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  2. 41chevy

    Amazon Challenge......

    Just re read the certificate of Authenticity seems it's Wheezie Jeffersons pen, oh well at least I got Abe Lincolns I pad.
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  4. The Hydrovac unit has a master cylinder on it that works by vacuum needs to be be bleed. Generally they need to be pressure bleed with 10 or 20 psi. BUT what I done without a power bleeder is to just crack the rear bleeders for an hour plus and let gravity go to work (be sure to keep checking the master cylinder for fluid). Then repeat on the front brakes. They some times get air bound between the main master and the Hydravac master.
  5. Mackpro

    MP8 hand primer pump

    There are so many passage ways inside the filter stands on the MP engines, it would be hard to bypass the primary side of the fuel filter stand. We talked about changing a fuel filter stand on here yesterday and guess what I had to do today? Yep , filter stand. We have 2 CXN’s , 3 CXP’s and about 18 CXU’s and one Anthem. Had low fuel pressure in one of the CXU’s . There was something going on inside the filter stand. Start to finish a little over 3 hours. Including troubleshooting, r&r filter stand, pressure wash before and after repair and test drive with laptop plugged in .
  6. Rob

    Amazon Challenge......

    Just be careful when you "Flic your Bic" as I'd hate to see anything happen to the instrument as it's a very important part of the country's history.
  7. Mackpro

    Engine idling

    5 mph derate?
  8. Mackpro

    PTO Problems

    Shouldn’t have anything to do with the Allison ecm. If the pto light in the dash cluster ( has to be the one in the cluster) is on , then the VECU should be getting the “ PTO on” signal and operate as per the Pto parameters that were programmed in the VECU ( Vechicle control unit) . Only thing I can think of is , some sensor has failed or sending incorrect into to the VECU. Make sure the parking brake and stop light switches are working correctly.
  9. It appears to be, I was just reading on another thread about having to bleed a Hydrovac? Is that the tank on the Drivers side that the 1 brake line off the Master goes to? Is there a bleeding procedure for that? Someone said bleed that first, then go to furthest wheel cylinder which would be passenger side rear I would imagine and start bleeding from there. I'm unfamiliar with the Hydrovac System if that is in fact what is on this truck. I just assumed they were Hydraulic/Mechanical.
  10. Push rod length and pedal travel correct? Bench bleed the master before you installed it?
  11. 41chevy

    Amazon Challenge......

    Well at least Thomas Jeffersons BiC pen he used when he wrote the Declaration of Independence I got on Amazon is real.
  12. I didn't have it running when I bled them. I used the Venturi vacuum system from Harbor Freight to bleed each line. I kept topping off the master as I went along. Some brown crappy fluid came out and it appeared that overall the flushing of the system went well. Prior to starting it I topped off the master again, started her up, released the emergency brake and pushed on the brake peddle (Rig was running) and to the floor it went. I tried pumping it a few times but it didn't work..... no brakes. I looked again at each wheel and under the truck and I don't see any fluid leaks.
  13. Rob

    Amazon Challenge......

    Sorry Paul but you got screwed. Solomon was a proven liar as per his father David whom I acquired the originals from through family passdown. In fact after David slew that SOB Goliath, wasn't nobody gonna doubt a damned thing David said. And that was before he was king!! My kids spent literally hours with the calligraphy set and left me wondering what they was working on. Never knowed what all that leather was for they was buying either. Their sudden interest in sheep befuddled me. I have the original Ark plans and use them for a formal dining room table cloth as the hide holds up quite well under the clear plastic.
  14. Was the truck on when you were pumping the brakes? Only thing I can think of at the moment that might have anything to do with them not working.
  15. I was able to get a new Master Cylinder from NAPA, I installed it today, did a vacuum of bleed on each wheel, topped of the master, started her up and when I hit the brake pedal .... to the floor it went. No Brakes, I tried pumping them a few times, looked under the rig....no leaks that I can see.... Still No Brakes. I'm going to try the old school brake bleeding tomorrow and see what happens. Any thoughts or ideas what else could be the problem ? How exactly does the vacuum canister work in the braking system ?
  16. Quickfarms

    Amazon Challenge......

    Actually amazon is not that bad when you do an internet search and see that a lot of other places are around $30
  17. Mack Technician

    Amazon Challenge......

    Better check the seal!!!
  18. 41chevy

    Amazon Challenge......

    Some exotic stuff is reasonable on Amazon. I just bought a Luffa used by John the Baptist with a free copy of Noahs original plans for the ARK for only $3995.00 guaranteed to be authentic with a sworn certificate from King Solomon..
  19. All the info I've found is it is mechanical with flex joints ever section to bell cranks to shift rods to trans. The trans is a 3 speed so two rods make sense.
  20. Tjfinc

    Engine idling

    What is the correlation between the engine idling sequence in the engine derate sequence
  21. Poo Poo, poor drivers it rides to rough, wanna be a sissy should have been born with a vagina.
  22. Make sure to let the phone ring about 12 times before giving up...it takes him a while to get to it.
  23. In 1985, the company I worked for bought a couple of K100E cabovers with cable shift...talk about stiff! I hated those things.
  24. steve s.

    Triplex transmission mount bushings

    The bushings are available new from PAI. They are the same as the originals.
  25. 1958 F.W.D.

    1955 B-Model Master Brake Cylinder

    If they absolutely, positively MUST "look it up" in a computer and cannot fathom looking at the part casting numbers or measuring the piece and cross-referencing, take your business elsewhere.
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