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  1. In: Dodge CNT-950

    By daveigou, 04/02/2009

    Doug - didn't know you were a guru of MoPar---MORE PICS PLEASE Dave

  2. In: Mack LT

    By daveigou, 04/02/2009

    Doug we need MORE PICTURES!!!!!! Dave

  3. In: Mack R 766s

    By daveigou, 02/18/2009

    Post some pictures!!!!

  4. In: Mack RW633

    By Barry, 02/05/2009

    Nice truck! Love to see more pics!!

  5. In: Mack EH

    By Speed, 01/15/2009


    I know this truck has been floating around this site for a while,but I guess this is a good place to throw some info about it down for you good folks. Hope you see something you didn't already read about it. If you have any questions about mods to my truck,just ask and I'll do a "Modification" post on it. I'm hoping to do one of these for my 1957 GMC 2 ton :thumb: ,but probably won't until I get its engine swapped this coming Spring. Of course I'll have a lot of other trucks going under the knife for various work,but they're all either too small :( or too new to qualify for this deal. :rolleyes:




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