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  1. I know what these fenders are like. I'd like to know what hit that passenger fender to cave it in like that?? Wasn't someones fist, that's for sure!
  2. Definitely put away "wet".........................
  3. Well, bit of a haul for me to go get it LOL! Neat piece.
  4. ^^only just after the driver gets free of the wreckage...................usually. Unless it's a "bad guy" then they never get out in time.
  5. Welcome to the forums. You have a few ways. Take pictures on phone and then download them right from your phone to here when you post(using your phone). Or save them to your computer and download them when you post here(on your computer). Or save them to a hosting site and then link them here. Linking is the best overall, as you have a limited amount of space you can save pictures to on the site. It will get you by for awhile, but suddenly you'll be full and no room left.
  6. Yup, std 6 bolt cover. I've replaced one on my Triplex years ago from rotting a hole in it.
  7. My book is at home. Um, I think they are 3/8" bolts? Should be around 40-45 ft /lb.
  8. Peter J's was about that short.
  9. The original truck was not the one run through the sign. If you look at the final scene you can tell the interior is trashed and the steering wheel is multi colored, unlike in earlier scenes. Don't know where the original one went? There is a family here I know in the truck club that is all about the W model. They have a line of them at the shop(just up from my work). His son has a really nice version with black/white paint(just like blue mule) with 318 and air start. Look up in the last Showtime for Ryan Van Newkirk.
  10. I just hit my local starter shop years back and bought a 12v starter. Don't have part numbers, but it should not be hard to get the right starter and electrical for it. I used a standard Ford solenoid mounted where the original s/p switch was at. I used my existing starter wire to kick that solenoid to engage the starter. Has worked flawless for 14 yrs.
  11. I have my hot rods covered with C/Skelley. I needed road side assistance a couple years ago. Covered 100%, no deductible. Roll back showed up, towed car home and then drove away. I liked it.
  12. State farm. Yes, the agent can help or hurt. Mine was very helpful. Unfortunately I got a letter this Xmas telling me that she is retiring and someone else will be handling my stuff. Ugh, we will see.
  13. Are you sure it's "level"?..............LOL!!!
  14. Wow...didn't know how I missed this post. Good to hear from you. Glad to hear things are going well at the homestead. I lost track after the last set of pics from stretching the frame on the B.
  15. Just a week ago, I saw an Avalanche(you know, 4dr with little bed on the back that is covered), with a mattress strapped to the roof. Seems their "truck" wasn't much of a truck when you can't haul anything with it. I do have to comment. The "mini" truck has been around since, what? the 70's? The Datsun, Chevy Luv, ranger, S10. All great, but I agree, not what you would call "truck of the year". But I suppose it is all in WHO you ask. Kinda like the last election?