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  2. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    so i think were actually figuring some things out now, i just pulled the dang thing out of the skid steer today and started taking it apart. bearings on the input shaft are completely fubar. separated the case half's the piston pumps actually look ok. the roller bearing on the back side of the case on the input shaft fell into peices. i got the sheer pin out of the input spline but the input spline is stuck on the shaft pretty good. but while trying to remove it peices of what looked like parts of the sheer pin to the small gear pump that pulls new fluid into the case fell out. so i would guess when the coupler broke it fubared my bearings extra shaft play broke the shear pin on the fluid gear pump and caused my current problems.
  3. Stainless E9 injection lines, failing

    Could try factory lines to see if they break or may open needle lift to re leave some pressure . Have a set of bosch needle lift was 15 thou and ambacs in my truck now were at 20 thou opened them up another 30 thou
  4. Cab swap question

    My door jams are dark gray before they started paint matching them. I prefer the gray over the paint match jams. So putting a newer style cab that came off a let's say a 05 CL can't be done?
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  6. E7 eng brake

    i come from a background of modifying cars highly for racing and street use. i only like to have the best within reason (not suffering reliably). if im going to take a part off to fix anther part and they make a better part(s) and its already off i will replace it for a better performing truck. i take pride in my truck. yes it has all the chrome and lights on it and not in a tacky over done way. all my trucks have been like this. when i custom ordered my CV713 in 2005 it was a big thing. Mack took it shows. big poster was in the sales department. in the Mack news letter and parts mag. i think i still have a copy somewhere lol my CL is coming up on almost 20 years old and stock parts are starting to show some age and im wanting to redo a few things. change it up. upgrade things while im at it.
  7. Cab swap question 2003 (before Granite CV series). Your stuck with your cab(pics attached). This one is 1/2 hour up the road from me. Yellow does make it look a little cocky.
  8. AC 427 swap to E7 427

    The plug on the firewall for the engine harness is the same. The Aset harness only had two more pin in the plug. I did use the transmission harness that went with the Etech. I did not touch any thing in the dash just plugged the Etech harness in. The lightning bolt on the dash is on and it’s a 1-4 code ambient air temp sensor with the E7 doesn’t have. I haven’t pulled a load with it yet, plan on it this weekend. I will take some pictures and post for y’all.
  9. E7 eng brake

    (2000CL) Seems like your immersed in sharpening the edge of this it a dandy or just generally needy?
  10. E7 eng brake

    Yes they only make the high volume pump now . 315GC466MX is the part number
  11. E7 eng brake

    You are correct. We would repair the o-rings on the solinoids and solinoids if bad. Add the anti-drain back screws on top of the rocker arm shaft and may be the high volume oil pump. But anymore than that and the owners usually gave up and wouldn't spend the big dollars for the external oil line kits and the upgrade rebuild kits.
  12. Heres some new specs on the Pinnacle daycab ( old CHU model) fuel tanks specs. Looks like only round tanks and no "D" tanks listed. PINNACLE CHU FUEL TANK.pdf
  13. Winchester NH accepting sealed bids

    Too bad that they have to sell it; looks like it's in good shape and is a great parade/P.R. piece. bulldogboy
  14. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    ok so i did make a little progress on finding parts availability on it, the drive units are a sunstrand 15 series u type. witch i am having some luck in finding some parts for although expensive 650 bucks just for one piston pump assembly from what i have seen. from a old thread i found on a skid steer fourm this same drive unit is used in some jhon deer tractors, with some minor differences but the internals parts are the same the swash plate is limited to reverse and the jhon dear ports hydro preasure off the drive to run implements where the skid steer has a separate pump for that. but i found a used unit on e-bay off a jhon deer 140 for 150 bucks. my thought is to maybe buy that and swap the internal parts to make a used part rebiult unit for my skid steer. if i get a chance today the check valves can be removed externally i will try pulling them and cleaning then and try it again.
  15. E7 eng brake

    question- if you go buy a new oil pump now do they only sell the high volume or do you need to request it? since they phased it in does it just become the shelf part. i dont see why they would offer both now since that one is better and was put into service to take the place of the older one.
  16. Anthem interior info and controls

    We have come a long way from checking the fluids and kicking the tires.
  17. E7 eng brake

    You can by a lot of brake shoes with the money your going to spend on patching this And it will be a patch these dint work that well even with all the line bearing and other patch kits! Just sayin!
  18. E7 eng brake

    dam. wish i knew about that oil pump when i had my pan off to install new gasket.
  19. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    i am thinking whatever the problem is its going to be after the supply line enters the pump when i blead out the line to the pump after the filter change i got a ton of oil flow with just 2 psi in the tank. no leaks prior to the pump. everything seems a-ok there. i suppose next i am going to have to pull the drive out and start taking it apart. i wish i knew were to find parts for it. although i have parts diagrams with part numbers gehl does not supply these parts any more. i am a little hesitant to take it apart without knowing i can get replacement parts for whatever i find wrong. my guess as to what is going on is i think the block that the pistons go into took some pretty heavy wear when it ran dry. im not really sure though. i don't see any internal screens or filters in any parts diagrams i guess that doesn't mean there isnt one though.
  20. Excessive Blue Smoke

    One would think If it were rings you would have oil consumption issues and excessive blowby! I as the others suspect valve guide wear!
  21. E7 eng brake

    Would cost too much, camshaft/tubes/pump/covers/liability/etc. Follow Mpro's SB-recipe and you have a "good enough" brake without redesign. We used to drop the pan, leave it as a catch pan and hook the shop motor oil fill system into the engine oil gallery. I would lay under while one person would pressurize the engine. We would note the amount of oil loss from the cam bearings. If the bearings looked tight we would start small on PI updates.
  22. Thought I'd add this new info I got on the Anthem ( and I assume all conventinal models) radio controls and Copilot. Looks like Mack has renamed the Guard Dog back to the original Copilot . Anthem CO-PILOT-P7605.pdf Anthem RADIO COMPILATION.pdf
  23. E7 eng brake

    Early ETECH Jake brakes we known to be weak or just quit all together after 500,000 or more miles. Adding the update kits, external oil line kits and the high volume oil pump would restore them from the dead and make them stronger. But at a high price and most guys around here said to hell with it and didn't install the update kits. I think I put on one external oil line kit. Biggest issue we saw was bad solinoids/o-rings and the freeze plug falling out of the end of the rocker arm shaft. Oil pump high volume SB219008.pdf
  24. E7 eng brake

    The oil lines and updated parts did help the Jacobs brake after the engine got some miles on it. Jacobs conversion oil lines sb266015.pdf Jacobs external oil line sb266013.pdf
  25. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    I think the real clue is that you can get it to operate if you hand prime it and that it operates at a reduced rate before failing.That says you are not getting enough oil to the motor to prevent cavitation. I'd check the supply valve to see if it has crap in it. Or maybe worn or blocked linkage that is keeping it from fully opening?
  26. Sounds like something is back- feeding, clean up your grounds.
  27. NFL What a disgrace !

    The worst part....I don't think the guy has any clue of what he is doing.
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