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  1. In: Mack EG

    By TJ Lincoln, 10/30/17

    Have a complete 48 EE I picked up for parts.  Has many good parts.  I am taking a stainless strip off the hood, the windshield crank handle, one fender liner and maybe a vacuum line bracket.  Has a reman engine and trans.  t's the green one in the photo.  


  2. In: 1939 Mack ED

    By TDBach, 05/20/17

    This is a good find!  I'm on the hunt for something similar to add to my collection.  Looks like it will be a fun project.

    Ms Tracy D 

  3. In: Macky

    By Paco, 03/17/17

    Can so body help me  with this code?

    i have not idea.

  4. In: Macky

    By Paco, 03/17/17

    Can anybody let me know about this faulty code:


    M 128      !

    01    05F


  5. In: Mack Mack Magnum Superliner

    By Yoos Brothers Construction, 02/11/17

    Daniel this is my cousin and he sold that truck almost 10 years ago.

    Thanks, Josh


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