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    We moved another transformer with the big Mack at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Grossing around 270,000 lbs.
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    That is an amazing amount of damage on that poor truck. Years ago a driver we had in the fleet parked in a truckstop and was ordering lunch when he sees a truck and trailer rolling out of the lot and says some fool forgot to set the brakes then he realized it was our truck it rolled out of the lot and stopped in a swale ditch never hit any other trucks and he got the truck back on the road with out any damage we road him for a long time over that screw up.
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    The unmistakable look of an offset cab, heavy haul Mack LM tractor.
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    Got a down under photo too, up side down, Great job, hope trailer is working good for you. RD 888 made great heavy haul tractors, I will see if I can find the pictures of ours at GE in Pensacola.
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    I think I've found my truck. 2000 CH, 220k on dealer reman 400, and turbo, Mack rears, but super 10 trans. Truck is pretty straight, runs and drives well. No Jakes/Leash, but I'll be in flat ground. No blowby seen. Affordable. It will get a T2180 in a couple of months. I was frankly shocked on how well it rode bobtail (24.5 talls probably some of it). Reliability is more important than mpg in this situation. I talked with a former Mack mechanic who know runs a tow company. He runs E7 mechanical for the reliability. He said towing emission trucks has paid for it. That speaks volumes.
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    i drive for an ltl company. i was in a 07 international with 1.3 million on it ran every day. you might have some little thing wrong but was fixed that night and back to work next day. newer trucks we have dashes light up buzzers go off and they're down for days or weeks. i took a 16 mack because i figured its only a matter of time until they retire the older ones even though they make money every day. i still say its smarter to rebuild the older ones.
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    A genuine back roads "Cruiser"!!! Where is his oversized load sign???
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    There's some obvious animosity here that I didn't pick up on, cool it and get back to OP. No need for union/non union bickering, it only makes you appear like a teenager.
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    Don't see that everyday!
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    Holy Shit! I guess it is good that he is not hurt but he needs a good talking to. Now we will never know what was causing the noise... Only thing missing is "Hold my beer and watch this!"
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    for them old gals that have to make two trips to haul ass that one gets it all in one load
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    Bedeviled if I voluntarily blind my senses with painkillers.
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    just thought I’d share how I was able to get rid of that annoying droning sound in here at times been really peaceful when you can’t hear it. Or maybe you’re tired of hearing me. Either way I hope it makes everyone’s BmT experience as peaceful as mine had been for the last year or so.
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    I love those original 65/66 Mustangs. My father used to buy all kinds of Ford muscle cars through the 50's, 60's and 70's. Those 289's were great motors. I wish I still had any one of them, but alas.....I chose trucking. And away went any chance of ever having money. LOL.
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    The hook dragging him up the hillside.... don’t know what it takes to pretzel an 18K steer beam, but he did it. Looks like most front hardware is being daisy chained and dragged out with the remains.
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