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  2. I guess too busy watching the dancing and focusing on penny Robinson yum lol....bob Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  3. Yes it is a dumb video I've seen it a few times cause I like the tune. Didn't even notice David mcullen Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  4. Does anyone want or need it? After putting a bunch of local miles on the new one I'm happy with how everything works. Everything seamed tight and truck drove good with it. Front spokes are for 22.5" I'm about 2 hours north west of macungie. Make an offer I'm open to trading. Thermodyne emblems, wet line, and ??? I'd like it to be saved.
  5. Kind of a stupid video. In fact I'm sure he can't play the bass.

    is this engine still available, Im looking at a 71 R model with a blown 237.
  7. The early KW is a redo from an old photo, or what i thought an illustration in ink should look like. It may not come out clear Truck
  8. I predict the new regs will assure that 2000 and earlier model trucks will be kept in serviceable condition until the frames literally disintegrate from metal fatigue lol! Perhaps a new era for " glider kits"😁 Keith, they did it for Penn Central r.r for years!
  9. Looks like an old Ford banjo axle,run off a pto? Like when the old time farmers would Jack up one wheel on their little tractor and run a sawmill,pump even a welder! Those old dudes could do anything! When my dad sold the salvage yard he was semi retired,so he and the local blacksmith built him a wrecker! Used a four speed truck tranny to control the winch! No clutch,just the tranny hooked to a pto,with a sprocket to the winch! It was a synchro tranny so you gently slipped it into gear and the winch would run!
  10. Will Markey from Dallastown PA. Great guy. He died recently. I just saw the White horse hauler listed for sale this week.
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  12. Engine 72, Pilot, NC 1989 Mack MC/E.E.I. 1500/1250
  13. Like the green one would look good behind my DM lol...bob
  14. Engine 2, Radnor Fire Company, Wayne, PA (Department antique) 1954 Mack B-85 750/200
  15. Very neat truck, when I get home I'll post pics of my log loader that's built on my gooseneck trailer. Same basic set up as on the truck in the pics except mine is powered by an old 12hp Wisconsin
  16. Wonder if he pulled a pup.
  17. Same to you, best of luck! I am going through the same right now, getting my own truck up and running again after 5 years in a company job. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  18. Like Rowdy said, we all have a right to go through our work day without being surveiled or harassed. I equate E-logs to a convict wearing an ankle bracelet. UPS has linehaul runs, scientifically prepared terminal to terminal runs meticulously calculated to be within logbook compliance. Most other trucking operations don't work that way. There are too many variables involved where the driver loses time=lost revenue. I don't mind working for my money, but when I spend the same time away from home for less money, then I must draw the line.
  19. Most UPS runs are on hourly pay, but there are a few that pay by mileage. On the mileage runs, they are also paid at hourly rate for time fueling, delays, etc.. As far as trucks needing electronic controlled engines to support ELDs, back in the 90s when UPS first started using their "IVIS" ELDs, almost all of their trucks had mechanical engines.
  20. I have a 2007 Mack Aset AC427 engine I'm having issues with. I'm using Mack's PTT software that is installed on my laptop. I have blink code 4-5 (low voltage) popping up (VGT position sensor) and also it wont allow me to calibrate the turbo either. It says "Value outside permitted range" when trying to calibrate. I went into my MacK Diagnostic manual and followed all the different steps for the blink code 4-5. I went to the require pins and check ohms and voltage, I'm getting .01 volts off the harness going to the position sensor connector and also off the ECM pin that goes to the VGT position sensor. I cleaned the grounds on the main engine harness. I have two different ECM's laying around that I swap in and out . I used a different VGT control valve. Just now I replaced the complete engine harness and the blink code 4-5 is still coming up. I have two VGT position sensors laying around that I tried as well. I verified that air is coming out of the VGT control valve and ran air through the steel air line too, but I didn't gauge the air coming out of VGT control valve going to the VGT actuator. I have no major air leaks, I do have the ATC & ABS light intermitting coming on. I used Macks' PTT software, Mack's shop manual and my imagination. I'm not sure what else to try besides it might be the actuator on the turbo? If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it, thank you.
  21. Happy b'day Timmy, I hate auto correct too!
  22. The pre 2000 still have to have an e-log if required be the company leased to. They are just only tracked by GPS and not plugged into the ECM of the truck.
  23. Would someone enlighten me on the computer logs?Do the 99 and older trucks lack the electronics to support the computer logs? I'm seeing all these used truck ads on Craigslist that promote the fact that the truck doesn't require E logs! Similar to the "non CDL trucks under 26000 gvw " which enable corporate America to hire unqualified unsafe drivers for low wages! "What pre trip inspection" ?There is a cliche for every situation in life, the one that applies to older trucks suddenly becoming more valuable than newer ones is "it's an ill wind that blows nobody good!"
  24. Many thoughts!, Teamster Grrrl, don't The UPS otr drivers get an hourly rate based on the miles/time of the run which is surgically planned from several test runs? I ask this because many years ago I was running with a couple of UPS doubles drivers and they said the best thing that ever happened to them was the lowering of the speed limit to 55 because their runs are based on the average time it would take to do the run legally! Paradoxically, the non union and mileage based drivers tend to hate the lower speed limit( California anyone?)
  25. i am so glad i stay within 100 miles of home shop. 99.99% of the time i within 35 miles of home shop. screw them logs!!!
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