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    Cab painted, same color inside. A fine sanding and buff on the clear coat and I should pick it up next week.
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    For the ATHS and Big Mack gents and ladies that visited Tony Champion's museum 2015, here is Seduce. It is not easy to pick the 2 subtle modifications, being the B75 hood was extended about 6 inches and the cab was raised about 4 inches, so there is a slight fall from the fire wall to the alloy radiator top. And below the doors the cab was also extended about 3 inches.
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    Local contractor's steel nose ramp truck. Need photogaphy while driving lessons from OD
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    Don't feel that way, sometimes I wish I had taken a different approach on this one. It's fun to build but at times very nerve wracking because everything has it's place and time to be constructed other wise mistakes can pile up.
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    Very nice truck. I’m guessing the V8 is a swap in? I think I learned after talking to AZ on here that the B75 with a factory V8 had B755 on the badges in the hood but I could be wrong.
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    Which means it fits the same chassis Mack uses. But Volvo wants to funnel "their" customers into buying a Volvo with a Volvo engine and transmission, and if the customer insists on a Cummins engine Volvo will punish them with a Volvo cab. Volvo's business plan is to push the customer into buying a Volvo with Volvo powertrain, keep it on a short lease via online tracking and reprogramming, keep it coming back to the dealer for service with extended warranties, and make it so unreliable and expensive to repair that it's traded in on another one after only five years and scrapped before it's ten years old. Obviously letting the customer buy a Mack with a cab that will last at least two decades and Cummins engine and Eaton transmission that can be affordably serviced anywhere is a threat to Volvo's business plan.
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    This one belongs to one of our chapter members who is standing beside it..
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    https://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucitsrh/?sl=71QSCI19595007 Not mine but a nice project truck that doesn't look like it will take much to turn into a great truck.
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    No worries! Always ask questions.
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    staxx, is Mack helping you with ecm programation or you do all this on your own?
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    Looking really good but I’m starting to feel like a slouch when it comes to my projects. 👍
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    That’s a beautiful color. It’s going to look awesome.
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    It’s getting there one board at a time
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    MP7 11liter in my ch race truck , single turbo 930hp
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    I would bet the X15 model will have a different more old school grill.
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    Now that's the definition of an all purpose truck, highway construction or logging.
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    Looks good with Thermodyne gasoline power under the hood.
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    There’s no confirmation that the X15-powered model will have this same hood styling. it might very well be different, and more to everyone’s liking. For a maneuverable short-BBC construction/refuse truck, I think this short nosed model is impressive.
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    my bet is at one time in it's life it wore a snow plow out front and the doors were cut in the hood because it would not flip open with the plow on to check oil or other fluids.
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    Yes I came home 50 years ago this year, just had my prostate taken out in Dec. caught it before it spread. Like you said lots of memories. terry
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    Some more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My wife says that if I ever leave her, it will probably be for a truck...not for another woman.
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    Well I stand corrected on a B model long hood-But mine will be in a group of only maybe three. That one has a L cab and mine with the B.
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    Can't help but notice where it's pointing at!
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