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  2. on the subject of old dumpers , who knows what a stockpile mule is -what it looks like and how does it operate ?
  3. I'm an old geyser who's been in trucking all my life and I'd never heard of a cable pull dump. Very interesting.
  4. That's still one of my favorite interiors ever. Great design, love the big wheel, just looks so right.
  5. Low original miles thought someone on here might want it. Not mine. https://www.equipmenttrader.com/Trailers/listing/1971-Mack-water+truck-5005573421
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  7. tossing this out there has harmonic balancer been replaced ? just wondering
  8. Sounds like a nightmare of a ride!
  9. What gear oil are you running in it? Check with Eaton and see what that trans needs, running anything else may cause problems like that.
  10. Up & Over! Good Luck.
  11. I was watching some video of my grandfather logging back after WW2, my grandfather was in the airforce in New Guiniea at Port Morsby and he was only 26 when this film was made so it would have been the late 40's or maybe early 50's at a guess My grandfather had what he always told me was a NR Mack as a log truck but in recent years I have come to believe it wasnt it was in fact a EH Mack https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trucksplanet.com%2Fphoto%2Fmack%2Feh_eht_soft_top_cab%2Feh_eht_soft_top_cab_1.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trucksplanet.com%2Fcatalog%2Fmodel.php%3Fid%3D480&tbnid=geASXsI45e61aM&vet=1&docid=uHSC96ZGn1gCnM&w=791&h=435&hl=en-AU&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim And another of the log trucks shown in the film was a Burma Dodge On reading about the Burma Dodge trucks in Australia it appears that Burma Dodges were rather rare in Australia They arrived after a ship was sinking off Australia and they were off loaded to Australia Dunno if you click on the photo it might take you to the information If not, theres the information bellow Burma Dodge Truck This beautifully restored Burma Dodge Truck sure has an interesting history. Burma Dodge trucks were built by Dodge in the US, for the Chinese Army, The contract was for 15,000. Production started in October 1944, and ran into early 1946. They were built right hand drive. A ship carrying a load of Burma Dodges was sinking of Australia during World War 2, some of the trucks were off loaded to Australia. This is one of them. At the Moora Working Draught Horse Muster. When I work out how I will get some video of the logging operation My family only had this video given to them in recent months and my mum found it very interesting seeing her father at such a young age and in colour as well !!! More to follow Paul
  12. it is ok to run over snowflakes, but you must have either studded tires, or chains on the tires for proper traction.
  13. If air fan clutch. You should have 12 volts going to the fan clutch solenoid straight from the fuse box. The other wire ( ground) goes to the engine ecm. The engine ecm makes the ground internally to disengage the fan clutch. When the engine ecm sees hight coolant temp , high AC head pressure or high intake temp it opens the circuit ( takes away the ground ) and the fan clutch engages.
  14. What kind of fan clutch ? Air or electric?
  15. BE CAREFUL do not run over snowflakes
  16. It’s been close to a year since they were replaced and I did use neoprene but they have been fine. It’s been going on for a couple weeks. Im gonna get a buddy to drive it in a circle while I walk beside it. I’ll also check everything everyone has suggested.
  17. There was a fella on here some time ago that had the same issue and it turned out his elephant ears were some neoprene that didnt have enough flex in them and didn't allow the axles to track properly He replaced them with the correct rubber and the problem was gone Maybe worth looking into Paul
  18. Jack up one wheel and with the brakes off and the truck in neutral you should be able to roll one wheel some Paul Of course make sure the truck is chocked so it doesn't move when the brakes arent applied
  19. Hi. New to this so please bare with me. Have a Mack vision 460 ch613. In need of an in frame, and possibly cracked head. Any ideas on cost of an in frame? Trying to decide what to do with it. Thanks, and I apologize if this is already somewhere here I didn't see.
  20. We have an 07 CTP713B with an eaton transmission. when it gets cold outside it gets stuck between lo and high. Have replaced slave valve and regulator and still the same. Have 3 other trucks that are the same with no problems. any help would be appreciated thanks
  21. Its worth more like $600-800 bucks max.
  22. Tonight is the regular monthly Village Meeting with public participation. I'm looking forward to it. Taking my M917 to the meeting to exercise it a bit and show off my new vinyl sticker on the steer diff. Hosted on Fotki
  23. jim find us a pic of a 992 with a spade nose bucket ( nello teer) had several of them
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