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  1. In: Mack B53S

    By other dog, 06/20/10

    The only B-53s pictured in the book "Mack-Driven for a Century" is an Erie Builders truck.

  2. In: Mack MB 600

    By ff6cav, 05/25/10

    sweet!! great to see another MB on here thumb.gif even better that its a fire engine chili.gif

  3. In: Mack CF611F(7)/1064

    By thetodd717, 05/18/10

    Beautiful truck! And glad to see another '68 CF600 on here! I have a '68 CF as well from where I started as a volunteer. Nice work on the restoration of your truck as well! Glad to see the original style emergency lights back on it.

  4. In: Mack B61T

    By doug bell, 04/18/10

    Were is it located 973 417 0059

  5. In: Mack B-61LST

    By doug bell, 03/22/10

    is this truck available. Doug Bell 973 417 0059

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