SX with tractor package (even though it was a dump truck when I bought it) E7-350, Fuller 8LL, 18 front, 58 rears geared at 5.02, 12R24.5 tires on daytons, 238k original miles. I plan to totally rebuild this truck to a "working show truck status" and will update as progress continues. Here's two pics: when I bought it and after the dump body was removed. Have to give a shout out to Thru-Way Spring in Rochester, NY for the great job they did removing the old dump body, while preserving the frame rails in the process. Hope you all enjoy...I welcome feedback and questions/suggestions as the project continues! Jeff...
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    Strapped, clamped, bolted and pinned together. Gaps and panels all lined up and now all welded together in one big piece. Just the roof to attach and a whole bunch of fine tuning before bodywork. Big progress in the last few weeks and can't wait to have this part behind me.
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    Figured I’d share this video I saw today. Nice little B model murdering a Ford hitch.
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    That may be the case, but they also need to quit working for nothing driving the rates into the ground. Like I said, we have new trucks, over $200,000 each and we have to compete with guys that have old junk and have to hide from the MTO/DOT and work for $53/hour. But now with the emissions and SPIF laws it is finally forcing some of them to have to upgrade. And it looks good on them when they are going broke. That's why I quit hauling salt. Picture this scenario.....You have a $220,000 truck and a $160,000 three axle pony dump trailer. Hauling 42 tonnes of salt, 63,500 KG gross up and down 8 to 12% hills for 5 hours each way of the trip. In blinding snow storms. And for that you get to make just over $200 for the day after you pay the fuel. And we quit and yet guys keep flocking to them to do it. And you say $15,000 for a bull bar. Last time I priced a Mik Mak moose bumper (same thing basically) that are heavy duty and can withstand moose hits, it was $3500 to $5000 here depending on options. May have went up now with all the tariff's but still wouldn't be that high.
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    Gordon drove this B model at that time, Juiced up 400 big cam with a 13 and 3:70s, she would run and Gordon went most everywhere flat footed...
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    Thats Gordon Chase's old H model that he built for his wife to drive back in the '80s. He stretched the cab and put it on an mid '70s Astro chassis. Cummins powered with a 13 speed, it had a second, smaller radiator with an electric fan behind the cab. She embarrassed a lot of "big trucks" with that little H model. I always wondered what happened to it, nice to see its still alive.
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