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    Talk about Icons.. Ever notice how many ads you see that feature Early Broncos? My son actually had his used in a recent ad shoot. They shot a total of 4 days. His is the Brown/tan one in the picture of mine that I recently posted.
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    Saw this on ebay, looks like a handle for R and F models. NOS...$30 plus shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Handle-for-MACK-55QS32-NEW-OEM-NOS/392871975428?epid=7012716460&hash=item5b78fe9a04:g:WboAAOSwWuJfDMtf
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    Depending on exactly which 13 Fuller is being used, the 3.98 ratio will be better for you. Let's say your Fuller has the 13.13 1st gear ratio, as many do, combined with the 3.98 rear end will give an overall ratio of 52.25. A Mack X107 6 speed (lo hole) has a first gear ratio of 14.10 combined with a 4.17 rear (pretty common ratio) gives ratio of 58.97 and they play pretty well off road. Camelback suspension helps also in the dirt.
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    It is NOT the mandate of states to become involved in the commercial truck industry.
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    If you can bring one LVX to a show, might as well bring two LVX. Picture from 2017 Granite State Show.
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    Saying if the Traton deal falls through, what would be next for NAV? I agree that the stock would take a huge hit, and that could make them a good acquisition target.
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    No question VW is a mess, their all-or-nothing BEV program is in deep trouble, tremendous infighting between different factions in management, the unions, and those who really own the mess, and falling market share in key markets. But, why are these issues spilling over into the successful and well-run commercial truck operation? If anything you would think that would be the last thing VW would want to mess with at a time like this. And to think that Ford wants to partner up with these clowns. If I were Navistar I still might shack up with Traton, but only after they are spun off of VW. BTW, NAV did slump yesterday but the whole market was off.
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    This is huge in itself, and hugely negative for Navistar. Renschler is the "truck guy", the key to making Traton work. His chosen replacement is a finance guy (no offense to finance guys). In my opinion, firing Renschler is disastrous for the Navistar partnership, and MAN. Scania knows how to run itself. This is what happens when car guys make decisions on a truckmaker (we've seen it before with Ford, and GM heavy truck)
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    Looks like to me he slid the rails from one set of frames inside the other set of rails, then overlapped them, I have seen that done many times. terry
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