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    Newest addition to collection 1964 Mack C615 . Mack made only 1589 C models during 1963-1965 the C615 was limited to 208 made. This truck is in original condition always garage kept only one driver (the original owners son). This truck has a Mack END864 V-8, Quadraplex, looks to be a 44k camelback, double frame, power steering. 11.00x20 tires, the filler panels for the fenders are there just not currently installed.
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    Very KooL! Lots of history there. I had C615ST1147 which unfortunately is no longer around.
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    "good by" events were big on the Cape too like 40 years ago. Labor day weekend the bridges over US 6 would be packed with people. Not anymore as a ton of people now commute off Cape to jobs.
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    Dave's military weapons target gig...……..
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    Can never be to brite Vlad, Im sure it will be quite impressive when done Paul
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    Any 1st year law student ought to have no trouble at all getting it tossed. 1st Amendment is pretty clear about the free exercise of religion, as well as the right to peaceably assemble. Article 4 Section 2 states in no uncertain terms that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that all courts are bound to uphold it. Marbury v Madison declared any law repugnant to the Constitution is void. Bottom line, burden of proof is on the state. Unless they can prove that he was sick, or that he had reason to believe that someone in attendance was sick and would infect others, then the state has no case. If YOU are sick with a highly contagious disease, there is justification for placing some limits on your rights, as your rights END when they cause direct harm to others...for example my right to swing my fist ends at the tip of your nose. However, the state lacks justification for preemptively limiting your rights when you pose no threat to others. If you don't have the disease, you cannot pass it on. Yes, it is wise to take precautions to prevent contracting this virus...but it is beyond the police powers of the state to prohibit a healthy individual from freely moving about...or in this case from peaceably assembling with others to exercise their religion Was it wise for them to do this? Absolutely not. Constitutionally speaking, though, there isn't a dern thing the state can do about it that will hold up in court. If anything, this preacher is going to hit the jackpot in the civil rights violation case that is likely to follow his arrest...especially if the state pushes the issue.
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    If your government tells you how to worship, who to worship, not to worship or forces you to worship then going to jail is a righteous act. Otherwise, it’s Biblical to submit to the government for this temporary period. He should be processed. He shouldn’t be held in high esteem in Christian circles for being a rebel for the faith. It damages the testimony. Submission to government as established by God for civil order > Romans 13:1 Thing that caught my ear on Joe Pags last night was one city official who threatened they would “close his church doors permanently”. I haven’t found that quote anywhere yet, been searching for it. Local bureaucrats start talking that smack then you know this taste of control is going to straight to their heads.
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    The idea was to keep SGT general appearance but put some improvements to it since the original look was too simple when you up close to the truck. That took me to make spacings between the stripes and add the second raw of them. I also switched to metallic since I like metallics. Still afraid the final result will be too bright when all the body parts together regardless I made a few real size color tests before ended up with the combo and smoothed yellow and red to less contrast grades.
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    Please don't confuse someone who is good in front of the teleprompter as someone who is an effective leader. Obama is/was one of the best public speakers that our country has ever seen. His domestic policies and foreign policy was awful. Obama care was a bust. Keep your doctor and save $2,000+ per year. More like lose your doctor and see your healthcare costs go through the roof. He handled Putin, Kim Jung and Assad with kid gloves and look where that got us. There was another great speech giver from Germany in the 1930's and 1940's that almost brought the world to its knees and ended the lives of millions of innocent souls. The democrats adding pork to the stimulus bill and then saying that the President wasn't responding to the healthcare crisis is a typical smoke in mirrors tactic that they use. Trump referring to Cvd-19 situation as the "democrats next hoax" was contextually connected to Russia, the Mueller report, the garbage with his former attorney Michael Cohen, as well as the fake dossier, Comey, McCabe, Lisa Page, etc. So the democrats were using Cvd-19 as their next version of what to pin on him. Its not working. His response has been praised by Cuomo himself. Even Ilhan Omar says his response have been terrific. Fact of the matter is that the US has never seen something like this before and to blame anyone directly would be irresponsible. Remember, the left said George W. Bush let down Louisiana after Katrina. Fact of the matter is that he begged for areas to be evacuated and offered to take over law enforcement and government officials were slow to act and declined to let the feds help with law enforcement. Smoke in mirrors pointed the finger at him when the response from local government was anemic at first. Now lets look at welfare reform. The left likes to say that Bill Clinton was its champion. Farthest thing from the truth. The republican controlled house and senate put the welfare reform bill on his desk and they had to twist his arm to get him to sign it. Plenty of good and plenty of bad on both sides of the isle. The left just likes to point fingers and mix up the facts using their bench team, the media, to do their dirty work.
