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  1. In: Mack B61T

    By Splitpin, 12/21/2008

    Hey Jeff are you in Mareeba ? and if so is there anything you need for your B Model ? Regards


    Koah NQ

  2. In: Mack Western Cruiseliner WS 767 LST

    By BHWizard, 12/17/2008

    The 1st owner appears to be Adams Express, The 2nd owner Madision Smith bought the truck 08/22/1991 with 665930 miles. I bought the Old Dog Nov 2007 it had not been licenced since 1999. Barreries were dead had to jump it, But it fired up just like it had been run every day.

  3. In: Mack Western Cruiseliner WS 767 LST

    By BHWizard, 12/14/2008

    I have found an old drivers daily log book while cleaning out the cab. In june of 91 this truck was being driven by Alfie Moore working for Adams Express on Phase Ave. in Cinti Ohio. The vehicle number was F10/289802. Looks like it did a lot of running on the between Detroit and Ohio and some trips to the east coast.

    I bought the truck from Madision Smith in Glasgow,Ky.


  4. In: Mack R615RS

    By huppypuppy, 11/29/2008

    Hey skip,

    Could ya post some pics of the old girl? Mainly pics of the engine bay showing the V8 in there!


    Avid :mack1: R-600 "Flintstone" follower

  5. In: Mack CH613

    By huppypuppy, 11/29/2008

    Howdy Barry,

    Ya got yaself a smick looking :mack1: there! Weird to see a single drive tow-truck - I've never seen one before until now!

    Tow-trucks like that don't even exist in Australia - we have weird stuff like tri-drive twin steers, tri-drive single steers, tandem drive twin steers, etc. - I know for a fact as I have a friend who tows trucks for a living and they have two round-headlight Australian spec Mack SuperLiners!

    I'll sign off now... looking forward to your reply!


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