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  1. In: Mack Mack Magnum Superliner

    By DanielG, 02/10/17

    Selling it?


  2. In: Alice

    By Sébastien, 02/07/17


     Any chance you could take some picture of the throttle linkage from the engine to the front of the firewall.

    i need some info as I'm not sure if my Superliner's throttle linkage is from factory or the previous owner somehow decided to change. It's a cable right now.

     Greatly appreciated.

  3. In: Mack EG

    By 6v71, 12/13/16

    Same problem I had.  Took mine to get rodded out and was told the core was shot.  They quoted me 800-900 dollars for a new core, (I think they're 4 row cores).  That was about 5 years ago.  Looked around and tried to find one but didn't have any luck.  I ended up using a universal aluminum unit from Griffin Radiator.  Had to fab a whole new cradle to mount it in the Mack.  The only original pieces I used were the pressed sides.  Took a good bit of work but seems to cool the 427 just fine.  It will idle all day in the summer heat at 170-180.  I'm sure there are places that could have repaired it but, I didn't want to fool with shipping it around the US.

  4. In: Mack EG

    By TDBach, 12/12/16

    Hi again! 

    Where did you get your radiator from?  I am trying to find someone to recore the one I have, but it's going to cost about 1000.00!   Is that normal? 

    Tracy D

  5. In: Mack EG

    By TDBach, 12/05/16

    I am on the hunt for the following parts for my great grandpas 1946 Mack EGX

    Interior anything interior
    Head Lights
    Roof Lights

    I am told that I would have better luck being struck by lightning than finding parts for this truck.  It has been a lot of work, but it is my grandma's dream to bring it back to life! 


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