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    Well to quote Mack 458.....in my opinion Trump really did not act in time, and continues to make incorrect/differing statements than his team of doctors and specialist. In the beggining it was a hoax and something that the democrats were using to take him down. He seems to finally be taking the advise from his team. Unfortunatly every press conference is about what a great job he is doing and making incorrect statements. Unfortunately there is a lot of truth in this. Although I think he finally is accepting the fact that he has two very competent people in Fauci and Berx and he is finally listening. I just keep hoping his handlers get him in control. Election is his to lose. People like Hannity have to stop blowing smoke up his ass and get him to STFU! Stick to FACTS. Question is, when do Dems recognize Biden really does have a problem? And as for Cuomo, look at the air time this guy gets. And also NO press coverage about any of his failed pie in the sky proposals to "make NY great again".
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    You’re leaving out a huge detail Mack458, the Democrats are the ones who kept throwing in crap they couldn’t get passed onto the STIMULUS bill. Isn’t that using a tragedy for political gain in the worst way? if cuomo wants to work together to solve this then why is he threatening to sue the president and his admin if they shut down NY and NJ to help slow the spread down so our medical resources can handle it better? Cuomo is just grandstanding for the most part and following what all of the other democrats have been doing for the last 3 years. Fight the president on everything he does no matter what because party lines mean more than the people that elected them. Do I like trump as a person? No, I think he’s a vain spoiled brat with a big mouth. Do I like his policies like bring manufacturing back to the US, make trading with others fair to the US, worry about the US first? Love the policies and so does a good portion of the US besides Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, Clinton etc.
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    Before this thread runs completely off the rails on hot button issues lets just get back to the original topic. Emperor Cuomo has been running this state into the ground with only his own personal agenda in mind from the start. As did his father before him. This is just positive press exposure for him and he's going to play it for all its worth.
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    "how can people get in touch with you if you have no phone" send me an email. if they don't have my email address, than i don't want to talk to them anyway.
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    Kinda on the same note......I'm in business and I don't answer my phone, LOL The way I look at it is if it is a legit important call you will leave a voicemail. No voicemail....then it is a scam.
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    Voicemail translation..... ”Ve Have da cure foe Covid 19, Ve made virus and antidote. You buy or die... 10 daalaa G.I.”
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    In a couple of days the paint got relatively hard so I was able to took the cab from the shop and transport to my place. Made a couple of pics before putting it inside the shop. It will reqire polishing since stripe edges make clear coat uneven but I was going to do it much later when all the paint is set wery well. I had no hurry with that, plenty of work over the chassis and engine was planned ahead.
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    The time for the final paint has come. The cab was supposed to get stripes. Doors were painted much earlier as I liked to experiment with the color scheme and to have time to change it if dislike. They turned out well to my taste and I put them on the running truck. This time I had to remove them off there and put onto the cab being needing to correspond the stripes painted on it. To the time we arrived to the paint shop with the doors the painter applied a layer of silver base coat on the cab were the stripes were expected. After the doors were on and the gaps managed we applied plastic masking tape making countours for the future stripes. The matter of the tape was to cover the silver paint. After it was done the painter would mask everything excepting the areas supposed to be painted red. He than applied red base coat on them, went for drying, mask them up and remask the areas supposed to be painted gold. Put gold paint there, dry up, mask and remove all masking from areas supposed to be green. When green is applied and dry he would remove all the masking from everywhere and apply clear coat. There's a point the base metallic coats must be covered with clear coat no later than 48 hours. So not an eternity to play with colors and masking tape. That time my paint buddy did fine. He put silver in the evening and we started putting masking the next noon. He than went through red and gold down to the night, applied green in the morning and clear coated everything the next day. So all in all it took nearly 40 hours. I was invited to watch the result one day later. It was definitely a thrilling moment.
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    Now we are getting closer to the end of the story. Door openings were double primered because of weld spots applyed to the sills for attaching the rocker panels. Than seam sealer was layed and the openings painted.
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