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  2. Maybe he finally stopped to help one of those wimmins.
  3. for a owner-operator or small fleet nothing better than an older all mechanical truck, terry
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  5. I don't know much about them at all, but I have been told that it was common that a turbo be added as well as pump and timing changes made. Maybe that is what you have. Andy
  6. The idea is to make money so keep the truck u have in my opinion,that's why I added the drop to my CL when the weight laws changed,58 rears n all,gets the job done with ease,my buddy did the same and his truck is an 85 RD,we got the toughest trucks around lol and we work almost ever day..Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. Ok thanks. I will check it out, do you think I can clean it?
  8. Gday Paul . Surprisingly mate , I have had a few. Won some, lost some, I didn't start many blues but I sure did finish a few. Spent 5 years based in the Isa in the early ninety's, it wasn't for the faint hearted back then. Young and single. More relaxed now, family, working hard & loving life. Cheers
  9. Tinky ??? thats a tough sounding name best not blue with you in the pub I reckon might know how to blue LOL yep nothing wrong with a Mack the E9's were well liked by almost all who new them and still hold up well today Welcome to forum Paul
  10. I could make back the cost of the length streach and lift axle within no time as the truck is paid for and I have a 15ft bed sitting here at the house. My thoughts were adding a tag to the rear would be less expensive and would not have to mess with moving the axles. A 25 year old truck is what I want. I have no desire to make $4000 a month payments and worry about how many nickels I need to rub together waiting on call backs or having to haul asphalt by the ton and running overweight to to make up for the overbooking of trucks and only getting three loads a day while sitting at the jobsite waiting for the other 15 trucks to dump ahead of me. With my 32 year old truck (1985 RWL 15ft dump) that is paid for I only take work that is by the hour and I am not forced to haul asphalt by the ton. All things being equal i.e. a triaxle dump 25 years old or brand new 2017 dump truck makes the same money per hour, my business model venture doesn't require the extra overhead.
  11. I thought about it but with the two different weight zones it would only be feasible for use in the Comercial Zone as it wouldn't really increase capacity outside that zone as the bridge wouldn't increase and the added weight of the additional axle would cancel any gains. I just really need to find a good dump trailer.
  12. Make your offer before March 7 that's when insurance premiums are due.
  13. Thanks looks like a good site
  14. No I haven't nailed my knee yet, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the warning.
  15. They're stuck in the 53 foot trailer 80,000 pound gross weight rut. The world's most common freight container is the 40 foot intermodal box, something like 30 million of them out there and most of the container ships and many intermodal rail cars are designed to accommodate them. The 53 is a North American oddball, only 3 million of them in existence and they sorta fit the intermodal cars with some 28s mixed in and they fit almost none of the container ships. As for weight, the U.S. 80k limit is the lowest of any industrialized country. Real efficiency isn't measured in MPG, it's measured it ton-miles per gallon. Making an obsolete inefficient design like a standard U.S. rig get a few more hundredths of an MPG doesn't accomplish much, for real efficiency and productivity gains we need bigger and heavier trucks. A 30 meter (98 foot) combination with double 40s would offer a third more cube with about the same MPG as a single 53. A 13 axle 30 meter doubles combination under Formula B would give twice the payload of an 80k pounds combination and easily at least a 50% improvement in ton MPG with lower axles weights and less road wear. But Noooo! Instead the so called leaders of the trucking "industry" are trying to beat more work out of drivers for less money and more miles from a gallon of diesel, ignoring the fact that the real productivity gains of bigger trucks will allow them to pay higher wages and enjoy higher profits... A short sighted lot they are!
  16. I think we're going to have to take up a collection for a new camera or fuel for his truck. Either his camera is broke or he can't afford fuel for his truck. Where are you Odog?
  17. I know sisu makes big horsepower engines. Straight 6, straight 7's and even v motors. The ones we ran in AG equipment are very fuel efficient.
  18. I thought the future of freight is the containers? But they're designing all these "super trucks" to pull special trailers. Wouldn't it be helpful to design an intermodal type trailer?
  19. We need something like this here. Nothing i have heard of even come close to those specs.
  20. It is in Texas right now, lots a places to go to from there. . .
  21. thanks guys for your help, just got the diagram but came at the right time.
  22. multiply the teeth on the pion by the teeth of the ring gear, and it will give you the ratio. and yes some pion have the ratio stamp, but not all of them.
  23. couple friends of mine towed it from navistar in melrose park out to nasa wind tunnel out by san jose...pretty cool looking in person
  24. Hello everybody Hope I can get an idea here from you guys, my rd688 Is lower on the right side, I notice that the u bolts, are very close to the frame, and also right side back by were the pads goes, the tip of one of the spring leave is also lower that the left side, can any body tell me what's going on here, or if someone had a problem like this before, I thanks you all for your help
  25. Kevin, Thx-even a blind man like me can see the rear dif! I can't believe that conventional configurations don't make it even in these heavy off road applications. The premium cost for these high tilt configurations has to be significant.
  26. That's about all I get but the company pays for it so I'll take the waffles lol...bob
  27. Pretty cool nice looking ride thanks for sharing.....bob
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