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  3. Remember them first before the shopping, bar b que and Indy. They paid for you being able to do this. As for my Nam brothers, I don't have it in me to be with you all this year but you're all in my heart. For those offended by this true image. . .good!
  4. Hah-I didn't say anything about.."what runs true". I'm saying what looks good on an old beast-IMO😎
  5. The unit is tied in with the centrifugal advance on the distributor and works by vacuum off the advance unit to hold a stead RPM when pumping or other steady run use. U.S.Army tech manual TM1826C is the Zenith/ Carter and Holly carb with the Mechvac go to book. It's a WWII to pre Vietnam tech manual that covers the Zenith card and the mechano-vac governer. Dukw's, Studebaker duece and a halfs and GM CCKW's and M114's, Chrysler Hemi powered Civil Defense sirens, Jeeps, Dodges and others all ran them. Know anyone in the mil surplus or mil vehicle sales or club should give you access to the tech manual and or Mechovac parts
  6. I am so glad I have older trucks.
  7. I've got a flat back r685 with pretty much same air filter housing. I think that's stock.
  8. looks about a 69 70, 71 with the marker lights and reflectors on the fenders. buy it... they don't make them anymore. looks like someone changed the air cleaner to the newer style and ditched the oil bath
  9. It's 6 speeds forward (low on the right stick sets every gear to the equivalent of the gear below it, i.e. 2nd acts like 1st, 3rd like 2nd, etc.) And 5 speeds reverse. Nothing pops a grease monkey's eyes open like shifting from 1st through fourth in reverse. And on a straight truck there is no better transmission for offroading. (3rd gear reverse has gotten me through some soft mud many times in our volumetric concrete trucks. Your momentum and continued power application is invaluable.). Only downside is these trucks tend to hit the governor around 62mph.
  10. Yes sir. I imagine it's what I'll do. What else am I saving money for. I have another 35 years before retirement lol
  11. Yesterday
  12. That's a cool story. Nice to see it work out like that.
  13. Good looking Allis! A buddy had an Allis B model I believe. He sold it about 10 years ago after maintaining it for the previous 10 years. Come to find out, the fellow that bought it off him had sold the tractor brand new. He had been the local Allis Chalmers dealer many years before.
  14. I have no trouble spending your money so I vote for Buy It. A 685 would have been born with a 237 Maxidyne and turbo (no cooling). Also a big fan of the X107 6 speed trans. Very versatile unit.
  15. Ahhh... I believe there is an Ohio based drag racer with a white B model that might be looking for a front axle swap.
  16. HO scale or Lionel would be in my budget!
  17. Crane Carrier Co. Press Release / May 22, 2019 Crane Carrier Company’s (CCC) leading lineup of Class 7 and 8 severe-duty chassis are purpose built to offer maximum durability, visibility and maneuverability – optimizing uptime, safety and overall performance. Built tough in the U.S. and backed by a network of more than 180 Certified CCC Dealers and Service Centers in North America, nothing endures like a Crane Carrier. .
  18. Update .truck ran the whole day without issues.last two hours of work a/c was on.
  19. Nah, its just a toy to tool around in. It does have a really cushy thick foam seat in it. No rips in it. But I don;t think its going to have the same bounce and sway as a Volvo 780 xD
  20. It seems to me as a typical adventure. Some people buy rusty vehicles and make them unrusty. And call it fun
  21. Best thing you can do for your back if you're going to drive this truck every day is convert the cab to air ride. This'll involve a new fuel tank support cross member, deleting the current radiator support arms from the cab (replace with a couple diagonals from the frame) and the hood bumpers on the top of the firewall need to be converting to a roller style instead of the rigid type. Might be more, but those are some important things to watch for.
  22. Wobblers in NYC? Career job for a tire service.
  23. Hes looking for the paperwork for it. He couldnt find the paperwork for the tanker trailer either and I got it out of the tube on the frame. Maybe i should have looked for it. lol
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