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  2. Trucktoberfest is in Allentown at the customer center and museum. The factory where they build the trucks is in macungie
  3. Have not seen a clutch yet that can beat a torque convertor in applications such as these.
  4. Good things take time, That's what my wife always said, always seemed to be true.
  5. amen to that! Me too and damn proud of it! Look at the "bright" side. . . we now have our elected officials and U.N. have elevating a 16 year old to climate goddess statis who is going help to set policy here and in the U.N. Here are heropening words before the House. "Mummy stopped flying and gave up her international opera career to help me save the plant". Thundberg stated she first heard of climate change in 2011 when she was eight and could not understand why nothing was being done about it." Three years later I became depressed and lethargic. I quit school , stopped talking and stopped eating. I was eventually diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, Autism, OCD and Selective Mutism. While the diagnosis have limited me somewhat, I do not view any of it as an illness but my super powers" This is what the Senate and the UN are seriously listening too.
  6. I do know the owner-I'll see what I can find out
  7. I'm considering a trip to trucktoberfest but I find two different locations one says it's in Macungie the other says it's in Allentown If anyone can fill me in I would appreciate it
  8. I've been trying to get someone to do some welding on my rails and one axle housing, finally got someone to say bring them in. It sure is a slow process to get all the different things taken care of before I can begin reassembly.
  9. I really miss the F models, there were so many on the road back in the day. Doctor Rust took a lot of them in their prime.
  10. I think he means 5" pipes at the bottom, feeding into 6" stacks.
  11. The barrel is rifled so it’s no different than shooting 357 mag birdshot shells. The rifled barrel is what differentiates it according to the ATF.
  12. You're welcome. We aim to please. Thank you for supporting BigMackTrucks.
  13. Scania offers and recommends Allison in severe vocational.
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  15. Ok I feel like a dummy but I’m going to ask anyway. Are the exhaust pipes oval? Is that where you’re getting the 5”x6” you stated above? Obviously unless you’re looking from above an oval would be hard to differentiate from a pipe (circle) in those pictures. As usual great work.
  16. Little?! That’s known as Bozangeles in these parts 😁
  17. They stick out beyond the tire and have reflective tape on the ends. You can see them in your mirror or make a couple of zig zags when you first get rolling which makes them easier to see. I always backed up 1/4-1/2 or a tire rotation in the winter and you can see if the tires are moving by looking for the contact patch on your walk around.
  18. How does those plastic strips work?
  19. Thankyou for posting this article. Good information. I was able to look at one of these trucks when new, very nice truck. These units replaced similar, [ think they where 2006?], Macks also with Allison .
  20. Very interesting thanks for sharing...bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. We have a yard there,,,,, I’ve been there twice it’s a cute little town...thanks for sharing...Bob Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. i could see daylight between the fifth wheel and the trailer king pin plate with the quarter frame hilbilt all the way up after dumping. i think it takes all the weight off the fifth wheel when its up. an inch? probably not. might be worn out on the plate or the fifth wheel, or both. trailer was a 97 or 98, tractor was an 01. both were well used
  23. no need to go at night, they do the one wheel dirt bike thing during the day too. 30-40 strong.
  24. Went to the Bronx last week to deliver a piece for the subway, went in at midnight, there were dirt bikes going up and down the Grand Concourse, no lights, no reg, no helmet and of course on one wheel light to light, cops look shrug and keep munchin on donuts ???? I asked job foreman about bikes, said why bother, can't catch them and if you do they never come to court, place is a zoo and needs a wall put up to keep the animals locked up, need observation towers so we could go watch the show. you want to see how low humans can degrade, you need to visit the sh t hole at night.
  25. Well I can see the purple now Looks good to me,sure is some decent size chimneys you got going on there Great stuff and thanks for sharing Paul
  26. Econodyne instead of maxidyne? Just different fueling, right? Unless its a V8? What designation was a V8 in '78?
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